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We're excited to announce 3 new Clash games in development: Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes!
Announcement blog: supr.cl/3cJ6MXr
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Clash Heroes
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  1. Clash of Clans

    Clash of ClansHace 15 días

    Thank you to the Clash community for all the support you've given, we hope you enjoyed the announcement! ❤️

  2. Ponch2007

    Ponch2007Hace 4 días

    will Clash-A-Rama come back?

  3. TRASH&Morfin

    TRASH&MorfinHace 8 días

    Add Global

  4. Rk _ Brawl Stars

    Rk _ Brawl StarsHace 14 días

    Yesssssss the third game is the best !!!

  5. The Legendary Bigfoot

    The Legendary BigfootHace 14 días

    Make one for the xbox one please again!!

  6. Brad Brad

    Brad BradHace 14 días

    Your welcome but can you add a new super form for golem please it can be an lava or fire golem which when is destroy little fire golem are formed and attack nearest defenses or resources with a boost of damage of 20%

  7. Super Lisandro

    Super LisandroHace 23 minutos

    The game Clash Heroes i'm remember to Brawl Stars

  8. Rechin Geme

    Rechin GemeHace un hora


  9. Luigisil

    LuigisilHace un hora

    Quando vai chegar no Brasil? :)

  10. ꧁ • Jose Ramon •꧂

    ꧁ • Jose Ramon •꧂Hace 2 horas

    WOW 3 new games of Clash :0

  11. Maco Precioso

    Maco PreciosoHace 5 horas


  12. Cristo

    CristoHace 5 horas


  13. Will Guy

    Will GuyHace 5 horas

    Every1 is getting clash heroes, it's cleary the best

  14. ZippyAlex

    ZippyAlexHace 5 horas

    I’m most excited for mini :)

  15. Andy Pedregosa

    Andy PedregosaHace 6 horas

    I think this is a april fools but if its real am shocked:o

  16. Mad Lad

    Mad LadHace 6 horas

    We all will play only one of the 3 and we all know it

  17. Giancarlo Rodriguez

    Giancarlo RodriguezHace 7 horas

    If there super smart they would make an actual board game out mini clash and have expansion of other character that would make a boat load of money

  18. Owen Chadwick

    Owen ChadwickHace 8 horas

    I think hero and mini are gonna be my favourite :D

  19. hifella

    hifellaHace 9 horas

    Clash heroes in my opinion is most exciting

  20. Chernobyl Haunts

    Chernobyl HauntsHace 9 horas

    1:14 & 1:17..are they trying to play with us?? Cuz the juxtaposition of their names really got me!!

  21. No name

    No nameHace 10 horas

    Anyone else think the voices got switched around for touko and Jimmy 😂

  22. Abood Rbm

    Abood RbmHace 11 horas

    We can offline

  23. Tron Legacy

    Tron LegacyHace 12 horas

    Ok u just copied summoners war and some other moba games

  24. Benjamin Humbert

    Benjamin HumbertHace 13 horas

    Clash heroes

  25. Aizuddin Hakim Yusoff Cheah

    Aizuddin Hakim Yusoff CheahHace 13 horas

    please release Clash Heroes ASAP!!!!

  26. GaminG BotMagnat

    GaminG BotMagnatHace 14 horas

    Got coc banmed at home for playing ttoo much got to check this games out

  27. HADUNCOLO È bello

    HADUNCOLO È belloHace 14 horas

    CLASH HEROES is sooooo cool😎😎

  28. Lucas Chicarelli

    Lucas ChicarelliHace 17 horas

    Clash heroes ❤️

  29. Adrián Zeballos

    Adrián ZeballosHace 18 horas

    En brawl stars

  30. Adrián Zeballos

    Adrián ZeballosHace 18 horas

    Poner intentos infinitos en los champions

  31. Kuvan1232

    Kuvan1232Hace 19 horas

    I like Clash Heroes

  32. Natasja

    NatasjaHace 19 horas

    I like clash quest

  33. Darren Hochwarter

    Darren HochwarterHace 19 horas

    I love Clash Heros i would Like to install

  34. Mohanish #MMM

    Mohanish #MMMHace 20 horas

    Clash Herossww

  35. King Robert

    King RobertHace 21 un hora

    Please make a clash chess with classic chess match and new styles🙏

  36. King Robert

    King RobertHace 22 horas

    How about making clash chess

  37. ThE TeChY Ar

    ThE TeChY ArHace 22 horas

    Clash heroes is best..

  38. mr. perfecto

    mr. perfectoHace un día

    Clash of clan is good no one can beat him

  39. Abdullah Jawed

    Abdullah JawedHace un día

    I feel so sorry for you guys..... I knew someday your standard would fall so down

  40. XoXoGhost

    XoXoGhostHace un día

    Clash heroes looks lit asf

  41. Jean Mateo Veracruz Marca

    Jean Mateo Veracruz MarcaHace un día

    Lest go my friends

  42. Super Mario Legends

    Super Mario LegendsHace un día

    For some reason I can't update my game>.

  43. UncleFester84

    UncleFester84Hace un día

    You know what i'd love? More Clash-a-Rama seasons

  44. Dealonp

    DealonpHace un día

    I thought there'll be brawl stars characters 😭

  45. suspect person

    suspect personHace un día

    2036: Clash astronauts in space

  46. Isaiah Ogunshi

    Isaiah OgunshiHace un día

    Clash heroes reminds me of brawl stars

  47. har ki

    har kiHace un día

    It’s been my childhood dream for more games fro supercell

  48. Dolphiniz

    DolphinizHace un día

    Clash mini funko pops when

  49. Devesh Agarwal

    Devesh AgarwalHace un día

    Waiting for clash heroes 😍😍

  50. Ikram Naveed

    Ikram NaveedHace un día

    At 6:17 you can see something awesome. i got you supercell😀

  51. RiftBrawl

    RiftBrawlHace un día

    never gonna-

  52. Star Arrow

    Star ArrowHace un día

    Why did you do that to us

  53. Mini Senpai

    Mini SenpaiHace un día

    Does anybody have an actual date or time when clash hero’s come out

  54. Tommy Huang

    Tommy HuangHace 17 horas

    No it’s still being made and tested


    I NEED THE WINHace un día

    I'm gonna play all 3 for 17 hours every day

  56. Siam Rafsan Prionto

    Siam Rafsan PriontoHace un día

    The third game is kinda like mincraft dungeon and brawl stars

  57. Flávio Oliveira

    Flávio OliveiraHace un día

    Clash heros seria top de jogar

  58. MANOJ 404

    MANOJ 404Hace un día

    Drew is looking like the Giants 😂 Love from India♥️

  59. VALDAN

    VALDANHace un día

    Im really hyped for claah heroes, i think its fun

  60. VALDAN

    VALDANHace un día

    6:25 Red team rickroll?

  61. VALDAN

    VALDANHace un día

    Clash quest is too much for my brain cells

  62. Augustin Jean

    Augustin JeanHace un día

    I played it and honestly if you understand the mechanics its a really fun game and its the most underrated of the 3

  63. Wonders of the Universe

    Wonders of the UniverseHace un día

    I don't think these games will better than Clash of Clans and may be Clash of Royal :/ . I think Supercell should invent one game which will be much better than may be: Clash of Royal or Clash of Clans. (that is my opinion)

  64. איתי גולשן

    איתי גולשןHace un día

    I think you just copied those 3 games from game called "Archero" (or something like that)

  65. FF GAMER

    FF GAMERHace un día

    Friends :- What are you thinking Me :- I am thinking about Ch to get top any day now

  66. Trevor Salvatore

    Trevor SalvatoreHace un día

    would love to see clash heros on switch!!

  67. Игорь Маркин

    Игорь МаркинHace un día

    Supercell Когда выйдет новая игра 3 новых игры

  68. Rizky Hidayat

    Rizky HidayatHace un día


  69. Gonpachirow

    GonpachirowHace un día


  70. Gutsu

    GutsuHace un día

    so its like auto chess huh

  71. A.S Vikki

    A.S VikkiHace un día


  72. Bappa Pramanik

    Bappa PramanikHace un día

    Clash Hero looking good ❤️

  73. Hakohito

    HakohitoHace un día

    One worst than the other... what Tencent did to my finnish company 🤒🤒

  74. Arman Akhter

    Arman AkhterHace un día

    Really looking forward to clash Hero

  75. trường Lưu

    trường LưuHace un día

    why sup src ell is not available for your game in the Vietnamese market

  76. Ryuzaki kun

    Ryuzaki kunHace un día

    hey team supercell ur O.T.T.O bot never gives me human support he was always unable to find my account mean wtf well done supercell

  77. Snow

    SnowHace un día

    this clash heroes promises. it's very cool !!!

  78. Ankuu

    AnkuuHace un día

    Want global chat due to this many players left the game

  79. Mario Rotaru

    Mario RotaruHace un día

    Clash quest nu apare în romania

  80. Ahmed Hanun

    Ahmed HanunHace un día

    that is stupif

  81. NoobMaster 69

    NoobMaster 69Hace un día

    Release clash heroes now 😠


    RESI SURYAHace un día

    Seth Growtopia ?

  83. Bambi

    BambiHace un día

    Excited to see this clash heroes😍


    ALPHAWOLFZIB zibHace un día

    Clash heroes needs to be more rpg like. So your character should change with gear. They should also have many skills instead of one and for different classes different troops. I don't care for the troop variants. I would rather get cool gear and see it on my character.

  85. Ebu Yks

    Ebu YksHace un día


  86. SKD Technicals

    SKD TechnicalsHace un día

    When these games are launching????

  87. kaasis GEEL

    kaasis GEELHace un día

    There, s a New meme with 1 2 3 in my land

  88. Nelle Nelle

    Nelle NelleHace un día

    Clash Heroes looks exciting!!!!

  89. kyle playz21

    kyle playz21Hace un día

    Realese date please

  90. Amarah Eris Unboxing

    Amarah Eris UnboxingHace un día

    Go make a MOBA?

  91. Ronit Bhar

    Ronit BharHace un día

    I like clash Heros

  92. Raph

    RaphHace un día

    Clash heroes >> all

  93. VentedBucket523

    VentedBucket523Hace un día

    Ada orang Indonesia disini?

  94. Johann Hernandez

    Johann HernandezHace un día


  95. Karasik 7777

    Karasik 7777Hace un día

    i very liked clash heroes


    BORUTO UZUMAKIHace 2 días

    I love clash heroes

  97. Chris X

    Chris XHace 2 días

    Give us back global chat. The repeat of cwl and games back to back got old quick.

  98. Jmd777

    Jmd777Hace 2 días

    poggers poggers

  99. Grumpy Jam

    Grumpy JamHace 2 días

    If Clash Heroes becomes available on PC you have my bank account info..

  100. Mr. Do the Gamer

    Mr. Do the GamerHace 2 días

    I'm more invested of clash heroes but, I'll try them all

  101. z4

    z4Hace 2 días

    I liked 1 clash heroes 2 clash mini 3 clash quest

  102. blake

    blakeHace 2 días

    Clash hero looks fireee

  103. CallmeShortieStuff CallmeShortieStuff

    CallmeShortieStuff CallmeShortieStuffHace 2 días

    WHAT?!? Three new games are coming to COC unvierse, well, they're not gonna survive pretty soon (not talk about Clash Heroes, cus the last game looks cool), they are going to die so fast. ☠

  104. Hüseyin Kurucu

    Hüseyin KurucuHace 2 días

    Global chat +1


    TAMU TAK DIUNDANGHace 2 días

    When released!!!

  106. Macke M

    Macke MHace 2 días

    clash quest is realesed

  107. Sonja Todorov

    Sonja TodorovHace 2 días

    ok like i am not trying to hate but if i am honest only Clash Heroes looks cool clash Quest and Clash mini look super lame like when they come out i am gonna try all of them but idk if these two will even be as good as hay day

  108. Sir Flappy

    Sir FlappyHace 2 días


  109. skittlezz01 fat

    skittlezz01 fatHace 2 días

    Y'all should make game with all of the games like hay day clash royale clash of clans and brawls stars