7600 tons of Ocean Seawear were launched successfully


  1. Dora Izchi

    Dora IzchiHace 7 horas

    Seriously? That skinny cable was holding that entire ship in place? The power of science children!

  2. Tyler Anderson

    Tyler AndersonHace 13 horas

    Wow lot more simplistic than I thought it would have been

  3. Jackson Bowers

    Jackson BowersHace 16 horas

    Do I see an osha violation?

  4. Boo Berry

    Boo BerryHace 17 horas

    Umm... You left a couple danglers.

  5. David loader

    David loaderHace 20 horas

    Pareciera que va comiendo galletitas cuando va sonando el hormigón

  6. Panda

    PandaHace 20 horas

    they didnt care about the fireworks lol

  7. Princeps Maximus

    Princeps MaximusHace un día

    Why this chinese propaganda?

  8. Ladonna Caldwell

    Ladonna CaldwellHace un día


  9. Sherry contreras

    Sherry contrerasHace un día

    Lol yeah man can run 🏃‍♂️😂🤣😅😆🏃‍♂️

  10. Noha Haggag

    Noha HaggagHace un día

    نورماندى ٢ 😁

  11. voice lee

    voice leeHace un día


  12. Владимир Комаров

    Владимир КомаровHace un día

    Продольный спуск. Никогда не видел спуск на баллонах

  13. DROX Built

    DROX BuiltHace un día


  14. Kieran Blaze

    Kieran BlazeHace un día

    The long rope left attached is for weekend warrior water skiers🤕🌊👣

  15. Manikandan D

    Manikandan DHace un día

    The last guy did accidentally release the ship. So he went stop the ship

  16. Why do I keep reading comments

    Why do I keep reading commentsHace un día

    Finally they got my yacht in the water. Took long enough 🙄

  17. Marvin Weber

    Marvin WeberHace un día

    So macht man das und nicht seitwärts

  18. rocio orozco

    rocio orozcoHace un día

    Mens work, their amazing!! 👍🤗🙏🙏🙏


    MARCUS LEE SHENG HAO MoeHace un día

    Titanic😂(B ?

  20. Anthony Mitchell

    Anthony MitchellHace 2 días

    😳🧐🤔.. amazing

  21. W.S. Soap Company

    W.S. Soap CompanyHace 2 días

    White hat: Awsome! Look at her go..So who did you end up getting to drive the boat? Yellow hat: "drive the boat" ?! I thought you were getting someone to drive. White hat: I texted you about this! Yellow hat: yeah your text says "we need to get someone to drive the boat" I was already getting the fireworks and bringing my extra long cutting torch..I assumed you would bring someone to drive the boat...IT'S YOUR BOAT!!

  22. Jeremy Runciman

    Jeremy RuncimanHace 2 días

    Another Chinese "research" ship

  23. Ana Van Helsing

    Ana Van HelsingHace 2 días


  24. Daniel Burns

    Daniel BurnsHace 2 días

    We can afford to build/fix the ship but we cant afford a lift so y’all gotta stand in a dumpster on the forklift

  25. Bayu M

    Bayu MHace 2 días



    BOBINHO FOFINHO.Hace 2 días

    Saudade do presidente lula no porto de suape😪

  27. Abersain Landero Jimenez

    Abersain Landero JimenezHace 2 días

    Q rico viajar

  28. Derespektan

    DerespektanHace 2 días

    He forgot to put the hand brake or what?

  29. John Scanlon

    John ScanlonHace 2 días

    One hell of a cable securing all that weight

  30. Ocian Boy

    Ocian BoyHace 2 días


  31. Garrett Phillips

    Garrett PhillipsHace 2 días

    They are using a dumpster and a forklift. 😂😂

  32. FTS

    FTSHace 2 días

    Is anybody in the Boot 😂

  33. Firdaus Shared

    Firdaus SharedHace 2 días

    Fireworks disturb my view😒

  34. destinyjam cookie

    destinyjam cookieHace 2 días

    “And boat when out to sea never to be seen again” Now it’s a ghost ship

  35. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin JohnsonHace 2 días

    I thought he accidentally cut the cord, then he ran like he got left behind 😆

  36. Timothy Sands

    Timothy SandsHace 2 días

    Looks like an oxygen lance or plasma cutter on a stick we used to sever the cable. Cool

  37. Sudhanshu Somani

    Sudhanshu SomaniHace 2 días

    The guy in the blue jacket : Hey ship please come back to me , don't leave me alone 😂

  38. Robert Cross

    Robert CrossHace 2 días

    If that launch went bad, someone would get a stern talking to.

  39. Lunch Tre

    Lunch TreHace 3 días

    Fireworks: pop pop pop Workers:

  40. Shekar Lakshman

    Shekar LakshmanHace 3 días

    Smoke pollution

  41. Albion Parrot

    Albion ParrotHace 3 días

    F CCP

  42. cesar julio Quimbaya

    cesar julio QuimbayaHace 3 días

    La obra finalizada

  43. Óscar Ramírez

    Óscar RamírezHace 3 días

    Todo bién, solo no quemen polvora, no hace falta contaminar más de lo que ya lo hacen.

  44. lee verrall

    lee verrallHace 4 días

    Why did the guy go running like he left his phone on the ship 😂😂

  45. Manikandan D

    Manikandan DHace un día


  46. Abdel Sami

    Abdel SamiHace 4 días

    Belle video

  47. Maria Ribeiro

    Maria RibeiroHace 4 días

    Dêu Ruim !🤔🙏🏼

  48. Grillito Griton

    Grillito GritonHace 4 días

    Llou nouw espiquinglich 😂

  49. Angel Reacts

    Angel ReactsHace 4 días

    Just knowing Superman can pull that with his pinky 😵

  50. [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]

    [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]Hace 4 días

    Weeee > Machine guns start firing into the air

  51. arbj

    arbjHace 4 días

    Where is the champagne bottle...

  52. cedric hartz

    cedric hartzHace 4 días

    Now u find Your mom toys all laying down there


    SEAN TURNERHace 4 días

    What happens when ur car is in neutral lol

  54. Неапольский Стронцо

    Неапольский СтронцоHace 4 días

    Just remember - this steel rope was holding entire ship

  55. KSG Sherley

    KSG SherleyHace 4 días

    Wrong cable......whoops!

  56. Jeff in NC

    Jeff in NCHace 4 días

    I thought they were letting it roll out over big rolls of bubble wrap, until I realized it was firecrackers crackling.😕 Just kidding!

  57. Juan Romero

    Juan RomeroHace 4 días

    OSHA will have a field day with this video alone

  58. Donkey Kong

    Donkey KongHace 5 días

    They act like they fucked up big time

  59. keanu salmon

    keanu salmonHace 5 días

    I always wonder how much will the ocean level drop if all boats and ships came out the water. Maybe it wouldn't make a difference🤷‍♂️

  60. Токмок Бурана

    Токмок БуранаHace 5 días

    Titanik 2021

  61. Dan Bucur

    Dan BucurHace 5 días

    Yeah, couldn’t see the end because of the smoke... fucking brilliant!

  62. Imelda N.

    Imelda N.Hace 5 días

    Admirable. Gracias por compartir.

  63. Mr. Arla mancing

    Mr. Arla mancingHace 5 días


  64. Garrett Henderson

    Garrett HendersonHace 5 días

    Standing in a garbage bin knee high with a forklift? No safety fall protection, can you imagine how unsafe it is working there..

  65. Kyle Secord

    Kyle SecordHace 5 días

    Nice work now that's art work. AMEN.

  66. todd prifogle

    todd prifogleHace 5 días

    Nice bags

  67. Joost de Bruin

    Joost de BruinHace 5 días

    This is wayyy more than 700 tons. I work on an anchor handling tug of 75ml meters and its gross tonnage is around 3200 tons.

  68. Gara Mabe

    Gara MabeHace 5 días

    How come the tension wire didn't snap when it was cut?


    YADU KRISHNANHace 5 días

    It looked like in the Charlie Chaplin movie😂😂

  70. Болов Анзор

    Болов АнзорHace 5 días


  71. Aditya Singh

    Aditya SinghHace 5 días


  72. Tenzin D

    Tenzin DHace 5 días

    Well they just launched another nightmare for the marine life .. who will make the hell out of the sea , leaving the other mammals starving and then they will dump the dead and all the wastes back in the sea ☠️☠️☠️☠️👹👹👹😈 Lets celebrates Assholes

  73. Artifactus Ateliê

    Artifactus AteliêHace 5 días

    A fumaça dos fogos atrapalhou a gravação

  74. Funhausen Productions

    Funhausen ProductionsHace 5 días

    Why noone talking about this Airbahs carrying 7000 tons

  75. Kevin Sanjaya

    Kevin SanjayaHace 5 días

    Kevin 💖💖💖💖💖

  76. damienoblak

    damienoblakHace 5 días

    plus con...y a pas....🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. 紺野式

    紺野式Hace 6 días


  78. Arnie Sanchez

    Arnie SanchezHace 6 días

    I thought that he miss he’s ship 🛳. 😂😂😂

  79. Abdellah Mouhayar

    Abdellah MouhayarHace 6 días

    رائع جدا

  80. Raffi Yustisio

    Raffi YustisioHace 6 días

    Nimbangnya gmn yaa

  81. Jerry Norman

    Jerry NormanHace 6 días

    Beautiful work

  82. Canal 22 Filmes

    Canal 22 FilmesHace 6 días


  83. Matthias Fritz

    Matthias FritzHace 6 días

    the rope is still attached


    KUYA MULOYHace 6 días

    how to apply in that workplace

  85. jonathan ocampo

    jonathan ocampoHace 6 días

    Que inprudencia y falta de cultura a de seguridad en este video

  86. shankara narayanan

    shankara narayananHace 6 días

    எவனோ நம்ம பையன் தான் பட்டாசு வெடிக்கிறான் 😁

  87. 369.B13. ابی وزرد

    369.B13. ابی وزردHace 6 días


  88. Karl E Paul

    Karl E PaulHace 6 días

    I think about those old videos from the turn of the 20th Century where the huge ocean liner's hull is supported by wooden beams and it took about a 100 men having to bang them away with sledgehammers and a 100,000 gallons of grease to get it to slide into the water....oh, and sometimes people died doing it....man...the good ol days....lol

  89. Mohamed Ahmed

    Mohamed AhmedHace 7 días

    Why he running???

  90. I Am

    I AmHace 7 días

    It looks like they accidentally broke it with the torch :O

  91. Assia Bouab

    Assia BouabHace 7 días


  92. cobrasvt347

    cobrasvt347Hace 7 días

    Fixing to say she's moving a little faster than normal lol

  93. Aynur Cirakoglu

    Aynur CirakogluHace 7 días

    made in Fatih Sultan Mehmet

  94. Yeah Boii

    Yeah BoiiHace 7 días

    We should say bye

  95. Yusuf Gümüş

    Yusuf GümüşHace 7 días

    İn 1453 conquest of istanbul conqueror sultan mehmet: *ez clap*

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  97. Jelsse Flores

    Jelsse FloresHace 7 días


  98. adam miller

    adam millerHace 7 días


  99. David fernandes

    David fernandesHace 8 días

    Vixiii, surreal !

  100. Mohit Dhameja

    Mohit DhamejaHace 8 días

    They got so happy they did fireworks at the end

  101. DW W

    DW WHace 8 días

    Good old American ingenuity. Made in China 🤢