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It all starts with the trail. The crunch of the dirt, the smell of a dewy morning ride, or the feeling of brushing away pebbles with a perfectly timed belly scrub. These are the happy memories of a trail dog’s life well lived.
Raven is a 13-year-old retired trail dog from Squamish, British Columbia who’s spent countless days frolicking on loamy singletrack beneath towering spruces. Old age has slowed her down, and now Raven happily lies in the driveway, watching dog after dog, and their human, head for the hills.
Celebrating the joys of mountain biking through the eyes of the trail dog, Raven takes us from her driveway memories in BC to the high deserts of Utah, to freshly cut South African trails and back again. We meet some of the feistiest, four-legged trail personalities along the way, who all enjoy the mountain bike world in their own way, just like us humans do, whether it’s hitting jump lines, lapping through the loam, or setting out to build new trail.
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  1. Данаил Барански

    Данаил БаранскиHace 3 horas

    When there will be a baby in the house The dog says: Yay the baby will drop small peaces of bread and there will be more fo me! The cat says: Noo, now not everything will be for me!

  2. Dave Kelly

    Dave KellyHace 13 horas

    Awesome video, probably SRAM fan boys that have gave it thumbs down..

  3. Adam Lake

    Adam LakeHace 13 horas


  4. cj Random

    cj RandomHace un día

    That's so fucking cute

  5. Jazz Mc

    Jazz McHace un día

    If you're in the UK, head to Staffordshire. There is a trail ride called; Follow The Dog, or Chase the Dog. Set up by the owner as he tried to find decent trail through his new land, and his little Jack Russell terrier, always seemed to find the better route, hence the title. Ita in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. Decent riding too!

  6. Jeremy Jam

    Jeremy JamHace un día

    Thank you for this ♡

  7. Bruno

    BrunoHace un día

    that's the kind of content that makes me opt for a brand, instead of another.

  8. ziasong

    ziasongHace 2 días

    I used to ride with a pack of 5 orphaned stray puppies. Now just one survive the violence of other packs. He is as old as my daughter who just strides. Hope they have good years together ahead.

  9. Martin G

    Martin GHace 2 días

    Great story and video wow! Thanks for creating my memories every weekend with great products 💪🏻


    MOHAN LALHace 2 días

    I realy too much enjoyed your beautiful video and i have no more words for this extremly beautiful video where human & their lovely pets enjoyed for ride & raceing , its a big deal for both healthy life and this call real energy to usefully . thank you very much for shareing your tooo much beautiful video thanks a lot .

  11. Bobby Duncan

    Bobby DuncanHace 2 días

    That shit's all deep and shit.

  12. Nick Meyring

    Nick MeyringHace 2 días

    rather cheesy. but we’ll done

  13. 1 1

    1 1Hace 2 días

    that was beautiful

  14. April Bankston

    April BankstonHace 2 días

    🤣Beautiful, funny,and fun!!😃

  15. Matko Talić

    Matko TalićHace 3 días

    My dog used to run for a half day without pause,but 2 years ago my bike broke. I really get to tears when I see him always ready for another run

  16. 868686mauro

    868686mauroHace 3 días

    We don’t deserve dogs

  17. Toby Vive MTB

    Toby Vive MTBHace 3 días

    Running is their essence... We have to create the speed to dream of a small part of it,. That they feel.. The real freedom to fly by running,,, they reach it.. Together the patos grows. His joy your joy,. It is something incomparable and indescribable beauty ❤️🐕

  18. Justin Burgan

    Justin BurganHace 3 días

    Trail dog trail dog trail dog, squirrel squirrel squirrel squirrel

  19. Justin Burgan

    Justin BurganHace 3 días

    Amazing film friends!

  20. seppes

    seppesHace 3 días

    that was 9 minutes of fighting back tears and smiles at the same time.

  21. Siam Dark Welder TIG Welding

    Siam Dark Welder TIG WeldingHace 4 días

    The best friend who can die with you....royalty, Dog

  22. MatterIsNotSolid

    MatterIsNotSolidHace 4 días

    You know I think even though we bred dogs to want to be around humans, theres still a great life lesson to be learned in the type of bond we have with them.

  23. Gothwalker

    GothwalkerHace 4 días

    New item from shimano: dog gear set and dog brakes set

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    Seppi MaierHace 4 días

    Like our Tom!

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    DKMphotography co ukHace 5 días

    Got Ssoooo much time for this video from Shimano... You can be a MountainBiker or just a Dog Lover & LOVE this!! Great story, narration & film work!! (Also a prime example of 'Soft Sell Advertising' & 'Emotive Advertising')

  26. Useless Pixels

    Useless PixelsHace 5 días

    The music, slow mo on dogs, the tale...Dam shimano, are you trying to make me cry ? Can't wait for my little Pô to be able to ride with me. Just can't wait. And that Slow mo on Emmy @7:06 was absolutely epic

  27. icun

    icunHace 5 días

    Yes i just upgrade my LTwoo A7 shifter with Shimano Deore SL-T6000 at student price. Only USD 26 😁. Rear Derailleur is still LTwoo A7🤭

  28. Colin Pett MOD Films and Photos

    Colin Pett MOD Films and PhotosHace 5 días

    So very impressed, love everything about this film, well done!

  29. xjbmx

    xjbmxHace 5 días

    Damn you Shimano. I thought I was a SRAM fan. Guess I'm switching brakes.

  30. Víctor deSande Robledo

    Víctor deSande RobledoHace 5 días

    I missed a greyhound leaving way behind the bike guy.

  31. suomiman100

    suomiman100Hace 6 días


  32. Derek pine

    Derek pineHace 6 días

    I've got my 11 month old border Aussie training for the trails. I think he's going to be a badass trail dog. We've taken him on a hike and plenty of leashles walks and rides in my neighborhood and one on a concrete bike path and he seems to do great. I'm excited to take on some mtb trails next time I go.

  33. Kelly Turney

    Kelly TurneyHace 6 días

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    dipuHace 7 días

    If it was me and my dog we both would have ended up in the hospital 😂

  39. Joel Marble

    Joel MarbleHace 7 días

    so jealous I can't ride with my pooch. He might be the worst trail dog there is. :( :( :( He runs directly in front of my bike and my shoulder doesn't agree with it

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    Luiz Henrique PereiraHace 7 días

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    Trail N ErrorHace 7 días

    I can see where James Stewart got his scrubbing inspiration from. These dog’s invented the technique.

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    Xue LorHace 8 días

    Beautiful video. Dogs and cycling. Brilliant!

  44. grado

    gradoHace 8 días

    Leave the dogs alone, make friends to ride a bike or better yet, have children to instill in them your hobbies. _Hahahaha

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    Micha sHace 8 días

    wanna like this 1000 times :D

  46. Richard P

    Richard PHace 8 días

    The only trail dog I ever had was a Yorkie that little girl was my dest friend for a long time. I miss her so much. I used to have to go slow on the decents so she could keep up but that's only fair. She used to go slow on the climbs so I could keep up. Seeing those little dogs giving their all and loving it reminds me of Jaymee my beloved trail dog and best friend.

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    Dat TepoHace 8 días

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    70xr7CougarHace 10 días

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    Erik GoedhartHace 10 días

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  62. coderset

    codersetHace 10 días

    Beautiful video - I've got 2 dogs, but neither are Trail Dogs - But the description at the end just broke me. Dogs really are our best friends. Fucking love them!

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    Bearded Mountain BikerHace 10 días

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    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-pHace 11 días

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  77. Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p

    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-pHace 11 días

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    Bruce MackayHace 12 días

    My dogge was "educated" by another older (smarter) trail dog. There is a DH trail here with a climb that crosses back and forth over it. Arlo (a German Shepard and sr dogge) would head straight up through the woods. My younger, all GO! GO! GO!, dog Merc (a Dobe) would run ahead on the main trail. Arlo would wait at an intersection about 3 side hills up from us (you could look uphill and spot him through the trees). Merc would stop dead and just stare at Arlo, when he got to him. He never figured out how Arlo got ahead, cause he had to be in front on the climb and would bolt when we got near, Arlo would wait for his master to pass and head up again. Then on the DH Merc would throw "bubba whips" to keep from skinning that deep chest. He sent more roost that a 400cc Yammy. Now he's the senior dog. No more rides with him (leg injury), hikes now, but you can see that spark out in the woods. SQUIRRLES!

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    spelahorvattHace 12 días

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