Axel Auriant et Maxence Danet-Fauvel : « il faut déranger ces gens qui vivent à l’âge de pierre »

Axel Auriant et Maxence Danet-Fauvel de SKAM sur notre plateau à la Marche des fiertés : « il faut montrer aux gens, il faut déranger ces gens qui vivent à l’âge de pierre ».


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    It took me forever but here is a translation of the interview: I : Hello, we are receiving Axel Auriant. A : Hello, I’m sorry, I lost Maxence in the crowd. I think he’s gonna get here soon… I : So Maxence is coming. We should say, for the people who are listening to us, Axel Auriant, you are an actor in the famous TV show SKAM, in which you have the role of… A : Lucas. I : Lucas, that’s it. (the guy that is behind the computer says that his name is Lucas too, and Axel and the interviewer joke about it) I : So Axel, it’s true that you are in a duo in Skam with Maxence, who… A : Yeah, I feel guilty doing this interview without him, but he doesn’t text me back… I : Oh okay, so you lost him in the crowd ? A : Yeah, he asked me to get him something to drink and they didn’t let me…. I am telling you guys my whole life… They didn’t let me get out with this drink, so I drank this thing, which wasn’t alcohol. (they laugh) And I lost Maxence. I : I mean, there’s a lot of people here today. The gay pride, there was tons of people. On the stage, there’s all of the artists that we previously mentioned and there’s even more people. By the way, Axel, have you ever been to pride before ? A : Yeah, several times actually, with friends, it’s a good occasion to get together, to dance, to be together…. I : And had you ever done a pride that was like this ? With so many people. A : Honestly, I don’t realize. But it’s always, in terms of emotions I mean, it’s always a great moment to share, where we’re together and that’s what I love, when I come here (to pride), we dance, we laugh and we celebrate love. I : And you even lost your partner, by the way. A : I lost my partner, who found love elsewhere, apparently. I : Yeah, because you are in the TV show Skam with Maxence… A : Wait, Maxence texted me. Should we play some music while we wait for him ? I : Sure, if you want. We can also chat or we can put music while waiting for him, if he’s getting there in a few minutes… A : He’s gonna be here in 3 minutes. (they announce the music that they’re gonna be playing and there’s a cut ; now Maxence is here) I : Our guests are finally here. Before, we had the poor Axel, who had lost his other half… M : I was dancing to Léonie (one of the artists that was here I guess)… A : I told you ! M : … I was in a trance, you guys, her music is so beautiful. I : We’re our guests today also because this year, you are parrains (godfathers) of the pride march. A : Yeah, exactly. Other radio guy : We should introduce them. I : Yeah right, I am forgetting the most important things. We have Axel Auriant, who we already heard, and Maxence Dunet-Fauvel. M : Danet-Fauvel. (the interviewer apologizes for his mistake and they all joke about it) I : So, Axel and Maxence, you are godfathers of this 2019 pride march. How do you get selected to be godfathers ? How did you react when you found out ? A : (Axel makes a dumb joke about e-mails). The PR person at Skam was contacted and she sent us an email. The exact same day we replied. I : You accepted right away. A : Obviously. M : It’s an incredible gift. We don’t exactly know how we were selected. We were in a TV show called Skam, for those who don’t know, it’s a tv show for teens. Each season deals with a different topic, and the season where we have the main roles with Axel deals with discovering that you’re gay when you’re in high school. I: It was season 3, right ? M: Yes, it was season 3. And we were… Actually, no, we received the Out d’Or afterwards. I think that we were selected because we made things change this year, especially among teens, and I think that it’s extremely important. We saw hundreds of them today. We’re really moved to be able to carry this voice and this message. I: During the pride march, when you were walking or right now, here at Place de la République, do people recognize you ? Do they come up to you ? A: Yes, a lot. But they’re always nice and that’s what really moves me. When you shoot a tv show, you don’t realize the impact that it can have on people’s lives. And if it could at least open minds and have the expected effect, and that really moves us, especially on a day like today. So yes, we have been recognized a lot, even if I don’t like this word. A lot of people came to talk to us, dance with us… M: It was really really cool. I: Is there young people who tell you that they’re gay and that seeing you on screen, even if it’s fictional, gave them the courage to come out ? M: Yes. A: Everyday. Everyday we get messages. When we started shooting, we had a drink… M: Five (he means five drinks). A: Maybe even six. M: Or eight. (they remind everyone to drink responsibly) A: And we told each other, if we could help one teen to embrace who they are at this point in their life, we would have reached our goal. And receiving so many messages, it feels like the best reward, it’s so beautiful and that’s why we were a part of this story and now the adventure continues.

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    A chaque interview ils font preuve d'une immense ouverture d'esprit et d'une morale exemplaire qui fait chaud au coeur. Par contre il faut vraiment, VRAIMENT que Maxence fasse attention à ses propos, à défaut de ne plus être aussi attirant, parce qu'ils sont parfois un véritable appel au yaoi : "Faut qu'j'te baillone toi." === *indice d'une saison sur Eliott ?* Bon courage pour le référencement !

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    @NonBionda he didn't say he was a person who is in love, he said "c'est un amoureux et moi aussi" (he's a lover and so am I)

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    Riseand Shine I think the translation to that sentence is a matter of personal interpretation. He says “Eliott is i colorful, is an artist, his whole world revolves around love, he makes mistakes because he’s human but I love that about him, he’s a person who is in love and so am I”. I would say that unless you specifically add “de la vie/avec la vie” to “un amoreux”, the main meaning of that sentence is that he is in love with a person.

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