Back at the airfield, First time flying in 2020

So good to be back!
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Felix: loebair
Music by: Philip E Morris
Oh Yea:
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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 10 meses

    We're so happy to fly again and enjoy our hobby, Stay safe!

  2. vinicckus games

    vinicckus gamesHace 10 meses

    Hi l'm from Brazil l would like to know hou much this remote control plane costs

  3. Vinayak Agarwal

    Vinayak AgarwalHace 10 meses

    747 build video

  4. Vinayak Agarwal

    Vinayak AgarwalHace 10 meses

    You should do a 747 build video Btw like your videos

  5. 007 Korea

    007 KoreaHace 10 meses

    Ramy RC I'm so happy that you can fly again

  6. Israel Keyzer

    Israel KeyzerHace 10 meses

    Can you build a 747-400 the airline could be british airways klm china air united or atlas air. you pick. But I think the best airline look for the 747 is british airways

  7. bon aviation!

    bon aviation!Hace 4 meses

    Make a antonov an 225 mriya

  8. Goingdown

    GoingdownHace 5 meses

    Do social distancing

  9. Ukshaan Dumasia

    Ukshaan DumasiaHace 6 meses

    me to someone: You see that? its a c130..... i fly a c175

  10. Ramashankar Sahu

    Ramashankar SahuHace 7 meses

    Oh wow you have Audi 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  11. LowFlyer101

    LowFlyer101Hace 7 meses

    7:31 I love how felix pets it


    HUZAIFA AHMEDHace 7 meses

    You have a girl friend

  13. rebojtube

    rebojtubeHace 8 meses

    great video nice job

  14. Ben Shakespeare

    Ben ShakespeareHace 9 meses

    That was a nice landing alright!

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  17. Barbara Szewczenko

    Barbara SzewczenkoHace 9 meses

    i like your vidios so much ramy rc you are the best youtuber i,ve seen and you are the bestcontroling the planes

  18. kodiak536

    kodiak536Hace 10 meses

    Where can I get that C130(?) You showed at the beginning of this video?

  19. Henri Klein

    Henri KleinHace 10 meses

    Just realizing that I’m only living 8 minutes away from this area, lol also eine schönen guten Tag 😃

  20. VM3391

    VM3391Hace 10 meses

    3:17 MCAS

  21. Marcus Hedley

    Marcus HedleyHace 10 meses

    Me sees a 737 max: ok 737 max pilots: WaIt ThAts IlLeGaL !?

  22. hottrod1022

    hottrod1022Hace 10 meses

    does your wife fly?

  23. vinicckus games

    vinicckus gamesHace 10 meses

    Hi l'm from Brazil l would like to know hou much this remote control plane costs

  24. J a s x m i n e

    J a s x m i n eHace 10 meses

    Imagine flying the RC planes while lockdown and you suddenly hear a rocket lock sound


    HAMZAH ALPHace 10 meses

    That is sick ngl

  26. Rain- SFS

    Rain- SFSHace 10 meses

    Turn of Mcas check

  27. Mauritz17

    Mauritz17Hace 10 meses

    Was War das für ein Miniquad? Wenn selbst gebaut was waren das die performensabhäbgigen Teile also Motor und ESC?

  28. Shalini Agrawal

    Shalini AgrawalHace 10 meses

    amazing sir

  29. One big flappy Boi

    One big flappy BoiHace 10 meses

    the looks so nice, btw can wait to see the A350 ride the sky's

  30. ramy mohand chrif

    ramy mohand chrifHace 10 meses

    وااااااااااااااااااااو ماشاء الله

  31. amyi

    amyiHace 10 meses

    Can you make a fighter jet,,,,any model f-16,f35....

  32. 2024e Lindmayer Antal

    2024e Lindmayer AntalHace 10 meses

    What was your first rc plane?

  33. Roopa pasapula

    Roopa pasapulaHace 10 meses

    When is the final part of the a350

  34. Nik Gourg

    Nik GourgHace 10 meses

    Can wait for the next A350 video

  35. Java User

    Java UserHace 10 meses

    how your making the plane so smooth.Are you using foam-board

  36. Java User

    Java UserHace 10 meses

    what is sanding

  37. New creation

    New creationHace 10 meses

    ramy you are a amazing guy

  38. Mohammed Ismail

    Mohammed IsmailHace 10 meses

    Wow your flying skills is very much better since the airliner. Good man keep up the good work. I love your builds.

  39. Диана Култаева

    Диана КултаеваHace 10 meses

    Noy rysinh

  40. Denis Mathieu

    Denis MathieuHace 10 meses

    How do you like your new JETI radio ?

  41. Denis Mathieu

    Denis MathieuHace 10 meses

    That's good news :-) Enjoy !

  42. Nathaniel Lee

    Nathaniel LeeHace 10 meses

    When Ramy finally uses the 777 on a concrete runway Also HD Melbourne Aviation: GEAR TILT WHAT AIRFIELD

  43. Nathaniel Lee

    Nathaniel LeeHace 10 meses

    5:24 BUTTER

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    4TXHace 10 meses

    Smooth landing 👍👍👍👍👍

  46. Peteti Sowbhagya Lakshmi

    Peteti Sowbhagya LakshmiHace 10 meses

    From where did you get a350 suspenction rod?


    PIROTÈCNIA ROJALSHace 10 meses

    Ramy could you make the AIRBUS beluga

  48. Eucher Mpika

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    Please it very important for me

  49. Eucher Mpika

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    I want to talk to you if possible

  50. Eucher Mpika

    Eucher MpikaHace 10 meses

    Hi Ramy . I like your chanel

  51. omkar wamanacharya

    omkar wamanacharyaHace 10 meses

    Hay bro you are great and your aeroplanes are mind blowing can you try to make model of antonov after completing A350 I know that you can do it best of luck for the progress ( if I made mistake in typing the name of airplane forgive it )

  52. Abdul Rehman

    Abdul RehmanHace 10 meses

    You have to make PIA plane A320


    HARIKRUSHNAHace 10 meses

    hi ramy how much does it cost you to make a 380

  54. Thomas Hillier

    Thomas HillierHace 10 meses

    Oh dear! Terrifying to see a 737 MAX in a dive... Great to see you back! Enjoy and thanks for the video! Your 737 landing was excellent. I didn’t know it was such an affectionate plane!

  55. London Finest RPC

    London Finest RPCHace 10 meses

    Where do you get the planes from

  56. Thatguyinthe Cockpit737

    Thatguyinthe Cockpit737Hace 10 meses

    You did such a buttery landings proud of you pilot

  57. Select name Select

    Select name SelectHace 10 meses

    Your planes are always awsome! How could I buy those amazing things and could order one in 10000 dallors?

  58. Noble S

    Noble SHace 10 meses

    Ramy show what things are using to do an areoplane..all things using for rc plane ..and how you connect all parts with reciver .mainly what transmitter and i like you , waiting for a350

  59. Hassan Abuomar

    Hassan AbuomarHace 10 meses

    Hey Ramy Rc you can make after Airbus a350 Md-11 please

  60. Sank903

    Sank903Hace 10 meses

    :rammy flies a airliner also rammy flies next to powerlines

  61. Richard

    RichardHace 10 meses

    planes? did anyone see that Land Rover????

  62. Nolan Irwin

    Nolan IrwinHace 10 meses

    Hi Ramya. I'm Nolan and I'm 14 and I live in Spokane Washington in the us. I love your projects. I watch all your airliner flight videos. I love airliners so much that I hope to be a real pilot someday but for now I'm into the rc plane hobby because it's fun and because it's the closest thing I can get to to flying. I hope I'll get one of those smaller airliners like the AL37. I have watched every video on that and I hope some day I will get it. I also like the 64mm jets from Motion RC. I have the f-8 and I hope to get the f-105. They are a ton of fun and I hope to get those as well. Thanks so much for what you do👍👌can't wait till next video Ramy!

  63. Jojo Fajardo

    Jojo FajardoHace 10 meses

    Just a curious question. Is it really better to have grass as your runway instead of say asphalt or rubber? Just wondering.

  64. Rory Quidling

    Rory QuidlingHace 10 meses

    @ramyrc you have been making RC airliners for a long time. So I challenge you to make a scaled model Horten HO 229 flying wing with edfs. Shouldn't be too hard for someone like you. If you do make is successfully, don't fly it as of the devil is right behind you because you will 100% crash! -big fan

  65. Adil Ansari

    Adil AnsariHace 10 meses

    when did you complete your A350

  66. WAviator 1

    WAviator 1Hace 10 meses

    This guy is making airplanes, while we're crashing them in flight simulators.....

  67. madboi21

    madboi21Hace 10 meses

    Fa:737 max is grounded Ramy:😎😎😎nothing to be worried

  68. World Mapping

    World MappingHace 10 meses

    make an AC-130 with functional BB guns

  69. Jivitesh Pandab

    Jivitesh PandabHace 10 meses

    I would like to ask you a question. Which lipo battery brand do you prefer to buy?

  70. `Abdu AlBar

    `Abdu AlBarHace 10 meses

    6:14 That's so realistic! 7:32 Aww he pets it😊 That plane is sure cute!

  71. Alfie Barrina

    Alfie BarrinaHace 10 meses

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  72. Param Deshpande

    Param DeshpandeHace 10 meses

    Thank god this MAX doesnt have MCAS!!

  73. nitesh kumar

    nitesh kumarHace 10 meses

    Please make Martin Hawai Mars rc model plane please please please please please.. And see the all comments at least 1 time

  74. Speedy El Loco

    Speedy El LocoHace 10 meses

    Ramy RC, it’s a lot of fun to watch your flying skills progress. Your landings today were incredibly smooth. Congrats! You inspire me to want to get back into RC.

  75. Jaii RyDa

    Jaii RyDaHace 10 meses

    that loop was sick and the landing was just perfect

  76. John Rodriguez

    John RodriguezHace 10 meses

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  77. Jay

    JayHace 10 meses

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  78. Mark Fosseth

    Mark FossethHace 10 meses

    Pretty weird to have an airfield so close to many power cables all around...

  79. Sumeet Shah

    Sumeet ShahHace 10 meses

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    TikTock DailyHace 10 meses

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  81. Mikercflyer

    MikercflyerHace 10 meses

    Good to see you fly again. I am going this week to the club field. Up till now I have been flying myself at a little park and an open field near me.

  82. Steven Plaskett

    Steven PlaskettHace 10 meses

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    Felix BroddHace 10 meses

    Du bist im Hochtaunuskreis in Bad Homburg in Hessen geflogen woher kommst du? Und du kannst bestimmt auch Deutsch sprechen?


    TAYI GAMMIHace 10 meses

    Please send a new video soon and stay safe during covid 19 than you


    TAYI GAMMIHace 10 meses

    Ramy we have a boeing 777 9x like your ones

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    Jan LollingHace 10 meses

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    Padoriski THace 10 meses

    It looks so peaceful and beautiful scenary. Where ‘s this place??

  89. Joraff

    JoraffHace 10 meses

    Is that the plane you've been building all these months?! It's beautiful!!! Congratulations!!! you're back in the air, , and with a new creation!!!

  90. Domen

    DomenHace 10 meses

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  91. Tim Swift

    Tim SwiftHace 10 meses

    Your landings are getting much better!!

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    Bob SteeleHace 10 meses

    Can you make a qantas 747. Please

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    I Komang Adi Wirata 09Hace 10 meses

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    Abdel A BanguraHace 10 meses

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    shiznutsHace 10 meses

    Gotta love airliners and GA aircraft. Too bad that AL37 is sooo huge and Im bound by bicyce/public transport lol. But maybe that new Eflite UMX Citation Longitude is something for me.

  98. Raghav Garg

    Raghav GargHace 10 meses

    OOOOOOOOO the first landing was soooooo butter. Good job Ramy you are becoming a better RC pilot day by day!

  99. Raghav Garg

    Raghav GargHace 10 meses

    I wanna see the 777X back in the Air!

  100. Sean Nombo

    Sean NomboHace 10 meses

    6:40 If you listen closely, you will hear what a wonderful world

  101. Sean Nombo

    Sean NomboHace 10 meses

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    Arty DcHace 10 meses

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    Southern BoyHace 10 meses

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