Behind the Scenes of a Forces Perspective Trick #Shorts

Let me know if you want me to post more Behind the Scenes videos. #shorts


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    What? Lol

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    My childhood.... RUINED

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    So cool! 😜

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    He is Professional👌

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    What a heck

  9. Arianna Zaman

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    Me: still confused

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    I like how he jumped in the chair😭💜

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    But I can see the bed

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    Ảo thật đấy các bạn ạ

  14. minecraft commands tutorial

    minecraft commands tutorialHace 15 horas

    Now I know how it's done thanks zach

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    GIXA SUPERHace 20 horas

    So the super magic in the year is fake?

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    Porque. Mal

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    the food is shrinking

  20. Sexy SnowMan

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    This just in Zach King is a fraud for not actually using real magic my child hood is ruined

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    I like how he jumped in the chair😭💜

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    That's trippy

  23. Maurecella Souvannakhot

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    Nahh cuz when I was little, I use to actually think he had powers😂

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    Uhhhh cool

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    nice team

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    It's called forced perspective, the title has a typo


    •THE MALE WEEB QUEEN•Hace un día

    I still cant understand i dont have big brain-

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    Now i found where the ilussion is 100% no edit

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    That's not majic👎

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    Oooh jadi begono tah buatnya 👍👍👍👍👍

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    Why and WHAT

  35. sian fisher

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    Were is meh brain i literally think it is gone after that 😳

  36. Steven Khan

    Steven KhanHace un día

    Would have been really nice without any video editing.. before he sits look at the floor under the chair, it changes when he falls, reflections and details disappear.. this may be a known fact divulged by the creators, dont known their style, just commenting based on what i saw.

  37. Earl Oshiel Formento

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    The last one how did he get the food

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    So funny

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    how did he get the food?

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    It’s behind the scenes and I’m still confused lol

  41. otavio fernandes

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    Yes i knowed It ALL the years dude😏 this is impossible to be happening his tricks

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    Então é assim......😑☕

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    Fun fact: You watched this more than 1 time.

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    Wey es neta

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    .chfggfhfijtigh Njbbb

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    Eyyy, i reached the last short video thing

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    I like how he jumped in the chair😭💜

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    I'm utterly confused

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    Like how you found me a Caillou song sana Sana man how do you fall in when I get a Snapchat the pig all it was a movie theater or something are National girlfriend and how you act like you are a robot again and see what he's dead now

  51. the King of l4d2

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    I knew this was always some form of editing

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    No entendí

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    That's crazy

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    بدا يخبرنا بالخرابيب لي يديرهم ههههه

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    Now I know it’s not movie magic

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    Bruh he actually lie in all his videos

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    That cool how they do that

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    Minha vida foi estragada

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    You can see the boundary between the floor and the other floor.

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    I watched this a million times 😅🤭🤭🤭

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    Igual tuvo que ser editado... por el bocado que se lleva en el tenedor..😅

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    That was funny

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    These videos are so fucking stupid

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    He asked for butter but ate the whole bread in one bite lol

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    When I saw this, my mind literally blown up saying "why I didnt come up with this?"

  66. Liza BP

    Liza BPHace 2 días

    i though hes magic tricks content was like edited or something it turns out to be an actuall illusion

  67. Eric D

    Eric DHace 2 días

    It’s a shame you had to edit the food leaving the plate and couldn’t figure out a way to shoot that in real time. But this was a neat little thing regarding forced perspective!

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    Mah eyes hurt T-T

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    Wow this is so cool how he makes the magic

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    Sabía que era falso es tipo

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    Wait he's not a real magician???

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    I didn't even see the top video until someone said it in the comments.I refuse to believe it was there the first 3 times I watched this video 😂

  75. Monkey_King Grunge

    Monkey_King GrungeHace 2 días

    If these guys can fool people then imagine how much satan and his fallen angels can deceive humanity.. js

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    Wall is very night is drunk

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    Zach is just photoshop guy editor. He no magic at all . Nothing about him special at all . Just a normal dude .

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    Don’t tell me you guys are that stupid I already knew what’s he did lol because I did it way back in 2017

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    Gf and bf be like xd

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    Dude really doing mini-Hollywood

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    So I knew his trick 😂😂😂😂

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  89. instead not school than in vain

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    Who else rewatch this until 12 times

  90. instead not school than in vain

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    zach king's king of illusion

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    Would've been better if he had someone push the chair in so he was at the table when he reached.

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    Finally something cool on #shorts!

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    Whoa... that was trippy...I barely noticed that there was a difference in the placement of the chair on his side... that was VERY well done.

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    She cheating

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    woow great magic treack

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    These always ruin them tbh

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