Bossa Nova Covers Popular Songs (5 Hours)

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Bossa Nova Covers Popular Songs - Cool Music - Playlist Spotify:
Enjoy this non-stop Bossa Nova playist to let yourself relax, study or work in peace.
01 00:00 Your Love Is King - Amazonics
02 03:29 The Captain Of Her Heart - Luca Giacco
03 06:55 The Happy Man - Michelle Simonal
04 11:24 Company - Sarah Menescal
05 14:23 I Feel It Coming - Eve St. Jones
06 17:59 That's What I Like - Apollinare Rossi, Nenei
07 22:13 Let Her Go - Dual Sessions
08 25:57 Overprotected - Ituana
09 29:25 I Just Wanna Stop - Michelle Simonal
10 31:48 Hunting High And Low - Sarah Menescal
11 34:38 Come Undone - Urban Love
12 38:21 Only Happy When It Rains - Amazonics
13 41:23 Tape Loop - Ituana
14 44:34 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) - Anakelly, Stereo Dub, Nova Bossa Ltd.
15 48:04 Walking On The Chinese Wall - Groove Da Praia, Luca Giacco
16 51:47 Love Hurts - Sarah Menescal
17 54:43 Talking In Your Sleep (Bossa Nova Mix) - Ituana, Groove Da Praia
18 58:31 Over My Shoulder - 48th St. Collective, Michelle Simonal
19 01:02:12 Shallow - Sarah Menescal, Luca Giacco
20 01:05:26 The Sea - Amazonics
21 01:08:56 Lullaby - Freedom Dub
22 01:12:16 Titanium - Banda Do Sul, Natalie Renoir
23 01:16:15 Hard Woman - Luca Giacco
24 01:20:10 Tequila Sunrise - Corcovado Frequency
25 01:22:39 More Than I Can Bear - Luca Giacco
26 01:26:37 Back Down South - Stereo Dub, Karen Souza
27 01:29:22 Portuguese Love - Amazonics, Apollinare Rossi, Julie Benson
28 01:32:36 I Fall Apart - Sarah Menescal
29 01:34:15 Hope Of Deliverance - Bristol Love
30 01:40:07 Hotline Bling - James Farrelli
31 01:43:09 More Than A Woman - Ituana
32 01:46:07 Golden - Jamie Lancaster
33 01:49:35 Mistake Number 3 - Scubba, Dinah York
34 01:52:54 One Of These Nights - James Farrelli, Ituana
35 01:56:07 Watermelon Sugar - Banda Do Sul, Natalie Renoir
36 01:59:40 Missing - Herbie Garrett, Krister, Mayla Da Viola
37 02:03:08 Slave To Love - Bossart Ensemble, Marvin
38 02:06:39 Precious - Amazonics
39 02:09:57 Sunday Morning (Bossa Nova Mix) - Dalbani, Herbie Garrett
40 02:12:27 Little Lies - Luca Giacco
41 02:14:27 Moving Targets - Stereo Dub, Dualbox, E-Mulation
42 02:18:26 Girls Like You - 48th St. Collective, Nikki Ocean
43 02:22:15 Reminiscing - Michelle Simonal
44 02:25:33 Love You Inside Out - Beluga's Trio, Shelly Sony
45 02:29:16 Don't Start Now - Nenei, Stella Starlight Trio
46 02:32:36 True - The Moleskins, BossArt Ensemble, Brazilian Jazz Cuts
47 02:34:41 I've Been Losing You - Os alquimistas, luca giacco, anakelly
48 02:39:53 Suedehead - Urban Love, Luca Giacco
49 02:42:52 Hold On My Heart - The Cooltrane Quartet, Luca Giacco
50 02:47:51 Blinding Lights - Glambeats Corp.
51 02:51:18 Seven Days In Sunny June - Luca Giacco
52 02:54:48 When The World Is Running Down - BossArt Ensemble, Os Alquimistas, Natascha
53 02:57:51 One Of Us (Sixth Finger Strings Mix) - Stereo Dub, Michelle Simonal
54 03:02:26 I Like You - Brazil XXI, Luca Giacco
55 03:06:28 You Get What You Give - Amazonics
56 03:09:43 Your Love Alone Is Not Enough - Klub Rider, Marvin
57 03:12:44 Valerie - Sao Vicente, Ituana
58 03:16:26 Roads - Urban Love, Ivette Moraes
59 03:19:18 Crazy - Celso Mendes, Lua
60 03:23:01 Two People - Shelly Sony
61 03:26:01 Cruising For Bruising - Michelle Simonal
62 03:29:29 Back To Black - Eve St. Jones
63 03:33:36 We Belong Forever (Bossa Mix) - Urban Love
64 03:40:18 Toxic - Groove Da Praia, Mandy Jones
65 03:43:23 Cars And Girls - Groove Da Praia
66 03:48:10 Cryin' - Sarah Menescal
67 03:51:29 Right Down The Line - Scubba, Dinah York
68 03:54:44 Go Your Own Way - Nova Bossa Ltd. Marvin, Natalie Renoir
69 03:57:31 Lately - Celso Mendes, Julie Benson
70 04:02:28 Would I Lie To You - Eve St. Jones
71 04:06:10 Jamming - Groovy Waters
72 04:08:55 On The Beach - Groove Da Praia, Shelly Sony, Luca Giacco
73 04:12:26 Hurts To Be In Love - Michelle Simonal
74 04:15:03 Lucky - Michelle Simonal
75 04:17:47 The Tide Is High - Cassandra Beck
76 04:21:10 That's When I Think Of You - George White Group, Luca Giacco
77 04:24:25 (You Drive Me) Crazy - Scubba, Dinah York
78 04:28:07 Just An Illusion - Eve St. Jones
79 04:31:37 Drops Of Jupiter - Sarah Menescal
80 04:35:53 Ebony And Ivory - Brazilian Jazz Cuts, Lee Avril, Renauld
81 04:39:32 Fever - Amazonics
82 04:43:37 It`s My Life - Ituana
83 04:47:01 Viva La Vida (Bossa version) - Scubba
84 04:51:11 Learn To Fly - Ituana
85 04:54:58 I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love - Eve St. Jones
86 04:59:24 Big in Japan - Banda Do Sul, Isa
87 05:03:45 Oh L'Amour - Sarah Menescal
88 05:06:49 Losing My Religion - Banda Do Sul
89 05:10:46 (I've Had) The Time Of My Life - Jamie Lancaster, Eve St. Jones
90 05:14:23 Save A Prayer - Sarah Menescal
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