Bricklaying - Mortar Cake

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    YAMAHA R15 V3 LOVERHace un hora

    My mind is soo bad😂

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    bia QueirozෆHace un hora

    quero comer cerâmica agora ;----;

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    İlham MemmedovHace 3 horas

    Tort kimi kesirsiz sementi🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Panda Person

    Panda PersonHace 4 horas

    At school when the make 'cake' :

  5. Meena Hedamba

    Meena HedambaHace 5 horas


  6. حسن ۦ'ے

    حسن ۦ'ےHace 6 horas

    Very beautiful

  7. Sk Rizwana

    Sk RizwanaHace 6 horas

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  8. Sudheer Kumar

    Sudheer KumarHace 7 horas

    Happy Birthday to you

  9. Badiah geh mal

    Badiah geh malHace 8 horas

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    Dinesh JangidHace 10 horas

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    Tess ThukuHace 10 horas

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    kLON UwUHace 10 horas

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  13. Priyansh Payal

    Priyansh PayalHace 11 horas

    Civil Engineers - lets celebrate birthday

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    Vikrant KumarHace 11 horas

    Very satisfying

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    Muhammad YousafHace 11 horas

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    Joao HenriqueHace 13 horas

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  17. JEEVAN ꔪ

    JEEVAN ꔪHace 13 horas

    Now,eat it

  18. ڪۦـ꯭ۦـ꯭آتـ꯭ۦـۦـࢪِيـ꯭ۦـ꯭ۦـ꯭نـ꯭ۦـ꯭ۦـ꯭آس 『Z』

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  19. SHIVAM

    SHIVAMHace 15 horas

    happy birthday 😂😂

  20. Keith Andrei Mama

    Keith Andrei MamaHace 15 horas

    Look like delicious

  21. TLITE GO

    TLITE GOHace 16 horas

    it's super delicious

  22. John Doe

    John DoeHace 18 horas

    I dont care what it is I'm putting it in my mouth

  23. zamane

    zamaneHace 19 horas


  24. Alex Mansion

    Alex MansionHace 20 horas

    Does it taste as good as it looks

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    elouardi jihadHace 20 horas


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    sergen1903Hace 21 un hora

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    lola eggHace 21 un hora

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    Siddhu_Leo_AP_07Hace un día

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    Просто девочкаHace un día

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    Priyanshu 2004Hace un día

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    Priyanshu 2004Hace un día

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  33. LuanziN

    LuanziNHace un día

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  34. Manpreet Kaur

    Manpreet KaurHace un día

    Happy birthday wali feeling

  35. adamtube

    adamtubeHace un día

    كلو بالهنا والشفا 🙂👍✨😂


    VR VENKATRANAMHace un día

    This is actually good

  37. Jolay Bonar

    Jolay BonarHace un día

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    Still much more satisfying than other videos

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    Happy Birthday🎂

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    Happy birthday to you

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    Tanay BereliaHace un día

    It's cement

  44. Nazmi Ishak

    Nazmi IshakHace un día

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  45. Raul C

    Raul CHace un día

    Everyone: “Is that cement?” Cheesecake Factory: “Yes.”


    DIVYANSHU KUMAR.Hace un día

    Happy Birthday

  47. ambati prasad

    ambati prasadHace un día

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    Sakshi SnehaHace un día

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    Ilayaraja K.jasutaisHace un día

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  50. Sharad Shishodia

    Sharad ShishodiaHace un día

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  51. An Tahsi

    An TahsiHace un día

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  52. shafiq azmi

    shafiq azmiHace un día

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    LIL -AL- LO-BHace un día

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  55. COMMUNITY - 77

    COMMUNITY - 77Hace un día

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  56. Malak Karbala

    Malak KarbalaHace un día

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  57. Gott Gamereviews

    Gott GamereviewsHace un día

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    DINESH KUMARHace un día

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    seu sirgueijo coisadoHace un día


  60. Xav Turn

    Xav TurnHace un día

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    sriyash kothekarHace un día

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    Ricky PatelHace 2 días

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    Shyamali BhattaHace 2 días

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    Moataz ElaianHace 2 días

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    GrungeboyHace 2 días

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  66. Jeyaraj Nadar

    Jeyaraj NadarHace 2 días

    Can You make some real cakes for me so nice cutting

  67. مستر سلطع!.

    مستر سلطع!.Hace 2 días


  68. How Not To

    How Not ToHace 2 días

    Looks delicious somehow

  69. Sia cheese

    Sia cheeseHace 2 días

    Don't be shy eat it

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    Ryan AbHace 2 días

    Looks yummy 😂

  71. Moxxie

    MoxxieHace 2 días

    Am I the only one who wants to eat it

  72. Yukine Mori

    Yukine MoriHace 2 días

    Mmhhh... delicious! I tried this recept recently, and I enjoyed every single bite 😁😂!

  73. Meena Paliwal

    Meena PaliwalHace 2 días

    Very nice.Instant 'best cake of the century' title awarded

  74. Munirah

    MunirahHace 2 días

    I would like two slices please with a cup of soda

  75. Swetha _cp

    Swetha _cpHace 2 días

    The forbidden piece of cake 🍰

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    SaQuiB_GamerHace 2 días

    Happy birthday....😂

  77. Will Bellamy

    Will BellamyHace 2 días

    Nice mix! Give the labourer a raise! Get back to work! 😂

  78. Fun Zone

    Fun ZoneHace 2 días

    Bro seriously u eat that cement cake


    RAMESH PANDEYHace 2 días

    Happy birthday

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    นันทภพ คงจันทร์Hace 2 días

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  81. Rosco Schmosco

    Rosco SchmoscoHace 2 días

    Looks like it could lead to some constipation issues.

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    The DemonHace 2 días

    Soooooo satisfying

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    Noko MixeoHace 2 días

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    pog champHace 2 días

    even though I know this is cement I still want to eat it for some reason


    AGGELOSHace 2 días

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