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    Stay healthy!

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    Livery you put malaysia airline livery its look nice and awsome

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    Hay ya pal, what is the aerofoil section you ate using. Is it a flat bottom or a semi symmetrical. Section profile number would be great if you dont mind sharing please

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    Do you sell some of the planes? I'd love to get one.

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    I use Vcarve Pro 8.5 to run my CNC ShopBot, and you can set it to cut the inside cut of 1 part then go the outside cut of that part, what this does if for some reason it get off a little, when it goes to the next part it right on the mark again

  10. Velo1010

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    Why not build the wings from carbon fiber?

  11. Sidi Med Hamahoullah

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    Hello can you plz tell me how did u find or assume the location of the tube (chocolate one 😁)

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    Can u say the name of those sheets black colour

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    we love your hard work but after the hard work when you plane got crashed this moment i could not explain .......!

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    from where did you buy these JX servos? 👍 just thinking to try them in my 120inch decathlon..

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    So much respect for your hard work Ramy....building this gorgeous airplane and for making also such a great video!! Always a pleasure to watch!!!

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    You do an amazing job love watching you. Have a request can you explain a little more about the build like the landing gear what was that material used look like leather laid on top of each other. Is that to reduce shock from landing.

  20. Shawn McCall

    Shawn McCallHace 5 meses

    That’s an awesome ideal to use carbon because the airline builders wish they could use mostly a carbon build but the cost is to much so they use it just not like your able to do. I would like to see a full carbon fiber build. Imagine how much lighter it would be and your performance would be so amazing. Wonder would you get a longer flight time because the engines could be at a lower thrust due to the extreme light weight of the plane. I don’t know I’m just using some common sense and guessing the lighter the plane the less thrust needed to fly which means less battery usage meaning longer flight time.

  21. Maleko DeSousa

    Maleko DeSousaHace 5 meses

    Kind of ironic that this is an Airbus, since this is how Boeing builds their 787 Dreamliners; carbon fiber aka plastic airliners.

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    Isheet ChaudhariHace 5 meses

    Awesome! what kind of wood you have used to build the wings?🤔🤔

  23. Isheet Chaudhari

    Isheet ChaudhariHace 5 meses

    That was an amazing build! I was just watching the a350 build series again. What kind of wood have you used for the ribs of the wing?🤔 The series was amazing!😀😀

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    Love you bro

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    How is your friends experts they are not American

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    You definetly did a very good job. Did you make access doors for electronics on the wings?

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    You can add slat

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    You are no doubt a master builder... few questions 1. whats the material of the joiner outer tube 10:35 2. You are using aer ply for the whole internal wooden structure ... no balsa anywhere? 3. Are you using regular epoxy to bond the skin to the ribs and frame structure Cheers

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    Can you please could a747 -400

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    What material is the wing and ribs made with? Also where to buy it.

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    What kind of machine did you use to cut the wing ribs

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    What are the ribs made from?

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    Very nice 350

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    Bro so satisfied with your work.... Excellent work. Good knowledge. But please learn to land ur plane ... smoothly. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    Hi Ramy RC I always watch your video because I myself love RC airplanes. I Wonder if you can make Q400 airplane.

  42. CiscoLadder

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    Man-O-Man... This guy (you) make me feel like a total loser❗️ God Bless You, you’ve gone way past hobbyist, straight into Structural and Aerodynamic Engineering❗️ 😎 👍

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    Fell down this build hole today and it’s amazing to see your skill in building carbon fiber grow in 4 episodes. Your work is inspiring man keep it up!

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    "The most lift" Yeah because I dont wanna see this puppy go down like the Max


    ANIKET MITRAHace 11 meses

    The 'sharklets' are called a vertical wing extension as far as I know... 😊... just for future references

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    , I like in your program.

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  51. Vortexjet 007

    Vortexjet 007Hace 11 meses

    Hi ramy. I enjoy your video verymuch! I have a question: is there any risk that carbon materials shield radio signals ?

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    This is passion to the next level

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    what type of filament that used for 3D printing mold?

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    Maybe you could build an interior and also perhaps a model airport!

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    Hello Ramy, can you share if your friend Mr. Ralf has a website on his cnc machine.

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    boeing hire him

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    You should test the signal distance before flying it. You will need to find a place where you have a line of sight for a long distance just to be on the safe side of not losing control.

  59. Сергій Могила

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    why you don't do frame from carbom?

  60. Scootr Trash Customs

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    Amazing work.. With using carbon skin for weight savings and strength.. Why not use carbon for the ribs and spars aswell?

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    that's nice: Friends that help in your crazy projects :)

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    Can u tell me how to create all sheet with using clothes means I want to know how many and which types of you are using products, can you explain it all? Have so much questions on my mind. Pls answered it.

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    yea think u got enough claps there buddy

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    Holy shitballs this is a lot of work - made even harder to make it all in to a video. Thank you

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    Does anyone else see this amazing man turn into a lizard while he cuts on the wing?

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    i'm from Malaysia, enjoyed seeing you create all parts and build from scratch.I'm here done have the luxury to do that as everything is very-very expensive from the tools until the material you use to build the airplane.

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  71. xParallax

    xParallaxHace un año

    Did you use the same aerofoil profile as the A350 or did you use an enhanced model suitable aerofoil? I know different profiles work best at different speeds and CLs. Just interested because when I was studying my degree in Aeronautical Engineering, we did tonnes of experiments to see whether we could build a glider at 3 different sizes to determine the best aerofoil shape for each. Our outcome was that we needed a pretty 'lifty/draggy' design for the larger model (due to the mass having a square-cube law applied to it in analytical terms). However for the smaller model, we could put any aerofoil shape on it and it would fly for miles. Top prize for the experiment was to develop a blended aerofoil that's scalable to any size and will act as needed. I believe the 787 wing design is very similar to what we developed (totally unrelated)! Thanks for the awesome videos, extremely interesting!

  72. Justin LaReau

    Justin LaReauHace un año

    Out of curiosity, what is the reasoning behind the foam cores added to the flaps? Its at about 7:40 in the time. Does that add extra strength without much weight? Or what is the purpose of adding the foam into the ribbed structure?

  73. Gerald Morris

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  74. Justin Désilets

    Justin DésiletsHace un año

    I know nothing about rc planes, but how do you do the maintenance on a failed servo if the location is completely enclosed? Don't you need some sort of access panels?

  75. Camille Cottereau

    Camille CottereauHace un año

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    SLEVIN SHAFELHace un año

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    I used to make a lot of moulds once, I never really liked PVA, instead preferred Meguirars Mould Release wax, however if you do use PVA, you can soak the part and mould in water to dissolve the PVA. Compressed air will also help, separate an edge and blow the air between the part and the mould to pop it out.

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  95. Oliver Vallee

    Oliver ValleeHace un año

    Some amazing work. In my everyday work I build wings for a 2 seater airplane in 100% carbon fiber. One point I would like to share with you is that if you made the skin of the wing in to the shape it need to be your would not need all the ribs and beams if you want to save weight. That beeing said, it is an amazing airplane you are building and your craftsmanship is impressive!

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    Please subtitles in Spanish or speak Spanish please, how much is the cost of the buildings the air plane?

  97. wayne p

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    on the wings... will the carbon fiber layers be strong enough without any reinforcement ribs built inside.. can you just cut and sand a core to lay up your carbon fiber around so you can pull it off the mold without destroying the mold.. create a body mold that is slightly larger in diameter than the actual fuselage but create a step down flange along the bottom... so you can cut out a strip and glue the other side to the flange to come up with a perfect tube that you can get off your core without breaking the core.. imagine how much time you could save in your builds.. have you ever seen an inertia switch used in Ford cars and trucks.. that is used to disconnect the power to the fuel pump in case of accident.. could you open and modify one of those with a slightly stronger magnet.. so if you crash a future model.. the power is cut off.. lastly... have you examined the Various drone remote controls.. some may have digital gyros that might prevent too steep a bank when turning. you might also need to create a paddle on some kind of feedback servo to allow automatic speed control... so if the plane is flying slower that the minimum speed the paddle moves forward and the feedback circuit increases power to the motors. it would take some fine tuning flights. also.. are any drone Radio controls equipped with a feedback video.. so you could stash a camera up on the vertical stabilizer or on a hatch that opens allowing you a decent view of the main wings and front of the fuselage with a goggle cell phone display. heck you might be able to preprogram several areas of the flight plan..

  98. Edwin Gamez

    Edwin GamezHace un año

    Where did you learn how to build RC planes? What is your background?

  99. CiscoLadder

    CiscoLadderHace 10 meses

    Edwin Gamez That’s exactly what I want to know...he’s gotta be some sort of professional Engineer... He’s waaay past hobbyist and into Structural and Aerodynamic Engineering...not to mention he’s a wiz with AutoCAD...The AutoCAD piece is like 40% of building the aircraft.

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  102. Bill Palmer

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  103. Andrew Gallagher

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    Awesome build, you have put in a tonne of effort. I suggest to use more hinges on your elevators, flaps ans ailerons. Possibly double or triple shear arrangement. I'm still watching all your build videos and am egar to see this thing fly!

  104. Dharmesh Panchal

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    Hey Ramy! Amazing work as always!! Have u thought of vacuum bagging your carbon composite parts? You probably would find more strength, less weight and less bubbles. Just a thought. Either way. I love the work u do. Keep it up!! BTW, as a dad of 5, I’m living vicariously through your vids.