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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 11 meses

    Get one (1) credit to pick any title, plus unlimited free Audible Originals every month when you visit or text "ramyrc" to 500-500


    MIHIR PAPPUHace 11 meses

    can you please make it in qatar airways livery

  3. Ryan Laing

    Ryan LaingHace 11 meses

    Ramy, your planes are amazing man. Incredible! can you please make an Air Jamaica airliner. I truly miss the airline of my country Jamaica! no one has made one and I think the Jamaican community will go wild even if they are not into RC planes.

  4. Milosh Dzhokich

    Milosh DzhokichHace 11 meses

    I suggest you make an Aeroflot livery, it looks good

  5. George Master

    George MasterHace 11 meses

    Imagine if he did the A320 neo air malta livery up next. Would his best looking so far.

  6. juli5770

    juli5770Hace 11 meses

    maybe you could vacuum form the windows

  7. spaceX SFS

    spaceX SFSHace 4 días

    Ramy are you a aerospace engineer please tell me

  8. Priten Shah

    Priten ShahHace 28 días

    Actually, there's a minor correction: The background song used is not Horizon, it's Motion by Ikson

  9. Sourav Rakshit

    Sourav RakshitHace un mes


  10. Peter Cederstrand

    Peter CederstrandHace un mes

    I must say you´re a great artist. It´s a joy to see you work. Best wishes!

  11. Frank

    FrankHace 5 meses

    19:30 Some people walk the dog, you walk the airbus A350 ;-)

  12. Yashwant Biswal

    Yashwant BiswalHace 5 meses

    14000 com

  13. Yashwant Biswal

    Yashwant BiswalHace 5 meses

    ramy you can make a rc ship

  14. Yashwant Biswal

    Yashwant BiswalHace 5 meses

    nice engins

  15. Gaming With Enzo

    Gaming With EnzoHace 6 meses

    I might draw the Airbus A350 on a paper and I will put it in my Workspace

  16. Javier E

    Javier EHace 7 meses

    19:34 -What's that? It's just Ramy taking his baby for a walk

  17. José D. Muzetti Martins

    José D. Muzetti MartinsHace 7 meses

    Trabalho incrível, você é um artesão, parabéns!!

  18. Tejas KN

    Tejas KNHace 7 meses

    Sir could u plz make a video of making drone... If u r intrested

  19. Игорь Дерюгин

    Игорь ДерюгинHace 7 meses

    Халтуршик, походу с юга приехал

  20. Игорь Дерюгин

    Игорь ДерюгинHace 7 meses

    Тормоз, в хвосте же место хватает, повесил бы на ось руля машинку. А он наружу выставил. 14:51

  21. jaswant1988

    jaswant1988Hace 7 meses

    Awesome work Ramy RC. love and luck from India. Try making a Fighter Jet sometimes!

  22. hitori 一人

    hitori 一人Hace 7 meses

    I cant even make a paper plane. This dude juste makes a airbus a350 that looks like a real one. And its frickin huge

  23. Bradley Fountaine

    Bradley FountaineHace 7 meses

    What dremel bits do you use to cut? Also what kind of rotary blade is that? Thanks!

  24. Lizlodude

    LizlodudeHace 8 meses

    The fact that you designed the whole model yourself is itself just amazing. Everything about this build is amazing, pretty much, and I haven't even gotten to the electronics yet

  25. Hossam Saad

    Hossam SaadHace 8 meses

    Put some stickers on the windows, fill it from inside with clear epoxy then polish the epoxy or whatever clear plastic material you can find, sounds ok or nonsense?

  26. Antony Moya

    Antony MoyaHace 9 meses

    Hola soy Hondureño no ablo ingles pero me gusta tu canal y todo lo q ases es estupendo en mi país no existes este tipo de jobi soy aumente ala aeromodelismo gracias y espero que alguien te tradusca todo lo que e dicho.

  27. Bernardo Patino

    Bernardo PatinoHace 9 meses

    I like you video , and the art . you are working. When your airplanes: they go to the flight competitions, and the tracks are meadow, the grass takes away the aesthetics of the plane, you don't see the wheels and their fuselages, the plane loses style, but when they on an asphalt track, everything changes style it is perfect.

  28. Alf

    AlfHace 10 meses

    Such amazing craftsmanship!

  29. Abhinesh Prabhakaran

    Abhinesh PrabhakaranHace 10 meses

    Looks like the adf is not enough

  30. RAHUL PV

    RAHUL PVHace 10 meses

    You are a great person.... i like your all works.

  31. MajiAnsi MaziMaiz

    MajiAnsi MaziMaizHace 10 meses

    mr ramy really appreciate your hard work Allah bless you

  32. Eltee livo

    Eltee livoHace 10 meses

    Check out @Livo model aircraft he also makes awesome rc models

  33. vinicckus games

    vinicckus gamesHace 10 meses

    Hi l'm from Brazil l would like to know hou much this remote control plane costs

  34. Fakkrudeen Ali

    Fakkrudeen AliHace 10 meses

    Please. Made a air india B747 or 737

  35. abiha safie

    abiha safieHace 10 meses

    Ramy should get appreciated by airbus

  36. Blue Ninja PRO OFFICIAL

    Blue Ninja PRO OFFICIALHace 10 meses

    What livery are u going to put on it?

  37. Al Mualif

    Al MualifHace 10 meses

    5mnit nungsep

  38. Bathindian Boys

    Bathindian BoysHace 10 meses

    'm so excited to see this machine fly! :D

  39. Hugues Philippin

    Hugues PhilippinHace 10 meses

    I'd love to se thrust reversers, even if they're non-functional!

  40. canal do gui tente nao rir

    canal do gui tente nao rirHace 10 meses

    fans an Embraer E 195

  41. merhaba837broderfan

    merhaba837broderfanHace 10 meses

    wow nise building

  42. dcampb555

    dcampb555Hace 10 meses

    Excellent as always


    HARIKRUSHNAHace 10 meses

    of how many dollars you maake it

  44. Mich Gordillo

    Mich GordilloHace 10 meses

    Why didn't the 3D printed leading edge work?

  45. Brothers James

    Brothers JamesHace 10 meses

    Ramy why don’t you use a vacuum bag and pump to secure your skin to the wing and fuselage ?

  46. Kallner Kallner

    Kallner KallnerHace 10 meses

    You are an extremely good engineer:)

  47. Thanos Gaming Official

    Thanos Gaming OfficialHace 10 meses

    Ramy rc is the best airplane creater in the world. And pls appreciate his creation he works so hard. Plz appiriciate his video give a big thumbs up for him👍👍

  48. компот в майнкрафт 907

    компот в майнкрафт 907Hace 10 meses


  49. Peter Warmerdam

    Peter WarmerdamHace 10 meses

    Hi Ramy, Maybe a bit of a stupid question but I never see you use a roller to press the fiberglass is there a reason for that?

  50. Givelson Almeida

    Givelson AlmeidaHace 10 meses

    GET energia ( 1 )

  51. Givelson Almeida

    Givelson AlmeidaHace 10 meses

    Vossa pode vender um avião boing 777 9x RC obrigado

  52. TheFusion

    TheFusionHace 10 meses


  53. Givelson Almeida

    Givelson AlmeidaHace 10 meses

    Vossa pode vende um a350 avião queria franja ele

  54. Givelson Almeida

    Givelson AlmeidaHace 10 meses

    Mínimo bonito o avião a 350 gostei

  55. Z - Sound

    Z - SoundHace 11 meses

    Excelentes videos y proyectos. quisiera adquirir modelos para fabricar

  56. Angle of Attack

    Angle of AttackHace 11 meses

    U should turn a room in your house or workshop into a wind tunnel so you can test out the giant planes first without having to actually fly them.

  57. 2바이오

    2바이오Hace 11 meses


  58. Jonathan Erno

    Jonathan ErnoHace 11 meses

    Excellent work right there. Now i understand how it will make u sad if your plane crash considering the time and dedication (and thr money) put into this project.. great job! I hope i have the same perseverance and creativity as you have hehe. I literally watched each episode of this a350 project... i hope to see this beautiful bird fly SOON ❤

  59. Mark Giles

    Mark GilesHace 11 meses

    Hey, I saw someone using a heat gun on his moulded parts. Once the resin was applied and he said it removed the air bubbles completely. Have you tried that? Could save you some work and improve the overall finish.

  60. Lawrence F

    Lawrence FHace 11 meses

    Amazing job. If you don't mind me suggesting something to free up your parts from the mold without any damage. connect a "Snap-In V, 0.305-32, 1-1/4 Tire valve stem". use compressor it will come apart with ease bee sure to wax the molds well.

  61. Austrian008

    Austrian008Hace 11 meses

    If it crashed

  62. Arsh Shaikh

    Arsh ShaikhHace 11 meses

    pls make qatara livery

  63. Svetlana Abakumova

    Svetlana AbakumovaHace 11 meses

    Go RAMY of Aerobus a 350

  64. Geveze Motorcu

    Geveze MotorcuHace 11 meses

    Can't wait for the first flight

  65. Agus Ardi

    Agus ArdiHace 11 meses

    Wow 👍😀😃☺️😘

  66. Gerald Trudeau

    Gerald TrudeauHace 11 meses

    That is a fantastic piece of work. You can be justifiably proud of all that you put into it.👍😎

  67. geojet707

    geojet707Hace 11 meses

    My friend, I have watched many of your videos and you are a true artist. The work, patience, and detail you put into these aircraft is amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

  68. Caio Heitor

    Caio HeitorHace 11 meses

    Amazing job, congratulations !!! Everything made almost perfectly, it's really nice to watch the whole process. It's a very beautiful job.

  69. TheCapiCrack

    TheCapiCrackHace 11 meses

    Incredible Airbus A350-941 XMB Rami RC. Tris is one of my most favorite planes of you 🙂🙂🙂

  70. Cristian A

    Cristian AHace 11 meses

    Beautiful plane. Can’t wait for the maiden flight!

  71. Aleksander Ziarkowski

    Aleksander ZiarkowskiHace 11 meses

    Ramy RC Pls upload new video!

  72. Sanjay prasad

    Sanjay prasadHace 11 meses

    Sir you are brilliant and intelligent you make realistic airplane. I asked question for you where are you live please give my answer of Question.

  73. Lexis Citric

    Lexis CitricHace 11 meses

    This has to be super expensive to make

  74. Lexis Citric

    Lexis CitricHace 11 meses

    OMG 👌 u have a talent

  75. Samuel Krajc

    Samuel KrajcHace 11 meses

    What liveri

  76. Rifai Durmaz

    Rifai DurmazHace 11 meses

    Where is the new video

  77. ramy mohand chrif

    ramy mohand chrifHace 11 meses

    Hi ramy please what is the type of board do you use?

  78. I exist

    I existHace 11 meses

    So what airline are you going to use?

  79. Zechariah Moodley

    Zechariah MoodleyHace 11 meses

    Can you make me a aircraft

  80. Rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channel

    Rihab and Raaifa's toy reviewer channelHace 11 meses

    Make a Boeing 747-8i RNA liverly

  81. Varun J S

    Varun J SHace 11 meses

    19:17 Airbus calls it Sharklets and Boeing calls it Winglets. Great video 👍👌. Keep it up!

  82. pand ofin

    pand ofinHace 11 meses

    You build it with Karbon like the real on

  83. RC Bangladesh

    RC BangladeshHace 11 meses

    next video plzzz

  84. KURC

    KURCHace 11 meses

    Great....., how did you make this so easily ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    YEUNG KENSON TWGPSHace 11 meses

    Where is your a380 ?

  86. Elli P

    Elli PHace 11 meses

    Yep. :-)

  87. Franklin G

    Franklin GHace 11 meses

    sir,you are amazing and please do cargo flights(jumbo-commercial and military type) ?and also give me a simple design to built a RC on my own with your tips. please share us a link to buy each and every items or gives us components name to buy. thank you.(

  88. bene_ hill

    bene_ hillHace 11 meses

    let's play a game every time he says carbon, we drink a shot

  89. TM - 11CD 661347 Judith Nyman SS

    TM - 11CD 661347 Judith Nyman SSHace 11 meses

    Do Lufthansa's new livery

  90. Shaktiman Dubey

    Shaktiman DubeyHace 11 meses

    Excellent 👌, if possible try to add 4g connectivity and camera so that long range connection and control can be used. It would do justice to the effort and the creation itself🙌

  91. Eduardo Alves

    Eduardo AlvesHace 11 meses

    Hello, I'm Eduardo, do you manufacture to order?

  92. Deo Pongoh

    Deo PongohHace 11 meses

    Can you create a A330? Thats gonna be a good idea!


    SNL-FREE FIREHace 11 meses

    Bro in future you will be a manager of a plane making company

  94. Olivier Wartique

    Olivier WartiqueHace 11 meses

    Are you planing to build an A380 sometime ?

  95. Matthew Knight

    Matthew KnightHace 11 meses

    Have you ever considered building a Concorde?

  96. Weekly Dose Of Gaming

    Weekly Dose Of GamingHace 11 meses

    Man, you should be in "Oddly Satisfying videos!1!"

  97. Adoniz Playz RB

    Adoniz Playz RBHace 11 meses

    What livery is this going to be


    NINJAETS2Hace 11 meses

    Bro how to install spoiler on 737 max plz tell me

  99. Rachel Ann Temple

    Rachel Ann TempleHace 11 meses

    I love your A350 but what happened to your lufthansa boeing 777-9x

  100. Bibou

    BibouHace 11 meses

    are you modelizing the plane on a software before starting construction ?

  101. maxwell nortey

    maxwell norteyHace 11 meses

    ramcy can i buy one of 737 no matter how much the price ill pay pleaaaaaaas im 11 in ghana pls reply i am a bbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiigggggggg fan

  102. bradley welch

    bradley welchHace 11 meses

    Do the British Airways livery

  103. Valavan Senni

    Valavan SenniHace 11 meses

    You should attempt to build the worlds largest rc airplane.

  104. The English Tongue

    The English TongueHace 11 meses

    Have you ever heard about Santos Dumont? Google him.

  105. 1010 1111

    1010 1111Hace 11 meses

    Anyone knows how to press the button like more than once?