Building the Gulfstream G650 RC JET, Part 1

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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 8 meses

    Use my special link to get 77% discount and 30-day money-back guarantee! Second part is coming soon😉

  2. ARYA STARK V // retro , trance & dance \\

    ARYA STARK V // retro , trance & dance \\Hace 7 meses

    ; )

  3. ARYA STARK V // retro , trance & dance \\

    ARYA STARK V // retro , trance & dance \\Hace 7 meses

    Can you pls for mi dad a 747 lufthansa building his love that plane

  4. Alowitious McKay

    Alowitious McKayHace 8 meses

    Not sure if anyone else is having this issue Ramy, but this is the third time i've had to subscribe to your channel.

  5. Scotland_from_up_high

    Scotland_from_up_highHace 8 meses

    Fermin Maisterrena amazing idea

  6. Fahim Abrar

    Fahim AbrarHace 8 meses

    Frankfurt Germany

  7. Renan Soares

    Renan SoaresHace un día

    Parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  8. diego canales angel

    diego canales angelHace 2 días

    Are the molds reciclables?

  9. Keng Sp

    Keng SpHace 3 días


  10. Guilherme Vinicius

    Guilherme ViniciusHace 13 días

    My name is Guilherme I have a 3D presser you have the Gulfstream g650 file I will also make one in fiber the size of yours if you can pass me by I heartfelt

  11. Guilherme Vinicius

    Guilherme ViniciusHace 13 días

    my dream and having a model of a G650 gulfstrem

  12. Tony Camplin

    Tony CamplinHace 14 días

    I would like to know how you make the molds. Maybe this is on another video that I've missed.

  13. James Reaper

    James ReaperHace 25 días

    Ramy you are truly an Artist. Amazing build!

  14. 失心

    失心Hace un mes


  15. Mantis 04

    Mantis 04Hace un mes

    @RamyRc you can do vacuum Bagging with a 3D Printed mold, yet the bag needs to go all the way around. (You put the mold into a vacuum bag) But you need to check whether your mold can withstand the pressure.

  16. Jones Epunkt

    Jones EpunktHace un mes

    Which printer did you use to print the molds?

  17. 史蒂夫地产Steve Zhang Real Estate Services

    史蒂夫地产Steve Zhang Real Estate ServicesHace un mes

    do you use 3d Printer to print the mold?

  18. Nuuri Jemal

    Nuuri JemalHace 2 meses

    How do you make the molds How you design it

  19. Daniel Rodrigues

    Daniel RodriguesHace 2 meses

    Que excelente trabalho. Parabéns! Qual tipo de resina esta utilizando?

  20. David Davids

    David DavidsHace 2 meses

    those who can design, do. those who cannot, COPY.

  21. Budget model railway, RC model and more

    Budget model railway, RC model and moreHace 2 meses

    where did you buy the mold?

  22. Budget model railway, RC model and more

    Budget model railway, RC model and moreHace 2 meses

    where did you buy the stamp of the plane?

  23. simply_phil

    simply_philHace 2 meses

    Awesome work 😎😍😍 I‘m thinking about, building a Blanik like that 🤟😄

  24. Mickey Hartman

    Mickey HartmanHace 2 meses


  25. Andi Andi Pratama

    Andi Andi PratamaHace 3 meses

    epoxy resin what do you use..?

  26. Cléverson T. Souza

    Cléverson T. SouzaHace 3 meses

    Você vende o molde desse jato? Ou os arquivos para imprimir?

  27. Pontus Wendt

    Pontus WendtHace 3 meses



    RATHOD SHARATHHace 3 meses

    Bro please say or display the parts what you are using and their quantity too to make the flight please

  29. Completely Random

    Completely RandomHace 3 meses

    I have a question. I am planning on making this plane. Where do you get the parts?

  30. Hugh Dudman

    Hugh DudmanHace 3 meses

    Where do you get the molds from

  31. Mohammed Mosharraf Hossain

    Mohammed Mosharraf HossainHace 3 meses

    Love it Ramy.I hope it will be a very amazing aircraft. You always make me motivated by your hard work.I watch all of your videos.I never missed single of your.Keep it up and best of luck on the build.✈✈👍

  32. Jesus Mares

    Jesus MaresHace 3 meses

    Please ramy videos in Spanish, or subtitles in Spanish .

  33. colonel-G

    colonel-GHace 3 meses

    I have a question What do you peel off from it carbon fiber?

  34. Michael Smith

    Michael SmithHace 3 meses

    Ramy where did you get the stl for the molds?

  35. Ben Hayat

    Ben HayatHace 3 meses

    I love your work, your craftsmanship and quality. A true German...

  36. Randy DiCotti

    Randy DiCottiHace 4 meses

    Beautiful!!! But how did you do the CAD for the fuselage to make the molds? Your own design or import from another source?

  37. Armstrong Mugambi

    Armstrong MugambiHace 4 meses

    Wow....i love your work....i've been watching your videos for a while.....i wouldn't mind getting one from RAMY RC.......

  38. Abdelmoumen Korichi

    Abdelmoumen KorichiHace 5 meses

    Hello my friend, I need you. You must help me. I am in the process of building a plane and I could not contact you please

  39. Abdelmoumen Korichi

    Abdelmoumen KorichiHace 5 meses

    Hello my friend, I need you. You must help me. I am in the process of building a plane and I could not contact you please

  40. Kyle Fegley

    Kyle FegleyHace 5 meses

    How many hours did it take on avg to 3D print each mold piece? I am guessing at least 20 hrs

  41. Yelling Sheep

    Yelling SheepHace 5 meses

    This is awesome watching someone build a cool looking plane He is technically teaching me how to build one. Keep up the good work Ramy!🙂

  42. K3DY DXing

    K3DY DXingHace 5 meses

    What 3d printer are you using to produce these parts? Amazing!

  43. 唐浩

    唐浩Hace 5 meses

    Hi, can you share the modeling process of G650, or the section drawing, thank you

  44. Martin Forster

    Martin ForsterHace 5 meses

    Fantastic choice of next build !! Can I ask what 3D printer you use? Have you done a video detailing your construction techniques, would be great to see? You take RC building to a whole new level!!

  45. I Love Aviation

    I Love AviationHace 5 meses

    Also you can put a vlies on top that sucks out the resin during vacuing...

  46. I Love Aviation

    I Love AviationHace 5 meses

    Hey Ramy. Watching you since years. Good job. Hint: squeegee out as much resin as possible befor vacing. Resin is weakening your part. There is some good video on Mike Pateys chanel where this is explained detailed and good. Watch the Scrappy build. Cheerz dude.

  47. madusha keshawa

    madusha keshawaHace 5 meses

    I wish i could afford to make something like that😓😓😓

  48. Tej Films

    Tej FilmsHace 5 meses

    2050: hivreone! I’ve always wanted to build a real private jet!

  49. In Trick Channel

    In Trick ChannelHace 6 meses


  50. Tigerclaw113 Boi

    Tigerclaw113 BoiHace 6 meses

    What material u use

  51. Rakketz

    RakketzHace 6 meses

    Ramy how do you design the molds?

  52. sachin shandilya

    sachin shandilyaHace 6 meses

    I am a big fan of your skills brother😍

  53. Dale Meyer

    Dale MeyerHace 6 meses

    First of all, kudos for all the time and effort you put into this. It is truly amazing. Secondly, on the vacuuming aspect, perhaps seal the outside of the 3D printed mold so that you can get the air seal you need? A thin epoxy coat should do it maybe? And those small molds you can fill with sand to protect them in vacuum

  54. Universal Scale Models

    Universal Scale ModelsHace 6 meses

    Superb !

  55. Tirso Avila

    Tirso AvilaHace 6 meses

    Hello. Is the 3d printer a CR10-5S? any improvement on this printer?

  56. Robert Dewar

    Robert DewarHace 6 meses

    To fill in all the fine details and get a gleaming white finish, apply gelcoat to the inside of the mold prior to the first layup.

  57. Adil Pradeep

    Adil PradeepHace 6 meses

    Hi Ramy, Can i Know what kind of material did u use and where can i get it. Thank you in advance : )

  58. My L

    My LHace 6 meses

    Make the 787 of carbon fiber

  59. Kim Syvänen

    Kim SyvänenHace 7 meses

    This channel is highly addictive. Your skills are amazing to watch!

  60. Kiaser 215

    Kiaser 215Hace 7 meses

    I'm an aircraft mechanic, and did a fiberglass repair to a surfboard. I also found out that day just how much pressure a vacuum setup will exert on an area. Repair worked and didnt crush the area, but it definitely had a depression in the repaired area that needed more work later. Very rarely get to work with fiberglass, so lessons learned. Great job on the vacuum bag, too bad the fuselage didnt work out.

  61. Ingmar M

    Ingmar MHace 7 meses

    Anything "important" that you do on your devices is already encrypted so a VPN for normal use is a waste of time and energy. Great on dodgy cafe wifi with MITM monitoring. VPN providers are falling over themselves flogging their snake oil these days.

  62. Hamed Bashiri

    Hamed BashiriHace 7 meses


  63. Rick Samuels

    Rick SamuelsHace 7 meses

    I just love your work Ramy, I wish my legs could hold out to do work like this. Keep it up.

  64. Florian Sutter

    Florian SutterHace 7 meses

    where are you from? germany?

  65. Kevin Mo

    Kevin MoHace 7 meses

    So you could increase the infill of the mold but give a thought to instead designing in ports on the ends where you could spray or pour in two part expanding foam. This would make a ridged mold that will hold up to the compression. Just make sure to test this and make sure you use the proper amount otherwise you could cause the mold to over expand and blow up. It can be done and even if you decreased the foam volume to ensure it does not over expand you would get enough rigidity and support that it would not crush under the vacuum.

  66. Garth Lee

    Garth LeeHace 7 meses

    stunning !, what printer are you using?

  67. abhijeet dhillon

    abhijeet dhillonHace 7 meses

    how do you print such huge moulds ?

  68. André Silva

    André SilvaHace 7 meses

    Great will be a beautiful plane

  69. David Anthony Childs

    David Anthony ChildsHace 7 meses

    Is there a reason you don't include a male/female joint for each of the sections of the mold? You show just clamping them and aligning by eye in the video.

  70. Takyi Emmanuel

    Takyi EmmanuelHace 7 meses

    Pls how can I get the molds

  71. remin javad

    remin javadHace 7 meses

    Wht is the total cost of it?? I mean to make it

  72. sen pai

    sen paiHace 7 meses

    Must be costly rc model

  73. Genagen

    GenagenHace 7 meses

    I am little bit worried about you - should not be good idea to wear some kind of protection like respirator?

  74. Pamela Sangweni

    Pamela SangweniHace 7 meses

    I like the way you duild your planes

  75. Daniel H. S. K.

    Daniel H. S. K.Hace 8 meses

    Incredible work !!!! Very good !!! If I could, I would ask you to do it for me !!!

  76. Adrian Mutsune

    Adrian MutsuneHace 8 meses

    How many rpm do your engines spin

  77. DeWe

    DeWeHace 8 meses

    Are there any 3d print infills which are open cell instead of closed cell so that prints can be easily filled with resin to strengthen them? I've asked this before but got no answer.

  78. lprince6

    lprince6Hace 8 meses

    If you are not planning to use the same molds for another model manufacturing, 3D printing the molds is an expensive approach. You may prefer to use PVC dirty water cylinders for general sections as an cost effective method. If you continue with the 3D printing, you may prefer adding pin holes to mold part interfaces or you may use rabbeted joints instead of plain surfaces for better alignment of the models.

  79. Gemini Jets fan

    Gemini Jets fanHace 8 meses

    How much would a already built rc cost from you



    Please make a detailed interior,that would be awesome!

  81. goldendredger

    goldendredgerHace 8 meses

    Nice work! Ramy would you mind sharing a video on the software used to design the 3d printed molds and the process you use to design the molds? Would be awesome if you could share this info. I would like to give a crack at making some molds myself. My normal way is hand carving the plug then making molds from that. Thanks and plane is looking great!

  82. Ahmed Akbar Ali

    Ahmed Akbar AliHace 8 meses

    Can buy plane in pak rs

  83. TAG Aerial Media

    TAG Aerial MediaHace 8 meses

    How much for the STL’s

  84. OperatorDOD

    OperatorDODHace 8 meses

    are you using PLA filament? what about using PETG, then use expoxy on the other end of the molds to make them airtight. With the mold being stronger and airtight, vacuum seal should work

  85. Bravo's Rc Build Hanger

    Bravo's Rc Build HangerHace 8 meses

    It would have been beautiful if the vacuum hadn't failed the 1st time. Awesome looking plane mold though

  86. snyper7979

    snyper7979Hace 8 meses

    Ramy, I absolutely enjoyed your videos you produce. Your A/C that you make are just incredible. I wish I was able to produce objects in Frusion 360 and then 3D Print them out, pretty much like you have done with your masterpieces.

  87. Angela Eboda

    Angela EbodaHace 8 meses

    You are the best airplane builder I know

  88. Jeff Kling

    Jeff KlingHace 8 meses

    What if you put a couple of coats of spray paint on the outside of the mold to make it airtight?

  89. BAM5

    BAM5Hace 8 meses

    Tip: Model some holes in your mold parts so you can use locating pins to precisely align them when you assemble it into the full mold! 😁

  90. Ryan Levy

    Ryan LevyHace 8 meses

    I’ve never laid carbon fiber before so I don’t know if this would work, but just an idea. Instead of using a vacuum to apply pressure to a complicated surface like the fuselage, could you put down a liner like the clear plastic liner you had and then fill the mold with water? A volume of water that big should be dense enough to apply quite a bit of even force throughout the mold. Again, just an idea. Love the work you’re doing!

  91. Runforestrun FPV

    Runforestrun FPVHace 8 meses

    So fly like a G6?

  92. Irene Ouma

    Irene OumaHace 8 meses

    what mould do you use exactly

  93. PT_DUKE

    PT_DUKEHace 8 meses

    Hey Ramy RC, love the G650. Short question, was it necessary to ask gulfstream for authorization to make the model? I ask this, and although it is different, they do not allow to make virtual models of the airplane for simulators like P3D/FSX? Keep up with the good job, looking fwd to see this "puppy" in the air

  94. PT_DUKE

    PT_DUKEHace 7 meses

    @randomnickify Thanks for the answer, got fully clarified

  95. randomnickify

    randomnickifyHace 7 meses

    You can legally make an exact model of Gulfstream for yourself - it is considered an Art piece, you can even sell it as long its just one model (but that might be different in some countries). However you can not mass produce and sell models that look like exact copies of real life plane for profit (even selling model's blueprints is illegal) - its not Art anymore, its a Production and you would need to buy a license from Gulfstream to do it. Since videogames are commercial projects made for profit they can not use any real world objects without licenses - thats why in many games cars, planes, weapons only look similar to the real world versions, they are not exact licensed copies. Games like Forza or MS Flight Simulator had to buy licenses from the factories to use true copies of real world planes or cars. You can create a Mod for Flight Sim with a Gulfstream plane for yourself but you can not sell it for profit without license, even distributing it for free might be problematic.

  96. Hotwire

    HotwireHace 8 meses

    Great videos, thank you. 👍

  97. Erick White

    Erick WhiteHace 8 meses

    You my friend, are a true artist!

  98. funkyfreestyler

    funkyfreestylerHace 8 meses

    Why not add alignment holes/bumps so when you glue molds together for fuse they are self aligned. Great channel!

  99. amtpdb1

    amtpdb1Hace 8 meses

    How did you get the bulkheads measured to make them fit so tight?

  100. kifayat ullah

    kifayat ullahHace 8 meses


  101. Insect Overlord

    Insect OverlordHace 8 meses

    Kevlar has the worst characteristics in terms of strength and resistance to flexing if all the major types of composites. Kevlar is only real use his for abrasion resistance.

  102. Peter Escapement

    Peter EscapementHace 8 meses

    The parts where you had trouble with the vacuum forming might have been left out by other people, but I found them really interesting and helpful. Thanks for leaving them in.

  103. satyam vastrad

    satyam vastradHace 8 meses

    can i please get the input u used to print tht mould

  104. Elli P

    Elli PHace 8 meses

    How can anybody not love this man... :-)

  105. Gábor B

    Gábor BHace 8 meses

    You also build an airbus a380?

  106. Tapasi Nandi

    Tapasi NandiHace 8 meses

    Will you make the BOEING 747?

  107. arkhamkillzone

    arkhamkillzoneHace 8 meses

    Me too cause they are a absolute rip off. They basically mark up the price like fools.

  108. Tanima Sil

    Tanima SilHace 8 meses

    why you are not making a boeing 777 emirates