Cat enjoys aggressive face rubs, then sneezes.


  1. Okuyasu the Dumbass

    Okuyasu the DumbassHace 17 días

    The captions were very helpful, thank you :)

  2. Furrymation :P

    Furrymation :PHace un día

    *Human breathing sounds

  3. WhiteWolf

    WhiteWolfHace 2 días

    ah yes *human breathing sounds*

  4. Madison M

    Madison MHace 2 días

    @Plain Idiot what did the banana say when it answered the phone? Yellow

  5. GamerGalCady

    GamerGalCadyHace 4 días

    **sound of hands rubbing on fur** 😂😂😂

  6. Okuyasu the Dumbass

    Okuyasu the DumbassHace 4 días

    @ari why not?

  7. Charles Omane

    Charles OmaneHace 14 minutos

    Sounds like a fart

  8. bru od

    bru odHace 27 minutos

    My cat sneezes when I do face rubs too!

  9. Nellie Landes

    Nellie LandesHace 4 horas

    Mine hates that

  10. Cra_zzy

    Cra_zzyHace 6 horas


  11. Anthony Pelletier

    Anthony PelletierHace 13 horas

    Rackin in the money eh?

  12. 「 Lynette 」

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  13. spaceace

    spaceaceHace 23 horas

    thank u for giving me quality content that is exactly what was promised (: cute cat outta 10 (that's very high dont u know!)

  14. Amir NF

    Amir NFHace 23 horas

    *human breathing sounds*

  15. Bob

    BobHace un día

    yes, the captions helped me understand what was going on.... **SOUND OF HANDS RUBBING ON CAT FUR** **CAT PURRING** **CAT SNEEZES** **SNEEZES AGAIN** **HUMAN BREATHING SOUNDS** Thank you so much. That was very enjoyable.

  16. hey adora

    hey adoraHace un día

    I literally thought the title said: “catra enjoys aggressive face scrubs, then sneezes”

  17. Not_Anythingdog X

    Not_Anythingdog XHace un día

    Captions have exceeded my moral understandings

  18. Summer :p

    Summer :pHace un día

    1 mil views?

  19. Carson's Gaming Videos

    Carson's Gaming VideosHace un día

    Cat: sneezes Owner of the cat: I gotta give this to my friend to see

  20. xPolar Playz

    xPolar PlayzHace un día

    cute loaf

  21. Dooctor2928 Marius Grama

    Dooctor2928 Marius GramaHace un día

    I fucking died

  22. NoodleMan Things

    NoodleMan ThingsHace un día

    Mmm cat video's, they're always good

  23. Xenith

    XenithHace un día

    people who disliked sneezed and accidently hit the dislike button

  24. Lola Hennrich

    Lola HennrichHace un día

    This is me right after I'm sick and my sinuses are full and my mom massages them to empty them and I'm just like sneeze sneeze sneeze afterwards

  25. Sheesa Isobel Liston

    Sheesa Isobel ListonHace un día

    see you guys in 9 years when this gets reccommended to people more

  26. Zacharius

    ZachariusHace un día

    Lyrics: *Cat purring* *Cat sneezing* *Cat sneeze again*

  27. Riley Shields

    Riley ShieldsHace un día

    Why did people dislike this, they got what they asked for, nothing less, nothing more

  28. Zombobalean

    ZombobaleanHace un día

    L o a f

  29. Pedro Joaquim

    Pedro JoaquimHace un día

    well.... at least its not click bait

  30. CocoVeeam

    CocoVeeamHace un día

    ayo why the fuck you stole my cat? da faq?

  31. Nicole Gachas

    Nicole GachasHace un día

    This is so inspiring. Bank you for deciding to post this.

  32. Cringelord 69 420 haha funny

    Cringelord 69 420 haha funnyHace un día

    you got what the title says. you disliked. i lost a couple braincells. that’s how the world works.

  33. SirPotatorito

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  34. Wise Alaundo

    Wise AlaundoHace un día

    These cat video titles are getting increasingly honest and descriptive.

  35. SaltyCrap

    SaltyCrapHace 2 días

    Bless you

  36. villainn

    villainnHace 2 días

    youtube stay blessing my feed with cat videos😌

  37. m0Zky

    m0ZkyHace 2 días

    so basically this cat enjoys aggressive face rubs, then sneezes

  38. Pineapple juice

    Pineapple juiceHace 2 días

    In my free time I like to watch cat videos on ESdos.

  39. -V A R M I T-

    -V A R M I T-Hace 2 días

    My cat twitched eight when the cat sneezed

  40. Soul Reaper Rex

    Soul Reaper RexHace 2 días

    Your cat likes it rough?

  41. Lex0n Fresh

    Lex0n FreshHace 2 días

    What in the holy name of God has the youtube algorithm put in my recommended page?

  42. KiritoNoiharaQuartz

    KiritoNoiharaQuartzHace 2 días

    Question: is the cat blind in one eye or does it have two eye colours?

  43. Retro Carrot

    Retro CarrotHace 2 días

    :N O N B L E S S Y O U:

  44. ghost

    ghostHace 2 días

    i don’t understand why people disliked. the title said the cat would enjoy aggressive face rubs, then sneeze. the cat enjoyed aggressive face rubs, then sneezed

  45. Ban

    BanHace 2 días

    Cat: *Sneezes* Everyone: Alright guys lets get our masks.

  46. Mike Oxlong

    Mike OxlongHace 3 días

    I came here for what I expected and I am not disappointed.

  47. Master Oogway

    Master OogwayHace 3 días

    and here,we can see a wheat loaf on the table being rubbed by a human

  48. Shiragiri

    ShiragiriHace 3 días

    **human breathing noises intensify**

  49. Jade Leong

    Jade LeongHace 3 días

    Great video, thank u

  50. Ean Heck

    Ean HeckHace 3 días

    Truth in advertising people

  51. 991BRO

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  52. Jibking

    JibkingHace 3 días

    Subtitle: * human breathing sounds *

  53. StormiiLPS

    StormiiLPSHace 3 días

    lol, thought only my cat did this.

  54. Animation Converter

    Animation ConverterHace 3 días

    That is a cat loaf, sneezing and purring.

  55. The Vibes gaming

    The Vibes gamingHace 3 días

    I do not like the baguette for I know there will never be better food then it... Very cute sneeze. 20/10

  56. Kyle The Destroyer

    Kyle The DestroyerHace 3 días

    Nice Whale you got there

  57. Ginxx11

    Ginxx11Hace 3 días

    this cat is now allergic to its human wow. that’s year 2021 for y’all.

  58. XxDreamWasTakenxX

    XxDreamWasTakenxXHace 3 días

    Is it just me or when the cat sneezed it sounded like a Enderman

  59. sᴏɢɢʏ ɴᴏᴏᴅʟᴇs

    sᴏɢɢʏ ɴᴏᴏᴅʟᴇsHace 3 días

    At least he turned away to sneeze ama right?

  60. Jagger The Dog

    Jagger The DogHace 3 días

    You're gonna wanna *squish* *that* *cat*

  61. Danny

    DannyHace 3 días

    I am satisfied

  62. McKayden Perkins

    McKayden PerkinsHace 3 días

    I don't get why people disliked it tho-

  63. gacha lunar 509

    gacha lunar 509Hace 3 días

    my cat did the same thing XD

  64. Necomimi Princess

    Necomimi PrincessHace 3 días

    *human breathing sounds*

  65. IceFire 425

    IceFire 425Hace 3 días

    That cat looks so much like mine that it’s scary, and he also loves face rubs...

  66. Galaxycat

    GalaxycatHace 3 días

    L O A F

  67. gamingforever

    gamingforeverHace 3 días

    Loaf cat

  68. Makayla Perez

    Makayla PerezHace 4 días

    Bless you cat

  69. DiamondJax08

    DiamondJax08Hace 4 días

    This makes me physically happy

  70. MCRandom

    MCRandomHace 4 días

    so many zoomers here

  71. LiteWolf 002

    LiteWolf 002Hace 4 días

    Y'all.. I think that cat just spoke in enderman

  72. PC Simo

    PC SimoHace 4 días

    Aww, so cute 😻!

  73. Bryce!

    Bryce!Hace 4 días

    He's allergic to cats

  74. GamerGalCady

    GamerGalCadyHace 4 días

    Turn on captions to understand this My favourite part was **human breathing sounds**

  75. x zero

    x zeroHace 4 días

    we will see this in 10 years

  76. Aspin_Animations

    Aspin_AnimationsHace 4 días

    1M: people well lets see what happends

  77. Moby Huge

    Moby HugeHace 4 días

    Cat rubs face, then aggressively sneezes

  78. Josie Murr

    Josie MurrHace 4 días

    Bless you cat

  79. JohnnyMartini

    JohnnyMartiniHace 4 días

    I do the same, but I have to read my cats’ moods before initiating aggression

  80. art3mis

    art3misHace 4 días

    Alrighty, see you guys in a few years when this is recommended again

  81. Not_Yarinari _

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  82. heyimdylanlmao. ttv

    heyimdylanlmao. ttvHace 4 días

    I've seen that title format somewhere before........

  83. A Free Potato Chip

    A Free Potato ChipHace 4 días

    my dog does this too

  84. FeFe

    FeFeHace 4 días

    Subtitles: *cat purring* Deaf people: ☺️

  85. The Beef Man

    The Beef ManHace 4 días


  86. chuchi.

    chuchi.Hace 4 días

    i cant believe the cat enjoyed aggressive face rubs, then sneezed

  87. Fłüffÿ Wÿvërń

    Fłüffÿ WÿvërńHace 5 días

    The cats whiskers should be bent forward :’) I’m not hating and I love the video! ^^

  88. AverageCODM

    AverageCODMHace 5 días

    Beware of COVID Make the cat wear a mask

  89. Selah Tomlinson-lawrence

    Selah Tomlinson-lawrenceHace 5 días

    That’s not a cat. That’s a ✨loaf✨

  90. Lau chan XD

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  91. Leonardo watch

    Leonardo watchHace 5 días

    where is the angry face i'm confused maybe the dislike are a lil deserved for one time

  92. Meghan Koenig

    Meghan KoenigHace 5 días

    my cat likes to be pet really rough too, it’s so weird 😂

  93. Sarah Cohen

    Sarah CohenHace 5 días

    Knead the loaf

  94. ballie smak

    ballie smakHace 5 días

    He so cute 🥰

  95. svnve

    svnveHace 5 días

    why are you disliking? you got what you came for

  96. Dwellisys

    DwellisysHace 5 días

    why are there dislikes, who clicks a video called 'Cat enjoys aggressive face rubs, then sneezes.' see's a cat enjoying an aggressive face rub, who then proceeds to sneeze and goes "Nah this isn't what i wanted to see"

  97. Drowning Fish

    Drowning FishHace 5 días


  98. Sarah M

    Sarah MHace 5 días

    Your cat looks just like my sweet Ballerina!!!


    ENMANUEL GUERRAHace 5 días

    the cat is allergic to humans

  100. Broly

    BrolyHace 5 días

    sounds about right. gets the flees moving.

  101. Lukas Williamson

    Lukas WilliamsonHace 6 días

    Why would you dislike this? The cat enjoyed aggressive petting and then sneezed

  102. S̸p̸e̸e̸d̸y̸

    S̸p̸e̸e̸d̸y̸Hace 6 días

    Captions: accepted Fur: accepted Cat: accepted Video: accepted 10/10 for cat exam

  103. Eggwin

    EggwinHace 6 días

    Subtitles: *human breathing sounds*

  104. Fatima Liseth

    Fatima LisethHace 6 días

    *purr* *Purr* *Purr* *Purr* *Sneeze* *Sneeze*

  105. Coleo Holeo

    Coleo HoleoHace 6 días

    Nobody Literally Nobody Comments on this video: cApTIoNs: *HuMaN BreAtHInG sOuNDs* You f****** imbalances. They were BREATHING, and they were a HUMAN and they were making NOISE. Sometimes I am embarrassed that I'm a part of gen-z.