Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)
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  1. Alexandre Steinmetz

    Alexandre SteinmetzHace 18 minutos

    Will the car "brake" too ?

  2. Read description for a naughty treat ;D

    Read description for a naughty treat ;DHace 23 minutos

    he loves it!

  3. youusedthetube

    youusedthetubeHace 26 minutos

    5:34 is that a wolfenstein referance?

  4. AKA The Micra Man

    AKA The Micra ManHace 42 minutos

    Only got excited when I saw the s reg starlet at 2:40 loooool

  5. Lawrence

    LawrenceHace 59 minutos

    @2:50 I think all you have to do is paying attention on the road...

  6. Targeted Individual

    Targeted IndividualHace un hora

    clark - winter linn

  7. hames marriot

    hames marriotHace un hora

    1:05 LMAOO

  8. Hass Mchasserson

    Hass MchassersonHace un hora

    Isn't this video like 3 or 4 years old?

  9. The Bad Radio

    The Bad RadioHace un hora

    Watch your drinks in the door pockets while in celebration mode...if there are any... 10:38 - is she okay?

  10. xGoodOldSmurfehx

    xGoodOldSmurfehxHace un hora

    damn, never thought id actually stare down at the future right face to face like this i still cant fully picture it, its incredible and yet im seeing it in action right there this is one hell of a surreal effect also LOL at the lawyers

  11. Rising Force

    Rising ForceHace 2 horas

    Now your backtracking? 😂🤣

  12. Bortalo Anzia

    Bortalo AnziaHace 2 horas

    MMM - Money Make Miracles. And here we are, Clarkson like Tesla!

  13. carlos hernandez

    carlos hernandezHace 2 horas

    James is an artist 1:01

  14. Tesla King

    Tesla KingHace 2 horas

    I am really impressed it beat an R8

  15. Tesla King

    Tesla KingHace 2 horas

    and it can pull out of parking spots on its own BTW.

  16. Tesla King

    Tesla KingHace 2 horas

    never thought I'd see him draw a dick on a Tesla screen lmao

  17. Darren Myers

    Darren MyersHace 2 horas

    Mmmm £156k vs Porsche 911 £150k is better looking and quicker, and makes something quite bizarre "Sounds" Which is a good thing really, because if your not careful some buffoon may run you over in a carpark when using their mobile... I certainly won't be getting one, until the Government handcuffs me for not getting one..

  18. Bounty Hunter

    Bounty HunterHace 2 horas

    So he draws a penis good job :D Would never buy a Telsa.

  19. Mário P

    Mário PHace 2 horas

    Not a new video.

  20. Nocturnal-Assassin

    Nocturnal-AssassinHace 2 horas

    All those people are karens lol

  21. Pete Miller

    Pete MillerHace 2 horas

    Clarkson sure changed his tune about Tesla. Looks like Elon made him eat his shorts.

  22. Clev Magyk

    Clev MagykHace 2 horas

    see this is a reupload yes?

  23. Roy Liber

    Roy LiberHace 3 horas

    5:32 You know Elon is the founder of the company when you have stuff like that popping on you car's multimedia whenever you want to do something crazy. Brilliant.

  24. David Multigames

    David MultigamesHace 3 horas

    But what about the new DACIA SANDERO?

  25. Tee Dee

    Tee DeeHace 3 horas

    who doesn't like these cars

  26. Nikk

    NikkHace 3 horas

    I didn't know Jeremy Clarkson was allowed on the internet anymore, I'm glad he's back!

  27. H

    HHace 3 horas

    I see the car don’t tell you to pull over to the left and stop hogging the fucking middle lane !!!!!!

  28. Ruan Koen

    Ruan KoenHace 3 horas

    Lol oversized RC car

  29. P Tip

    P TipHace 3 horas

    Nah but your head is up uranus

  30. platoonutzeyz88

    platoonutzeyz88Hace 3 horas

    Why're lawyers' so insufferable. lol

  31. David Quarells 4

    David Quarells 4Hace 3 horas

    Bruh if that thing isn't American I don't know what is

  32. Hello Hello

    Hello HelloHace 3 horas

    “I literally cant be asked to walk to it” 🤣

  33. Solid_Snake

    Solid_SnakeHace 3 horas

    Clarkson clown 🤡 hypocrite

  34. Solid_Snake

    Solid_SnakeHace 3 horas


  35. fhqwhgads(googlecanfuckoff)

    fhqwhgads(googlecanfuckoff)Hace 3 horas

    Who let the turtle out of his cave? Duck this guy

  36. Ward b

    Ward bHace 3 horas

    Amazon is very smart for reuploading a video that has already been watched on youtube.

  37. Miguel Pastor

    Miguel PastorHace 4 horas

    So, the same idiots that a few years ago were joking around and saying that nothing would ever surpass the internal combustion engine are now the ones astonished?! Who would tell?

  38. EurusForecast

    EurusForecastHace 4 horas


  39. Stephen Cross

    Stephen CrossHace 4 horas

    Id love to know how environmentalists think we can all afford to drive 156 000 pound cars lol

  40. 808 GUAC

    808 GUACHace 4 horas

    Musk the goat

  41. Derikimi

    DerikimiHace 4 horas

    Put clarkson in self driving escalade.

  42. Budz

    BudzHace 4 horas

    Those lawyers are basically reading ESdos comments

  43. Brad D

    Brad DHace 4 horas

    Still saddened by the loss of these reviews from the guys. I'll keep waiting for the the GT episodes to come out slowly.

  44. Brian Berthold

    Brian BertholdHace 4 horas

    to bad they create more pollution then 10 gas vehicles

  45. Mark robinson

    Mark robinsonHace 5 horas

    Eventually someone is going to get run over by one of these self driving cars and they will be sued into the Stone Age

  46. RedRibbonZX

    RedRibbonZXHace 5 horas

    "I can draw pretty pattern". And .. he drew a dick. @1:02

  47. jp jones

    jp jonesHace 5 horas

    Did Jeremy seriously draw a penis on the Tesla sketch pad on a tv show?

  48. Marxxus Aram

    Marxxus AramHace 5 horas

    No matter how perfect self driving cars become I will never allow it to drive itself. I’m master and commander of my car not R2D2

  49. MichealObummer65k

    MichealObummer65kHace 5 horas

    Louder With Crowder did it first and did it better 😜

  50. Idid Yermom

    Idid YermomHace 5 horas

    Why do we need self driving cars at all? Where is the fun in driving? ZERO

  51. Elias213

    Elias213Hace 5 horas

    Opens sketch pad. Proceeds to draw dick lol

  52. Nabin Prajapati

    Nabin PrajapatiHace 5 horas

    there you go, the first thing he draws is a dic XD

  53. mighty MO

    mighty MOHace 5 horas

    its disgusting his promoting electric car, especially with your past opinions.

  54. Roberto

    RobertoHace 5 horas

    1:04 WHAT IS THAT😳

  55. Kloko Loko

    Kloko LokoHace 3 horas

    It's a starship SN15

  56. mighty MO

    mighty MOHace 5 horas

    will see how far your gimmicks will entertain you when you cant just put petrol in your car at WILL and start your journey , because your electric wont start because the government have switched it off by a click of a button and then my friend your restricted to there WILL.

  57. Roger Dodger

    Roger DodgerHace 6 horas

    hmm. doodles a wang at 1:10. This shows how useful a sketchpad is while driving

  58. ANTN3E

    ANTN3EHace 6 horas

    Did no one see him draw a Dick on the screen

  59. Yoga Jedi

    Yoga JediHace 6 horas

    On a long haul this car is slower than a rusty 1980 Lada.

  60. Chris Barron

    Chris BarronHace 6 horas

    But what's it like rallying ?

  61. gary loveridge

    gary loveridgeHace 6 horas

    Grand Tour? Clarky did this at TopGear years ago!!

  62. itay ost

    itay ostHace 7 horas

    Jeremy didnt you critisised tesla before ? now you are a fan ? really ?

  63. Proton Neutron

    Proton NeutronHace 7 horas

    You may be on Mars now but you WILL be 6 feet under if you let that overpriced vehicle drive for you for any significant time.

  64. Paul Michael Freedman

    Paul Michael FreedmanHace 7 horas

    The reason it's expensive (and not really compared to comparablecompetitors) is that Musk is using the extra profit to produce the cheaper models. The Model 3 was introduced with a much more affordable price.

  65. Hierarch Artanis

    Hierarch ArtanisHace 7 horas

    love how you have to essentially take the red pill to activate the ludicrous mode

  66. JB95

    JB95Hace 7 horas

    Can you imagine a world without lawyers?! *shudders*

  67. Drew Woods

    Drew WoodsHace 7 horas

    And who's driving that vehicle from headquarters no more privacy tesla has taken away your rights and freedom. Tesla is a fad. Electric cars are a giant bomb they burn to the ground. And they are hideous

  68. Read Mails

    Read MailsHace 7 horas

    What did Jeremy draw at 1:04?

  69. Kloko Loko

    Kloko LokoHace 2 horas

    Starship SN15, find it online

  70. Shaman

    ShamanHace 7 horas

    why in the world would he draw that on the pad?? 🤦

  71. Luke Orlando

    Luke OrlandoHace 7 horas

    Why is this advertising and n my Yat I watched it on telly years ago

  72. The Illegitimate President

    The Illegitimate PresidentHace 8 horas

    Also astonished by the crashes and of the killed people by it?

  73. Paul Michael Freedman

    Paul Michael FreedmanHace 7 horas


  74. Acacia pinner

    Acacia pinnerHace 8 horas


  75. Acacia pinner

    Acacia pinnerHace 8 horas


  76. SaltyDolphin

    SaltyDolphinHace 8 horas


  77. Jimbodiah EU

    Jimbodiah EUHace 8 horas

    Clarkson being forced to do a review of a car he hates just for what it is. This is a negative review hidden as a positive one, and a rehashed one at that to drive the point home. Clarkson was good 20 years ago, now he is just an entitled old prick.

  78. Paul Michael Freedman

    Paul Michael FreedmanHace 7 horas

    Naah, I think he's slowly adapting. There's no reason to abolish gas cars completely if 90% of all cars go EV. Pollution will decrease dramatically, and that small percentage of gas cars left is no or little threat to the environment, provided they do adhere to the strict emission standards.

  79. The Bunnisher

    The BunnisherHace 8 horas

    The solution to the self driving car problem? Bumper cars and crash protection

  80. freeform33

    freeform33Hace 8 horas

    At least there is enough room to the steering wheel to accommodate his baby bump

  81. Evan Kieras

    Evan KierasHace 8 horas

    When is the next Grand tour coming out?

  82. I trigger people

    I trigger peopleHace 8 horas

    Are those talkative personnel on board is reference to giant fiasco with top gear faking car battery power running out while testing tesla, and then going away with it claiming review show is a show and it's fake anyway? Then getting faboiis and tesla after their butts?


    KILL ME PLSSSHace 9 horas

    I actually want one now

  84. Lee Thomas

    Lee ThomasHace 9 horas

    The one in Texas that couldn't adjust for the corner and hit an on coming vehicle wasn't astonishing, but you know what was...the 4 hour lithium battery fire that burned 2 people to death. You see a tesla...give them a wide margin

  85. Stephen Rose

    Stephen RoseHace 9 horas

    I'd still prefer a V8.

  86. Always busy

    Always busyHace 9 horas

    That guy is a piece of .... too arrogant thinks he’s the best of the world just bcs he had the luck to be starrin in Top Gear

  87. Armand de Beer

    Armand de BeerHace 9 horas

    The lawyers were there talking about the range because of the previous incident between jeremy and tesla? 🤣

  88. pangrac1

    pangrac1Hace 9 horas

    Who is Clarkson?

  89. Cyanessence420

    Cyanessence420Hace 9 horas

    2 auto driving cars crash... Who's at fault? The drivers or the company who makes the car?

  90. Jun10r1117

    Jun10r1117Hace 9 horas

    The drivers who weren’t at the wheel

  91. さんクレノカン

    さんクレノカンHace 9 horas

    1:06 did he draw a pienus? ?

  92. Creations 2021

    Creations 2021Hace 9 horas

    That drive with those Lawyers must have been awkward

  93. Creations 2021

    Creations 2021Hace 9 horas

    Celebration mode was perfect

  94. Jarkko Seppänen

    Jarkko SeppänenHace 9 horas

    I think Musk bought that bond car?

  95. Soumi Mukherjee

    Soumi MukherjeeHace 10 horas

    "James May is a moron"

  96. Jazz Fall

    Jazz FallHace 10 horas

    Did he just draw a cock?

  97. mario martucci

    mario martucciHace 10 horas

    Yet another ACTOR called upon to steer brainwashed people, for a dirty paycheque.

  98. Ashley Blewitt

    Ashley BlewittHace 10 horas

    £156,000 but can trap 6 lawyers... Worth it I'm sold...

  99. JustAnormalUser

    JustAnormalUserHace 10 horas

    Why the re upload?

  100. Doug J

    Doug JHace 10 horas

    Mr. Clarkson at his best more please

  101. Ashley Blewitt

    Ashley BlewittHace 10 horas

    I think Elon built this with Jeremy in mind from the last time and why this car is brilliant you can engage warp speed mode all men are just big kids lol and that alone is why this is a good car 😆

  102. Md Marjan Alam

    Md Marjan AlamHace 10 horas

    Auto drive wont work in Bangladesh and India😑😆

  103. Scott Boswell

    Scott BoswellHace 10 horas

    changed his tune since last time

  104. utubemewatch

    utubemewatchHace 10 horas

    Did Clarkson draw a chode or a cactus lol