Conan Gray - Overdrive (Official Video)

Official music video by Conan Gray performing "Overdrive”
Overdrive available now:
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Instagram: conangray
Twitter: conangray
Facebook: conangrayofficial
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Video Directed by Dillon Matthew & Conan Gray
Direction Assistance by Kendall Mayo
Produced by Dillon Matthew, Conan Gray & Kendall Mayo
Shot by Dillon Matthew
Edited by Dillon Matthew & Conan Gray
Color Grading by Dillon Matthew
Styling by Katie Qian
Starring: Conan Gray, Sara Fernández & Ed Campbell

Only met on the weekend
Said I’m not catching feelings
Oh I guess I lied
Diving off the deep end
I can’t think of a reason
We should take our time

All or nothing
Let’s just trust the night

Burning down the street no left right left right
I don’t want to see no red light red light
Fast lane on the beat go ten five ten five
You right next to me, feel the heat
Going overdrive
Going overdrive

Yeah I know you’re a stranger
But I’m liking the danger
Of the “I don’t know”
Don’t give a fuck about labels
Throw the dice on the table
And just let them roll

All or nothing
Let’s just trust the night

Burning down the street no left right left right
I don’t want to see no red light red light
Fast lane on the beat go ten five ten five
You right next to me, feel the heat
Going overdrive
Going overdrive

All or nothing
Let’s just trust the night, night
All or nothing
You’re my ride or die

Burning down the street no left right left right
I don’t want to see no red light red light
Fast lane on the beat go ten five ten five
You right next to me, feel the heat
Going overdrive
Going overdrive
Going overdrive
Going overdrive

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  1. Natasha Huppler

    Natasha HupplerHace un hora

    Who else needs Harry Styles and Conan to collaborate on a song so I can see them in the same room and them have a conversation

  2. Benjamin Shepherd

    Benjamin ShepherdHace 3 horas

    He deserves an insatiable amount of credit for this song. It is amazing.

  3. Stuart B Littley

    Stuart B LittleyHace 7 horas

    reasons to love conan: he isn’t shy to express himself can’t make a bad song he doesn’t let himself be defined by toxic masculinity

  4. James mikholle Reyes

    James mikholle ReyesHace 7 horas

    This sucks

  5. damy

    damyHace 8 horas

    No importa cuántas veces la escuche, es y siempre será tremendo temazo

  6. Lakshita parsekar

    Lakshita parsekarHace 9 horas

    That black and white outfit was awesome

  7. Lakshita parsekar

    Lakshita parsekarHace 9 horas

    Good music

  8. yoo

    yooHace 10 horas

    kahilisa mani man :(((

  9. Isabella Nieves Sulbaran

    Isabella Nieves SulbaranHace 12 horas

    Me encanta Conan, tiene una voz preciosa

  10. Honey NT

    Honey NTHace 13 horas

    It very hard for me to love your face because your face just look like my classmate pretty but she is a pretty girl.

  11. Aaliyah

    AaliyahHace 14 horas

    the fact that we all can relate about how conan daydreamed YES!!!

  12. Carmen

    CarmenHace 19 horas

    Man this song is a whole fucking vibe damn

  13. Walter Brown

    Walter BrownHace 19 horas

    Im good with the appetizer Conan fans: you listening to rap no conan what are doing with your life Me: i mean tyler memes hit so you know its shut the fuck up

  14. Ninne Bellifemine

    Ninne BellifemineHace 20 horas

    the fact that conan doesn't have bad songs

  15. Odeya Sagiel

    Odeya SagielHace 16 horas


  16. Kouchi Eustill

    Kouchi EustillHace 22 horas

    I literally love his clothes not as a fem boy but a gay one

  17. kelly

    kellyHace 22 horas

    I listened to this song everyday for an unhealthy amount of time ever since it came out

  18. Odeya Sagiel

    Odeya SagielHace 16 horas

    Glad to know I’m not the only one😩😩😩

  19. belle belle

    belle belleHace 23 horas

    i used to watch his college vlogs when he used to live in that small apartment with the pink kitchen countertop. i'm so proud of how far he's come

  20. 821raivenG

    821raivenGHace un día

    Seeing a stranger and plans a whole future with them in it, is so damn relatable for fandoms😭😭

  21. Isabelle Simon

    Isabelle SimonHace un día

    I just fucking love this song!

  22. Maria Jarosz

    Maria JaroszHace un día

    when i first heard this song and didn't know the author i thought it was Jimin from BTS who was singing😳

  23. marteecu

    marteecuHace un día

    One of the best music video ever 💯

  24. Odeya Sagiel

    Odeya SagielHace un día

    Conan: I don’t wanna see no red light Olivia: red lights, stop signs Lorde: IM WAITIN FOR IT THAT GREEN LIGHT I WANT IT

  25. Maria Emilia Lucero

    Maria Emilia LuceroHace un día

    Se imaginan que ellos son almas gemelas y que Conan está recordando su vida pasada con ella pero ella no se acuerda?

  26. Miriah Arthaud

    Miriah ArthaudHace un día

    i cant get over how he kinda sounds like justin 🤣🤣

  27. Fluff Soft

    Fluff SoftHace un día

    ok but i am in love with this video

  28. Lara Jezreel

    Lara JezreelHace un día

    ghad conan!!!!!

  29. Cauan Camargo

    Cauan CamargoHace un día

    Calma? Nera não?🤡

  30. Leea Park

    Leea ParkHace un día

    Conan is so beautiful 💖


    MICAH VILORIAHace un día

    plot twist: they're two pretty bestfriends.

  32. Vi Lô

    Vi LôHace un día


  33. lvlyHsk

    lvlyHskHace un día

    I can't not explain how happy yet sad this makes me feel

  34. Sy Nongvan

    Sy NongvanHace un día


  35. Mely Granados

    Mely GranadosHace un día

    Esta canción me encantaaaaaa😍😍❤🥺

  36. Elizabeth Ortiz

    Elizabeth OrtizHace 2 días

    Es muy lindo Aaaaaaa❤

  37. Maureen Martinez

    Maureen MartinezHace 2 días

    I have a theory, what if he is not daydreaming? Maybe she is the girl Conan talks about in 'The story" when he said "both our parents are evil, so we both made a bet, If we worked and we save, we can both run away and we'd a better life and I was right I wonder if SHE'S alright" he's actually remembering all the adventures they had before she left.

  38. lemon sick

    lemon sickHace 7 horas

    he's said in interviews he was imagining

  39. Mariel Espriella

    Mariel EspriellaHace 2 días

    im in love with conan gray

  40. Fabricio Costa

    Fabricio CostaHace 2 días

    everyday here

  41. sanjana suresh

    sanjana sureshHace 2 días

    the music iss sooo goood

  42. Sam gray

    Sam grayHace 2 días

    Y love you darling ♡♡♡

  43. Greta Croitoru

    Greta CroitoruHace 2 días

    Conan: vibing Train:👁👄👁 Conan: eXcUsE mE i Am HaViNg A mOmEnT

  44. Odeya Sagiel

    Odeya SagielHace 16 horas


  45. Nick Anderson

    Nick AndersonHace 2 días

    Hi. Please, let us pray together. Dear God who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever in Jesus Christ's name we pray amen. 1 Corinthians 16:14 Let all that you do be done in love. Philippians 4:19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 1:2 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. May all suffering end as we give thanks this day. May God's face shine upon us forever on Earth as it is in Heaven in Jesus Christ's name we pray for His name and for His sake. Amen.

  46. Kookie

    KookieHace 2 días

    This song be like playing while driving and screaming and feeling sexy with the wind blowing over mah hair kinda feeling!!

  47. emily -

    emily -Hace 2 días

    someone please tell how to be the co-star for the next conan mv, i will have the time of my life

  48. Angelica Choi

    Angelica ChoiHace 2 días

    *cries in gucci*

  49. Dung Nguyễn

    Dung NguyễnHace 2 días

  50. _happy.mode_

    _happy.mode_Hace 2 días

    "uhhh haaa hoooo " 2:50 i keep on repeat dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  51. CHERRY

    CHERRYHace 2 días

    plot twist:the girl is heather conan is besties w her rn

  52. jeniel cross

    jeniel crossHace 2 días

    I like it

  53. GreekGrev

    GreekGrevHace 2 días

    okay but why doesn't anyone talk about that girl, she s so pretty u_u

  54. Karen Nallely Gutiérrez Ensaldo

    Karen Nallely Gutiérrez EnsaldoHace 2 días

    My biggest dream is to meet Conan, maybe it will never happen, maybe I will die before it happens because I feel that one day I commit suicide to be with my dad in the beautiful sky where there is no suffering :) I love you Conan you are my life literally 🛐 Amen

  55. Karen Nallely Gutiérrez Ensaldo

    Karen Nallely Gutiérrez EnsaldoHace 21 un hora

    @flower,venom Fuck how did I not think?

  56. flower,venom

    flower,venomHace 2 días

    girl go write this down on a journal wtf

  57. Mạnh Tuấn Nguyễn

    Mạnh Tuấn NguyễnHace 2 días


  58. Maryam monkee

    Maryam monkeeHace 2 días

    Holy fuckkkkk guyssss I found out taylor swift is my grandma

  59. Irene Mc

    Irene McHace 2 días

    he's literally perfect i can't--

  60. Real SKW1

    Real SKW1Hace 3 días

    Conan Gray in fishnets is something i never knew i needed

  61. Thayspereiralopes Táh

    Thayspereiralopes TáhHace 3 días

    Cadê os br ?

  62. Thayspereiralopes Táh

    Thayspereiralopes TáhHace 3 días


  63. Thayspereiralopes Táh

    Thayspereiralopes TáhHace 3 días

    Conan is so unic and precious It's insane

  64. carlos flores

    carlos floresHace 3 días

    Magnífico tema 🤩💯

  65. Iuxuriious

    IuxuriiousHace 3 días


  66. Sophia Vega

    Sophia VegaHace 3 días

    Who put Rodrick on the thumbnail

  67. しろくま

    しろくまHace 3 días

    🪐🌬his outfit🕊✨

  68. しい

    しいHace 3 días

    sounds like Paris fashion week😇

  69. Jysok park

    Jysok parkHace 3 días

    it transmits a lot of peace

  70. Jysok park

    Jysok parkHace 3 días

    oh my god I love the sound of this song it is so unique it is so beautiful so calming that it transmits a lot of peace!!!

  71. Jysok park

    Jysok parkHace 3 días

    omg i love nice song

  72. Dau Kha

    Dau KhaHace 3 días


  73. Shang Panmei

    Shang PanmeiHace 3 días

    Imagine getting inna fight with him wearing that net

  74. Kayden

    KaydenHace 3 días

    Gordon Ramsay: "You're not supposed to play in the kitchen, you donut!"

  75. ling tiam

    ling tiamHace 3 días

    I like this song come mtv

  76. Cheeseisfromwisco

    CheeseisfromwiscoHace 3 días

    Idek how many times I listen to this a day- Ik im prob half a million of those views mhm UR WELCOME CONE :P

  77. aiko aiko

    aiko aikoHace 3 días

    I was just vibing to this song and music video and started crying out of pure joy, this is the exact same feeling i will share with my future boyfriend

  78. Lin-kun

    Lin-kunHace 4 días

    This reminds me of my dad saying all fem boys have to be gay. Obviously I don’t believe this, it’s like if I had to like rock to eat pizza (random dumb example)

  79. Isabella Nieves Sulbaran

    Isabella Nieves SulbaranHace 4 días

    Me encanta Conan, sus canciones son hermosas y su voz es espectacular (^v^)

  80. Maryam monkee

    Maryam monkeeHace 4 días

    Vibing to song❌ Imagining myself as the girl:✔️

  81. Joan Andrade Zuniga

    Joan Andrade ZunigaHace 4 días

    PEOPLE remember this is Bonan Conan is dead

  82. Maia Godoy

    Maia GodoyHace 4 días

    la escucho todos los días una y otra vez, te amo conan te amo // I listen to it every day over and over again, I love you conan I love you

  83. Sunalphabet Me

    Sunalphabet MeHace 4 días

    I do always 1080p with your video music babe 💕

  84. Alyssa Alanes

    Alyssa AlanesHace 4 días

    Why does this sound so familiar? It sounds like every other pop song. (Not hating just expressing an opinion, i actually like some of his songs)

  85. biaxxsz

    biaxxszHace 4 días

    we need Conan Gray feat. Olivia Rodrigo FOR YESTERDAY

  86. Thái thanh Tùng

    Thái thanh TùngHace 4 días


  87. Mateoo Saavedra

    Mateoo SaavedraHace 4 días

    me indigna que tenga tan pocas vistas

  88. Caio Abrão

    Caio AbrãoHace 4 días

    this is simply mesmerizing

  89. S Y

    S YHace 5 días

    This is a cinematic masterpiece.

  90. 浹水面

    浹水面Hace 5 días


  91. Haechan

    HaechanHace 5 días

    this is so cute 😭❤️

  92. lovely jichuu

    lovely jichuuHace 5 días

    6M views by me!!

  93. Shaun Murphy

    Shaun MurphyHace 5 días

    Who wants Conan and Olivia to be endgame?

  94. kookie kim

    kookie kimHace 5 días

    Now this is the type of music i wanna see on billboard no.1 🥺😭

  95. Andrea

    AndreaHace 5 días

    I keep on thinkin hmmm who does conan look like i swear he looks like uhhh/... and then my brain finally figured it out conan kinda looks like boy version of mandy moore

  96. Hưng Trần Xuân

    Hưng Trần XuânHace 5 días

    This song deserves more attention

  97. Lucía Raluy Fajarnés

    Lucía Raluy FajarnésHace 5 días


  98. Sasha Mendoza

    Sasha MendozaHace 5 días


  99. Bee

    BeeHace 5 días

    I... i don’t even have words, this music video was a amazing and I’m in love with the song

  100. Tuấn Nguyễn

    Tuấn NguyễnHace 5 días


  101. Sanders Silva

    Sanders SilvaHace 6 días

    E foi aqui que o Conan representou todo mundo que cria fics imaginárias enquanto pega o transporte público.

  102. totally_talia

    totally_taliaHace 6 días

    i have two moods, driver's license and overdive

  103. Beleza _

    Beleza _Hace 6 días

    I play this song for 2 hours, decide I'm overdoing it, change the song, don't like the new one so I play this again

  104. Beleza _

    Beleza _Hace 6 días

    I just can't seem to get this song out of my mind

  105. r4Rey uwu

    r4Rey uwuHace 6 días

    Didnt even notice how 3min passed, every shot is amazing

  106. G Lil

    G LilHace 6 días

    Boy with luv???

  107. Roarlin Villaman

    Roarlin VillamanHace 6 días

    Desearía ser la chica :(