Dani + Jamie | their story | The Haunting of Bly Manor

Show: The Haunting of Bly Manor
Dani and Jamie
To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
My Bestfriend - Hollywood Anderson
The Lakes - Taylor Swift

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    I love u girl

  2. Wam Tum

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    Love you.

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    Dani wouldn't. Dani would never.

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    I'm not trying to get railed girl,lemme cry in peace👁💧👄💧👁

  6. Imre Hidvegi

    Imre HidvegiHace un día

    It really is a love story, when you realize that all their tragedy is caused by love, Viola became the lady of the lake for the love she bear to her daughter, Hannah refused to die because of her love for Owen and Owen held on to his lost loved ones even if it hurt him; for love he held on, Peter killed Becca so she can actually love and be with him in death and she stayed with him because they loved one another terribly as it was they still did it cause they loved each other and almost sinned by trying to take over the children so they could have their “forever”, Henry almost lost himself because of the love he had betrayed his brother for, Flora and Miles wanted to go dreaming again so they can see their loving parents again, Dani sacrificed herself for the kids and for Jamie cause she loved them, she didn’t want the kids to die and she didn’t want to kill the person she loved the most, her Jamie. And Jamie decided to stay with Dani even though she knew that Dani’s fate was sealed and this might hurt her more than anything, she accompanied Dani because...of love. All of it was because of love. Heartbreaking really just...heartbreaking. ;-;

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    Day 11 of trying to watch this without crying... Better luck next time

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    Ghmmmmm.mmwhn.. ..ghmmmmmde

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    Pq ela morreu?

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    Netflix. Stop. Burying. Your. Gays. FFS. Seriously. Just stop it.

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    My heart is now like this 💔 and my face is like this 😭 nice video 🥺❤️

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    fuck well this hurt

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    O hace like a serious question, do people un general... Touch the face of the person they are about to kiss?

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    0:11 xx

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    can someone plzz tell me the name of the song

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    @Traci Weinstein thx

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    Janet RiveraHace 3 días

    Final muy triste. No se vale 😒

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    I cried watching this video

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    im crying

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    9:44 Jamie angry walking to the lake to get her Dani

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    if they were to lift that chest from water, Dani wouldn’t drown.

  26. Tanmay Patil

    Tanmay PatilHace 6 días

    Just one thing they deserved a better ending , but life isn't fair 😔

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    Abby FergusonHace 6 días

    Bruh I was trying to have a good cry when an ad for a mattress pops up out of nowhere.....smh

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    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

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    Nossa... Eu... Eu terminei de assistir ontem... E ainda não superei.

  31. 洪普雷

    洪普雷Hace 7 días

    There should be a mini-series filming their life together (about 13 yrs) after Bly Manor. It'll melt my heart by ALL the love they have. FULL OF LOVE.

  32. Rocio Sanhueza

    Rocio SanhuezaHace 7 días

    Lo malo de esto es que yo hablo español y no entiendo un pingo de lo que pasa xdxd, asi que, cuando ellas lloran, yo lloro, cuando ellas se rien, yo me rio, por si las dudas ahr

  33. Dizzy Dude

    Dizzy DudeHace 7 días

    The music is too loud, IMO.

  34. Mr Froot Gaming

    Mr Froot GamingHace 7 días

    I’m not over the tragedy yet ok?


    IRIS DE FATIMA DA SILVA IrisHace 8 días

    Adorei a música 😍 as duas são muito fofas 😍 amei lindo do filme. suspense e terror e principal a amor!

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    Mayara RavanyelyHace 8 días

    Como é o nome do filmeee???

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    We can get this to a million views

  38. Hannah C. Bennett

    Hannah C. BennettHace 9 días

    This series mentally broke me. I don't know how long it'll be until I'm fully recovered. ❤💔😥😢😭☠ So far its been 4 days since I've finished this series. I'll keep this comment updated once in awhile.

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    Legenda em português....por favor!

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    She’s waiting for me ❤️

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    Can we all just agree that all any of us wants is a love like theirs. Never knew I needed this until I saw it.

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    It's nice story.

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    Harry WallaceHace 9 días

    That kiss ruined the show, I stopped watching it.

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    JustBeREALHace 9 días

    What I wouldn’t do for a love like that🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  45. Dhenna Portilho

    Dhenna PortilhoHace 9 días

    8:31 - Dani: I love you.. Jamie: Love you to I'M CRYYYYYYYYYNG

  46. Rachael Pickworth

    Rachael PickworthHace 10 días

    I'm not gonna lie, my heart broke watching this 😭

  47. OZhugt

    OZhugtHace 10 días

    can‘t get over this couple :(

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    The Taylor Swift at the end👍

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    This couple is perfectly splendid 😍

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    so beautiful

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    Itassiely MaiaHace 11 días

    I fell in love with their love.

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    Selma Barbosa silvaHace 11 días

    Amava o amor delas, pena que ela virou a dama do logo

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  54. lisallisle

    lisallisleHace 12 días

    i started the video and heard the first notes from the song and already cried

  55. Tee Connection

    Tee ConnectionHace 12 días

    Wait!!! I'm only on episode 2, so where is the horror??? So it's love story wrapped around horror?

  56. Mollz

    MollzHace 12 días

    I loved their story 💜🏳️‍🌈 However I just wish we got to see more of them together. Like I know they had to develop the characters but I think we could of gotten a bit more from them if their relationship had kind of progressed from the start but suppose it wasn’t really the main focus though and maybe I’m completely wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Thanks for this video though..it’s a great snippet of their story 💜

  57. ERS

    ERSHace 12 días

    After watching this video I watched the show, despite being scared of anything, but it's like Flora said "It's a love story", completely worth it, so thank you for making this.

  58. Lilo Lily Rae

    Lilo Lily RaeHace 12 días

    This is absolutely Beautiful, thank you so much for this video- I'm not into horror/drama/anything creepy at all, so I didn't want to watch the series for my mental health's sake, but I got curious about the characters, and gosh this is just so good!

  59. Maicon Pedro

    Maicon PedroHace 13 días

    Eu nao tenho preconceitos nao

  60. Ukey Forever

    Ukey ForeverHace 13 días

    Cute coples: 1. Dani ×Jamie 2. Juliana + Valentina 3.

  61. SuA Voice is too loud

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  62. Rica

    RicaHace 13 días

    I just saw their story here and I'm crying..

  63. Bxbxb 1_

    Bxbxb 1_Hace 15 días

    THIS SONG REALLY????!!!! Can't really hear what they are saying because the song is kind of really loud

  64. crislovesperry

    crislovesperryHace 15 días

    Why they keep breaking our hearts 😭😭😭

  65. shweta singhania

    shweta singhaniaHace 15 días

    Can we get an episode ..showing things from Dani's pov after she went in the lake ..

  66. Emely Bonilla

    Emely BonillaHace 15 días

    I started watching this bc i wanted to see how good was it, (so i can watch the series) and now, because of it im crying like i never did before. Damn, this is really sad, i can't believe she still waiting her to come back,

  67. Ayah Magtacpao

    Ayah MagtacpaoHace 15 días

    I LOVE THEM 😭😍❤ The Haunting in Bly Manor 👌💕

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    Kav604Hace 15 días

    For once, I wanna see Victoria Pedrertti win.🤨

  69. Mirada Dushi TE20B 363TEGY

    Mirada Dushi TE20B 363TEGYHace 15 días

    I have a pain on my chest,been crying since the last episode. What did I do to myselffff?

  70. Grace Emmanuel

    Grace EmmanuelHace 16 días

    Will she ever come back..... 😔 😔 😔 😔

  71. balwinder kaur

    balwinder kaurHace 16 días

    I thought it was a horror series

  72. Ayushi Gandhi

    Ayushi GandhiHace 16 días

    I love how they said i love a year later, got married 5 years later. in a more realistic manner. unlike other shows... feels like on other shows people know each other for a couple of months and get married

  73. kate alntg

    kate alntgHace 16 días

    Stop at 8:26 to save your heart.

  74. 旅人

    旅人Hace 17 días

    I lost count of how many times i've watched this video. It makes me believe in love again but even so this story breaks my heart every single time i watch it. But I still watch it over and over. lts still better to love and lost than not to love at all.. 😍😊😔😢😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

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    _the dislikes are from peter and viola_

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  77. Vance Trippier

    Vance TrippierHace 17 días

    useless and unrealistic portrayal of reality. a big fat dislike from me.

  78. Simone Maria

    Simone MariaHace 17 días

    Se a intenção era me fazer chorar mais, conseguiram. 😭💔 Ainda mais com essa música perfeita.

  79. Lin Lan

    Lin LanHace 17 días

    The fact they were watching Audrey Hepburn ohh my sweet lesbian couple ❤

  80. Abigail Rata

    Abigail RataHace 17 días

    a sad story... heartbreaking...

  81. Winter4Life

    Winter4LifeHace 17 días

    Side story?? also ive watched this like 10000x already.

  82. Imre Hidvegi

    Imre HidvegiHace 18 días

    If I were Dani, watching my fiancé waiting for me every night is just as painful as Jamie waiting for her to show up

  83. Cloven

    ClovenHace 18 días

    the story is so sad yet so beautiful

  84. May Lin

    May LinHace 18 días

    I still think about Dani’s hand on Jamie’s shoulder... :( a show hasn’t wrecked me so bad in a while

  85. May Lin

    May LinHace 18 días

    I still think about Dani’s hand on Jamie’s shoulder... :( a show hasn’t wrecked me so bad in a while

  86. Doris Hall

    Doris HallHace 18 días

    na.to/girlhubnudi809 ai polmoni cancro per un fazzoletto Dr. George ritiene un errore per il vantarsi la sua 😍 szczególności z przodu na innych pacjentów,

  87. MC Beast

    MC BeastHace 19 días

    I love this edit it is by far the best one I have seen and I watch it at least twice a day

  88. Yesica Cardozo

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  89. Velociraptor

    VelociraptorHace 19 días

    10:33 that looks EXACTLY like the ending of The Last Of Us Part II, which is also a lesbian story....hmm....

  90. amyeey

    amyeeyHace 19 días

    I didn't think a horror/ghost story would make me feel this heartbroken..

  91. agustina casco

    agustina cascoHace 19 días

    Desde el principio de la serie dije mmmm estas dos Aquí huele a amor 😘 ❤️😍

  92. agustina casco

    agustina cascoHace 18 días

    @Yuri si está en Netflix se llama la maldición de Bly Manor

  93. Yuri

    YuriHace 18 días

    Colo se llama la serie❓ Estará en Netflix❓

  94. Chi Le

    Chi LeHace 19 días

    Câu chuyện tình thật đẹp dù kết thúc buồn vì sự chia li. Mong cánh cửa hé mở mỗi đêm sẽ có một ngày người con gái thật sự trở lại.

  95. Kaylen S

    Kaylen SHace 19 días

    im so hurt they ended the way they did, they were made for each other its sad watching other people sacrifice themselves for the ones they love and the loved one cant help but be sad even tho they know it was a good cause.

  96. Naomi T

    Naomi THace 20 días

    I haven’t seen the series bc it think it’s to scary for me lol but I’m questioning that bc of them🥺🥺




  98. takahashi akari

    takahashi akariHace 20 días

    they are the perfect embodiment of “there’s a difference between love and ownership.” the show is based on ghosts, originating with the woman who cursed the entire manor so that everyone who died had to face the same future as her. she takes ownership over everyone’s lives. and then in the end when the narrator says “take me with you, she cried in her heart.” it shows that jamie’s love for dani was so incredible that she would sacrifice her own life to be with her. but then the narrator goes on to say that “dani would never.” - showing that dani loved jamie equally as much, so much as to know that it is not HER right to take ownership over jamie’s life. and therefore, a beautiful love story was created. where indeed, love is different to ownership.

  99. elidiaa garzaa

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  100. Johanna Garro

    Johanna GarroHace 20 días

    Mira la serie decían, te asustaras decían... Los odio tanto 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  101. Briana Salinas

    Briana SalinasHace 20 días

    The ending really got me 😭😭😭 they deserved better

  102. Chae Bae

    Chae BaeHace 20 días

    They’re a bomb as a couple but is the serie worth watching cause I’m planning to start watching it, today !

  103. Chae Bae

    Chae BaeHace 20 días

    @Aluneth X Thank you 🙏

  104. Aluneth X

    Aluneth XHace 20 días

    Worth every minutes of it

  105. gaccer

    gaccerHace 21 un día

    All the gays want is snuggle, all they get is struggle. Who could have thought a hauting house series would provide such a wonderful and heartbreaking lesbian couple.

  106. 3xite

    3xiteHace 21 un día

    this story touched my heart ! It was beautiful !

  107. Valpen

    ValpenHace 21 un día

    I both love and hate this series. I'm so mad and sad, because of the ending, and I wanted them to have their happily ever after. But then again, the story is so beautiful, and it was perfectly told... every death, and every "bad" thing that happened was originally caused by love..

  108. Mischa Lecter

    Mischa LecterHace 21 un día

    I love the way they looked at each other, so full of love. My heart ache when i watch the final scene, it didn't even occur to me that the ending is the hard part, its true that this is a love story, not a horror story. 😥