DIY RC Cessna Citation M2, Part 2

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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 29 días

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  2. Rama Gaming

    Rama GamingHace 25 días


  3. Nic Nacs GTV

    Nic Nacs GTVHace 26 días

    where is the air bus?

  4. Teun Lammers

    Teun LammersHace 27 días

    Could you show how you design your wings?

  5. Arved Ludwig

    Arved LudwigHace 28 días

    Also, just glue the mold to a sheet of plastic or anything similar so that you can attach the vacuum bag to the overhang of the plastic sheet.. Then you probably have a good seal.

  6. Backyard Rc

    Backyard RcHace 29 días

    Hey Ramy! I’m building a project of my own and I need carbon fiber.... I was wondering where you bought your fiber clothes? Thanks 🙏

  7. Will

    WillHace 9 horas

    Man Ramy, you come up with better techniques and ways to build them to an even better quality every episode! Your unreal man, would love your brain! ☺️👍

  8. Yasin Erbuğa

    Yasin ErbuğaHace 9 horas

    How do you plan the dimensions of aircraft? Do you have any manuel or sth about that measurement about aircraft models?

  9. Bill Henderson

    Bill HendersonHace 23 horas

    can you tell me on the castle speed control,do you use auto end point configuration,or do you use fixed endpoints??can you tell me why on your selection

  10. Leko Oliveira

    Leko OliveiraHace 3 días

    Olá amigo Pelo q entendi vc não conseguiu o vácuo 100% por que vazou nas emendas do molde ... Se vc fexar uma bolsa grande coloca o molde todo dentro da bolsa que vai funcionar certinho

  11. houssem abdellatif

    houssem abdellatifHace 4 días

    hi ramy can you give the epoxy mark please

  12. jhonny Marques

    jhonny MarquesHace 4 días

    Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  13. Alie Hasan

    Alie HasanHace 6 días

    Ada orang Indonesia..?

  14. Matthew Novoselskiy

    Matthew NovoselskiyHace 6 días

    Hey Ramy, quick advice, you should extend the esc wires to motor instead of extending the battery wires because the battery is DC ( direct current ) and the esc turns the DC into AC which is alternating current and AC is better for long distance transmission, the power from you wall outlet is AC, ( depends which country here is USA it’s like that) and like I said ac is better for long distance transmission

  15. Cool Gamer

    Cool GamerHace 6 días

    Ramy can you make a Cessna 172 or a super hornet pls.

  16. supercat380

    supercat380Hace 6 días

    Damn good R/C aircraft builder you are, Ramy!!!

  17. Martin Klein

    Martin KleinHace 7 días

    Can I ask, what is the weight of that kevlar for the hinges?

  18. Motor indo 30

    Motor indo 30Hace 7 días

    my reaction thanks okey

  19. FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

    FBI - Federal Bureau of InvestigationHace 7 días

    Hey Ramy rc!! Plane ideas for after then youre plane with these planes! : Boeing 707 in Qantas old livery 757 in old grey livery A320 (idk what airline u may choose doe)

  20. Iqbal Bale

    Iqbal BaleHace 12 días

    where you get this information about making the planes?

  21. Fierceflyer55

    Fierceflyer55Hace 12 días

    Great progress, looks like you need a taller workbench or lower stool. 😁

  22. pinkdispatcher

    pinkdispatcherHace 13 días

    These videos are great, I really enjoy watching your experiments with new techniques for each new models. One question: How do you decide on a wing airfoil? Certainly the original supercritical high-subsonic, high-Reynolds-number airfoils are not very well suited for small, slower-flying models. Do you stick with some standard tried-and-tested model airfoils? I imagine it is nowhere near as crucial as with the full-scale airplanes, but still interesting.

  23. August Svensson

    August SvenssonHace 13 días

    Is there a reason why you don't do the molds as a thin layer with support structure on the back side instead of a box with part negative shape cut out? Such a thin layer with back side support structure (do believe isogrid is the term) would not contain any air pockets in the printed material itself and can be put into a vacuum bag without fear of vacuum cracking the mold under pressure. Food for thought.

  24. Hellracer3x6

    Hellracer3x6Hace 15 días

    at next time, use a vacuumbag Bro ;)

  25. Teoman Gonen

    Teoman GonenHace 15 días

    4:13 may be you can put all mold in a vacuum bag is it possible ?

  26. Lion B.

    Lion B.Hace 15 días

    I don't know it it's doable or not, but could you sand the mold with the cnc machine ? and for the mold itself to avoid it cracking with the vacuum, can you print it with a hollow volume inside that you would fill with a mix of crushed wood + broken parts (vacuum cleaner waste material ) mixed with resin to make it stronger ?



    Hi Ramy , what is the type of the material for make the ribs ?



    Hi Ramy , what is the type of the material for make the ribs ?

  29. StopaskingformynameYouTube

    StopaskingformynameYouTubeHace 16 días

    I'm so impressed when i watch you build! So much knowledge, and when you do make a mistake you aknowledge it for everyone to see!

  30. Neslihan Yildiz

    Neslihan YildizHace 17 días

    Can you add Turkish subtitles to your videos?

  31. nathajones

    nathajonesHace 17 días

    I always have this burning question about thrust to weight ratio, and I imagine it would affect how realistic it would look in terms of landing and taking off and banking etc. most aircrafts have low thirst to weight ratio, and yet RC plane have high thrust to weight ratio and often look too fast taking off and landing etc. Why is it the case? It must be quite easy to add weight or just choose a lower powered engine/propeller to make them look even more realistic?

  32. Wiwyan wiwyan

    Wiwyan wiwyanHace 17 días


  33. erospawn

    erospawnHace 18 días

    My experience with PVA is that is really does not hurt the surface one or another.. if you fish eye it, wash it off and do it again.. In my case, I don't really bother because I still have to sound around the seams and by the time you do that and paint the skin in the final colors, any deformations caused by PVA, if any, want show through anyway. At any rate, that's the first time I've seen Vacuum infusion done.. Looks pretty good. Also, the vacuum bags I use is this called Stretch 200 from Fiberglast...I saw that you were pleating the bag and it didn't look all that stretchy... The Stretch 200 really doesn't require any pleating and it will stretch tightly into just about any corner... I also make a bag and just basically wrap the bag around the whole mold.. Although, for vacuum infusion I don't think thats going to work out too well. Works great in reducing voids in the corners...Never the less, keep up the good work! Its fun watching you work... Helps me learn a few tips and tricks I didn't know..

  34. matti gaming

    matti gamingHace 18 días

    i want to se a video were you desin the template for the wing and nose because i don't now how to do

  35. Ahmad Janu

    Ahmad JanuHace 18 días

    can't wait the next video!!!

  36. Oli Karce

    Oli KarceHace 19 días

    can you do a B2 spirit?

  37. saima javed

    saima javedHace 20 días

    Please make a plane towing machine

  38. nathajones

    nathajonesHace 20 días

    Gonna sound so ignorant but is it necessary to calculation anything for RC plane design?

  39. Tabris

    TabrisHace 20 días

    You will literally never seal a 3d printed mold that way. You said the correct way to do it, print the wing and pull a fiberglass mold from that, I don't know why you said it's a big waste of material, it's not, you use about the same amount of plastic, WAY less/easier prep, all you are gonna be using extra is fiber glass and cheap poly resin, maybe 30 bux in materials (for the entire plane), and you can reuse them.

  40. RedstonePyroMan

    RedstonePyroManHace 21 un día

    This is so cool! I build the Citation M2 wing at Cessna and I love watching the RC being built with the same care I put in the real ones at work!

  41. Ready Oar Knot

    Ready Oar KnotHace 21 un día


  42. Fahrul Islam

    Fahrul IslamHace 22 días

    Dry carbon

  43. leon

    leonHace 22 días

    @Ramy Rc where do you get the plans for your planes ( Dreamliner, ... )

  44. Ryan Kyser

    Ryan KyserHace 22 días

    Just bag the entire mold and wing in a bag.

  45. spiess7

    spiess7Hace 22 días

    Try sealing the mold with a wood sealing epoxy.

  46. 0 0

    0 0Hace 23 días

    Your making so much progress! Awesome! How can you afford doing this? Just curious.

  47. 0 0

    0 0Hace 23 días

    Do you have a team behind you?

  48. Alfred Traunstein

    Alfred TraunsteinHace 23 días

    Ok, vacuum injection, I didn't say anything. lol

  49. Alfred Traunstein

    Alfred TraunsteinHace 23 días

    You have to spray the vacuum foil with water, then it will become pliable. It's easier to get in shape.

  50. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel ThomasHace 23 días


  51. Julio César Martins

    Julio César MartinsHace 23 días

    Amazônia/Brasil 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  52. arthur besnard

    arthur besnardHace 23 días

    just another sheet of platic on the other side like a bag

  53. Vincent Goguet

    Vincent GoguetHace 23 días

    Hello, About your problem on maintaining void during the process, did you consider putting the all mold in the vacuum bag? You can even create holes on the side and bottom of the mold to facilitate the pumping and be sure to have the same pressure on both side of the mold.

  54. Guenter Fossler

    Guenter FosslerHace 23 días

    Hi Ramy, for your vacuum problem: I usually use a vacuum-bag that is actually a wide, flat hose that i permannetly close on one side, then move in the laminated form and close the second open side. reuseable, less of that sticky rubber and all the mess....

  55. NSResponder

    NSResponderHace 23 días

    If the mold isn't airtight, seal to the tabletop instead.

  56. RC VietNam

    RC VietNamHace 23 días

    don't for get to sell on amazon ^^

  57. Urko Larrañaga

    Urko LarrañagaHace 24 días

    Congrats Ramy! A good alternative to wax and PVA is to use a chemical sealer and semipermanent demoulder. Easycomposites S120 works great, always with a wipe, don’t use the spray, also Chemtrend MPP 712 and even Loktite’s Frekote fms, all of them are “magical” sealers. Then you can use a semipermanent demoulder, the one from Easycomposites works very well too. With this combination you keep a perfect surface and it is very easy to demold.

  58. P-dirty8

    P-dirty8Hace 24 días

    Ramy, is there any way you can supply the stl files of your molds? Or the 3D-Models of the plane?

  59. Walber Carvalho silva

    Walber Carvalho silvaHace 24 días

    Amigo coloca a legenda em português 🙏

  60. Ajay Sharma

    Ajay SharmaHace 24 días

    Please share your email ID, I have Boeing 747 drawing plans

  61. Ajay Sharma

    Ajay SharmaHace 24 días

    I saw your all video all planes ✈️ are awesome, I have one request please make Boeing-747

  62. John D. Falcone

    John D. FalconeHace 24 días

    Next time build Dassault Falcon 7X if you please 🛩

  63. Alves Sapta

    Alves SaptaHace 24 días

    Next video, Challenge Flight in rain

  64. Franky Hall

    Franky HallHace 24 días

    This video format really threw me back to your much older videos. The amount of work you put in for this channel always impresses me 👍

  65. Rakai Baganatha

    Rakai BaganathaHace 24 días

    Good Job, actually.

  66. mr_alone

    mr_aloneHace 25 días

    Your from İndia ?

  67. TheartofEmman

    TheartofEmmanHace 25 días

    Weldone Ramy, I am always exited to Watch your new videos.. I've actually been a fan of airlines since 6.

  68. Rama Gaming

    Rama GamingHace 25 días

    Hi ramy rc,my name is Rama From Indonesian,nice to meet you I want a Boeing 737 series 500 / classic, Airbus A320 and Boeing 747 pleasee

  69. Jonnyknoxville1983

    Jonnyknoxville1983Hace 25 días

    Just use a Foil Tube around the entire mold, then it doesnt care if the mold is not airtight! ;)

  70. stealhty1

    stealhty1Hace 25 días

    Wow, Wonderful process ,you are building just like factory full scale, Awesome Man

  71. Brian Emery

    Brian EmeryHace 26 días

    Aghhhhhhhhh I get so excited when a new Ramy Vid is posted! Excellent work as Always. And that Editing Is InSaNe! So smooth!

  72. Eric Gu

    Eric GuHace 26 días

    Btw ramy, what is going to happen to the 777?

  73. Scratchin' Jack

    Scratchin' JackHace 26 días

    Love the videos. I do have a question: What is it you brush onto the mold before sanding?

  74. ZH - 04PA 878139 Eldorado PS

    ZH - 04PA 878139 Eldorado PSHace 26 días

    what abouta380 are working on it I want to see a video

  75. дадон дадон

    дадон дадонHace 26 días

    Сколько стоют модели у тебя?

  76. Gulyás Krisztián

    Gulyás KrisztiánHace 26 días

    The next project could be a performance glider :)

  77. Robert Palmore

    Robert PalmoreHace 26 días

    If I may suggest painting the outside of the 3d Printed mold with something like Polyurethane varnish or most any paint that is durable and will seal the outside of the mold. I don't know if it will work but maybe try on a tiny mold so you don't waste too much time and materials. Love the models you are making.

  78. James Reaper

    James ReaperHace 26 días

    Another spectacular build Ramy! Can't help but wonder when you will begin a full size composite aircraft that you can pilot? Can't wait for the maiden flight of your Citation.

  79. Alejandro Ayora

    Alejandro AyoraHace 26 días

    I'd love to see you make a Beechcraft Starship. deffinetelly my favourite private passenger plane. I think you would love the design and the concept im general. by design it can not be stalled!

  80. Jidan Miah

    Jidan MiahHace 26 días


  81. Andy ́s Multikopter- Luftaufnahmen

    Andy ́s Multikopter- LuftaufnahmenHace 26 días

    Ganz toll

  82. Anfecs Ian

    Anfecs IanHace 26 días

    This man's a one man factory!

  83. Cozzy

    CozzyHace 26 días

    Amazing work. Would routing the mould out of mdf or similar be a quicker way to produce them?

  84. Walter Grimm

    Walter GrimmHace 26 días

    When are you putting the fueltanks in the wings, and have it fly path with GPS for really long hauls

  85. Κωνσταντινος Φαρδης

    Κωνσταντινος ΦαρδηςHace 26 días

    Did you use zylon?

  86. deepika rai

    deepika raiHace 26 días

    Can you all so make A video on esc, flight controller,GPS,rc reciver etc please

  87. deepika rai

    deepika raiHace 26 días

    Can you please make a video in how to make a rc engine

  88. Kaleb Klein

    Kaleb KleinHace 26 días

    create an air bag and use pressure from that to put pressure similar to ski and snowboard manufacturing use a small wood frame to hold it together

  89. Erick WOODARD

    Erick WOODARDHace 26 días

    Try using Sand and Sealer it's a one-part spray that should seal up everything for you. I would try a small test piece. You could put that on the outside so the inside of your mold wouldn't be disturbed

  90. Christopher Chu

    Christopher ChuHace 26 días

    When are u having a video on the a380?

  91. Brian Phillips

    Brian PhillipsHace 26 días

    Loving it Ramy! Great work. Esteban got me a hoodie, but he ordered the wrong size - LOL - so my daughter has one now ;)

  92. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 26 días

    Thanks man, did you get a hoodie from my teespring listing?

  93. Kristian Taylor

    Kristian TaylorHace 26 días

    Just paint the back, it will seal the layers. Cheap and easy, a few layers.

  94. dimitris anestis

    dimitris anestisHace 26 días

    How price about for that pair wings ?

  95. Alex Portabales

    Alex PortabalesHace 27 días

    Why don't you have the mold inside the bag too?

  96. Guilherme Neto

    Guilherme NetoHace 27 días

    It's time to open a factory, don't you think? XD

  97. Fred Swanepoel

    Fred SwanepoelHace 27 días

    That music is so irritating!

  98. j rock

    j rockHace 27 días

    Bag the WHOLE thing then there’s no worry about leakage.

  99. Thomas Waldorf

    Thomas WaldorfHace 27 días

    You need a down draft table ,it would help with all the cutting that you do. Great vid look forward to seeing this one fly.

  100. Douglas Caskey

    Douglas CaskeyHace 27 días

    Just curious... why not use the CNC machine to cut the molds out of an appropriate material instead of 3D printing them?

  101. Marcelo Vieira

    Marcelo VieiraHace 27 días

    Hi. I'm Brazilian and I'm a big fan of your channel here on ESdos. I follow all of your videos. You are to be congratulated! I work at Embraer, the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. I would be very happy to see you making an E195-E2 from the E-jet family. A hug.

  102. Mantis 04

    Mantis 04Hace 27 días

    I have worked with carbon fiber and 3D printed molds. The simple solution is to just put the mold with the carbon fiber in a vacuum bag that goes all the way around the mold. Normally 3D prints are strong enough to withstand the pressure

  103. HighlandSteam

    HighlandSteamHace 27 días

    Just bag the whole mould? Then the “leaky” printed mould does not matter.

  104. Arif Sugiarto

    Arif SugiartoHace 27 días

    If the problem is leaking on the mold, put the mold in its entirety into the bag ... then your problem will be resolved

  105. dnaspower

    dnaspowerHace 27 días

    Please next make the Dassault Falcon 6X, the most beautiful business jet.

  106. Richard Martin

    Richard MartinHace 27 días

    Ramy, I hope you didn't forget the pitot tube this time... lol!!

  107. rthefish

    rthefishHace 27 días

    Next aircraft, Concorde?