Finishing the wings with carbon fiber/ AIRBUS A350 RC airplane

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Things I use
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KST servo:
budget high torque servos:
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Servo extensions:
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    Huge thanks to my Patreon supporters, you guys are awesome!

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    OKAY Okay hi friends 👫 I like you ❤️🙏🛎

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    Ramy, please tell me what the shape of the airfoil did you use to make your 777

  4. Achronic Deth

    Achronic DethHace un año

    yes its easy to get burned out on a project its always good to have a few smaller projects that you can thinker with sometimes they give you inspiration for your main project

  5. TG elite Reti

    TG elite RetiHace un año

    Waiting for the comeback of the Air New Zealand Livery - A320? Love From New Zealand.


    SHABIB FFHace un año

    Ramy can to show us the 787 from many days i didn't see it

  7. AUS-Reviews

    AUS-ReviewsHace un día

    You should drill small holes in the wooden pieces to reduce weight

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    Wahnsinn!!! Super wie Du das machst!!!! Wirklich spannend zum Zuschauen und grandios!!!! DANKE!!!

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    Mr. Engineer, I am very interested in jet engine engineering. I want to learn from you. You will help me.

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    Absolutely amazing once again you are great at what you do it’s fueled by passion !

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    Bom Gênio. Falo assim pelo seu trabalho com a produção de avião. E um trabalho perfeito, Lindo seus aeronaves.

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    Am I the only one who loves his background music, so good and relaxing 😌

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    Ok 👍👍 please subtitles in Spanish.

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    Uncle can you please tell measurements of your projects so that I can try

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    Incredible work...

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    Why you dont use jet engine.?

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    These things where to get please tell me i also make it

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    I have viewed several of you builds and am amazed at the skill and artistry of you work. You are indeed a superb and knowledgeable a builder I have witnessed. thanks for sharing your talent!!!

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    give me your heart

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    Awesome as usual: easy question, which type of wood is it? Thank you and cheers.

  21. Shamil Senanayake

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    How do you control both ailerons with the transmitter? ?


    APURBA BORAHHace 8 meses


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    Ramy rc knows how to make planes.

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    I like the plane

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    Hello I am Indian ,you build double decker areoplane

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    Can you build me air Tanzania and tell me the price

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    Plss can you tell me about the lights


    scottbassguitars15@gmail.comHace 10 meses

    Dear Ramy, loving your videos! Would you share the information what typ / weight of carbon you use to cover the wings? I think the method is fantastic! Furthermore, are the wing ribs balsa or plywood? I normaly build bass guitars..😄 kind regards, Peter Scott. P.s. a link where to by the carbon would be helpful! Have lots of fun building and flying!

  29. Matthew Novoselskiy

    Matthew NovoselskiyHace 10 meses

    store employee : how many clamps do u need? Ramy : yes

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    Ramy. Im john capio i always watch ur video im also aviation mechanic ur my idol ramy. God jobs my friends

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    Hi l'm from Brazil l would like to know hou much this remote control plane costs

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    Very impressive, how long did it take to make it

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    You have a very great talent to build your own rc plane

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    When are you doing a Airbus 380-800 or a boing 747-8

  35. Ervin Krauss

    Ervin KraussHace 10 meses

    Be careful with those soldering fumes, it's bad for your health. Try to find a nice fume extractor. Great job on the project !!

  36. Brothers James

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    Ramy love your build video’s but would like to know the cost of your builds 👍🏻✌🏻

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    I am building computers for 15 plus years now and i do get lost in the process at times ! it happens to the best of us trust me bro.

  38. Roman Tismen

    Roman TismenHace 10 meses

    Very very good job man. I watched all your amzing vidios of bilding. Many hard work you done. I have a question if one of servos are stop working how you can raplace it after you close the cover of the wing. Amazing projects well done!!

  39. Edward Case

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    I hope you will email back. maybe my email went to spam folder...see you later

  40. Edward Case

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    Woww frosting squirt bag for adhesive!!!lol. perfect

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    very nice electrical work...clean solder joints....last a long time!

  42. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    please make servo connections in the wing, inside the servo mounting box, for future. Servos go bad, fail. the potentiometer inside wears out...make replaceable even inside the wing. Access hatches please!!!

  43. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    Current exceeds 100 amp, use 10 gauge on motor leads, 8 gauge on the battery lead... heavy but worth the energy. Loss in the conductors is very important in EDF's

  44. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    Long esc battery leads, not long from the ESC to motor!!!

  45. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    leads from ESC to motor not greater than 6" or I should say...150 mm

  46. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    I hope the edf mount is not too heavy...

  47. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    beautiful work on the nacelle strut

  48. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    those times you look around and know not what to do....go fly a plane to get more stick time!!!

  49. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    the screws on the flap hinges need threadlock

  50. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    good choice on servo aileron servo loads high, 6 kilo servo is good

  51. Edward Case

    Edward CaseHace 11 meses

    ailerons on a plane this size should be hinged in 5 places

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    Bye the way this is very best channel And my name is Suleman Akbar And I stay home on reason for Corona virus and please give me answers faster

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    Excelente obra de arte, parabéns...

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    can you send that edf and motor to me ?

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    Very Nice I Like Yours Programs

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    Imagine how cool it would be if he one day actually built and designed his own airliner and seeing it fly😭😍

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    That's be great if you could provide the links to get some of the tools that you are using. Carbon fiber boards/ Dremel jig to cut circle in wood/ Thick plywood...Thanks

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    can you try to make the engine have reverse thrust ? so it's better and more realistic

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    Why not make a single global ground wire which goes from internal area to all areas of the plane? This way you don't need all of that extra wire - it could be short and mount to the large ground. and mount it separate from the hot wires so in the event of a crash, there is less chance the wires will short like last time. Also - add a relay which can be turned off with the remote - or breaker which wouldn't add much weight. If there is a short then automatic remove fuel ( power ) so the electric fire can't burn.

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    And when your single ground wire disconnect your entire electronic dies :)

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    Love watching your videos Ramy.

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    Ramy, I find this sooooo interesting! I'm wanting to dump stupid money in to a 3d printer, and a small wood cutter and a bunch of apoxy and fiber, and hit the hills running lol. I love this stuff!

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