First flight of my homemade G-650 RC jet ✈

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Music by Joakim Karud
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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 4 meses

    Check out Curiosity stream: Use code RamyRC to sign up Ready for the next build?

  2. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан ДинчеровHace 6 días


  3. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан ДинчеровHace 6 días


  4. Robin Sala

    Robin SalaHace 8 días

    WOW der flieger sieht so verdammt schön aus

  5. Deaniel Rey Solina

    Deaniel Rey SolinaHace 13 días

    what about a Cebu pacific a321xlr

  6. pxdm1049

    pxdm1049Hace un mes

    you should make a figter jet

  7. Fahad Khan

    Fahad KhanHace 6 horas

    How much this cost

  8. Jc Ortiz

    Jc OrtizHace 6 horas

    Hi there i will like to know how I can buy one rc airplane. Thanks

  9. Sully18

    Sully18Hace 10 horas

    Bist du Deutsch?😅

  10. Brak Vakhim

    Brak VakhimHace 12 horas

    Do you love Cambodia

  11. Vahri.alatas Alatas

    Vahri.alatas AlatasHace 15 horas

    Nice flay

  12. Brandt All

    Brandt AllHace un día

    Love your builds and that they fly so well.

  13. Benjamin Moles

    Benjamin MolesHace un día

    Speechless. Hat off.

  14. Zk Channel

    Zk ChannelHace un día

    This is so beautiful

  15. anton antonyo

    anton antonyoHace 2 días

    Sen bir adamsin harikasın.

  16. Bigirwa Hosea

    Bigirwa HoseaHace 2 días

    Are any of these builds for sale? If so, please contact me with the price and details! These are really, really great planes and I think my pilot friend will enjoy flying these.

  17. Nhan Trong Vo

    Nhan Trong VoHace 2 días

    Love it

  18. Oliver Arroyo

    Oliver ArroyoHace 3 días

    Nuevo sub armas bien chidos los aviones saludos desde México

  19. Keng Sp

    Keng SpHace 3 días


  20. Islande Rodrigues

    Islande RodriguesHace 3 días

    Incredible so beautiful

  21. Hase Playz

    Hase PlayzHace 3 días

    can I buy it ;)

  22. Momo Morfessis

    Momo MorfessisHace 3 días

    I would kill to have one of these

  23. Bang Umam Official

    Bang Umam OfficialHace 4 días

    Indonesia hadir

  24. Adama Ndiaye

    Adama NdiayeHace 4 días

    Il sont trop forts ces gens

  25. Bhanuka Dasanayaka

    Bhanuka DasanayakaHace 4 días

    what happened to these planes??

  26. kenz

    kenzHace 5 días

    Next: making a boeing 777 garuda indonesia airways

  27. Ahmad briand rozaky

    Ahmad briand rozakyHace 5 días


  28. vicorly

    vicorlyHace 5 días

    @RamyRC Your builds are awesome... do you make any with turbines?

  29. A Patron

    A PatronHace 6 días

    And yeah and yeah,,, bit cold today Yeah... Am a bit Yeah. And also yeah excited yeah .....

  30. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан ДинчеровHace 6 días


  31. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан ДинчеровHace 5 días

    @X_Wolverine_X аз съм от българия незнам руски

  32. X_Wolverine_X

    X_Wolverine_XHace 5 días


  33. Фуркан Динчеров

    Фуркан ДинчеровHace 6 días


  34. Morphix007

    Morphix007Hace 7 días


  35. Mark

    MarkHace 7 días

    Hi Ramy RC, LOVE your vlogs . Thanks for sharing your passion & knowledge for RC models . You put so much care & love into your work it inspires me to try harder & not give up . God bless . 💘🧡💛💚💙💜 Mark (Toronto)

  36. supercat380

    supercat380Hace 7 días

    Ramy is one of the best RC model builders ever!!!!!

  37. Zyarex ID

    Zyarex IDHace 7 días

    Orang indo like🤙

  38. Ahmad briand rozaky

    Ahmad briand rozakyHace 5 días



    arqibanez@yahoo.comHace 8 días

    You are a great builder but with all due respect you are not the best driver. Maybe the nerves. My sincerest congratulations.

  40. canoon govind

    canoon govindHace 8 días

    You r so 100 Good

  41. Nishad Gedam Aeromodeling innovator

    Nishad Gedam Aeromodeling innovatorHace 8 días

    Het bro ! I watched your videos they all are cool plz upload a vdo on your step up and all the machinery and techniques you use to make the scale models

  42. Salvo

    SalvoHace 9 días

    Landing speed to high

  43. sultan

    sultanHace 9 días

    Ramy im a big fan of you and i absolutely love your videos i was asking if you can build me an a380 and ill pay for it if u can

  44. Muhammad Zahir

    Muhammad ZahirHace 9 días

    Good job, Mr!!!!!!

  45. Meeky Swill

    Meeky SwillHace 10 días

    I feel like I can fly a real airplane watching this.

  46. Meeky Swill

    Meeky SwillHace 10 días

    I'm tired of being a viewer! I wanna be a builder😭

  47. Mike Butler

    Mike ButlerHace 10 días

    dats one big gulfstream model......

  48. maykol montero

    maykol monteroHace 11 días

    4:43 take off

  49. mark schumacher

    mark schumacherHace 11 días

    your work is incredible, beautiful 650

  50. Aaron Derous

    Aaron DerousHace 11 días

    make a c-130 plzz

  51. boissel christophe

    boissel christopheHace 13 días

    good video

  52. Hans Jürgen Götte

    Hans Jürgen GötteHace 15 días

    Glück muß man halt auch haben, ein sehr schönes Model, könnte ein Kreisel auf Quer vertragen

  53. Kyle MacGregor

    Kyle MacGregorHace 16 días

    I was Nervous for you. Amazing aircraft. Congrats on the Maiden flight.

  54. Even2 ez

    Even2 ezHace 16 días

    That was the smoothest landing I have ever seen

  55. Anthony Maldonado

    Anthony MaldonadoHace 16 días

    What would the ER version of this be?

  56. Roberto Alexandre

    Roberto AlexandreHace 17 días

    Congratulações Ramy 👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏🥂🥂🥂🍾🍾🍾🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  57. Raman Gaisie Jaraah

    Raman Gaisie JaraahHace 18 días

    Hello I would like to buy a plane are you available

  58. Janosch Bognar

    Janosch BognarHace 19 días

    gotta put some jet cats on that

  59. Angelo D'Amaro

    Angelo D'AmaroHace 19 días


  60. Carsten Stumpf

    Carsten StumpfHace 20 días

    Hey Ramy! Super gemacht, ich bin ein großer Fan. Das wird immer professioneller, weiter so. Ich schaue Dir gerne zu. Großer Respekt und ganz großes Kompliment! Beste Grüße Carsten :-)

  61. Craig Smith

    Craig SmithHace 20 días

    I could not stop smiling, I was there with you and felt it.

  62. D. Mullins

    D. MullinsHace 21 un día

    How in the hell do 220 people downvote this? Some people have major personal issues....

  63. Devin DeThomaso

    Devin DeThomasoHace 22 días

    Gloves. And sterile cockpit until the aircraft has stopped moving. Your concentration is all over the video.

  64. rmora203

    rmora203Hace 22 días

    Ramy You Have Built A Piece Of Art.... I Wish I Had Half Of Your Talent !

  65. olekcj111

    olekcj111Hace 22 días

    This is beautiful... Congratulations bro! Keep it up

  66. Martin Maurer

    Martin MaurerHace 22 días

    Congrats, georgeous model, good work, well done, also well flown. You're really a great rc-model enthusiast. One thing I wonder, do you ever work for living? Never the less, good luck for the future and keep on building. Kind regards from Austria.

  67. Jason Matthews

    Jason MatthewsHace 23 días

    Absolutely magnificent! Definitely your best aircraft yet! Kudos!

  68. Bush Crafter

    Bush CrafterHace 23 días

    This hobby is so amazing, I'm flying drones and just getting into HH RTF Jets and planes, Love it, This is the top of the game!!!!

  69. ibrahim sheikh

    ibrahim sheikhHace 24 días

    This is damn cool! AMAZING!

  70. tim carter

    tim carterHace 24 días

    I would love to purchase this G650 , any way to this is possible Ramey ?

  71. victor lambertt

    victor lamberttHace 27 días

    Very good job sir you are very good 👍

  72. Mario Flores

    Mario FloresHace 27 días

    you are talented

  73. ibexy

    ibexyHace 27 días

    the ultimate man toy!

  74. Tony Emory

    Tony EmoryHace 28 días

    I can only imagine you were a nervous wreck while flying and your sketchy landing was pucker time for me, Congratulations on your first successful flight and landing may there be many more.

  75. Fareed Ali

    Fareed AliHace 29 días

    Amazing !! Amazing !!! So much effort and patience !!

  76. Marcus Koh

    Marcus KohHace 29 días



    CAN'T SLEEPHace un mes

    Watched all your build vids on this beauty nice job on your maiden flight this is a AWSOME one of a kind build

  78. Chris Costa

    Chris CostaHace un mes


  79. Eric Hannes

    Eric HannesHace un mes

    Glorious model

  80. Abu Shayem

    Abu ShayemHace un mes


  81. My RC Channel

    My RC ChannelHace un mes

    Beautiful... a work of art!

  82. S K

    S KHace un mes

    Your airplanes are so amazing. Love them😍👍. Good job. I am hoping to build an RC plane too.

  83. Tom Bean

    Tom BeanHace un mes

    Beautiful job Ramy as usual!!! I’m sorry if I missed a link but which transmitter do you use?

  84. R Killian

    R KillianHace un mes

    It's a fabulous model. Always loved the Gulfstream as a jet..well done to you. It's a lovely job. How long did it take. What engine do you use...?

  85. Furkan Karaboga

    Furkan KarabogaHace un mes

    Hello rammy, ı have a question. Do you use trim tabs on elevator to balance center of lift and center of gravitiy position or you just overcome it by using elevator input?

  86. Sourav Rakshit

    Sourav RakshitHace un mes

    Good Job❤👌👍👍

  87. Sourav Rakshit

    Sourav RakshitHace un mes

    Lovely Brother❤❤❤👌

  88. bryan Quinn

    bryan QuinnHace un mes

    That’s amazing well done on the build looks good 👍🏻

  89. sachin kumar

    sachin kumarHace un mes

    I want to purchase

  90. NabiL

    NabiLHace un mes

    very beautiful Airplane Well done Ramy. but those servos were screaming and it's not a good thing they might die in flight, to fix it you need to adjust servos endpoint

  91. A.CÖMERT *

    A.CÖMERT *Hace un mes


  92. Steve AnacortesWA

    Steve AnacortesWAHace un mes

    I'm a sailplane pilot and this is why we and biz jets have spoilers, I think adding them to a model like this would help the approach a lot, you can control your decent with them without changing pitch angle, in a glider we do 50% spoiler so we can increase or decrease our decent without an airspeed change or AOA change. Beautiful plane build.

  93. HeRacesTheSun

    HeRacesTheSunHace un mes

    Beautiful, just beautiful. What an awesome work of art building & flying your creation : )

  94. Bahman Dara

    Bahman DaraHace un mes

    absolutely awsome

  95. Roy Oetting

    Roy OettingHace un mes

    Really nice looking and great engineering. I thought you were twitchy in roll. Watching a full size plane paying attention how smooth roll is and that is what you should be shooting for. I have a couple more comments if you wish to hear them.

  96. gheumann

    gheumannHace un mes

    What a beautiful model! Congratulations!

  97. Wills Wings

    Wills WingsHace un mes

    superb !

  98. Luiz Ricardo

    Luiz RicardoHace un mes

    Very good!!

  99. CLH Pilot

    CLH PilotHace un mes

    He Ramy, beautiful work.... I'd love to see you make a glider all in carbon and Glas....I've got an SZD55 in1:1 you can copy

  100. Hola ACchillin

    Hola ACchillinHace un mes

    Amazing! Beautiful!

  101. Aime Mukiza

    Aime MukizaHace un mes

    ahahaha but it's a landing ahaha

  102. William Trask

    William TraskHace un mes

    way to go


    PETER LLOYDHace un mes

    Real skill - beautiful results every time. Congratulations Ramy!

  104. David Lourensz

    David LourenszHace un mes

    Hi Remy, I don't know if you have flown real planes but a good landing starts with a good circuit, it really pays to be really controlled in the landing phase and to have a solid aiming point on the runway so that you can make all necessary adjustments to get to that specific point...

  105. Ryan Firmansyah

    Ryan FirmansyahHace un mes

    did u sell the plane?

  106. Ronelson Juit11

    Ronelson Juit11Hace un mes

    did you ever tried vertical take off?

  107. xarx

    xarxHace un mes

    Very nice plane

  108. Adem Ergül

    Adem ErgülHace un mes

    We love you Ramy. Awesome work.