1. 我懶得取名子

    我懶得取名子Hace 54 minutos

    It's so small

  2. Why are you running !!??

    Why are you running !!??Hace un hora

    Bro get a bigger tank they have no room. This is animal cruelty.

  3. Dżordż

    DżordżHace un hora

    Co tak mało ich tam

  4. Tim Groce

    Tim GroceHace 2 horas

    sorry not impressed with ur over populated fish tank!!

  5. Your favorite cousin

    Your favorite cousinHace 2 horas

    I love the tittle of the video

  6. Dan Hyde

    Dan HydeHace 2 horas


  7. paige daviess

    paige daviessHace 2 horas

    That silver arowana needs a tank size 5x that, JUST FOR HIMSELF

  8. The Deep Fry

    The Deep FryHace 2 horas

    That tank is way over crowded. This is animal abuse

  9. Glitch The Deer

    Glitch The DeerHace 2 horas

    Too many fish...

  10. Eduardo Mendes

    Eduardo MendesHace 3 horas

    Pirarucu, só quem é do Amazonas Pará sabe como é ❤️

  11. Walber Ferreira

    Walber FerreiraHace 3 horas

    A maioria dos peixes são da região Amazonica

  12. kitty wistful

    kitty wistfulHace 3 horas

    That tank is way to small you need atleast 300 more gallons

  13. Sheila Mosley-Shavers

    Sheila Mosley-ShaversHace 4 horas

    Wow so much fish!

  14. Teresa García

    Teresa GarcíaHace 4 horas


  15. F

    FHace 4 horas

    Those fish are cool but your tank is too crowded it’s like the situation at the border 😢

  16. Alan Barros

    Alan BarrosHace 4 horas

    Tá cheio de peixe da Amazônia ai

  17. Libs Suck 3000

    Libs Suck 3000Hace 4 horas

    More chinese bullshiit on Youchinkabottube... btw. Moron that's waaaay to many big fish in that tank

  18. Kelly Booth

    Kelly BoothHace 4 horas

    Is that a seafood market?

  19. Chris Tian

    Chris TianHace 4 horas

    Omg a tynamo

  20. Brant Adam

    Brant AdamHace 4 horas

    This is just sad

  21. Daniel Thorneley

    Daniel ThorneleyHace 5 horas

    I fucking hate people

  22. knifeboots

    knifebootsHace 5 horas

    this is disgusting and animal abuse. this tank wouldn't be big enough for even just one of them.

  23. Fathi Marzuki

    Fathi MarzukiHace 5 horas

    just another chinese ppl things..

  24. Spliff Crabby

    Spliff CrabbyHace 6 horas

    Wtf did I just see

  25. George Trevor

    George TrevorHace 6 horas

    That doesn’t look like acclimation to me

  26. Leonardo Diamond

    Leonardo DiamondHace 7 horas

    That's way overstocked

  27. cj with animals 45

    cj with animals 45Hace 7 horas

    I have monster fish in a big pond and this just hurts me to see this

  28. Carole Pamela

    Carole PamelaHace 8 horas

    Chinese restaurant fish tank. The fish wont live long.

  29. Dippy Dappy

    Dippy DappyHace 8 horas

    Too many fish in that tank.. fulkd up.

  30. Lizzie Coelho

    Lizzie CoelhoHace 8 horas

    They GNA eat them all Corona Virus

  31. Bruh Momento

    Bruh MomentoHace 9 horas


  32. I never go on Xbox

    I never go on XboxHace 10 horas

    A lot of people are saying these are for eating but who would eat an arrowana. That’s sad. And what ever species of catfish (I don’t know for sure so I’m not gonna guess) are definitely not for eating. This is his personal tank and it’s very sad. Imagine have 10 people in your family and only being able to live in your bathroom with everyone in that one room. That’s how these fish are crammed into one spot which is not necessary.

  33. Noah Ervin

    Noah ErvinHace 10 horas

    Why the fuck are you advertising this

  34. Thomas Kreisel

    Thomas KreiselHace 11 horas

    The tank is way too small for these big fishes

  35. Jaya Makwana

    Jaya MakwanaHace 11 horas


  36. OJ

    OJHace 12 horas

    2000 reports on this video everyone report it

  37. Androidmk

    AndroidmkHace 12 horas

    Dear god this should be illegal

  38. Rahman R

    Rahman RHace 13 horas

    Dude added another fish... the tank is already cramped

  39. Daniel Palmer-gardner

    Daniel Palmer-gardnerHace 13 horas

    All these people complaining about to many fish but look at how clear and pristine the water is if you don't know just keep it to yourself

  40. jessa bodols

    jessa bodolsHace 13 horas


  41. LaMGrande420 MidwestMexicano

    LaMGrande420 MidwestMexicanoHace 13 horas


  42. Luciano Silva

    Luciano SilvaHace 15 horas


  43. dvn.s_00

    dvn.s_00Hace 15 horas

    Someone didn't do their research on responsible aquarium care.

  44. Rosa Lily

    Rosa LilyHace 15 horas

    Well, that's Chinese do. u know.

  45. mahendran D

    mahendran DHace 15 horas

    Glass prison 😥😥😥

  46. Clumsy Zebra

    Clumsy ZebraHace 17 horas

    This is animal abuse. fish this big need to be living in a pond. this tank isn't even big enough for one of these guys to live in! and where is their enrichment? caves, plants, rock, substrate. please at the very least take this down

  47. GroApe Xds

    GroApe XdsHace 17 horas

    Animal abuse...

  48. These IS ME

    These IS MEHace 18 horas

    Nice 😀 different kinds of beautyful fish.

  49. One Basket

    One BasketHace 20 horas

    He is chinese

  50. Lee TJ

    Lee TJHace 22 horas

    This is dumb

  51. 55Omega

    55OmegaHace 22 horas

    Idiot owner

  52. Dolot Trump

    Dolot TrumpHace 22 horas


  53. Joe Lara

    Joe LaraHace un día

    I have one arowana and three tiger oscars I need to rehome them soon to

  54. KrashSyteGaming

    KrashSyteGamingHace un día

    This is inhumane. Im flagging this.

  55. Jeremiah Lazo

    Jeremiah LazoHace un día

    Poor fish man.

  56. Josh

    JoshHace un día

    Geez 42 million views in 1 month!? For this? Lmao we'll watch anything I swear 😂😂

  57. Kendall N

    Kendall NHace un día

    Ahhh yes, the Chinese are back

  58. Gardei

    GardeiHace un día


  59. Paul Barney

    Paul BarneyHace un día

    You need a bigger tank so you can cram more food in there

  60. Nicholas Coren

    Nicholas CorenHace un día

    Fish keepers in asia: why do yall always shove 25 HUGE fish in a 400 gal? My 200 has 2 oscars and a pleco.... And I still think its too small.

  61. Nddd Bjss

    Nddd BjssHace un día

    Overcrowded animal abuse

  62. m3g4f4il1

    m3g4f4il1Hace un día

    Tanks not even big enough for one of them...

  63. Maria Schuster

    Maria SchusterHace un día


  64. Hima G

    Hima GHace un día

    My mom has a tank almost that size.. and it's for 14 goldfishes.. change the tank..

  65. Heisenberg

    HeisenbergHace un día

    No plants, no room for them...put them in a bigger one and take plants and something in it!

  66. Lue Khang

    Lue KhangHace un día

    Poor 🐟🐟🐟....please get them a bigger tank my chinka

  67. MRP 1014

    MRP 1014Hace un día

    This is unbelievable....

  68. Matilda Parsons

    Matilda ParsonsHace un día

    You need a much bigger tank for all those fish

  69. Living the mountain biking Life

    Living the mountain biking LifeHace un día

    Rip fishes

  70. David GM

    David GMHace un día

    Even for one of those fish alone, the tank would still be too small.

  71. Max Curtis

    Max CurtisHace un día

    That's way too over stocked.

  72. Urmomguay Boi

    Urmomguay BoiHace un día

    That tank is way to small

  73. あろんアルファ

    あろんアルファHace un día


  74. chris p

    chris pHace un día

    Bigger tank or less fish. Holy shit that is disrespectful to the hobby.

  75. 김태민

    김태민Hace un día

    You will all be convinced with one ward 'China'

  76. King Zackarias

    King ZackariasHace un día

    Dude this is good for like 1 or 2 fish, not 10+

  77. xman 505

    xman 505Hace un día

    Anyone else realize he's going to jail?

  78. drywall magana

    drywall maganaHace un día


  79. lusom22 YT

    lusom22 YTHace un día

    Asian... he is preparing his dinner

  80. Brookie Nwo

    Brookie NwoHace un día

    So sad report 😢

  81. Moritz Bundy

    Moritz BundyHace un día


  82. Rob Fis

    Rob FisHace un día

    I think 10 more big fish could fit in until no one can move anymore

  83. artanabdi

    artanabdiHace un día

    He's probably going to fry them alive after this

  84. Mark Langston

    Mark LangstonHace un día

    That’s just sad. Way to many fish in that tank.

  85. You know where Hugh go

    You know where Hugh goHace un día

    Tank is far too small

  86. Sasi sasi

    Sasi sasiHace un día

    Nice fish ❤❤

  87. Hazel Bell

    Hazel BellHace un día

    Let me guess, China

  88. Mike Lannister

    Mike LannisterHace un día

    He Asian. They don't care about animals and they eat all animals

  89. Sinyo Tuek

    Sinyo TuekHace un día

    This is why covid 19 hits you human

  90. chris frans

    chris fransHace un día

    Isn't that aquarium is so small?

  91. BRtrent

    BRtrentHace un día

    Ah yes fish by fishing 07

  92. Hentai Pappi 503

    Hentai Pappi 503Hace un día

    China virus

  93. Tk Tk

    Tk TkHace un día

    That Arawana is going to jump out 😭

  94. PC4Slav

    PC4SlavHace un día

    Fish abuser.

  95. Archie And Friends!

    Archie And Friends!Hace un día

    You didn’t let the fish get used to the water inside of the tank, which is far too small. For the tank that you have you should 1 maybe 2 at a push in there. This. Is. TORTURE!

  96. Cheong Mun Yew

    Cheong Mun YewHace un día

    Hell's Fish Kitchen .. great gordon asians

  97. Pierre Antoine Henno

    Pierre Antoine HennoHace un día


  98. Song Cat

    Song CatHace un día

    To small!

  99. Zero kill

    Zero killHace un día

    That actually a wrong way to put a new fish in ur tank ... if you just caught a new fish from a lake , or sea and you wanted to put it inside the aquarium make sure u make a the fish is familiar with the temperature , u can put the fish in the plastic bag first then put the fish with the plastic bag inside a water that same temperature with the aquarium then if the water inside the bag and the aquarium is already the same .. equivalent temperature then u can release the fish if you just put the fish it can make the fish to shoock and die

  100. Astera Nightshade

    Astera NightshadeHace un día

    There are way too many large fish in that relatively small tank, plusI'm pretty sure there are some aggressive species mixed in there, possibly an arapaima too