Game Recap: Mavericks 125, Wizards 124

Luka Doncic recorded 31 points, 12 rebounds and a career-high 20 assists for the Mavericks as they defeated the Wizards, 125-124, his 10th triple-double of the season and the 35th of his career. Dorian Finney-Smith added 22 points in the victory, including the go-ahead 3pt FG with 9.2 seconds remaining in regulation, while Russell Westbrook tallied a season-high tying 42 points, along with 10 rebounds and 9 assists for the Wizards in the losing effort. The Mavericks improve to 36-27 on the season, while the Wizards fall to 29-35.


  1. Eldrick Charles

    Eldrick CharlesHace 5 días


  2. Raymond Sandoval

    Raymond SandovalHace 13 días

    Westbrook game winner @1:31 😤😤

  3. Jayden Ferris

    Jayden FerrisHace 14 días

    Oh Russes tip in for the opposite lost them the game

  4. Bladimir Ribeaux

    Bladimir RibeauxHace 14 días

    Ugly ballers there are out there, beal wanted to win the game instead to ....omg, he did not drive towards the, and luka guarding him..😁😁😁😁

  5. Matija Gospic

    Matija GospicHace 14 días

    Nobody plays defense anymore...

  6. I see You

    I see YouHace 14 días

    The aggressive commentator is back

  7. Eldar Hasanbegovic

    Eldar HasanbegovicHace 14 días

    Luka so play good he real MVP

  8. Amazing A The Dreamer

    Amazing A The DreamerHace 14 días

    1:33. And yet another Shaqtin from Russ... oops. Cost them the game too.

  9. bluesrockfan36

    bluesrockfan36Hace 14 días

    Nah. Beal shooting a 3 when you needed a 2 costed them the game. Rui helping off the strong corner when down by 2 costed them the game. The refs being trash costed them the game.

  10. Derek Chi

    Derek ChiHace 14 días

    Westbrook is so upset about missing a triple-double lol

  11. Maza

    MazaHace 14 días

    As always Westbrook, empty calorie stats...

  12. bluesrockfan36

    bluesrockfan36Hace 13 días

    @Maza He's the second active point guard when it comes to career wins. The second in playoffs wins too. Got to 4x conference finals and a final. Your statement is factually incorrect or vacuous. As in, if your standard is being above average in wins, he most definitely does NOT have "too many losses", whereas if you standard is "one loss is too many", then your statement is meaningless and everyone puts up "empty calorie stats".

  13. Maza

    MazaHace 13 días

    @bluesrockfan36 don't get me wrong, Westbrook is elite, but he had too many losses in his career.

  14. bluesrockfan36

    bluesrockfan36Hace 14 días

    You obviously didn't watch the game, did you?

  15. hi mi

    hi miHace 14 días

    ウィザーズおいしかった! 西ブル1:32 ビール2:03 のミスはもったいないけど、面白かったw

  16. JC Rafael Panganiban

    JC Rafael PanganibanHace 14 días

    Westbrook so hot he be getting buckets from both sides. Seriously tho, this is the old westbrook that I once admire. Still ballin, i mean he's getting triple-double every game but I like where he is deadly and getting buckets in every area

  17. Mr. Pogi

    Mr. PogiHace 14 días

    1pt win for mavs. 1:31 thanks westbrook for your stat padding gameplay. 🤟

  18. エルザ降臨

    エルザ降臨Hace 14 días

    luka playing mycareer

  19. Yes Sir

    Yes SirHace 14 días

    Beal always chokes on the buzzer beater 😂

  20. Ivan Čolak

    Ivan ČolakHace 14 días


  21. Gusty

    GustyHace 14 días

    1:33 shaqtin a fool 🤣 😂😂

  22. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliHace 14 días


  23. jean fabrice kacou bi

    jean fabrice kacou biHace 14 días

    20 assists... Doncic 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Y B

    Y BHace 14 días

    Why shoot 3p when you need 2p to win...??

  25. Y B

    Y BHace 14 días

    @Andrej K. He had plenty of time

  26. Andrej K.

    Andrej K.Hace 14 días

    Time issue.

  27. Milosz .Wojtowicz

    Milosz .WojtowiczHace 14 días

    Damn, Russ was one assist shy of a triple douple. Not to worry, I'm sure he's gonna get one some day!

  28. Asımcan Çalışkan

    Asımcan ÇalışkanHace 14 días

    Luka magic well played

  29. anjangaki

    anjangakiHace 14 días

    Last inbound should have gone to westbrook to which he will pass to beal to score. Westbrook would get his triple double, beal would pad his scoring and wizards get the win

  30. Marcus Yan

    Marcus YanHace 14 días

    WTF is Luka, already a hall of fame 😂

  31. Kk 23

    Kk 23Hace 14 días

    Luka 🎩

  32. Currykanzler

    CurrykanzlerHace 14 días

    Are you gonna tell me why Luca does not Show up on a single MVP shortlist. Crazy the disrespect

  33. killerfoxes

    killerfoxesHace 8 días

    @Currykanzler hey I was thinking about y'all luka idiots today, what's your reasoning that luka deserves MVP over Giannis who has better numbers than Luka in every way. Just wondering.

  34. killerfoxes

    killerfoxesHace 12 días

    @Currykanzler Don't reply, or take on the *difficult* (sarcasm) task of reading something that should you take you 60 seconds.

  35. Currykanzler

    CurrykanzlerHace 12 días

    @killerfoxes dude...

  36. killerfoxes

    killerfoxesHace 12 días

    @Currykanzler By definition of MVP, in the sense of who is most valuable to their team's success, than Curry should win. By defination of...the NBA MVP, like how the votes are tallied, (which is a combination of narrative, winning, and how important the players are to their teams success), Jokic should win. By definition of : The player playing best in the league right now, I'd give it to either Jokic or Curry. You said, and I quote, "Luca is the best player currently" - So 1, if you mean like..talent wise, then no, that's an argument between KD and Lebron at this point, with Steph, Giannis, and Kawhi all being 100% above Luka as well. Now, if you mean like, playing right now, over the past..10 games lets say? - then Luka is averaging 29 on pretty good shooting splits. Not bad, not bad. Curry is averaging 35 on perhaps the best shooting splits of any volume scorer in NBA history. Note, Jokic is averaging 28 also on efficient shooting, so around the same as Luka. Luka is not playing particularly better than these players recently. Also, the fact you think the MVP should be determined by how people are playing...lately and not all year, means you don't understand A. What the MVP is, and B. How time works. You have to be the fucking MVP all year, lack wit. Jokic and Embiid and Curry have had better years than anyone else in the NBA. If we go purely on impact, then Curry, but including winning, then the edge goes to Jokic and Embiid, and with health to factor, to Jokic. I have an honest question, do you idiots actually think Luka is the best player in the NBA right now? Like...I want you to know - No qualified analysts think that. None. Lebron is who most people will say, KD, Kawhi, Giannis, Steph, Embiid, and perhaps Harden will all get mentioned as well. Ain't nobody think Luka is the best player in the NBA. Top 10 sure, but best player? Jesus christ, you fucking people overrating people. I told my friend the other day Luka was overrated, and he said "how so", I'm going have to send him this text exchange lol. All ya idiots declaring him best in the NBA like..WAY too soon. He hasn't even won a damn playoff series! Jesus christ.

  37. killerfoxes

    killerfoxesHace 12 días

    @Currykanzler Yes, the 1 minute I took to do this really shows having too much time. How long does it take you to write a paragraph? If it's longer than a minute, good luck.

  38. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliHace 14 días

    0:33 dunk/layup hybrid

  39. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliHace 14 días

    0:18 that pass 🔥🤫

  40. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliHace 14 días

    Luka was on God mode!

  41. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliHace 13 días

    @leshem yeah he even got 2 pts for us

  42. leshem

    leshemHace 13 días

    More like westbrick on god mod

  43. O K

    O KHace 14 días

    Luka got his team around 80 points alone through points and assists. The NBA doesn't track these stats well but in history for any player with more than 20 assists only on less than 5 occasions has the same player also got 30+points

  44. Parth Shah

    Parth ShahHace 14 días

    Luka seems to have a good track record of getting his team into the playoffs without another big star. And he might get the 5th-6th spot. He should be top 3 in MVP voting.

  45. Ivan Čolak

    Ivan ČolakHace 14 días

    Westbrook inspirational

  46. Martin Brankov

    Martin BrankovHace 14 días

    Westbrook had e rare night where his shot was going on.... should have given him the ball!

  47. Charlie Lan

    Charlie LanHace 14 días

    Why couldnt Beal have Cole Anthony's clutchness today...

  48. O K

    O KHace 14 días

    20 assists. Kyrie had 3 yesterday Not comparable. Luka is top 3 right now and Kyrie has always been the most overrated player in NBA history

  49. Vantian Hergheligiu

    Vantian HergheligiuHace 14 días

    @Girum Nuru I guess J.R. Smith better than Kyrie. He has 2 rings. Joking. But neither J.R. Smith or Kyrie wins a ring without LeBron. Next you're gonna tell me the guy who can barely carry a team to the play-offs, once in 8 years is better than Luka since he also finally won a ring by joining LeBron. Luka is not only carrying a team to the 5th place in the West in his third year. He's doing it by elevating his teammates.

  50. Girum Nuru

    Girum NuruHace 14 días

    @dmking26 Thank you for responding to my well-thought-out and constructed claim with 8 words that prove nothing with no evidence or reasoning. Your genius is astonishing. Clearly from all the facts basketball is your thing and not mine.

  51. dmking26

    dmking26Hace 14 días

    @Girum Nuru Ice cold take. Basketball obviously isn’t your thing.

  52. Girum Nuru

    Girum NuruHace 14 días

    You can’t go off of one game. That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Either way Kyrie’s role now as a shooting guard is more of a scorer. Luka is good and I’m not taking anything away from him and he’ll only get better but we can’t even start comparing him to a player that’s an nba champion, whose team has the best record in the east and whose one of the most skilled basketball players of all time. So until Luka wins a chip respectfully please stfu any franchise with a brain would take kyrie over luka

  53. juan zebastian pipot

    juan zebastian pipotHace 14 días

    could have aimed for two point rather

  54. Chenelar Kemberlu

    Chenelar KemberluHace 14 días

    beal had enough time to. pass the ball to. westbrook. but..

  55. Chenelar Kemberlu

    Chenelar KemberluHace 14 días

    if dallas keeps the 5th position and upsets denver in the play offs. then we can talk about luka being mvp.. until then.. its hard to go against jokic. embiid and giannis.

  56. Ez mOney

    Ez mOneyHace 14 días

    we can talk now.. no need to wait until playoffs

  57. andy46197

    andy46197Hace 14 días

    You don t know how mvp?trophy works buddy. So shut up

  58. my ye

    my yeHace 14 días

    It’s only regulars season and if the jags didn’t have a bad COVID outbreak were 5 key pelted were out for 12 games then the Mavs would be in and around the 3rd seed and he would deffo be in the convo it isn’t his fault his teammates got COVID.

  59. Girum Nuru

    Girum NuruHace 14 días

    MVP is a regular season award so what he does in the playoffs doesn’t matter

  60. Arnaud Cari

    Arnaud CariHace 14 días

    Russ Beast 🔥🔥.

  61. Yasmin Mahmutovic

    Yasmin MahmutovicHace 14 días

    Luka IS thé réel MVP

  62. Agale B.

    Agale B.Hace 14 días

    ah t’es français?

  63. Ghnb Trcv

    Ghnb TrcvHace 14 días

    Man Luka stats wow

  64. Joemer Kho

    Joemer KhoHace 14 días

    Bradley beal cant hit a game winner

  65. A A

    A AHace 14 días

    Westbrook should win mvp. I know luka deserves but Westbrook has been putting up good numbers

  66. Blender Wiki

    Blender WikiHace 13 días


  67. A A

    A AHace 14 días

    @Il Rosso still tho

  68. Il Rosso

    Il RossoHace 14 días

    @A A there are at least 10 players who deserve the MVP more than WB.

  69. A A

    A AHace 14 días

    @Chenelar Kemberlu he’s been doing good even with a shit team

  70. Michael Wilson

    Michael WilsonHace 14 días

    @Chenelar Kemberlu not his team

  71. mradhayuda1

    mradhayuda1Hace 14 días

    Na gitu donk menang. Playoff

  72. Marcos Teixeira

    Marcos TeixeiraHace 14 días

    1:35 it's gonna happen sometime if you want to have EVERY SINGLE REBOUND

  73. bluesrockfan36

    bluesrockfan36Hace 14 días

    Worth it, imo.

  74. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliHace 14 días


  75. Nanang Wisnu Pambudi

    Nanang Wisnu PambudiHace 14 días

    Westbrook 42 and 2 pts

  76. bluesrockfan36

    bluesrockfan36Hace 14 días

    @Euridice Benguela That's just stupid, considering Westbrook was the only reason we were in the game to begin with.

  77. ÆH 88

    ÆH 88Hace 14 días

    @Kilik nah

  78. Kilik

    KilikHace 14 días

    @ÆH 88 I think that is a bit of a stretch

  79. ÆH 88

    ÆH 88Hace 14 días

    @Kilik what I'm trying to say is that Russ could of let his taller teammate get the rebound but he always has to get the rebound to be consistent with his tripples doubles because his stats are more important to him than the team winning games.

  80. Kilik

    KilikHace 14 días

    @Euridice Benguela Players get rebounds only for stats?

  81. VASO_1-9-7-7_DN

    VASO_1-9-7-7_DNHace 14 días

    Жаль что трёшка не зашла от Била((Вашингтон достойно сражались.

  82. j12k12p

    j12k12pHace 14 días

    LUKA for MVP.. Luka Dončić became the first player in @NBA history to record a game with at least 20 assists but no more than one turnover, all while scoring 30+ points.

  83. Leoker

    LeokerHace 14 días

    @OTREBLA Luka is very regular (he is the third highest scorer and passer), and he carries his team every week, without him, Dallas could never have the 5th seed. But I agree with you, Jokic is the MVP (Luka deserves the top3 for me)

  84. killerfoxes

    killerfoxesHace 14 días

    @Rufat Imanli You are confused, this is the definition of GOAT : Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

  85. killerfoxes

    killerfoxesHace 14 días

    No. Jokic is the MVP. Stop.

  86. Mo_Bi_Wan 80s

    Mo_Bi_Wan 80sHace 14 días

    @OTREBLA for so many reasons :/


    OTREBLAHace 14 días

    THE CURRENT NBA is a bit of a laugh, there can't be as many mvp candidates, as many as 20

  88. DowntownЧворак

    DowntownЧворакHace 14 días

    Don the slayer of wizards.

  89. Marcus Mathias Filskov

    Marcus Mathias FilskovHace 14 días

    Westbrook was mad about the one assist😂



    Good game 💪💪💪💪💪


    STEPHEN DANIELHace 14 días


  92. Marcus Mathias Filskov

    Marcus Mathias FilskovHace 14 días

    Good game. luka carry

  93. kwizy elia

    kwizy eliaHace 14 días

    Good game