German Shepherd Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time!

German Shepherd Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time! We hope you enjoy this video, subscribe to Rocky!
Dear friends! Our beautiful video today was filmed with unusually cute and defenseless animals. Walking with Bailey, Teddy and Rocky, we found 2 almost dying kittens, which are still very small and are not able to survive on their own. They needed a mom. At first, we warmed and fed them at home, and then our friends have a cat that gave birth to kittens and accepted these two as her own, she will take care of them. We are very sorry that we could not keep them for ourselves, since we could not give them such care as a mother cat. We filmed the reaction of our dogs to these cute kittens. Thank you friends for your understanding. We believe that kids will grow up healthy and beautiful and find their home. We love you!
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  1. Rocky

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    Hey guys, see also: 🐾❤️ Golden Retriever Bailey Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time! Bernese Mountain Dog Teddy Meets Newborn Kittens for the First Time!

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    Foarte frumos

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    @Nastaaraan Naaji Yes I totally agree with you. You never know a dogs reaction. .He could have just swallowed them up! There are humans who have a dog for many years and the dog ends up biting their face up !

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    Where was the mother?, i hope you didnt lock her out just to make a video, i dont know of any cat that would not immediately come to shield her kittens.

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    Interessante Reaktionen.

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    First time dog nice,intelligent ! ❤

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    Sehr nice! Thank!

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    😍🥰ciao Roky,sei bellissimo!già ti amo !

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    Какие умные немецкие овчарки и воспитанные.

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    Умница !!!

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    Он чувствует нюхом все, я без коментов

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    The German Sheppard is so sweet for them he is like " I am you mama❤️🥰🐕🐈

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    How lovely they are!

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    Awe come on human let me taste that tiny thing hahahaha.. just kidding lol... how precious

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    He’s a gentle giant.

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    Dímelo en castellano, y me suscribo!

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    que lindo


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    dog just child cats.. oh ho ......jip jip....

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    She's so cute.🤗

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    Ce chien est très gentil avec beaucoup de sensibilité

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    Just came across this channel, watched all three dogs' reactions to the kitties. What a wonderful menagerie you have!

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    Неужели мои? Не может быть!

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    São o que?? Cachorros ou gatos?? Não consegui identificar.

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    I'm so excited. I just can't hide it...

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    E pensare che ci sono persone che fanno male agli animali.

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    Пёс озабоченный почему-то , мужское достоинство показывает , случайно заметил что то не так .

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    Sweet and adorable 😘😘

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    Wow he's so maternal watching over the tiny kitten's what an amazing dog plus he is so beautiful ❤️ Anita xx

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    He is trying to figure them out..🤔??


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    Gdyby tak ludzie żyli jak na tym filmiku. Piękny widok. Zwierzęta żyją ze sobą lepiej niż ludzie.

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    German Shepherds are the most wonderful beasts. Amazing dog. It is very nice to look at him.

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    Such a loving, adorable dog and so concern to the little kittens ❤️ thank you for sharing this video. 😘🐕

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    Adorable la réaction de ce gros chien 🐶 qui se demande qui sont ces petits intrus

  45. Rahul Alagh

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    Love German shepherds- had mine from age 6 months until he passed at 16 years old. They are extremely smart, protective and loyal dogs. If I ever get another dog it will definitely be another German shepherd.

  46. Loveoldies50

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    I love watching Shepherds. You can "see" them thinking as the experience something new. My absolute favorite breed!

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    💝💝💝Lovely video.💝💝💝

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    "Oh boy, new squeaky toys"! 😁

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    I love how curious he looks

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    Where is the mama cat?

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    Que bonitinhos!!!!!

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    This video upload will get 100,000,000 views.

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    А потом удивляются, почему кошка отказывается кормить своих новорожденных котят.

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    I think he's trying to figure things out. 😍😘

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    Rocky is the cutest dog of the German Shepherd ❤️

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    Actualy He is waiting for the camera man to go out of the room. So he wil have his dinner.

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    If he was trained the wrong way, he could swallow one with one bite.

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    Questo video mi ricorda 😰 una bruttissima esperienza con il mio cane. Anche lui si avvicinò così a dei micetti e apparentemente andò tutto bene ... un immagine dolcissima, ma qualche giorno dopo probabilmente perché voleva giocare con loro, li ha stretti tra i denti uccidendoli. Confesso che ancora non riesco a digerire la cosa.

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    У нас немец и два котёнка, они его не боятся, даже не убегают, очень умные собаки, я ему что то говорю, без команд, идём, проверим клумбы и бежит к клумбе, все понимают, самые умные собаки в мире

  71. Tawanna Martin

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    I love how curious and cautious he is with the baby kittens; however, they still should be with their mom at this age 🤷🏾‍♀️. They need her warmth and milk.

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    Mais où est la maman de ces chatons si petits ?

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    He has now vowed to protect them at all costs.

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    Was just waiting for mom to drop out of the air all claws out and freak TOO CLOSE BRO,LOL...

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    There definitely seemed to be a physical response from that doggy. That indicated a rather confused attitude towards the kittens. I shall not elaborate further

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    How not to love cats and dogs?

  85. PensiveOwl

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    Rocky's nose is as big as the kitten's head!

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    Rocky .. you are such a tender and carig guy ... you are curious but you know instinctively that you have to be careful and patient.... that is the most nice side of your character ... ! Love to watch you ...

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    German shepherds are so gentle and playful 😊 we had ours from a puppy, and he lived until he was 10. I miss my old friend ☹️🐾

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