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Model description:
Airbus A350-900 XWB
Wingspan: 3.5 meter
Weight: 18kg
EDFs: Schuebeler DS-86 HSD 120mm
ESCs: castle Phoenix 160A
Power: 12s
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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace 10 meses

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days. Stay tuned for the maiden flight!

  2. EnzoPlays

    EnzoPlaysHace 7 meses

    I thought u flew rc planes not played trash games

  3. LOL xD

    LOL xDHace 9 meses

    Hi what's the music's name you used at 0:50? By the way epic build! I wish you the best and smooth landings!

  4. soliv27

    soliv27Hace 9 meses

    @Glen Bellows That would have been an excellent choice. Ramy is, it seems quite clear, working on a Gulfstream G650 ! I wish it would be a Dassault Falcon 7X or 8X, but great plane to G650. So that makes 727 possible for a first 3 engines behind. I would not be surprised if he gets towards more 'sport' jets... And maybe contest in F4R Jet Scale, Mystère ? ;-) Do you know which version is the A350 (800 , 1000 ,.. ?)?

  5. soliv27

    soliv27Hace 9 meses

    @Cube 3710 next will be a Gulfstream G650... if the rumour is true. And probably big. It's a valuable information. In exchange I would like to know which version is the A350 : -800 -1000 -1100...???

  6. วรชน เพียรวรรธนะชน

    วรชน เพียรวรรธนะชนHace 9 meses

    How much

  7. maulCS

    maulCSHace 20 días

    You should have a condensed summary video of the making of, like a timelapse, or just a brief step-by-step. If you don't already.

  8. Mercy Kamau

    Mercy KamauHace un mes

    Hey ramy ive where did. Your 777 9x go??

  9. Saya Shiri

    Saya ShiriHace 2 meses

    How much price and need any license?

  10. Unknown

    UnknownHace 4 meses

    Ok but iam in India

  11. Mr. Barbatos

    Mr. BarbatosHace 4 meses

    Amazing bro

  12. jisan Hossain

    jisan HossainHace 5 meses

    Give me the plane butiful

  13. sumi shahbaz

    sumi shahbazHace 5 meses

    make a A380

  14. Manisha Gayen

    Manisha GayenHace 5 meses

    Do you sent a vidio how do you make this Airbus A350

  15. Ninjago Ramen

    Ninjago RamenHace 6 meses

    The intro song is great, i wonder what its called. Ramy i must say, you helped my child get a new hobby

  16. Rakketz

    RakketzHace 6 meses

    How do you go about building the plane?

  17. DAVID Caleb

    DAVID CalebHace 6 meses

    Please tell us the music

  18. dilbert0815

    dilbert0815Hace 6 meses

    I like the funny moment were Ramy tries to continue in english and his german club mates spoil the video in best her 'hessisch' dialect :D

  19. Michael Powers

    Michael PowersHace 6 meses

    I love the video. Interesting work. But for the novice, what's an ADF? Some of us are not familiar with these abbreviations. To me, ADF means automatic direction finder.

  20. John JCM

    John JCMHace 7 meses

    Why would anyone put "thumbs down" on this video, some sad "people" out there!

  21. Iago

    IagoHace 7 meses

    "It looks ok". Are you joking? This looks amazing!

  22. LostNspace5150

    LostNspace5150Hace 7 meses

    If these models get any bigger your gonna need to install a seat and just fly it around urself instead of with a remote, literally the size of a car with wings lol 😂 it looks damn good tho, most definitely have some talent 👌

  23. Wan Khairul anuar

    Wan Khairul anuarHace 7 meses

    Would like to see every test flight started with the close of passenger door.

  24. shajikhs

    shajikhsHace 8 meses

    Perfect work really enjoy

  25. Ganasa Murthy

    Ganasa MurthyHace 8 meses

    This is also looks real airbus a350

  26. Arpit Goyal

    Arpit GoyalHace 8 meses

    You are so much into them!

  27. Arpit Goyal

    Arpit GoyalHace 8 meses

    What is it's cost?

  28. diki a

    diki aHace 8 meses

    sangat luar biasa . apakah bisa saya diajarkan step step nya pembuatan pesawat dengan bahasa yang saya bisa mengerti🙂

  29. jake le snake

    jake le snakeHace 8 meses

    this plane is so good i wouldnt fly it out of fear of SCRATCHING it.

  30. Gasper Makelemo

    Gasper MakelemoHace 8 meses

    Are you still selling those items?

  31. Nidz Blah

    Nidz BlahHace 8 meses

    This thing is a friggen work of art.

  32. Gerald Haller

    Gerald HallerHace 8 meses

    Klasse Airbus 350 Modell , ich schätze das für die Graspiste gut 25% mehr Schub nötig währen , viel hat nicht gefehlt um zu starten . Der Sound ist jetzt schon klasse , bin sehr gespannt darauf wie es klingt wenn er fliegt und auf den flug sowieso schätze das es sehr betörend aussehen wird . Kaum vorstellbar das dieses riesige Modell deutlich unter der Magischen 25Kg Marke geblieben ist , enorm was heutzutage mit den Materialien geht . Wäre es nicht besser gewesen die Antennen unten am Flieger anzubringen ? So würden die Antennen im Flug immer richtung Sender zeigen und eine abschiermung durch den Rumpf wäre eher unwarscheinlich ausser ggf. beim Start aber da sind die Entfernungen eher gering , so mein laienhafter Gedanke . Wünsche dir allzeit guten Flug und weiche Landungen

  33. Tomás Eduardo Naranjo Téllez

    Tomás Eduardo Naranjo TéllezHace 9 meses

    WTF are those RPG characters doing in my screen? Never watching one of your videos again, that has absolutely nothing to do with aviation.

  34. Ronak Nikam

    Ronak NikamHace 9 meses

    This Guy Has Pure Talent I Don't Even Have Words To Describe How Amazingly He Made This He Followed His Passion

  35. Ahmed Imad

    Ahmed ImadHace 9 meses

    Form where did you Learn to make it , I want to learn how to make it and prepare it and fly it

  36. John Atkins

    John AtkinsHace 9 meses

    stop the frican raid shado legends ads they suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hugues Philippin

    Hugues PhilippinHace 9 meses

    Don't you think it's best not to overpower a scale aircraft? It will fly much more realistically with the same power/weight as the real one.

  38. 3801 productions

    3801 productionsHace 9 meses

    Did you build this or buy it? If so where?

  39. Joe Krim

    Joe KrimHace 9 meses

    In Albuquerque NM we are blessed with the electric park flyers designer/builder rc gurus Pat Tritle and Gary Kyle. You sir are AMAZING

  40. Mosharraf Hossain

    Mosharraf HossainHace 9 meses

    Ramy, which cutting tool do u use to cut the balsa wood?Pls tell me the name.Can I make a rc plane only with depron foam?

  41. Aryan Birajdar

    Aryan BirajdarHace 9 meses

    Ramy what are your plans for your next build? Hoping it is a airbus A380 or a Boeing 747

  42. Luca Pierangelo

    Luca PierangeloHace 9 meses

    Could you ever make the engine have reverse thrust?

  43. Mr Hasani

    Mr HasaniHace 9 meses

    That is so good

  44. AviationDynamics

    AviationDynamicsHace 9 meses

    I fly the full scale A350 for a living. Nice job on this RC version Ramy. Top marks on all the effort and dedication required to pull of such a convincing model.

  45. clarence midgett

    clarence midgettHace 9 meses

    Absolutely beautiful to say the least

  46. Hamid Raja

    Hamid RajaHace 9 meses

    Please fly night time. It's beautiful look flying.

  47. Johan van Niekerk

    Johan van NiekerkHace 9 meses

    Love your work, do a Antonov An-225

  48. Feuer Ball

    Feuer BallHace 9 meses

    Hey, hast du mal drüber nachgedacht auch deutsche Videos zu machen? Natürliche verstehe ich auch Englisch es ist aber halt auch cool dich in deutschen videos zu sehen.

  49. M.

    M.Hace 9 meses

    You should get in touch with Airbus and fly your plane at their corporate functions. I bet that would be a huge hit. As this is my idea, I am hereby claiming a 'finder's fee' of 15% on all your corporate gigs.

  50. baseball_ inferno

    baseball_ infernoHace 9 meses

    Can't wait to see her flying!

  51. Aloha732

    Aloha732Hace 9 meses

    At the way this guy keeps building bigger and bigger, pretty soon the actual planes themselves will be battery powered.

  52. edi flash

    edi flashHace 9 meses

    No skip ads, no skip video...I suport you.

  53. Ray Sentana

    Ray SentanaHace 9 meses

    I never comment on videos but my god, this mans attention to detail is incredible. I hope I meet you some day man!

  54. kavi gavi

    kavi gaviHace 9 meses

    Please provide templates!!!!!! !


    DAN GAMERHace 9 meses

    Ramy rc you are amazing, the a350 is your most perfect and detailed projects and it leaves behind the Boeing 787, and Boeing 777

  56. Shekhar Asawara

    Shekhar AsawaraHace 9 meses

    Chuitye uda ti hai hi nai fir kis kaam ka sadak p chalaega ?

  57. Andy ́s Multikopter- Luftaufnahmen

    Andy ́s Multikopter- LuftaufnahmenHace 9 meses

    mega gute arbeit! der waaaahnsinnn!

  58. Madsito Fernandé

    Madsito FernandéHace 9 meses

    You did a so great job !!!!!

  59. kris tazz

    kris tazzHace 9 meses

    lmao taxi only i just seen what happened to his last plane lol "crash and burn"

  60. /Nico\

    /Nico\Hace 9 meses

    Wie hast du die Form für das Carbon gemacht (die aus dem 3d Drucker) 🤔🤔🤔

  61. Crazy boi

    Crazy boiHace 9 meses

    Are you saudi

  62. Muhammad Musharraf

    Muhammad MusharrafHace 9 meses

    I wand you on millions of subscribers

  63. DistinctFocus

    DistinctFocusHace 9 meses

    Just don't crash this beauty

  64. Naturally Raf

    Naturally RafHace 9 meses

    Yay!!! It's finally and perfectly done. I've been watching this build from the beginning. You are a legend!

  65. Jeremy Cooper

    Jeremy CooperHace 9 meses

    My guess is it's too heavy to get off the ground.

  66. Mason 360

    Mason 360Hace 9 meses

    Wrong. On his instagram he posted about his maiden flight and said it was a success.

  67. Oriol Borràs

    Oriol BorràsHace 9 meses

    Looking forward to see the take off of this great Plane !

  68. joeljude mohanasundaram

    joeljude mohanasundaramHace 9 meses

    how much will it take to build one of these?

  69. nio7007

    nio7007Hace 9 meses

    Great work. but because of this, I feel that you must implement a system of sensors and a computer to auto-correct the plane at anytime if needed to avoid unstable attitude. Of course this is easier said than done.

  70. Bruno Zambrano

    Bruno ZambranoHace 9 meses

    Wow 😍😍😍

  71. Rubik

    RubikHace 9 meses

    its a weapon! you need a license for this

  72. koo koo

    koo kooHace 9 meses

    very professional but I dono why u stick to passenger planes only

  73. Satya Daffa

    Satya DaffaHace 9 meses

    A330-900 neo

  74. eyeballbellyflop4

    eyeballbellyflop4Hace 9 meses

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    TABDROİDHace 9 meses

    İ realy want that plane.not only that.I WANT ALL

  76. Louis PANGOGO

    Louis PANGOGOHace 9 meses

    The model a350 you are making how much does it cost?

  77. Louis PANGOGO

    Louis PANGOGOHace 9 meses

    How much does one Airbus a350 cost?

  78. Louis PANGOGO

    Louis PANGOGOHace 9 meses

    Man you and your team are genius.....

  79. 667theredeemer

    667theredeemerHace 9 meses

    Amazing Work! ❤️❤️❤️

  80. Abdul Kader

    Abdul KaderHace 9 meses

    This beautiful plane deserve some good EDF.

  81. MrMonteillard

    MrMonteillardHace 9 meses

    Dude, coming from the video of the crash of the 787,where comments are disabled, I really hoped you learned something from it. To fly big models like this you need more understanding of how airplane fly. At the time your explanations were completely off, people corrected you and you didn't listen. I really hope this doesn't happen again and that your mistakes were learning points for you. Hopefully you have : airspeed sensor that reports back to you in real time, because you won't be able to properly judge speed by eye. Learned to unload the wing before trying anything else because aileron will deepen the stall on the stalled wing. And that rudder can be a life saver. Safe flights

  82. Tobias Baumgartner

    Tobias BaumgartnerHace 9 meses

    I want to be on what you were on

  83. ldnspotter

    ldnspotterHace 9 meses

    Damn. That is huge!

  84. Saif Rizk

    Saif RizkHace 9 meses

    Can you make a 747-8 rc plane

  85. Abdussamad Hamid

    Abdussamad HamidHace 9 meses


  86. Tim Swift

    Tim SwiftHace 9 meses

    your amazing. im inlove with that plane. Great job man, my hat is off to you.

  87. Yoav Hofstein

    Yoav HofsteinHace 9 meses

    just imagine what happens if he crash this plane into a tree

  88. fostergrip

    fostergripHace 9 meses

    It is absolutely beautiful! I have watched you build this from the beginning and I am SO proud of you! Good on ya mate. Cant wait to see it airborne. Cheers!

  89. David Christie

    David ChristieHace 9 meses

    Hi Remy, why do you always fry in the grass? Why don't you fly it on the concrete runway?

  90. robertscottsperling

    robertscottsperlingHace 9 meses

    Awesome plane ✈️ but it needs more power.

  91. Larry Fisherman

    Larry FishermanHace 9 meses

    Only thing I hate is shadow legends is promoting gambling it’s not even a game , please take another sponsor

  92. Stéphane Millien

    Stéphane MillienHace 9 meses

    Pull the flaps halfway out to take off. Wonderful aircraft.

  93. Shortcut Ronny

    Shortcut RonnyHace 9 meses

    I simply dont like the antennas on top of the fuselage. It ruins the very autentic look.

  94. WumNet

    WumNetHace 9 meses

    Ich wusst gar nicht dass du ein Deutscher bist :)

  95. Himesh Vadoliya

    Himesh VadoliyaHace 9 meses

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  96. Jason Kwon

    Jason KwonHace 9 meses

    Can I pleas ask if you ever considered making scale Cessna 182? Would similar construction methods using foams and glues work for scale project for Cessna 182? I own 8kg Cessna 182 scale model from hanger 9. I was wondering if I should attempt making electric one using foam construction.

  97. Afterthis101

    Afterthis101Hace 9 meses

    What a gorgeous aircraft! It looks like the ground friction is a bit too high on a grass surface, though. If you partially deploy the flaps, the thrust should be just fine for takeoff. Once you're in the air, retract the flaps to increase rate of climb. Thanks for sharing this project with us, Ramy. I learned quite a bit from the build series. Can't wait to see the maiden flight.

  98. Feroza Khan

    Feroza KhanHace 9 meses

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  99. ookland81

    ookland81Hace 9 meses

    How can you bring that out to roll around the ground but not let it up into the air. Traveling along on the grass, it looks like its busting to take off.

  100. PropRotor Nut

    PropRotor NutHace 9 meses

    Most beautiful RC airliner ever!🙂

  101. Darrell Ellis

    Darrell EllisHace 9 meses

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  102. Mason 360

    Mason 360Hace 9 meses

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  103. Kouminin Kanwore

    Kouminin KanworeHace 9 meses

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  104. Sean Nombo

    Sean NomboHace 9 meses

    12:34 that is how the real a350 spoiler deploys

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    KazuhiraHace 9 meses

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    Advaith KrishnaHace 9 meses

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    ShiyamHace 9 meses

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