Giant RC Airbus A380-800 build video Part 1, My biggest build ever!

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  1. Ramy RC

    Ramy RCHace un mes

    I'm excited to finish this one 😍

  2. Ralph

    RalphHace 13 horas

    A380 plus please!!

  3. Kamal Bh Lohar

    Kamal Bh LoharHace 7 días

    @Jhuz Chea yeah, the Queen of the Skies , it will be great as there are many models of other planes but a very few and accurate models of 747.

  4. Jhuz Chea

    Jhuz CheaHace 7 días

    How about Boeing 747 please 🙏 i want to see

  5. Gerhard Reinig

    Gerhard ReinigHace 10 días

    Why not using Kevlar for stabilizing the structure? Why the nose fiber and no carbon?

  6. Max 55

    Max 55Hace un mes

    Next do boeing 747 pls

  7. kushal joshi

    kushal joshiHace 25 minutos

    I really like planes . I wish to fly them.

  8. playmangostin giu

    playmangostin giuHace 10 horas

    next time do a boeing to make those disliker happy...

  9. Zentiste

    ZentisteHace 23 horas

    Me: Do a paper plane This guy: I can do a flying "mini" Airbus A380 ultra realist

  10. D Heyes

    D HeyesHace un día

    Ramy, I’ve been a subscriber for a little less than a year and I am just mesmerized by your work. Amazingly tedious and creative but all of your countless hours always end with an astonishing product.I commend you for your dedication. This build is going to be like nothing else. I can’t wait for the completion.

  11. Foxs

    FoxsHace 2 días


  12. XxPsychoRhinoxX Luke

    XxPsychoRhinoxX LukeHace 2 días

    Really looking forward to seeing this one come together; I can tell your skills and techniques have only gotten better!

  13. Elaine Haddad

    Elaine HaddadHace 3 días

    😐 sorry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Davide Siclari

    Davide SiclariHace 3 días

    With all the time and efforts you're putting in what you do, together with the expenses, probably by now you would be an experienced real pilot.

  15. mojust777

    mojust777Hace 3 días

    would be too sad if only one piece is crafted out of your awesome molds and never used again

  16. Haroldas Kulvietis

    Haroldas KulvietisHace 4 días

    What are you putting in the molds for the last layer? Looks something like paper and for what reason?

  17. Algebra

    AlgebraHace 4 días

    Hey Ramy, Nice video! When will you make a Q&A about you?

  18. Best Editz

    Best EditzHace 4 días

    Put etihad livery on this a380

  19. The Frequent Flyer

    The Frequent FlyerHace 5 días

    what scale is this?

  20. Ayan Khan

    Ayan KhanHace 6 días

    Can’t wait to see for this!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  21. Leo

    LeoHace 7 días

    Too many steps, too many procedures and layers of fabric ang glue and OMG I WILL NEVER SUCCEED DOING THIS

  22. Arya

    AryaHace 9 días

    Most patient man in the world 😂 i would get triggered at the time in the first two days 😂

  23. Nicolás Ramallo

    Nicolás RamalloHace 10 días

    Hello, how are you? Congratulations your channel is great! I would like to build an 81 inch cessna 182 skylane. I appreciate if you can recommend a link to get a mold to do it. Thanks a lot! Greetings from Uruguay

  24. Vele Korunoski

    Vele KorunoskiHace 10 días

    The King Of The Skies is getting built!!!

  25. Vele Korunoski

    Vele KorunoskiHace 10 días

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS, A380 FINALLY, now please Qantas livery would be the best

  26. Jorg Kathage

    Jorg KathageHace 10 días

    Hi, Ramy, was ist das für ein Toller den du in der Form aufträgst? Nimmst du nicht mehr den Presto Sprüchspachtel?

  27. w0monty

    w0montyHace 10 días

    Can we get a Shhheeeeshhh train?

  28. RTX TV

    RTX TVHace 11 días

    arif abi sen'misin

  29. markale samuel

    markale samuelHace 12 días

    Wow that thing is HUGE. Imagine of you build the AN 225. Well you never know what the future holds.

  30. nigelcarren

    nigelcarrenHace 12 días

    Click bait!!!! It would appear that an A380 is an aircraft and not a giant fountain-pen as the thumbnail would suggest!! 🤔🤣😂 Keep up the great work! 🏆⚒️🇬🇧

  31. Tyrone Clarke

    Tyrone ClarkeHace 13 días

    Thank you for sharing. Very impressive indeed. Your attention to detail is at the next level. I’ve subscribed too. Cheers from Perth WA.

  32. Laukie

    LaukieHace 13 días

  33. Pbbonano

    PbbonanoHace 13 días

    To align the 3D printed pieces try using small pins or similar

  34. GAMER_NERF Aviation

    GAMER_NERF AviationHace 14 días

    What livery will be put in it? Emirates, Ana, or inhouse?

  35. Roddy Allan

    Roddy AllanHace 14 días

    Very good moulding technique, I hope you build carbon fiber wing spars, the full size ones were built in 3 sections each 10m long and the wing skins were one piece 30m long !

  36. jesus inzunza

    jesus inzunzaHace 14 días

    Would you consider building one for me to fly in? I have a 15,000 usd budget

  37. Andrew Wang

    Andrew WangHace 15 días

    This could be used to deliver a serious amount of snacks

  38. Revert FPV

    Revert FPVHace 16 días

    Ramy in my language means frames so your name seems strange at least

  39. On the mainline

    On the mainlineHace 16 días

    Could you do it in the Qatar Airways livery please?? :)

  40. sigit rahadi

    sigit rahadiHace 16 días

    ANA✈ honolulu livery 😍😍

  41. Raihana Ilyas

    Raihana IlyasHace 17 días

    COOL you are a hard worker keep up ramy RC you are best

  42. Trevor G Welch

    Trevor G WelchHace 19 días

    You Must Be An Engineer / How Much Is The 380 If Someone was To Buy One Built From You Ready Built As a Display Model ? Non Flying . ? Cheers Thank You .

  43. Billy Andriamahazomandimby

    Billy AndriamahazomandimbyHace 19 días

    Please sell them!

  44. Hamza XKurumi

    Hamza XKurumiHace 19 días

    Question will you ever make an airbus a340?

  45. Bo Hogland

    Bo HoglandHace 20 días

    Keep up the good work! Your knowledge of the electrical wiring is just incredible!

  46. Pierre Duboué-Sadron

    Pierre Duboué-SadronHace 21 un día

    Airbus has just stopped making his last A380 last week ? No way ! Rami is taking over !!

  47. עמית סידי

    עמית סידיHace 21 un día

    I enjoyed watching your video, you are a real professional, well done.

  48. Brian Kidwell

    Brian KidwellHace 22 días

    I consider completing an ARF plane a reasonable accomplishment for myself. What you do is truly amazing, artistic geometry. Thank you so very much for sharing.

  49. ned ard

    ned ardHace 25 días

    0:00 Hevwan!

  50. Uwe Rolliciao55

    Uwe Rolliciao55Hace 25 días

    Du bist klasse, was Du baust top und fliegst ,klasse.....;-) Gruß Uwe

  51. Tom Mücke

    Tom MückeHace 25 días

    can items buy?

  52. Zane Gifford

    Zane GiffordHace 25 días

    If you make your own molds, why don't you include something for alignment? Some sort of full length hole for a steel rod that you can bold down and let it dry?

  53. Nebris BELKACEM

    Nebris BELKACEMHace 26 días

    Your 3mm default may results from the weight of the nose that make a lateral force from side to the symetry plane. While the printing is processing, plastic is too hot to support that weight.

  54. Someone.

    Someone.Hace 27 días

    What store did you get these materials? And where did to get the foam mold to mold the plane?

  55. Elise Corea

    Elise CoreaHace 27 días

    You need to be carefull when flying it. its so huge

  56. Robert Palmore

    Robert PalmoreHace 27 días

    I love your approach to mold making. I'm getting be quite a 3d printing enthusiast. Unfortunately my CAD skills are lacking. Working on it. My skills in fiberglass (didn't have carbon fiber available for what we were doing) are so old school it isn't funny. Build a plug. Paint, sand, repeat many times. Wax, many times. Tooling gel, light woven, heavy woven, roving. Pray it will separate. Ahhh, it did. Now you have a mold. After that point, it's about the same. Your approach bypasses several steps and almost directly go to mold.

  57. Atsushi Yamamoto

    Atsushi YamamotoHace 27 días

    How beautiful and exciting!

  58. Allan Skogsholm

    Allan SkogsholmHace 27 días

    still I see no metal pins to lock the mold pieces in between,

  59. daniel

    danielHace 28 días

    12:06 3D printers are known to warp the print a little sometimes. Also could be bed warp. One of the ways to reduce it is to use a glass bed on the printer.

  60. Douglas Puchalski

    Douglas PuchalskiHace 28 días

    Hard to watch due to the music. Irritating

  61. Nelson Baietti

    Nelson BaiettiHace 28 días

    Carbon is such un unbelievable material...

  62. BloxerBoys

    BloxerBoysHace 28 días

    C-5 or AN-225 with opening nose?

  63. Zachary Mohrmann

    Zachary MohrmannHace 29 días

    I don't believe I heard you say to what scale will this build will be... If you did and I missed it, I apologies...!

  64. i minabrons

    i minabronsHace 29 días

    Wonderful model and terrific patience. If it at all possible could you tell me what adhesive you are using to glue the parts together?

  65. Jack Let’s

    Jack Let’sHace un mes

    Hey man, I'm not sure you will see this comment but I am about to start my biggest project which will be a 9 foot long concord. I'm only 16 so I have to keep the materials somewhat affordable. I want to make the structure similar to the 787-9 dream lifter that you built. Do you know of any videos or sources online that would help me better understand how to create the structure for the fuselage? thanks! also I love your hard work and passion for the hobby!

  66. Aquib Haque

    Aquib HaqueHace un mes

    So what brimer did he use?

  67. Tarek Badawi

    Tarek BadawiHace un mes

    awesome work. Looking forwards to the final product. Hopefully, we get to see a 747-800 soon, which is in my honest opinion the most beautiful plane ever made.

  68. Pedro H Nogueira

    Pedro H NogueiraHace un mes

    Wow the biggest airplane

  69. Radith Bramayudha official gaming channel

    Radith Bramayudha official gaming channelHace un mes

    Please make a beluga airbus

  70. david2881

    david2881Hace un mes

    Do you have any plans to sell or free how to build a jet like the bvm super bandit type of jet?

  71. Art Peck

    Art PeckHace un mes

    Ramy, what’s up? You have been alarmingly silent. We are worried about you.

  72. Sarvad Paygude

    Sarvad PaygudeHace un mes

    Please Ramy I saw you today and I am a HUGE fan, please will you make a Su-37 Flanker, just like you did the viperjet, I can see the love and dedication you put in your planes, can you make that Su-37? PLEASE PLS PLS PLS, I heard it is a really nice aerobatics plane and I am disappointed not many people make it. PLS atleast will you try?

  73. ᴋᴏᴜsʜɪᴋ ɢᴏᴡᴅᴀ_s_ᴍ

    ᴋᴏᴜsʜɪᴋ ɢᴏᴡᴅᴀ_s_ᴍHace un mes

    I want to do like this what should I study for it Please 🥺 please 🥺 please 🥺. .....??????

  74. Jahanzaib Bashir

    Jahanzaib BashirHace un mes

    great man wd great work. keep it up sir. love from Pakistan

  75. Vedant Tiwari

    Vedant TiwariHace un mes

    whare the heck are u

  76. V Sai janani

    V Sai jananiHace un mes

    Hi ramy. I am madhavan, waiting for the next video

  77. wincrasher2007

    wincrasher2007Hace un mes

    Wow, she is going to be tremendous!

  78. Frank G.

    Frank G.Hace un mes

    So cool.... echt schön …👌👍👍👍👍👍

  79. Elzat Storm

    Elzat StormHace un mes

    Can you make 747-8i? Configure a larger engine, and a longer body. Achieved a technological breakthrough, and the length of the aircraft exceeded 7 meters

  80. Julian Garcia

    Julian GarciaHace un mes



    ASWIN GAMERHace un mes

    Next a Cessna 172 irl size

  82. Tom White

    Tom WhiteHace un mes

    Awesome build thus far

  83. Google Poodle

    Google PoodleHace un mes

    how did you get all dimensions? I just bought a printer but I dont know what software to use thanks in advance

  84. Zbyněk Chmela

    Zbyněk ChmelaHace un mes

    Hi Ramy, try printing molds with large brim if you have problems with prints peeling off. It is better than rising bed temp crazy high. Amazing work man!

  85. Jesús Tequida

    Jesús TequidaHace un mes

    What is the scale?

  86. Roxana M

    Roxana MHace un mes

    Your channel turned 12 years last 2nd march Ramy rc

  87. Roxana M

    Roxana MHace un mes

    This bigger than your old airbus A380 you build previously

  88. Roxana M

    Roxana MHace un mes

    Is this a380 presented for the retired the super jumbo

  89. u Suryakumar

    u SuryakumarHace un mes

    Where do you get these ideas


    THEDARKLORDHace un mes

    My goodness!! Making a giant aeroplane is incredible itself and just 4 kg !! i think maximum it would go around 25-30 kg and with 4 engines of 8 kg thrust it would like 32 kg thrust on 20-30 kg plane!! it would get disappear in sky!! But we must have to wait for around 1 year to see this beauty flying!

  91. Mynem Esjeff

    Mynem EsjeffHace un mes

    Damn this is a big build

  92. Drew Brown

    Drew BrownHace un mes

    id never even considered the fact these large rc models were fiberglass and carbon fibre before i found this channel. I always assumed the large models would be over the weight limits and need no end of paper work but im considering getting a 3D printer now lol. Ive always wanted one and this would be as good a reason as any to get one

  93. TONY M

    TONY MHace un mes

    ramy you are a genius ... I would like you to make us a video of how you make your mold designs, what program do you use to make the mold impressions ... your work is incredible. regards

  94. Presiden Craft

    Presiden CraftHace un mes

    Untuk harga pesawatnya brapa ya

  95. Ferrariman601

    Ferrariman601Hace un mes

    I can’t believe the skill you have - you are a true master craftsman.

  96. John G

    John GHace un mes

    Ramy, what is the primer you are using? John

  97. aws almousa

    aws almousaHace un mes

    كفو والله انك وحش، اذا لك فيها خلينا نعمل شغل بالكويت، lets do busines in kuwait

  98. Lavinz Bro

    Lavinz BroHace un mes

    Ramy can you help for me

  99. Sekigan No Ou

    Sekigan No OuHace un mes

    What is the name of the designing software you used?? And btw, really excited to see this one fly. Hope to see the 747 too very soon.

  100. ToDasBest RcGarageofDreams

    ToDasBest RcGarageofDreamsHace un mes

    You think you’ll ever get one to fly 3 or 4 mile out and back? Would love to watch that.... Another GREAT BUILD!

  101. Eastern 001

    Eastern 001Hace un mes

    Ramy you are my inspiration to become a plane engineer for boeing or airbus or just making rc planes like you :)

  102. Dwayne Montanez

    Dwayne MontanezHace un mes

    ramy when you will upload part 2

  103. PARDOZY

    PARDOZYHace un mes

    PART 2 😃

  104. Volks Yes

    Volks YesHace un mes

    Next will be bigger..... An225.... Cool man very cool🤙🤙🤙

  105. Daniel Steil

    Daniel SteilHace un mes

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