Hand trend thingy #shorts



  1. Jazzy Rivera

    Jazzy RiveraHace 4 horas

    Ohhhh say lessss

  2. Yasmeen Jumaa

    Yasmeen JumaaHace un día

    “SaY LesS

  3. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuyHace un día

    Bruh I wasnt expecting that I thought he gonna take the money and do the hand thing again

  4. Muhammet aydın

    Muhammet aydınHace 2 días


  5. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinHace 2 días

    It’s funny how she goes through all possible things but her first thought it to put her head in mid hand

  6. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuHace 3 días

    People:thinking it's cute... Me: staring at her nice hair..🥺🥺💕

  7. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuyHace un día

    هل يوجد هنا من مسلم استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه

  8. Jshdhb Idjdnj

    Jshdhb IdjdnjHace 3 días


  9. yuoop noke

    yuoop nokeHace 4 días

    She’s a keeper, not a lot of girlfriends would’ve given their money. #HealthyRelationship

  10. Siti Muarofah

    Siti MuarofahHace 5 días


  11. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinHace 2 días

    SaY lEsS

  12. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanHace 5 días

    It’s funny how she goes through all possible things but her first thought it to put her head in mid hand

  13. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiuHace 3 días

    You no he wanted the money 😂

  14. David Alvarez

    David AlvarezHace 5 días


  15. hoes mad

    hoes madHace 7 días


  16. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaHace 7 días

    It’s funny how she goes through all possible things but her first thought it to put her head in mid hand

  17. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka HodanHace 5 días

    Entha monusee 😂😂

  18. ritchie 9132000

    ritchie 9132000Hace 7 días

    I just got the worst smell of shit when she sat down and I’m not even capon

  19. G'S Puppet TV

    G'S Puppet TVHace 7 días

    Wut the fuck

  20. Willy Dyan saputra

    Willy Dyan saputraHace 7 días


  21. david olusola

    david olusolaHace 8 días

    So thats a literal sign for back that ass up?

  22. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaHace 7 días


  23. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovHace 8 días

    It’s funny how she goes through all possible things but her first thought it to put her head in mid hand

  24. Damonie Miller

    Damonie MillerHace 8 días

    OHAh SEY less

  25. GABRIELLE Sara

    GABRIELLE SaraHace 8 días

    Oh shallot shallaya

  26. محمد عسيري عسيري

    محمد عسيري عسيريHace 8 días

    هل يوجد هنا من مسلم استغفر الله العظيم واتوب اليه

  27. 23kmaceii

    23kmaceiiHace 8 días


  28. 23kmaceii

    23kmaceiiHace 7 días

    @wnnalis cioov 😂

  29. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioovHace 8 días


  30. 23kmaceii

    23kmaceiiHace 8 días

    SaY lEsS

  31. Nevaeh Vogler

    Nevaeh VoglerHace 8 días

    You no he wanted the money 😂

  32. keila manqueo

    keila manqueoHace 8 días

    Hola chica chico noche el auto >:V 😞💀

  33. •Willøw•-•Chan•

    •Willøw•-•Chan•Hace 9 días

    He just yeet that phone like it’s nothing-

  34. Arun krishna

    Arun krishnaHace 9 días

    Entha monusee 😂😂

  35. •c o o k i e•

    •c o o k i e•Hace 9 días

    He really just tested the phone out of existence

  36. Angel King

    Angel KingHace 9 días

    OhOhOh SaY LeSs

  37. JP10

    JP10Hace 9 días


  38. MineKool

    MineKoolHace 9 días

    Is there any girl who would do this on there own tho? N O obviously.

  39. greencube fox

    greencube foxHace 9 días

    0:12 WHAT IS THIS

  40. Ijd86bhdbbitch

    Ijd86bhdbbitchHace 9 días

    It would of been funny if he yeeted her and wanted something else

  41. Ice panda 10

    Ice panda 10Hace 9 días

    She is so cute

  42. Řęx

    ŘęxHace 9 días

    Tiktok is just getting worse every time there's a new post uploaded.

  43. Juaniboii On switch

    Juaniboii On switchHace 9 días


  44. Dano

    DanoHace 9 días

    Kill me

  45. thirsty duck

    thirsty duckHace 9 días

    But what about the fingers

  46. Lives_Gaming

    Lives_GamingHace 9 días

    I woulda kept the money...

  47. Vath

    VathHace 9 días

    the hand still need something. girl: (time for my final form) girl: shard a doo doo on the hand

  48. ProneMan OldButYoung

    ProneMan OldButYoungHace 9 días

    The Kardashians would approve of this. I'm sorry to say......

  49. The Sandman

    The SandmanHace 9 días

    That's the right attitude tho

  50. kawaiixmoon

    kawaiixmoonHace 9 días

    The fact that he just threw the phone- 💀

  51. Haris Razmi

    Haris RazmiHace 9 días

    What have we become? From society with hope to this nonsense lust.

  52. Sergo Khechuashvili

    Sergo KhechuashviliHace 9 días

    So he needed shit 🤔

  53. Řęx

    ŘęxHace 9 días


  54. Robert

    RobertHace 9 días

    Oh sh*t

  55. Kartoffel Diego

    Kartoffel DiegoHace 9 días

    Me who is single for lifetime: Yeah, cool I guess {Sadge}

  56. itslazypotatogaming

    itslazypotatogamingHace 9 días

    Thats say less got me XD

  57. Matthew Ruiz

    Matthew RuizHace 9 días

    This needs to take off

  58. Nadia Ammar

    Nadia AmmarHace 9 días

    🤣🤣🤣say lesss


    FIREFLY BBXHace 9 días

    Actual waifu material

  60. charlie bowen_coleman

    charlie bowen_colemanHace 9 días


  61. Alyssa Calin

    Alyssa CalinHace 9 días

    Her voice tho🤣

  62. Not A Human

    Not A HumanHace 9 días

    When he threw the phone my face went from 😑😐 to "WTF🤯😳😮

  63. Raeleigh Castillo

    Raeleigh CastilloHace 9 días

    She really said Ohoahhh say less😏😏😏

  64. Itz_MIMI

    Itz_MIMIHace 9 días

    The picture on her phone tho- 😂😅

  65. jujube Molina

    jujube MolinaHace 9 días

    WTF 😂 she say ohhh say less

  66. backsound copyright

    backsound copyrightHace 9 días

    Netizen indo.. I want to try it

  67. VHS Underground

    VHS UndergroundHace 9 días

    I hate people

  68. Akun 15

    Akun 15Hace 9 días

    Poor world

  69. Isa Martínez

    Isa MartínezHace 9 días

    His hand: tap tap tap Me: 🤤 kshzkh

  70. FOshoSquAd squad

    FOshoSquAd squadHace 9 días

    OhOHHhH sey less

  71. Glitchtrap

    GlitchtrapHace 9 días

    Uhhhh no thanks I'll head out but like

  72. morro_ ninjago

    morro_ ninjagoHace 9 días


  73. qokigoaty

    qokigoatyHace 9 días


  74. Scarlett Thoda

    Scarlett ThodaHace 9 días

    I think he want your hand

  75. Mapotat

    MapotatHace 9 días

    i think i know where this is going

  76. hime chan

    hime chanHace 9 días

    Dalga mı geçiyorsun canim ?

  77. OddOccult

    OddOccultHace 9 días

    Bro she’s not a gold digger she actually gave him 100 bucks sheesh

  78. Marcela Franco

    Marcela FrancoHace 9 días


  79. †FUNKEN†

    †FUNKEN†Hace 9 días

    the fuck

  80. maxime L60

    maxime L60Hace 9 días

    C'est quoi cette voix horrible qu'elle a...

  81. Yvanna Zoe Villaver

    Yvanna Zoe VillaverHace 9 días

    *ohOooooOh* sAy lEAaaAssS

  82. Gnomo Sunderland

    Gnomo SunderlandHace 9 días


  83. {XCloverX}

    {XCloverX}Hace 9 días


  84. Kim Tillman

    Kim TillmanHace 9 días

    Are these 2 grown ups or children?

  85. Eliot Hernandez

    Eliot HernandezHace 9 días

    si that was nice

  86. Hector Sabillon

    Hector SabillonHace 9 días

    Ayyy yo ok lol that had me off gard😂😂😂😂

  87. Franekcyp

    FranekcypHace 9 días

    Yay I'm the 800th comment

  88. Ural Arif

    Ural ArifHace 9 días

    Such a dope trend, it's totes yeet yo, so dope and cool


    NORTH MEMPHISHace 9 días

    Thats a Atlanta quote.. Plus: its old🙄.. But new to her or y'all I guess .idk✌️🙏.. Gdspd+

  90. Realme X2pro

    Realme X2proHace 9 días

    Tik Tok + Snap chat + retards = COVID 19.

  91. Joey T

    Joey THace 9 días

    That’s a good woman

  92. العقيد معمر القذافي

    العقيد معمر القذافيHace 9 días

    fellas you need a room ?

  93. Mr. Incognito

    Mr. IncognitoHace 9 días


  94. Anna Plays

    Anna PlaysHace 3 días

    At least they aren’t boring

  95. Unknown シ

    Unknown シHace 9 días

    ooOoH sAy lEssS

  96. Noah Kelly

    Noah KellyHace 9 días

    I can’t believe that I watched this

  97. Fatakaf

    FatakafHace 9 días

    are we not gonna speak about the "honda" tattoo on his arm

  98. royal

    royalHace 9 días

    The way she ohOAh Sayyy less

  99. mochi jimin

    mochi jiminHace 9 días


  100. Ghoulish Clips

    Ghoulish ClipsHace 9 días

    He messed it up

  101. Andrei Hm

    Andrei HmHace 9 días

    The last one was kinda 18+ but ok

  102. V I B E S ツ

    V I B E S ツHace 9 días


  103. Greeneyes Whitewarrior

    Greeneyes WhitewarriorHace 9 días

    That’s a good one

  104. Joanie Harris

    Joanie HarrisHace 9 días

    Why she talk like that?

  105. happy spider

    happy spiderHace 9 días

    that phone isnt okay

  106. The IRLC System

    The IRLC SystemHace 9 días

    And y'all wonder why your man can't communicate for shit. 🙄🤣

  107. nugget oof

    nugget oofHace 9 días

    He so lucky...

  108. Michael Jackson

    Michael JacksonHace 9 días

    So cringe

  109. Royd :D

    Royd :DHace 9 días

    Wtf xD