HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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WARNING: for horse!
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  1. Vivziepop

    VivziepopHace 7 días

    HELLUVA BOSS MERCH AVAILABLE ► sharkrobot.com/vivziepop Pilot Episode ► esdos.info/gone/v-deo/sc7DzYSn0MebhZk.html Episode One ► esdos.info/gone/v-deo/x87BtXmdq8p-gJ0.html Episode Two ► esdos.info/gone/v-deo/zdLQ3IiclppseLY.html Episode Three ► esdos.info/gone/v-deo/tMnK2J2gvq-Zlsw.html Episode Four ► esdos.info/gone/v-deo/k7yo2JuOtNGfc9A.html

  2. vermelon

    vermelonHace un día

    Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

  3. Carmen Angulo

    Carmen AnguloHace 4 días

    0 l Prv^¿*^^

  4. Slyuniform

    SlyuniformHace 5 días


  5. Alisha Fox

    Alisha FoxHace 5 días


  6. William Newell

    William NewellHace 5 días

    Congrats on number 1 in trending!

  7. glow gacha unicorn and adopt me girl

    glow gacha unicorn and adopt me girlHace 4 horas

    At first my mind is there dating

  8. Ann Celso

    Ann CelsoHace 4 horas

    Ahhh. I fucking love this damn show.

  9. Oster Zone

    Oster ZoneHace 4 horas

    Moxxie loves guns & music, and what can we see on his gun? A little ♪.

  10. Zelig-Shaine

    Zelig-ShaineHace 4 horas

    the action scenes are amazing !!!

  11. PS5

    PS5Hace 4 horas

    1:00 when the imposter is sus 🤭😮

  12. Nicholaus Buthmann

    Nicholaus ButhmannHace 4 horas

    Let's have a crossover with "Harvest Moon & Stardew Valley" with these two !.....Hee, Hee, Hee !

  13. PS5

    PS5Hace 4 horas

    1:44 Millie: Texas Roadhouse when somebody has a birthday

  14. KitKatt

    KitKattHace 4 horas

    Millies "sister" has the horn design for male imps. Nice Touch of Trans Pride Viv.

  15. Alexandra Bakly

    Alexandra BaklyHace 4 horas

    This is my favorite episode so far holy shit xD

  16. PhantomHauntings

    PhantomHauntingsHace 4 horas

    anyone else notice how every imp had different horns, even families, yet Moxxie and Striker have nearly the exact same horns?

  17. kaydar2.0

    kaydar2.0Hace 4 horas

    Can the next episode be about mindcontrol

  18. Lively lopunny

    Lively lopunnyHace 4 horas

    For anyone who sees this comment. Reply if you want to if you do here is a question. Do you have Discord? If you do I will give you the link to my server. Only if you want to. If you don't want to that is okay with me.

  19. Ravey Vixen

    Ravey VixenHace 4 horas

    Damn it strikers hot DX curse you Norman reedus

  20. Mina Ashido

    Mina AshidoHace 4 horas

    Hot snake like demon assassin 🥵

  21. Carlos Salgado Alicea

    Carlos Salgado AliceaHace 4 horas

    I really liked it. I was expecting the usual slaughter and wanton violence, but was pleasantly surprised by plot!

  22. el puppet

    el puppetHace 4 horas

    Chale fasty aún no sube la traducción 😔👊

  23. Mambaa711

    Mambaa711Hace 4 horas

    9:04 highlight of the episode

  24. Simon Villarreal

    Simon VillarrealHace 4 horas

    Is no one mentioning Loona saying no one deserves to hear her real name? Also that adorable family sticker on the back of the Imp Van

  25. percyengineproductions061

    percyengineproductions061Hace 4 horas

    15:15 fucko

  26. DellaSuz

    DellaSuzHace 4 horas

    12:54 idk bout y’all but this scene just AIN’T sitting right with me

  27. Osy Reals

    Osy RealsHace 4 horas

    13:43 wtf is happening? everything is amazing all of a sudden. The lighting, more frame rate, virtual movement. You name it!

  28. Nicholas Diaz

    Nicholas DiazHace 4 horas

    I Have Just Discovered This Series And I Have Watched it 7 time completely today alone.... I have a problem

  29. Rondra Teague

    Rondra TeagueHace 5 horas

    Please tell me the beginning is a dream

  30. flygoon

    flygoonHace 5 horas

    fcking Loona XD

  31. Voltic Cycle

    Voltic CycleHace 5 horas

    Anyone realized the dude tryna kill stolas is the dude who played Daryl Dixon

  32. Allie Roze

    Allie RozeHace 5 horas

    THIS WAS FLIPPIN EPIC...FRIGGIN LOVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS SO BAD*** 😂😂and Striker...single handedly one of the most compelling side characters I’ve had the pleasure of seeing so far...I was literally cheering for him to escape because I want more 🤩🤩and him saying he “got Blitzo” bro I killed over I was like no sir you do not want any of that Joker level of crazy, it’s like bonnie and Clyde imp edition and they’re enemies but him basically reading Blitzo and calling him Blitzy😍😍I went wild😜I love this show...just brilliant...perfect mix of characters, comedy, story, love the color schemes and design...THE ANIMATION I CANNOT DESCRIBE IT IS BEAUTIFUL, IMMERSIVE, AND amazingly realistic...AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OCTAVIA IS BRILLIANCE INCARNATE I haven’t related to a character so hard since Trevor FLIPPIN Belmont 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩way to go Pop Team 😊☺️☺️

  33. Allie Roze

    Allie RozeHace 4 horas


  34. Osy Reals

    Osy RealsHace 5 horas

    9:07 it was expected but this is the best way too show what was expected

  35. Osy Reals

    Osy RealsHace 5 horas

    8:09 tbh I miss those old time vivz animation had low frame rate. They should go back with the old low frame rate. Something about it seems remarkable

  36. Rozy_First

    Rozy_FirstHace 5 horas

    No bc that cowboy guy is fine as hell

  37. Treky Not

    Treky NotHace 5 horas

    Wow shes so rasist cuz hes gay and how hes deaf when she said that

  38. The MaxiMiner

    The MaxiMinerHace 5 horas

    T H A T 'S W H A T S H E S A I D

  39. Lincoln James

    Lincoln JamesHace 5 horas

    Moxie is my favorite character ever :)

  40. Syrup

    SyrupHace 5 horas

    The fact that you guys got NORMAN FUCKING REEDUS to voice Striker absolutely blows my mind. I love it!

  41. Panzy_Animations

    Panzy_AnimationsHace 5 horas

    We need episode 6 eeeeeeeeekkkk

  42. Nicolas P

    Nicolas PHace 5 horas

    0:39 if you ever feel useless, just remember that blitz(o) is a boy

  43. JohnsFire

    JohnsFireHace 5 horas

    9:07 How

  44. Noyoli Ruiz

    Noyoli RuizHace 5 horas

    Who else feels like Blitzo can stab his back with is horns

  45. Angelic Place

    Angelic PlaceHace 5 horas

    Luna came a lil too late at 16:01. But she did her best and that's all that matters! *smooches Luna on the cheek*

  46. Noyoli Ruiz

    Noyoli RuizHace 5 horas

    I feel like Moxie is me and Blitzo is my older brother

  47. Jabecto Komotaiツ

    Jabecto KomotaiツHace 5 horas

    Stella, you need to calm down, in a coffin of course✋

  48. WøŁ7 KI2S3D

    WøŁ7 KI2S3DHace 5 horas

    Damn, Norman Reedus nailed Striker!!

  49. favoredartist

    favoredartistHace 5 horas

    The irony is that at the beginning, Stolas says that he feels safe because it’s always the same at the festival.

  50. Captain Actually

    Captain ActuallyHace 5 horas

    This show is so good, I don't even care that the animation was choppy in places!

  51. soup331 Emd

    soup331 EmdHace 5 horas

    Calm down, the farmers are still planting their crops. You're gonna give them anxiety.

  52. Johny D luca

    Johny D lucaHace 5 horas


  53. YaminoMar

    YaminoMarHace 5 horas

    14:57 - 15:02 ; - Even thought Blitzø treats Moxxie like crap. The fearful expression at the thought of his gun shooting at him, plus the retaliation by attacking Striker got me - he does care

  54. Itz Ash

    Itz AshHace 5 horas


  55. Eutace Gaming

    Eutace GamingHace 6 horas

    Norman reedus from walking dead

  56. Shelby McL

    Shelby McLHace 6 horas

    How did I not notice Striker is voiced by Norman Reedus?

  57. Benjamin Boudreau

    Benjamin BoudreauHace 6 horas

    How they got Norman Reedus that's what I want to know

  58. BRAHIM AZZOUZ Mohamed

    BRAHIM AZZOUZ MohamedHace 6 horas

    Moxxie : exists Shark : its free real estate

  59. sergio acosta

    sergio acostaHace 6 horas

    totally love this cartoon, it's one of fav can't wait to next episode's comes out, Vizzie you totally make it huge fan of your amazing work congrats

  60. brisa gacha

    brisa gachaHace 6 horas

    Por FA sube hazbin hotel 😢

  61. Tatourice Reaver

    Tatourice ReaverHace 6 horas

    Great episode yall, ik its cliche but it just keeps getting better n better for sure

  62. Leonardo Tejeda S.

    Leonardo Tejeda S.Hace 6 horas

    Wtf wtf wtf 17:20 but he is in front of you, hahahahahahahahhahaha 😂😂😂🤣

  63. Patrick Lenigan

    Patrick LeniganHace 6 horas

    you can say a lot about Blitzo, but it is completely clear in this episode that, despite how he treats his employees, he is definately protective of them. FIERCELY protective! Complete respect for Blitzo.

  64. Kake_z

    Kake_zHace 6 horas


  65. Eleon Mhadu

    Eleon MhaduHace 6 horas

    Hey, Viv! I got an idea for ya: since you managed to get Norman Reedus in here, how's about you gets a CERTAIN ESdosr, KINDA like Brandon Rogers, except the Adult Content actually got de monetized, and he's name is Logan Thirtyacre from SML!

  66. Synstrike

    SynstrikeHace 6 horas

    16:44 best blitzo moment in this episode

  67. Shifty Eagle

    Shifty EagleHace 6 horas

    The got fucking NORMAN REEDUS?? I recognized his voice when I heard Striker, but I thought that maybe it was just someone who sounded exactly like him. How the FUCK did they get him to voice act for them? God damn, knowing they’ve got Daryl from TWD in here makes my respect for the show tenfold what it already was.

  68. Crisby

    CrisbyHace 6 horas

    Simplemente se pone vada vez mejor

  69. Visky Jam

    Visky JamHace 6 horas

    Bro he's been to wrath before

  70. zaky syekhan

    zaky syekhanHace 6 horas

    Part 4 pls

  71. lluN

    lluNHace 6 horas

    Stolas can be cute when he’s not being a lustful shithead

  72. VoreTube

    VoreTubeHace 6 horas


  73. aWebtoon reader

    aWebtoon readerHace 6 horas

    5:16 Look, when the games are mentioned Millie crosses her arms. One of many amazing details that didn't need to be done but were done anyway because of hard work and dedication :)

  74. Hailey Mamakwa

    Hailey MamakwaHace 6 horas

    How long this took you :0

  75. theboss360

    theboss360Hace 7 horas

    You guys should have add Alister in the background glitching somewhere for a few seconds in your next hell of a boss

  76. Some Guy

    Some GuyHace 7 horas

    I love this series but I got 1 nitpic Why is this gadget stealing son of a b A recurring character

  77. Beautiful Thomas

    Beautiful ThomasHace 7 horas

    why is this so funny and why did BLITZO MAKE STOLAS CHEAT ON HIS WIFE thf

  78. cat goku black

    cat goku blackHace 7 horas

    oh this is good

  79. AquamentusZero

    AquamentusZeroHace 7 horas

    This series is pure gold.

  80. Gracie Burden

    Gracie BurdenHace 7 horas


  81. Ultra_ shadow_kirby

    Ultra_ shadow_kirbyHace 7 horas

    Okay a genuine question Who makes all of the weapons in hell?(Not including the angel weapons, Obviously)

  82. Ryan Adams

    Ryan AdamsHace 7 horas

    Good stuff its a shame I really like Striker, shame he is badder than bad. Edit: NO FUCKING WAY, You Got Norman FUCKING REEDUS to voice act!?

  83. Lauren D

    Lauren DHace 7 horas

    Pause at 8:54.

  84. Ayotnom Elocin

    Ayotnom ElocinHace 7 horas

    no te entendi ni verga no se ingles

  85. XxYuri._.GachaxX

    XxYuri._.GachaxXHace 7 horas

    “MOTHER FU-“ i couldnt at that one-

  86. Ogima Dyami

    Ogima DyamiHace 7 horas


  87. Ooriley2

    Ooriley2Hace 7 horas

    Has moxie tried getting good

  88. Zaki

    ZakiHace 7 horas

    Release the songs on your ESdos channel for christ's sake!! They are just so good!

  89. Mami Chula

    Mami ChulaHace 7 horas

    17:09 Damn this episode is good, until her bad, fake accent ruined it. 😂

  90. Angie299

    Angie299Hace 7 horas

    Stolas really said 😦

  91. Structive INK

    Structive INKHace 7 horas

    I may not like all the content of Viv's shows but my god the animation is Eye Candy

  92. Joe Gremal

    Joe GremalHace 7 horas

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Drago knight

    Drago knightHace 7 horas

    Well demons from the wrath ring makes sense to like combat

  94. ZparityTheMajestic

    ZparityTheMajesticHace 8 horas

    Dang it, Loona. The ONE time they actually needed you. Lol

  95. Cat clawroblox

    Cat clawrobloxHace 8 horas

    I love LUNA so cute U3U

  96. DeAsia lovleydarkwolf

    DeAsia lovleydarkwolfHace 8 horas

    Plot? Weapons capable of killing demon royalty? Also different animation style?

  97. Juan MorSan

    Juan MorSanHace 8 horas

    I knew it had to be god old Daryl Dixon’s voice

  98. w1f ee

    w1f eeHace 8 horas

    A😁 hUmAn🥰 CaLlEd😳 Me🥺 A 😂pOsSuM 😽i 🧠Am NoT🍄 a ✨PoSsUm😏

  99. 444 Sage

    444 SageHace 8 horas

    I love this shit so much

  100. Gerino Piedra

    Gerino PiedraHace 8 horas

    If i win the lotterry ima support this channel cuz its some good shit

  101. Jose Barrios

    Jose BarriosHace 8 horas

    Did u hear something, it was just the wind. Lol

  102. Kadence Buck

    Kadence BuckHace 8 horas

    No one is talking about that the snake dude of the voice actor is from the walking dead

  103. PoliWaat!

    PoliWaat!Hace 8 horas

    lmao stolas in the back ground enjoying the blitz wrestling match like a godamn obsessed fujoshi who reads BL manga

  104. B U C K E T

    B U C K E THace 8 horas


  105. FlyingFireBall Master

    FlyingFireBall MasterHace 8 horas

    0:33 love how he puts out the cigarette on Blitzo. A little reference to his immunity to fire shown in Episode 1.

  106. Skeleton Beauty

    Skeleton BeautyHace 8 horas

    This is a god damn masterpiece