How To Properly Check An Airbag. Neutral Drop #Shorts

Cameraman shows you how to check your vehicle's airbag to make sure it works. Enjoy folks! Neutral Drop
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  1. Victor Magdaleno

    Victor MagdalenoHace 47 minutos

    Looks like coke in the airbag

  2. Bari Babar

    Bari BabarHace 2 horas

    Now u don't have airbag

  3. Victoria Palmer

    Victoria PalmerHace 3 horas

    Uber driver is shocked

  4. hunterdep1

    hunterdep1Hace 3 horas

    Stop vandalizing that ford you northern fuck


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 3 horas

    Potty mouth

  6. slick rik

    slick rikHace 3 horas



    NEUTRAL DROPHace 3 horas

    You too I thought it was just my family

  8. Ficson George

    Ficson GeorgeHace 3 horas

    Tiktok is cancer.

  9. Arvin Edrosa

    Arvin EdrosaHace 4 horas

    Unnecessary stupidity


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 3 horas

    Subscribe you'll see a lot more of it

  11. PocketStation Man

    PocketStation ManHace 5 horas

    Fucking idiot.

  12. Aaron Darren

    Aaron DarrenHace 6 horas

    Glad the bag didn't deployed

  13. S M

    S MHace 7 horas

    Check is there any engine in your car…

  14. Rohiniraman Chakrabarti

    Rohiniraman ChakrabartiHace 7 horas

    The battery must be disconnected 🤷🏻‍♀️ otherwise his face would look exactly like Edward scissor-hands.

  15. thananjeyan thanapathi

    thananjeyan thanapathiHace 8 horas

    டேய் மெண்டல்

  16. Isaiah Wheat

    Isaiah WheatHace 8 horas

    This is the type of guy to grab a chocolate bar and rip it open to see if anything looked bad in it then pay for it

  17. Danny Moses

    Danny MosesHace 9 horas

    The airbags like yooooo bro are you a freakin moron you cuttin me ova here

  18. ari1855

    ari1855Hace 10 horas

    Well, that was stupid.

  19. c sb

    c sbHace 11 horas

    Your fucking idiot

  20. c sb

    c sbHace 2 horas

    @SOLLIX yes you

  21. SOLLIX

    SOLLIXHace 10 horas



    GOKUVERTIXXHace 12 horas

    Just destroy your car then check

  23. Kiwi adventures

    Kiwi adventuresHace 12 horas

    Does the same to his parachute.

  24. Mahi Akash

    Mahi AkashHace 12 horas


  25. Enzo Leproni

    Enzo LeproniHace 13 horas

    An other stupid video

  26. Michael Khung

    Michael KhungHace 13 horas

    He is a genius..

  27. Sam Solmonson

    Sam SolmonsonHace 14 horas

    Had to do this to every recalled airbag at a junkyard I worked at.needs to happen so somebody dosen't try n buy an airbag that might kill them

  28. the RIOT

    the RIOTHace 14 horas


  29. Nomo Popo

    Nomo PopoHace 15 horas


  30. Naresh Pratap Singh

    Naresh Pratap SinghHace 15 horas

    Ummm...Now it is not safe....😂😂😂😂

  31. Felipe BarisonArts

    Felipe BarisonArtsHace 15 horas

    How to Basic: Destroying a Air Bag

  32. Angel Saldana

    Angel SaldanaHace 15 horas

    Plot twist: This isn't his car


    VIP GAMERHace 15 horas

    Rip air bag

  34. С С

    С СHace 16 horas

    Дээби... Лоо

  35. мaттнew

    мaттнewHace 16 horas

    Who are all these new fucks swarming the comments

  36. Mohammed Nagi

    Mohammed NagiHace 16 horas

    Safe to say 'don't try this at home'

  37. Rooster Lewis

    Rooster LewisHace 17 horas


  38. Алихан Ибрагим

    Алихан ИбрагимHace 17 horas

    TikTok is cancer

  39. rmw 3

    rmw 3Hace 18 horas

    Imagine being a Uber and a man wants to check ur airbags

  40. Prannu M

    Prannu MHace 19 horas

    This so the type of guy who uses the brown cardboard piece as toilet paper

  41. Gabe Henderson

    Gabe HendersonHace 20 horas

    This guy: “ I want to make sure the car would run, so I removed the engine”


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 19 horas


  43. DarkEssence

    DarkEssenceHace 20 horas


  44. Professor Frost

    Professor FrostHace 20 horas

    😂 he died

  45. 1987FX16

    1987FX16Hace 20 horas

    Damn this one got 39K views lol Hell yeah, neutral drop all day.

  46. avery york

    avery yorkHace 21 un hora


  47. TJLegionxxx

    TJLegionxxxHace 21 un hora

    Anyone with your accent can’t be trusted


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    I fkn wholeheartedly agree

  49. saucey _j

    saucey _jHace 21 un hora

    U dat in my car we gone have ta run da ones 😂

  50. HeihachiChaolan

    HeihachiChaolanHace 21 un hora

    Wtf is wrong with this niqqa


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    Saaaay whaaaaaaaat

  52. Coringa

    CoringaHace 22 horas


  53. Jeremy dark country Steckman

    Jeremy dark country SteckmanHace 22 horas

    If that was my ride hed have swallowed his teeth after that


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    I aint that easy

  55. Naiyron

    NaiyronHace 22 horas

    That’s like cutting someone’s head open and saying “I got to make sure their brain is in there” and slicing it to make sure it’s real😂😂


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    You get it

  57. Umi Baby

    Umi BabyHace 23 horas

    Sounds about White to me 😂


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    Homey please

  59. Anthony Baroni

    Anthony BaroniHace 23 horas

    An airbag is basically a bomb that is ready blow-up at any moment.


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    Tic tic tic

  61. Jeff Yeager

    Jeff YeagerHace 23 horas

    Tik tok = aids.....

  62. Chris Carter

    Chris CarterHace un día

    And I bet sometimes going to do the same thing

  63. Eka adhitya suwandana

    Eka adhitya suwandanaHace un día

    Tiktok makes you stupid


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    It wasn't tic tok

  65. Cashus Isbell

    Cashus IsbellHace un día

    You're an idiot

  66. Ánusha P

    Ánusha PHace un día

    😂😂😂you really are good at testing

  67. Logan Noble

    Logan NobleHace un día

    Yeah he will never get in my car

  68. Hurerler

    HurerlerHace un día


  69. n o

    n oHace un día

    Holy shit is this Irl scout?

  70. Brianna Lewis-Hankins

    Brianna Lewis-HankinsHace un día

    Well I know who isn’t getting in my car 😂

  71. Anand Pathanand

    Anand PathanandHace un día

    Two things are infinite : universe and human stupidity


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora


  73. Mark Chivers

    Mark ChiversHace un día

    Love the accent lol


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    Me too

  75. the wanderer

    the wandererHace un día

    It should be titled : How to get yourself killed in a car crash 101

  76. keepit100k Pz up

    keepit100k Pz upHace un día

    make the airbag a offer it cant refuse

  77. The Exile

    The ExileHace un día

    Wait till the airbag burst and smash your face. Harmful , dangerous and stupid. What if people follow this video and actually do it.


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 21 un hora

    Then there smart* they're

  79. COBBRA KIA sninper god

    COBBRA KIA sninper godHace un día

    Am not talking u on a ride with me bro

  80. The MEGA Gamer

    The MEGA GamerHace un día

    Good now their is no airbag

  81. Jayton O'Brien

    Jayton O'BrienHace un día

    Please mention that you are kidding because there is some karen going around on her (super informative and legit) mom groups and spreading the info.

  82. Aesthetic God

    Aesthetic GodHace un día

    Do not check the gender of the baby when your wife gets pregnant.

  83. Samuel Unknown

    Samuel UnknownHace un día


  84. Me

    MeHace un día

    Yeah , it is true .... Tiktok is full of Idiots !

  85. Michael B

    Michael BHace un día

    What does your ex think about their new airbag holder?

  86. J-kwon Smith

    J-kwon SmithHace un día

    You will not even see the tire marks of my car hell nah

  87. Servando Constantino de Jesus

    Servando Constantino de JesusHace un día


  88. shadow amundsen

    shadow amundsenHace un día

    Will good luck in the future hospital

  89. GreatGun Hater

    GreatGun HaterHace un día

    You should rather try crashing the card in one of your walls to make sure they work

  90. Jay Money

    Jay MoneyHace un día

    That my friend is what you call cocaine

  91. Geo Metall

    Geo MetallHace un día

    Imagine the owner of the car watching this guy cutting open the dashboard

  92. Dev Mishra

    Dev MishraHace un día

    You are a fool

  93. JemimakittenCat

    JemimakittenCatHace un día


  94. William Mckinney

    William MckinneyHace un día

    The shit people do for views

  95. Mr T

    Mr THace un día

    What a bluff

  96. jjgaming 2019

    jjgaming 2019Hace un día

    How fucking stupid are u

  97. AmalgoMyte

    AmalgoMyteHace un día


  98. amanda Richardson

    amanda RichardsonHace un día

    It cant work now. And it's ruened

  99. Epic Sauce

    Epic SauceHace 2 días

    “Safety” Ngl I love this type of humor

  100. An9L1c1sm

    An9L1c1smHace 2 días

    BOOOM knife goes flying... Very smart...

  101. Marisela Guevara

    Marisela GuevaraHace 2 días

    You ain't going to make it out alive if you do that

  102. Eric Schnautz

    Eric SchnautzHace 2 días


  103. Eric Schnautz

    Eric SchnautzHace 2 días

    @NEUTRAL DROP yo dog when you post a video to youtube, check to make sure it's not absolute garbage. One way you can check is by seeing if it has the tiktok logo lmfaooooo


    NEUTRAL DROPHace 2 días

    Please please take it back please please 🤣

  105. Larry Ordine

    Larry OrdineHace 2 días

    The " Yo Tony" accent tires to help sell the joke but just falls flat.

  106. Tri Agustin

    Tri AgustinHace 2 días


  107. Poly 88

    Poly 88Hace 2 días

    To check if my cars airbag is working I crash into my house then I also see if my house wall is working

  108. Tomax XXX

    Tomax XXXHace 2 días

    pretty sure this moron started the eat a tidepod challenge

  109. Tr4shGam3s

    Tr4shGam3sHace 2 días

    I ussualy try crashing in to a car to see if it works but yeah youre way is also good

  110. EliKle

    EliKleHace 2 días

    This isnt real right?

  111. rahul bhardwaj

    rahul bhardwajHace 2 días

    Bawli booje

  112. mr bokoblin

    mr bokoblinHace 2 días

    We do not cara about ur tiktok shit

  113. Temjen Wapang

    Temjen WapangHace 2 días

    Come on grow up idiot....

  114. Tony T

    Tony THace 2 días


  115. mubarak mohammed

    mubarak mohammedHace 2 días

    Driver to a wall and ull know if it's working or not