I really miss you... Chill vibes

I really miss you... Chill vibes
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Hi guys, every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, chill tracks, indie pop, pop soul, pop r&b and chill vibes playlist / best chill out music mix/ sad - beautiful love songs for my subscribers.
♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments.
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  1. Love Life Lyrics

    Love Life LyricsHace 3 meses

    Listen to this: bit.ly/Imagine_Dragons_Follow_You

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    fullmoon sunshineHace 2 días

    0 pl llll pub

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    @vitalii nim zyriah Zyriah

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  6. Imran Narine

    Imran NarineHace 8 días



    CIELO HERNANDEZHace 3 horas

    0:00 - Before You Go 3:37 - Forever 7:05 - 12 : 45 (stripped) 10:10 - Never Not 13:32 - Always, I'll Care 15:59 - Heather 19:17 - Falling Like Ths Stars 22:50 - Impossible 27:01 - Too Much I Miss YOu 30:10 - No Tears Left To Cry by Gmiller

  8. Mercy del Cid

    Mercy del CidHace 7 horas

    siempre busque una música que hiciera sacar todas mis emociones asta que encontré esta canción

  9. Van Le

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  10. Princess Manjay

    Princess ManjayHace 13 horas

    This makes me sad 😞

  11. Purple Cat

    Purple CatHace 14 horas

    I know I'm going to be lost in a sea of comments, but here's my story for why I'm here. No one around me has dies nor have I had a bad breakup or broke friendship. I have moved constantly my whole life, never stayed in one school system for more then 2 or 3 years. I can't help but to really connect deeply with friends and they become so important to me, but when I move they forget about me, as if I never happened n their life, at least that's the people who didn't take the opportunity of me leaving to stab me in the back before I left. It hurts me so much more then most because friends are so so so important to me. Only one person breaks this, Alexis. However, all this moving, 13+ times by the age of 16, and loosing friends, 3-12 people each move, made me extremely depressed. I refuse to get help because I feel like I don't "deserve"Depression. Not like anyone deserves depression, but certain people are allowed to be depressed. My friend who's trans, bi, with homophobic alcoholic divorced parents is an example of someone allowed to be depressed (this description describes a lot of people I've known) but someone with parents that occasionally fight, aren't exactly poor, but still have to save up money, has a pretty nice house with good stuff in the house, siblings who don''t abuse me, and parents that don't physically abuse me, that's an example of someone who isn't allowed to have depression, and that one is me. I'm not allowed. Or maybe its because I set a personal goal to high for myself always, even though I normally have lower then normal expectations from everyone else. That's because I feel like I have to solve everyone's problems and be perfect because I'll get in trouble if I'm not. But I'm very lenient on everyone else because "everyone has their own problems and difficulties and thats ok... unless you're me-". My mom only realized I had depression when I would scratch myself deep. I was terrified of sharp objects like razors and knives, but I also had long nails. When my sadness became so so overwhelming and I couldn't cry (because I'm not allowed to cry, as my parents have taught me) I'd dig my nails so deep and hard into my skin until the pain through out my body was all collected in those marks instead. My mom saw this as self harm, which I guess it was, and took me to the doctor. I took the test they wanted me to take to see if I had depression and accidentally realized I have extreme social anxiety. They asked me about my depression and I answered mostly truthfully, except for the last couple. "Do you want to kill yourself? Have you had thoughts of suicide in the past 2 months?" Obviously a no and a no from me cause I'm too scared to answer truthfully. The therapist went through the grading system with me to explain level 4 depression and said the only difference between level 4 and 5 is answering yes on either of the two last questions and would mean the difference between good measures and extreme measures in helping me. Oop, I wasn't prepared for that. I believe, at least for me, the only reason t stay alive while you're depressed is by hope. MY original hope was in Alexis and in my far far far future. Not 5 years from now or 10, maybe 15-30 years from now, a time where I can get the job I like and be able to roll with life gave me, sunny happy and warm. Then 2020 happened. It seemed, and still seems, like we'll never get rid of the masks. It feels like everyone's new hobby was burning buildings down. My parents continuously saying it will soon be the end of the world and we have to prepare in case we have to go off the grid, which scared me a lot because they were very serious. I had f-cking moved again, but my friends didn't care. The one friend who had said she'd be with me through anything and continuously said "we've gone though the same thing, o moving, we'll never not be friends". As soon as I told her I was moving "we can never be friend anymore, I will not even attempt to contact you after you leave, my mom is strict with covid rules and I can only talk with you for 5 minutes 10ft apart with masks on," and then she almost didn't show up. I found out I'm LGBT+ but I know no one I know who still cares about me will be ok with it (my family and maybe Alexis). I always was with Alexis for holloween party at her house, my birthday at my house, and her birthday at her house, but all of those gone as I moved 2,000+ miles away. we still keep in contact, maybe more then before even, bt still not enough... As I said, my only reason for staying here is my future and her. My hope is so far gone with a hope in the future. Before I thought it was a stretch to even hope this cause who knows where I'd be, but at least I'll be a zookeeper, I'll be dating or married, I'll have a cute cat and I'd be close to Alexis. But now, I no longer not just not know *where* I'd be as in city, now state and even if I'll be living with a roof over my head or if I'm living in the wild, I am now not sure if I want to be a zookeeper cause they don't pay well and I don't even know how to become one, I continuously getuglyyer and ugler and you can't fix a square ugly shaped head, so I'm too ugly for anyone to like me, and I'm also now over 2,000 miles away from my friend, the last thing to bring that hope into reality. The only other thing that brings me hope is Alexis. But I feel so disconnected with her and I wished at we could jsut be abke to hu each ohter, see each other, idk. I need more then words right now, especially hwen no one tinks I have depresssion. I am just so alone and I wish I could hug Alexis so tightly I continue to get closer to s-ic-de everyday, but I try to see what Alexis would see if I dissapeared. I can't do that to her, shes the only one who doesn't deserve it. Sorry it's so sloppy with hand writing and spellling. It's 2:13AM and I'm procrastinatin on homework. I was fixing spelling a whole lot throughout the thing, but noow I'm jsut too tired to fit the lat aprt.

  12. Waney agl

    Waney aglHace 16 horas

    I want u and only u ;') please don't go

  13. Isadora Azevedo

    Isadora AzevedoHace 21 un hora

    😭😭😓❤ Hi

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    aya touissiHace 22 horas

    bestplaylist evaaaar

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    tidak kreatifHace un día

    "aku mengira kamu benar benar mencintaiku, Tpi kenyataan kamu seperti mereka, Pergi dan meninggalkanku" Kaltara-16-april-2021 04:33

  16. 伊藤淳子

    伊藤淳子Hace un día

    Thank you many good night message and sorry too sleep well


    CHUNG XIN YIN MoeHace un día

    this song reminds me and my dog and now shes gone wow it feels someone trows a rock on your heart...

  18. Nguyen Thia

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  19. Steph the Trader

    Steph the TraderHace un día

    Hello can you please post the list of the songs from this wonderful compilation? 😊

  20. Rabia Karataş

    Rabia KarataşHace 2 días

    l really miss youu...

  21. Isabella Perez

    Isabella PerezHace 2 días

    no one said that it world last forever dam that hit hard

  22. Mar Mi

    Mar MiHace 2 días

    mis oidos RIP con la ultima cancion :/ el cover :/

  23. Mary Abby Angeles

    Mary Abby AngelesHace 2 días

    its really hard to leave your friends behind😪😢

  24. Millie Jabir

    Millie JabirHace 2 días

    makes me cry

  25. Nguyen Thia

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  26. Rei Anne Nicole Joson

    Rei Anne Nicole JosonHace 2 días

    last 2days my grandpa was Died because of Covid, sa dami dami ng ospital na pinuntahan nila ni isa ay walang tumanggap.. so sa car sya namatay🙃

  27. Rei Anne Nicole Joson

    Rei Anne Nicole JosonHace 2 días


  28. clarissa renata

    clarissa renataHace 2 días

    have you ever lost someone that you really loved? well i did

  29. Duong Pham

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  30. Yunus shaik

    Yunus shaikHace 3 días

    im an idiot i said i ddint need freinds abd lost my best

  31. Sahhh -w-

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    simplismente eu chorei ;-;

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    I like it

  35. Dekuu me child

    Dekuu me childHace 3 días

    "Nobody said that it would last forever" Damn that hit hard💔

  36. Dekuu me child

    Dekuu me childHace un día

    @i don't care XD finally someone noticed

  37. i don't care

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    No offence this is copied

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    Miss u

  41. Rogério Tratch

    Rogério TratchHace 3 días

    Vivemos em um mundo em que as pessoas parecem uma " galeria de quadros" embora a existência de pessoas ao nosso redor a solidão mutila as pessoas.

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  45. Vi Lô

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  46. Charlie Charlie

    Charlie CharlieHace 4 días

    It hurts to know that the one you like is in love with someone else.... And listening to this makes it hurt even more.... But knowing theres another person out there for you, waiting for you, is always good to know....

  47. Ayesha Lewis

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    amei i love

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    JALIYAH CHANHace 4 días


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    The embarrassed mouth inherently kick because turtle weekly educate as a subsequent produce. vivacious, possible support

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  55. Akillissouza vídeos

    Akillissouza vídeosHace 5 días

    Cara eu gosto muito da música ela me deixa feliz e também triste me tira a vontade de morrer

  56. Narciso Necesario

    Narciso NecesarioHace 5 días

    Before you go amp

  57. Nở Của

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  58. 赖qwei劲魂无悔

    赖qwei劲魂无悔Hace 5 días

    It's hurt when u care so much on people that called bestfriend but he/she just take u as a Atm or just nobody Hopefully evryone is fine and have a good day. Don't easily give up and just beat the best for ur better life. I'm enjoyed leave comment in utube, can meet brother and sister around the world. Thnk u everyone

  59. Bella Yo MaMa

    Bella Yo MaMaHace 5 días

    The cut character conjecturally remind because oven phenotypically imagine through a five bridge. ill-informed, berserk calculus

  60. Mia Mepper

    Mia MepperHace 5 días

    is it just me or did it play before you go

  61. Kája Macků

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    češi ja to miluju 🥺❤️❤️

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    i like it

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    My best playlist 💗

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    Love this🥰🥰

  65. RAMOS, Erin

    RAMOS, ErinHace 5 días

    idk but every time i used this sound while studying it makes me study more like what? it calms my mind and I did not notice I've been doing my homework straight.

  66. Rhona Mie Mongaya

    Rhona Mie MongayaHace 5 días

    What's the title of the second song please? Thanks 😊

  67. Sara Morais

    Sara MoraisHace 5 días

    Não faço ideia de quem vai estar lendo este comentário, MAS CARA, VOCÊ É INCRIVELMENTE INCRIVEEEEEEEEEEEL, ENTENDEU?!!!!!!

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  69. Sara Morais

    Sara MoraisHace 5 días


  70. John Black

    John BlackHace 6 días

    Que playlist linda!! Eu escutando sozinho me deixa quebrado e ainda mais distante de tudo..

  71. Runa Yomozuki

    Runa YomozukiHace 6 días

    So if someone need help, just talk to someone.It will help.I did and it helps.It maybe don't helps with everything but maybe a lot. :) Never give up and forgive in your self.By the way be happy and i love you!

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  74. Izuko Sensei

    Izuko SenseiHace 6 días

    It hurts but its okay, I;m already used to it I would say im fine but im done lying

  75. Gerry Lau

    Gerry LauHace 6 días

    The roomy mimosa phenomenologically camp because porch consquentially gaze underneath a hateful weed. rigid, brown icebreaker

  76. clarriccedu msp

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    I really miss you 💔

  77. analy nogueira

    analy nogueiraHace 7 días

    can someone tell me the name of all the songs???????

  78. Judith k. Z

    Judith k. ZHace 7 días

    Algo para decir adios a un amor y seguir el camino con mi hija para salir adelante sin mirar atras

  79. ruby sutton

    ruby suttonHace 7 días

    I miss the person that understands me the most...I think of her every night. I just want her to hug me and tell me that it's gonna be okay really. it's quite private and everything. But my teacher is the only person that truly understands and listens to me...I want her. I want to bump into her randomly. I want an email of her checking in on me. I want to talk to her like I did when I was at school. Now I'm shut inside hurting like hell man. It hurts like u wouldn't believe. But she and a few other people have made me want to live just a day longer man. Just her smile makes me wanna cry...if I leave her and she gets told. I feel like she would break tbh. She always says how proud she is that I wanna act and be like her. If only she was here to just assure me that I will live and that this pain won't last forever and that it will eventually end. I just WANT HER 😢💔




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    so jente ingles

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    Nyari lirik👉👈

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    He's already passed away.I miss u😓.Still waiting u😪

  86. Rosa Angélica Bautista Huamani

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    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción del minuto 16? :(

  87. sovit bajracharya

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    At 31:00 such horrible singing.

  88. I Am King ASSEMBLE

    I Am King ASSEMBLEHace 8 días

    You just copy the song

  89. I Am King ASSEMBLE

    I Am King ASSEMBLEHace 8 días

    It's lewis capaldi song

  90. Darkest Tommy

    Darkest TommyHace 8 días

    so beautiful

  91. Wemstyr

    WemstyrHace 8 días

    its so baD!

  92. Phyu Thant Syn

    Phyu Thant SynHace 8 días

    what is the name of first song?

  93. Trung Trần

    Trung TrầnHace 8 días

    it's not chill, just so sad :((((((

  94. Streexmilk

    StreexmilkHace 8 días

    this songs here are really chill by Love me Life Lyrics you have the best songs!!

  95. Scarlet and Samantha

    Scarlet and SamanthaHace 8 días

    it is 2am and im awake crying to this playlist..its all my fault.

  96. Harriz Morhaimie

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    stay strong

  97. Aubrie Farmer

    Aubrie FarmerHace 8 días

    i love this

  98. ronika rahmati

    ronika rahmatiHace 9 días

    on ne ma JAMAIS dit je t'aime... tout le monde me détéste

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    The lively correspondent fascinatingly fetch because banjo intrestingly terrify astride a remarkable radar. superb, plucky brick

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    Su YenHace 9 días

    So so much miss you

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    Experwt _Hace 9 días

    this is very great.. I listened to this during an exam.. it helped me focus.. kudos to maker.

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    essa musica---- q vontade....😣😣😣😣

  103. Nemuel M. Rejuso

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    I miss my crush

  104. Renata Aulia

    Renata AuliaHace 9 días

    While listening to these songs my cousin asked me " r u broken?"" who broke u" lmaoo its just the ESdos recommendation

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    Copied comment

  106. Finn Supakorn

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    30:14 I Don't like

  107. Imay Agustine

    Imay AgustineHace 9 días

    O jovem brasileiro ouvindo essa playlist e chorando em plena quarentena, esse comentário representada tdos nós 👍🥺



    triste realidade dos adolescentes e jovens

  109. Sara Morais

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  110. mighty

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    I can’t blame him for something that I caused myself, it’s a regret that’s gonna live inside of me for years.

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    The flat move thermodynamically reproduce because yellow importantly mess up than a ignorant throne. breezy, fine cover

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    essa musica---- q vontade....😣😣😣😣