I think these dogs are broken! 😂LAUGH at FUNNY DOGS compilation🤣

I think these dogs are broken! 😂LAUGH at FUNNY DOGS compilation🤣
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  1. shortiev9

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  2. Dog cute

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  3. Dog cute

    Dog cuteHace un día

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  4. Dog cute

    Dog cuteHace un día

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  5. Nancy Smith

    Nancy SmithHace 5 días

    Mostly it looks like the humans are weird and bring the strange behavior out of their dogs for kicks.

  6. Grammar Seraph

    Grammar SeraphHace 5 días

    👎👎for the extremely annoying and unnecessary fake laughs.👎

  7. Kane Parker

    Kane ParkerHace 6 días


  8. Stuff You Want

    Stuff You WantHace 7 días

    These are gorgeous clips - thank you! If you've ever wondered what's going on inside their heads check out best selling book "Inside of a Dog" by Alexandra Horowitz - I know where you can get the audio version for free (great for kids BTW)

  9. Vicente Valerie

    Vicente ValerieHace 7 días

    @Stuff You Want THANKS - gonna take a peek.

  10. Stuff You Want

    Stuff You WantHace 7 días

    @Vicente Valerie wagsnhugs

  11. Vicente Valerie

    Vicente ValerieHace 7 días

    @Stuff You Want Can you narrow it down a bit?

  12. Stuff You Want

    Stuff You WantHace 7 días

    @Vicente Valerie On insta - there's a channel with doggie deals!

  13. Vicente Valerie

    Vicente ValerieHace 7 días

    Where - don't keep it to yourself!

  14. Nancy Howell

    Nancy HowellHace 8 días

    Why does someone always have to spoil it with cursing and nasty words. 😒😖👎👎

  15. Mimi Christensen

    Mimi ChristensenHace 10 días

    Jesus Dog at 5:45.

  16. Ieva Keda

    Ieva KedaHace 10 días

    All dogs is broken😐

  17. Zosh_ Plays

    Zosh_ PlaysHace 11 días

    *dog.exo has stopped working*

  18. Alaitain

    AlaitainHace 11 días


  19. Buddha Belly

    Buddha BellyHace 11 días

    08:07 he is trying to catch the Smurfs.

  20. Shadowcat107

    Shadowcat107Hace 11 días

    when you think your dog is broken and it's the most hilarious thing you ever seen

  21. Computer Shutoff

    Computer ShutoffHace 12 días

    Took me a minute to figure out what 3:29 was

  22. Marie Fiedler

    Marie FiedlerHace 12 días

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  23. jack the roofer

    jack the rooferHace 12 días

    dogs make you smile and thats a great thing.

  24. killwalker 2019

    killwalker 2019Hace 12 días

    The Thumbnail..... If you cover the bottom jaw of the dog on the left, it makes the dog look like a smaller dog with its mouth closed.

  25. Foggy Forrest

    Foggy ForrestHace 12 días

    annoying laughts

  26. T Berri

    T BerriHace 12 días

    @ 8:02 - he walked in like ..... tf goin on in here?! 👀😠 😭😭😭😭😭

  27. swansmeister

    swansmeisterHace 12 días

    Are all dogg owners chainsmokers or something djeez.

  28. Patricia Hayman

    Patricia HaymanHace 13 días

    I agree with you all, the dogs I just saw are all broken, but they are really funny.

  29. Della Lyn

    Della LynHace 13 días

    The one dog needs a bigger ball, or he's going to one day choke on that tennis ball....

  30. Deja Bastian

    Deja BastianHace 13 días

    You no the laugh serious when yu hear that pig sound 😂😂

  31. Nocturnal Nacha

    Nocturnal NachaHace 13 días

    Ha ha ha..... So funny..... 😅

  32. Kripa Nepali

    Kripa NepaliHace 13 días

    @7:03 is that a yoga doggo😂😂😂

  33. KittyEX

    KittyEXHace 13 días

    I feel like humans are more broken with their wheezing laugh.

  34. DawgyLove

    DawgyLoveHace 13 días

    Dogs are soooo funny!

  35. xavior B

    xavior BHace 13 días

    The Lord is Merciful and full Compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing LOVE that's why he become a human 2000 years ago. He become a human was to suffer and die on The cross to take the punishment for the sin of the WORLD. Your pain fell on him he was bruised for our inequities! You don't need to suffer for your sins because Christ suffered for us 2000 years ago! God so loved us He gave his only begotten Son to die for our sins, so that we don't have to suffer and perish, but who so ever believes in the Lord our God shall not perish but have eternal life.

  36. • Zuiho Kun •

    • Zuiho Kun •Hace 13 días

    (0:51) That part was my favorite How can a dog do that?! 😆😆👁👄👁

  37. Imani Harrison

    Imani HarrisonHace 13 días

    The third dog is in a doggy position😂😂😂

  38. Lena Martinez

    Lena MartinezHace 14 días

    The first dig is afraid if it's owner most definitely and it needs to be reported to the authorities

  39. Ita O Mahony

    Ita O MahonyHace 14 días

    Whoever is laughing should quit smoking.

  40. YFighterY

    YFighterYHace 14 días

    4:53 Yoga pose "handstanding human"

  41. Gabi Moura

    Gabi MouraHace 14 días

    😂 😂 😂cute😂 😂 😂

  42. Isabelle Casier

    Isabelle CasierHace 14 días

    LOL the greyhound, hmm quit normal behaviour. Amongst the greyhoundlovers known as the "zoomies". Lets not start about their "helicopter" tail 🤭

  43. Cara Biner

    Cara BinerHace 14 días

    3:48 Moon Moon is killing me!

  44. Cara Biner

    Cara BinerHace 14 días

    I miss mine, so am wheezing with all of you! Enjoy your pupper, as their time with us is way too short. x

  45. Justin Lyons

    Justin LyonsHace 14 días

    Thumbnail not in video

  46. Alexander Ismajlvo

    Alexander IsmajlvoHace 14 días


  47. Kudo Awesome

    Kudo AwesomeHace 14 días

    I love all of these silly cute animals!! The dogs getting scared made me laugh so!!

  48. Pearl The Spinster

    Pearl The SpinsterHace 14 días

    All 4 of my dogs, dog wrong. Cats too🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Linda G Smith

    Linda G SmithHace 14 días

    Just listening to all the laughter & joy these wonderful animals bring to their owners, friends & most neighbors.🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶💝 it heals you💝

  50. kevin campos

    kevin camposHace 12 días

    darn it really it kinda annoys me but hey i ll try and look at it in this positive manner 🤷🏽‍♂️😩

  51. Kristine Guetschow

    Kristine GuetschowHace 15 días

    My dad once told me I had the dumbest dog he ever saw. When I let her outside, she’d disappear. I’d call her and call her, but there would be no sign of her. So we would begin a search for her and find her sitting behind a shed or other building. Just sitting there. She’d then come running up to me, all happy to see me. Dad said “I told you that dog was dumb!” I thought about it, and I said “Actually, she’s pretty smart. She got us to come looking for her.”

  52. H2MR Squad

    H2MR SquadHace 9 días


  53. Shamara B

    Shamara BHace 13 días

    Hide and seek lol

  54. lala alicia

    lala aliciaHace 15 días

    0:41 nosa

  55. lala alicia

    lala aliciaHace 15 días

    0:15 lol

  56. Carol Maresca

    Carol MarescaHace 15 días

    So funny

  57. PhantomPanic

    PhantomPanicHace 15 días

    What is up with all the wheezing laughs?

  58. Peter DICKINSON

    Peter DICKINSONHace 15 días

    Muttley laughing in the background Catch that pigeon now!

  59. Yournotawhat

    YournotawhatHace 15 días

    Dog.exe has failed click to retry.

  60. precision Brown

    precision BrownHace 15 días

    Sounds like the same person laughing like that cartoon. The laugh is funnier than the clips

  61. Beauty Phokeng

    Beauty PhokengHace 15 días


  62. Steppenkater

    SteppenkaterHace 15 días

    4:27 look at her eyes when she is asked "what are you doing!?" This expression is priceless 😂

  63. Steppenkater

    SteppenkaterHace 15 días

    Nothing can act broken so great like dogs can do 😂

  64. Manuel Santos

    Manuel SantosHace 15 días

    Lindo parabéns 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Hena

    HenaHace 15 días

    Nämä videot on muuten hauskoja ja hyviä, mutta hieman häiritsee/ ärsyttää nuo raidat sivuissa.

  66. André Dreyer

    André DreyerHace 15 días

    Maybe they ate some magic mushrooms..

  67. Maureen Barnes

    Maureen BarnesHace 15 días

    Our beagle/Bassett laid down on a cow’s hoof and pushed himself along the couch. I thought he was having a seizure!

  68. Shah Par

    Shah ParHace 15 días


  69. Amada Bruno

    Amada BrunoHace 15 días


  70. Teresita Miranda L.

    Teresita Miranda L.Hace 15 días

    😂 😂 😂

  71. Sweet Missy Petunia Wilson

    Sweet Missy Petunia WilsonHace 15 días

    1:22 Come on!! 😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  72. K S

    K SHace 15 días

    Dogs are so boss.

  73. C Silva

    C SilvaHace 16 días

    Essa risada gravada é ridícula e já encheu

  74. Justforyourinformation Justask

    Justforyourinformation JustaskHace 16 días

    Did that doggie walk on water🤔

  75. Jude Lagcao

    Jude LagcaoHace 16 días

    Omg what's that noise that this dog is making at 0:55 😅😅

  76. Amaroo Jamal Ingwe

    Amaroo Jamal IngweHace 16 días

    Doggo breaking hoomans compilation.

  77. Mya Barker

    Mya BarkerHace 16 días


  78. Warren Rodgers

    Warren RodgersHace 16 días

    Jesus is the only way to heaven. Humble your selves and ask he will answer you

  79. Robert Karlsson

    Robert KarlssonHace 16 días

    That’s a broken dog. 😍

  80. April Miller

    April MillerHace 16 días

    I don't know if my dog is broken or not, but he definitely needs therapy. He sucks pillows.

  81. Marine

    MarineHace 15 días

    Maybe he remembers doing that from his puppyhood with his mother.

  82. Beatriz Kajt

    Beatriz KajtHace 16 días

    Cut the laughing off!!! It's impossible to watch!

  83. Anyela Telefono

    Anyela TelefonoHace 16 días

    jaja que buen todos

  84. K C

    K CHace 16 días

    Derp-derppity-derp-derp!! 😊💖

  85. Hamon Raw

    Hamon RawHace 16 días

    The one 1:00 sounded like the angry bird sound

  86. Conversations With Me

    Conversations With MeHace 16 días

    Now that's some funny stuff!!

  87. Isabel Gonzalez

    Isabel GonzalezHace 16 días

    The placid helium selectively wail because color regularly share between a ragged spider. zonked, poised drink

  88. Chris

    ChrisHace 16 días

    Can somebody verify this....@ 2:55 the husky on the couch We hear “Karen come here” This is when the husky says . . . “I don’t want to” ... She does it 2x in the video

  89. Chris

    ChrisHace 12 días

    @Ujuani68 😂

  90. Ujuani68

    Ujuani68Hace 12 días

    It's violence against an innocent to call a dog Karen. 😉🤦‍♂️

  91. MyMags8

    MyMags8Hace 15 días

    I heard that too

  92. vovve123

    vovve123Hace 16 días

    @2:25 Thats's where the reset button is located. Any dogowner would know this.

  93. melissa bainbridge

    melissa bainbridgeHace 16 días

    😂 they always make my day amazing no matter how badly it begins😃♥️

  94. Mike McMillen

    Mike McMillenHace 16 días

    geezus, chew with your mouth closed

  95. Andrzej Pieczuro

    Andrzej PieczuroHace 16 días

    **includes paid promotion**

  96. Sean Williams

    Sean WilliamsHace 16 días

    Way too much weezing.. sorry gotta run

  97. Teija Alanko

    Teija AlankoHace 16 días

    Woow..Funny dogs video. Great..oh my good.👌🤣😆😅😂👋🍭🍭🍭👋🌏Thanks that gratsy vide. Ooh noo.👌🤣😅🍭🍭

  98. Leandro Rafael

    Leandro RafaelHace 16 días

    I completely agree with the title.... but the fact the almost everyone laughed really hard it made it awesome. Edit: Okay... that Dog at 5:36 sweeps the floor better than Cardi B 😏

  99. JesiGom OT7

    JesiGom OT7Hace 16 días

    Broken dogs 😂😂

  100. Lana Tr

    Lana TrHace 16 días


  101. Teresa Brickey

    Teresa BrickeyHace 16 días

    These dogs are so funny, 😂 thanks for sharing.

  102. Saurav Sharma

    Saurav SharmaHace 16 días

    Omgg sooo funny 😂

  103. Sandhya Rani

    Sandhya RaniHace 16 días

    I had to mute whenever that fake smile played in the background..

  104. Gracie Hernandez

    Gracie HernandezHace 16 días

    Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

  105. Lo Tony

    Lo TonyHace 16 días

    I can't stop laughing

  106. Yolonda M Browm

    Yolonda M BrowmHace 16 días

    Choke collars are beyond cruel!

  107. Sylver Fox

    Sylver FoxHace 16 días

    We're sorry. The dog you are trying to reach has been disconnected. Please try again.

  108. Equip Donjon

    Equip DonjonHace 16 días

    fake laugh are too much

  109. Mohana Chakraborty

    Mohana ChakrabortyHace 16 días

    omg that dog with Gigi Hadid legs !!!

  110. Romi Ajlouni

    Romi AjlouniHace 16 días

    The elite height isely question because great-grandfather premenstrually surround abaft a erratic thailand. misty, sable deal

  111. Magic TV

    Magic TVHace 16 días

    Aww the dog so cuteee, i want to have a dog 🐶

  112. Meghna Sharma

    Meghna SharmaHace 16 días