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Toyota City, Japan, April 22, 2021―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announced today that, toward the achievement of a carbon-neutral mobility society, it is developing a hydrogen engine. It has installed the engine on a racing vehicle based on Toyota's Corolla Sport, which it will enter in competition under the ORC ROOKIE Racing banner starting with the Super Taikyu Series 2021 Powered by Hankook Round 3 NAPAC Fuji Super TEC 24 Hours Race on May 21-23.
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  1. 지혜지혜지혜

    지혜지혜지혜Hace 2 horas

    Jaguar's xj13 dominates Ferrari, and I don't know why its design is gone and all car brands are making the same design.

  2. 지혜지혜지혜

    지혜지혜지혜Hace 2 horas

    Dodge's muscle car is really pretty. It's pretty because it's classic structure. It would be nice to make muscle cars in other car brands. And coupe-type sedans like the cls63amg are a must. What Rolls-Royce is doing well is a muscle-type design.And prettier than that is jaguar's xkss,xj13. Nowadays, Jaguar always makes ordinary designs. I can not understand it.

  3. 김스리랑카

    김스리랑카Hace 9 horas

    Perhaps Volkswagen will lead the electric vehicle design. There are many types of buggy or id4 and great design

  4. Kush Yadav

    Kush YadavHace 18 horas

    *Lol nitrous oxide*

  5. yosua yoga

    yosua yogaHace 2 días

    then go make hydrogen cheaper and cleaner too

  6. MagicStick

    MagicStickHace 3 días

    Synthetic fuel made by Bosch and Porsche + Hydrogen ICE from Toyota ;D Nice news. Say good bye to crappy electric cars.

  7. 지혜지혜지혜

    지혜지혜지혜Hace 4 días

    I recommend a car design. Ford transit 1965 design reference. It will be useful with a long design.

  8. Artan Sadiki

    Artan SadikiHace 5 días

    We need this, Toyota. EVs are boring crap.

  9. Pilachera MN

    Pilachera MNHace 5 días

    togliete l'albero a camme

  10. EngineRev

    EngineRevHace 5 días

    Look forward to this Tech get mainstream, so we can continue to enjoy ICE.

  11. theordinarycode

    theordinarycodeHace 4 días

    yeah and it has pretty nice sound as well, pretty similar or id say the same as normal ICEs

  12. Artan Sadiki

    Artan SadikiHace 5 días


  13. Sgtdomi

    SgtdomiHace 5 días

    Maybe we get sometime our loved f1 v8,v10 back because of engine designs like that, id love it 😁

  14. 지혜지혜지혜

    지혜지혜지혜Hace 6 días

    If you really want to sell more cars than anyone else, let me know. Let's stick to 5 things. The car design should be nice or unique, there should be no breakdowns. It should be easy to manage. It shouldn't have complex functions. It's possible to stick to these 4 things.

  15. Carter Crabbe

    Carter CrabbeHace 6 días

    It better sound good

  16. Bairdii

    BairdiiHace 2 días

    It does

  17. Всеволод Дзюба

    Всеволод ДзюбаHace 6 días

    Toyota, you are late to 50 years

  18. african dance

    african danceHace 6 días

    I hope 日本製 vehicle are all ミドルエンジンプラットフォーム because ミドルエンジン makes the car more safer and balance and also practical because it adds more space/storage in the hood and it makes more 中国と韓国のためにモビリティビジネスが非常に競争が激しい今、特に魅力的です。

  19. Ruben Rocha

    Ruben RochaHace 7 días

  20. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro HenriqueHace 7 días

    Imagine a v12 hydrogen ferrari

  21. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro HenriqueHace 4 días

    @Ataib S. 🤯

  22. Ataib S.

    Ataib S.Hace 4 días

    Imagine a V10 hydrogen LFA

  23. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro HenriqueHace 7 días

    Does this emit oxigen instead of co2?

  24. Lee & the BOT

    Lee & the BOTHace 15 horas

    @Kush Yadav The question here was obviously aiming for the secondary offgas which is water for this engine and the primary offgas being pure nitrogen for both FC and ICE in vehicle applications. NOx formation is a temperature based mechanism controlling the fuel, thermal and prompt NOx formation. This mechanism can occur in all high temperature applications (with air as oxidizer) and can also occur in high temperature fuel cells as e.g. solid-oxide fuel cells running on air. So overall this is not necessarily ICE specific problem.

  25. Kush Yadav

    Kush YadavHace 18 horas

    @Lee & the BOT hydrogen fuel cell emit water h²o And the engine they are showing ( ice hydrogen engine emit nitrous oxide

  26. Kush Yadav

    Kush YadavHace 18 horas

    Nitrous oxide which is more harmful

  27. Jann Adriel Cervo

    Jann Adriel CervoHace 4 días

    In studies by BMW it emit small traces of Nitrogen oxides.

  28. Lee & the BOT

    Lee & the BOTHace 7 días

    water instead of CO2

  29. 지혜지혜지혜

    지혜지혜지혜Hace 7 días

    For example, Koreans started not buying domestic cars because there are no gear bars and there are many breakdowns. The gear bar is more convenient than the dial gear, whether it is a button type or a dial gear..

  30. 뉴아트

    뉴아트Hace 7 días

    If you want to change the design a little more, you can get advice from a few tuning company corporate designers like Manhart. We always support you. Let's make the design beautiful

  31. MrThePsychologist

    MrThePsychologistHace 8 días

    we already have hydroge combustion engines but how do you deal with the NOx? the engine emits

  32. MagicStick

    MagicStickHace 16 horas

    @Kush Yadav NOx can be cancelled by Adblue :)

  33. Kush Yadav

    Kush YadavHace 18 horas

    @MagicStick hydrogen fuel cell emit water h²o And the engine they are showing ( ice hydrogen engine emit nitrous oxide

  34. MagicStick

    MagicStickHace 2 días

    @Earl Pottinger I am not at home rn to give u some fucking links...🤭

  35. Earl Pottinger

    Earl PottingerHace 2 días

    @MagicStick So again more empty words, where is the link to the test results? That is all I asked for. Amazing you spend all you time avoiding answering such a simple question.

  36. MagicStick

    MagicStickHace 2 días

    @Earl Pottinger I believe that synthetic fuel will be the futute, not hydrogen😁🤭 hydrogen can t be used on diesel cars, synthetic fuel can

  37. Seph

    SephHace 9 días

    so cool. gambaru, Toyota. Make this a reality.

  38. Muhammad Nur Akbar

    Muhammad Nur AkbarHace 9 días

    Imagine a hydrogen 2jz

  39. Teknisi Mobil TV

    Teknisi Mobil TVHace 9 días

    This is why Toyota no give up on hydrogen power, hydrogen fuel cell, and now hydrogen engine.

  40. 2KUSH11

    2KUSH11Hace 10 días

    Build it as a V4 in the GT86 with a manual and I will buy it.

  41. Bobby D

    Bobby DHace 6 días

    that would be lit

  42. Ronny Batista

    Ronny BatistaHace 10 días

    What's happening Toyota? Lack of innovation? Kinda late for April fools.

  43. Francis Batista

    Francis BatistaHace 11 días

    What about NOx emissions? At least Fuel Cell doesnt emit anything. Engines are worst for the environment.

  44. Ayush K

    Ayush KHace 8 días

    @Francis Batista Hydrogen burns much faster than gasoline it does not generate more heat Faster combustion means less heat wasted to cylinder wall and more mechanical energy transferred to piston and less exhaust temperature

  45. Francis Batista

    Francis BatistaHace 8 días

    @Ayush K I don't thnk so. Burning Hydrogen generates more heat than gas. Higher heat means more NOx.

  46. Ayush K

    Ayush KHace 9 días

    Hydrogen burns much faster than gasoline NOx emission will be still less than its gasoline counterpart

  47. Carlos Castillo Mena

    Carlos Castillo MenaHace 11 días

    Great News.

  48. Angel Nunez

    Angel NunezHace 11 días

    Is this is any good news for PLUG???

  49. J C

    J CHace 12 días

    There is hope for ICE cars afterall

  50. Alberto Madonna

    Alberto MadonnaHace 12 días

    Toyota. Psss Grafite fuel cells ;)

  51. Adrian Helerea

    Adrian HelereaHace 13 días

    From my point of view, all these are projects from the pre-EV era, in which companies have invested a huge amount of money and are now trying to reach a market value. EVs are the future, it's simple and efficient.

  52. Seven Costanza

    Seven CostanzaHace 4 días

    @Adrian Helerea Have you looked into the polluting & carbon intensive industry of mining for lithium & rare earth metals used in EV's ? Manufacture of EV cause much more Co2 than manufacture of ICE car. it takes about 3 years for EV car (assuming 15K miles/year) to offset the pollution in manufacture to then become cleaner than ICE car. After that EV needs to be charged by solar or hydropower for electricity. Otherwise if you live in places that burn coal for electricity like midwest USA, the EV is still more polluting than ICE car.

  53. Ayush K

    Ayush KHace 7 días

    @Adrian Helerea I don't have garage

  54. Adrian Helerea

    Adrian HelereaHace 7 días

    @GiorGiiTV the batteries are reciclabile 98%, about pollution, read more because you stopped before to find that you are wrong!

  55. Adrian Helerea

    Adrian HelereaHace 7 días

    @Ayush K we don't have time. If you think that are clean, close your garage door, start the engine and tell me how you feel

  56. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace 8 días

    BEVs are Simple and efficient, but only if you can charge at home for hours and don't mind waiting around for a charge when you can't. Hence hydrogen gives those of us without the ability to charge at home, a carbon free motoring future.

  57. Fabián Fernández

    Fabián FernándezHace 13 días

    Maybe pure oxygen don't produce dioxide

  58. Derby Racer

    Derby RacerHace 2 días

    This isn’t H2O, it’s just H. Hydrogen needs to be able to combust by itself because it doesn’t really get along with anything else.

  59. Fabián Fernández

    Fabián FernándezHace 13 días

    Maybe can bun oxigen + hidrogen or only OXIGEN

  60. Earl Pottinger

    Earl PottingerHace 17 horas

    @Kush Yadav Not quite, the main exhaust of the engine would still be water (H20), but because of the pressure and temperature in the combustion chamber NOx will be generated too.

  61. Kush Yadav

    Kush YadavHace 18 horas

    hydrogen fuel cell emit water h²o And the engine they are showing ( ice hydrogen engine emit nitrous oxideCoccinia grandisivy gourd

  62. Earl Pottinger

    Earl PottingerHace 7 días

    And the NOx resulting?

  63. Fabián Fernández

    Fabián FernándezHace 13 días


  64. Wister Crimson

    Wister CrimsonHace 13 días

    This could have crazy industrial applications... Very cool Toyota..

  65. Ayush K

    Ayush KHace 13 días

    Toyota just made me happy with this

  66. Mark Conor

    Mark ConorHace 14 días

    Make it happen Toyota 💪🏽

  67. christopher ayala

    christopher ayalaHace 14 días

    With synthetic fuels and hydrogen coming out the future for combustion engines is in good hands hopefully🤞.

  68. plasma081

    plasma081Hace 14 días

    Really interesting....!! Good news from Toyota

  69. Akshay Mahesh

    Akshay MaheshHace 15 días

    This may seem like a good idea, but it has all sorts of flaws. The higher flame temperature of burning hydrogen results in increased NOx emissions. So, while are reducing CO2, we are increasing NOx which means this system will need a urea-scrubbing system similar to diesel cars. Also, let's consider the thermal inefficiency of this system. So much energy will be lost to heat! I love this idea since it will preserve a revving engine and exhaust noise...BUT...for passenger cars, this is not very environmentally friendly. EV is the best for efficiency.

  70. 케케케케UmU

    케케케케UmUHace 5 días

    EV's are good But the batteries still exploding or catching fire lolx😹😹😹😹🔥🔥🔥

  71. Akshay Mahesh

    Akshay MaheshHace 7 días

    @Eddiecurrent2000 I can accept tongue in cheek! You and me both...I'd love an EV that charges in 5 minutes but I find that 40 minutes for 200-350 miles isn't all that bad...FOR ME. Sure, there are some people where time is money. And I get that, and for them H2 will probably be the best option. I'm still skeptical of H2 ICE. I strongly agree there will be a combination of EV and H2 in the future. I'm not fully convinced by H2 ICE yet. Too many other problems there that would need to be resolved before I believe that it is better for the environment that the other option for H2, which is FCEV. I honestly believe EVs and FCEVs will be the future of motoring. More EVs than FCEVs, but certainly both of them. And yes, any technology that moves us to eliminate climate change is a technology I support. Clean H2 not derived from petroleum? I'm all for it. H2 ICE that may end up causing more NOx emissions? Not so much. That said, I can see sports cars coming out with H2 ICE with some sort of exhaust selective catalyst reduction (like DEF fluid in diesel cars), then I can begin to support it!

  72. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace 8 días

    ​@Akshay Mahesh Condescending? No, just a bit tongue in cheek! But when you do ask that question it seems the only answer to a lot of people is batteries , batteries, batteries, and for millions of people, that isn't the answer. How many times a week do you think some people might be going for 40 minute charge? I'd be going three times a week quite often! An intelligent conversation understands that BEVs do not suit everyone, and that any option which allows carbon free motoring should be encouraged. H2 might not be the best for you, and that's fine, I wouldn't suggest getting anything which doesn't suit you and your needs, but that same ethos applies to me, and a BEV doesn't suit me unfortunately. A BEV's primary advantage over current vehicles, is that you plug in at night and it's full in the morning (and it's cheap at the moment), but if you can't plug in at night, there's no incentive, in fact it's a very big disincentive. The one thing about BEVs people talk about is "range anxiety", but in reality it's more about time. If a BEV could be charged to 250-300 miles range in 5 minutes and there are enough charging stations around, there's no anxiety, you pull in plug in and you're done in 5 minutes. Having no home charger wouldn't matter. However, as I've mentioned already, a 5 minute "fill" would need chargers in the megawatt range, and they're not impossible to make, but rely on the electrical networks which are the weakest link. If ever batteries are designed to accept that amount current in such a short time, then take my money! But since the idea of Hydrogen is to use green hydrogen it's definitely going to be environmentally friendly, I'm fiercely against any H2 derived from fossil fuels as frankly we might as well burn the fossil fuel... The problem we face as a world is one which needs multiple different solutions, of which Batteries and H2 (and even Efuels) can play a serious role. I'm all for EVs and have a hybrid myself, which when on electric is absolutely brilliant, I can't wait for an FCEV (or a 5 minute charge capable BEV), and encourage anyone who could use a BEV to get one, but if the step towards the H2 infrastructure is forced by the use of H2 ICE (Hybrid would be the best option), then why not? It means that as a world we can, at some stage wave good bye to climate change ( probably not in yours or my lifetimes) and still have the freedom to move where and when we want to. I note a lot of people think EVs have no soul, but the reality is that EVs are how motoring should be; quiet, quick, and smooth (and pretty easy), but I really don't like the idea of anything which drives itself, especially a horse... 😉

  73. Akshay Mahesh

    Akshay MaheshHace 8 días

    @Eddiecurrent2000 Typical condescending comment on ESdos. We had an intelligent conversation going and you had to come along to mess that up. The infrastructure of H2 does not exist right now. There are more chargers than there are H2 stations. And charging an EV would be no different than filling up a car with gas. You go, plug it in at a DC fast charger, either wait for 30-40 minutes with your car or go grocery shopping while the car is charging. By the time you are done, the car is full! Some people won't want that and will rather fill up for 5 minutes and have 400 miles instantly. Great! When the H2 infrastructure exists (if it ever does), go for it. I'd rather wait 40 minutes at a supercharger and pay $12 for 300 miles than by the $75 dollars it costs to full up the H2 tank on a Mirai. And, all Tesla superchargers will be powered by renewable in the future so I know it will be more environmentally friendly than a fuel cell. Funny thing about horses and carts, the one feature a horse has that no car has (yet) is self driving! Hahahaha!

  74. Eddiecurrent2000

    Eddiecurrent2000Hace 8 días

    @Akshay Mahesh what about those who can't charge where they live, what do you suggest, a horse and cart? H2 is by far the better option, and so what about "efficiency" when you can't use a BEV? What do you suggest they use, a horse and cart? As for quick charging, if batteries ever become available which can accept a huge amount of energy in that short a space of time, the chargers would need to be in the multi megawatt size, and a recharge station with say 8-10 chargers would have the demand of a small town. In other words, the electrical networks would be highly challenged to deal with that kind of demand and so it's unlikely they will be that prevalent. And I would be very interested to see how heavy a battery of that sort would be, and the thermal management requirements for charging etc.

  75. peter gazarek

    peter gazarekHace 15 días


  76. Seven Costanza

    Seven CostanzaHace 4 días

    @Penko Angelov Then why are my neighbors & my Toyota running well ? Can you paste the link from Japanese website ?

  77. Penko Angelov

    Penko AngelovHace 4 días

    @Seven Costanza Fake news? It's written in the Japanese government website... And they were doing it for a couple of years already. And "reliable" means nothing when you're forced to pay large sums of money a few times a year at the service center. :/ I wish that "reliable" ment "less service" and "less money spent on the car"...

  78. Seven Costanza

    Seven CostanzaHace 4 días

    @Penko Angelov wow....I own Toyota cars & know people who do. Complete opposite, great gas mileage, excellent reliability. The Toyota-Australia hydrogen from coal is fake news. "At the site, Toyota is using rooftop solar to power an electrolyser to split water, producing 80 kilograms a day of hydrogen for the fuel pump."

  79. Penko Angelov

    Penko AngelovHace 11 días

    @Akki chan FLY Toyota - talking trash just to protect their own business. Old-fashioned and retarded leadership. Sued multiple times for false fuel economy. Exorbitant maintenance and repair bills... that's how they make a profit. Hydrogen - inefficient production, inefficient power generation, lack of power in FC vehicles, expensive, caring around a 700 bar pressure vessel. Japan (Toyota) and Australia have a partnership to produce 95% of the hydrogen from coal and gas. 5% from electrolysis... just for the "green" label and in front of the media.

  80. Akki chan FLY

    Akki chan FLYHace 11 días

    @Penko Angelov but why

  81. bagoes tjahjono

    bagoes tjahjonoHace 15 días

    if this is future. sign me in.

  82. Silkroader Park

    Silkroader ParkHace 15 días

    this is traditional gasoline engine.. don't fool me by giving inaccurate clip

  83. 케케케케UmU

    케케케케UmUHace 5 días

    😹😹😹 your so funny You didn't finish the clip so you didn't understand it🙃

  84. SubrAta Baruah

    SubrAta BaruahHace 15 días

    Are you joking, the fuel is hydrogen and the so called gasoline engine won't even run on hydrogen

  85. Midoriya Izuku

    Midoriya IzukuHace 15 días

    Wow that’s awesome. Finally a zero emission tech which isn’t a soulless EV!

  86. Random Guy37

    Random Guy37Hace 3 días

    @iTxip Don't feed a troll

  87. Penko Angelov

    Penko AngelovHace 3 días

    @iTxip If you read carefully, I said "10 to 20 liters of fuel per 100 km". Gasoline. This is average from the last 18000 km. I've seen plenty of people showing off their fuel consumption... displayed on the dashboard... going downhill... with tailwind... behind a truck. 👍

  88. iTxip

    iTxipHace 3 días

    @Penko Angelov 20-30 liters per 100km.... What a load of crap, at least make you lies believable. Thats what my 3 liter inline 6 drinks reving high

  89. speed lover

    speed loverHace 6 días

    @Dragos it is

  90. Earl Pottinger

    Earl PottingerHace 7 días

    Zero emissions? What about the NOx generated?


    ZAIN ABBASHace 15 días

    wasnt expecting this

  92. Kharjai

    KharjaiHace 15 días

    Interesting! So this is essentially an ICE that runs on Hydrogen?

  93. Steve Edward

    Steve EdwardHace 3 días

    yes, basically replacing petrol with hydrogen. It's not that straight forward, due to the difference in nature between hydrogen and petrol there's going to be design changes within the engine ( higher compression, stronger injectors, most likely stronger bottom end for higher rpm ) but it's the same principle.

  94. Pavan shetty

    Pavan shettyHace 6 días

    thank you for the information .

  95. Ben Tullett

    Ben TullettHace 6 días

    Its been experimented on before by BMW and they ran two prototype cars with the hydrogen powered internal combustion engines and only did road tests, Toyota will be giving this engine more of a stressful experience in racing to see how reliable the engine is running at higher speeds. Toyota are partnered with BMW so they are sharing ideas for hydrogen powered vehicles.

  96. Pavan shetty

    Pavan shettyHace 6 días

    Even I have the same dout?