International Friendly. Women. Austria - Sweden (19/02/2021)

1st half
2nd half


  1. duyen bui

    duyen buiHace 17 días

    Good job it’s famous soccer women

  2. Sital Singh Hira

    Sital Singh HiraHace un mes

    I love austria

  3. incarau

    incarauHace un mes

    Austria to many passes back instead of forward. Wasting to much energy.

  4. incarau

    incarauHace un mes

    And wasting time and timid in going to the ball and defendend intelligent the goal area.

  5. downtown

    downtownHace un mes

    1:36:00 Great save by the goalkeeper.

  6. A N

    A NHace un mes

    Austria is a team I'm not at all familiar with. The Austrian players look very young and they are very good, especially in the midfield.

  7. Jose Colon

    Jose ColonHace un mes

    Malta, I had to look it up. 👍🏼

  8. Jose Colon

    Jose ColonHace un mes

    Where did they play? Thanks

  9. Giada :p

    Giada :pHace un mes

    It was at Hibernian ground stadium

  10. Sammy SHD

    Sammy SHDHace un mes

    DANKE schön 👍 für das Video

  11. Leon Erin

    Leon ErinHace un mes

    Danke NeySport

  12. downtown

    downtownHace un mes

    Thanks NeySport.

  13. michael moran

    michael moranHace un mes

    Ty for sharing