Introducing Stretch

Meet Stretch, a prototype of our new robot designed to automate box moving tasks in warehouses and distribution centers. Stretch’s mobile base allows it to go to where repetitive box lifting is required - unloading trucks, building pallets of boxes and order building. Stretch makes warehouse operations more efficient and safer for workers.
Stretch’s technology builds upon our decades of advancements in robotics to create a flexible, easily integrated solution that can be deployed in any warehouse. Learn more at


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    That’s cool and all, but can it piss beer?

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    1:02 dead space ?

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    Im not so confident in the grips... The boxes sound empty and are all perfectly flat, unlike all the dented boxes i get in the mail

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    We are reaching the part of history where human labor is no longer necessary.

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    This is why they now want de-population.

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    Whatever happened to Handle, which basically did the same thing?

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    Dislikes r frm human workers.

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    Good bye to my job

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    I'm glad these types of jobs are being automated. Because who tf wants to stack boxes all day?

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    0:51 seconds they found there free love

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    This is why they now want de-population.

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    0:38 we see the infamous mating dance of the wild stretch

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    I think it is very stupid that companies are planning to have machines are going to take over jobs. What happens when people don’t have a way of making money to live until they find a new job? What happens when all jobs are taken over by machines and the money system has to be reinvented?

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    "What is my purpose?" "You lift boxes." "Oh my god..."

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    We all calm until it says made by spot

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    And FoxNews /Oann/the 1% got these maga folks crying about immigration when they are taking jobs right in front of them.

  67. Nottotv

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    And FoxNews /Oann/the 1% got these folks crying about immigration when they are taking jobs right in front of them.

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    I think it's beyond debate that warehouse workers will, in a few decades, be replaced by these machines the same way the automobile replaced horses.

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    you have to see what Michael reeves did to your spot robot

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    For those who complain these robots take over human jobs - Humans can do other higher tasks than just shuffling carton boxes ! These menial jobs are done much more efficiently and tirelessly by robots !

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    Hyundai bought a majority stake in this company !

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    Having done this kind of shit job for years I can tell you this: this is a more consistent pace, though humans can do the job faster (for now). But honestly, fuck that point, the only reason humans could do this job fast is because we basically had to sprint to get it done. Out of breath and covered in sweat, just to get yelled at by some shit supervisors, and no I don't care if they were stressed too. Fuck this job, can't wait for it to be taken over by robots.

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