Kevins Acting Sus Again... (How to Survive a Rhea Attack p3)

Kevin lookin mad SUSSY today sons 😳.
In today’s vidya poppy becomes pacifist, Kevin and Karen team up to betray me, I harvest some of those sweet sweet eggs, and we finally get the place ready for our BIG TRIP TOMORROW! Who knows! Maybe even Dababy will make a cameo! Stay tuned! 👀
Love you all and appreciate ya 👨🏻‍🌾🤝❤️
Uncle Farmer Dad Ben 👨🏻‍🌾🤝
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  1. Yrsa Þöll

    Yrsa ÞöllHace 26 minutos

    Keep the rat please

  2. Frost Rocket

    Frost RocketHace 2 horas

    Kill the rat

  3. Jimmy Dean

    Jimmy DeanHace 2 horas

    More KEVIN please please please

  4. lowlandrogue

    lowlandrogueHace 6 horas

    The insistence that Poppy is definitely a "wild animal" to avoid a felony from Texas is pretty amusing

  5. Matt Foley

    Matt FoleyHace 8 horas

    How you don’t punt Kevin in the chest amazes me.

  6. Big Floppa

    Big FloppaHace 16 horas

    Only answer is METAL LID

  7. Dom Led

    Dom LedHace 18 horas

    You made the chickens commit cannibalism

  8. Allen Rubin

    Allen RubinHace 19 horas

    Why is Kevin behaving like that

  9. Chris Fittipaldi

    Chris FittipaldiHace 20 horas

    6:69 aww Kevin wants to say he loves you too by biting you what a romantic man

  10. G0dAce_

    G0dAce_Hace 20 horas

    feed the mouse to kevin

  11. Aleyna

    AleynaHace 20 horas

    you should buy kangal

  12. splinter360

    splinter360Hace 21 un hora

    Nah...I'm sorry but Kevin gotta go.

  13. Daniel Cho

    Daniel ChoHace 22 horas

    cook the bird

  14. Santosh Parmar

    Santosh ParmarHace 23 horas

    I learnt if you keep feeding the chicks eggs, they develop a taste for it and consume them right after laying them

  15. S Tier Coprophiliac

    S Tier CoprophiliacHace 11 horas

    Thats wrong

  16. Malachi Craddock

    Malachi CraddockHace un día

    I don't know why but he just shows s his daily routine and its so interesting.

  17. Brandon Nguyen

    Brandon NguyenHace un día

    Did. Did those chickens just eat an egg???

  18. Enchanted Diamond

    Enchanted DiamondHace un día

    He’s a sksksksksksko boy

  19. Rueben Burton

    Rueben BurtonHace un día

    Keep em!

  20. Kaiju AR

    Kaiju ARHace un día

    Keep the Field Mouse as a prisoner! Interrogate him/her! Ask them who sent them.

  21. Milky

    MilkyHace un día

    Is it OK for these animals to eat glizzies?

  22. Max Heart

    Max HeartHace un día

    Subscribed. Greetings from Ukraine.

  23. Rue Lovecraft

    Rue LovecraftHace un día

    every video i laugh remembering all the people upset that you need to deck kevin in the face to keep your life LMAO like bruh this man needs to be hit harder if anything, he aint hurtin none 😩

  24. Labyrinth Dweller

    Labyrinth DwellerHace un día

    My new favorite ESdos channel. I’ve laughed so much.

  25. MrKushinator420

    MrKushinator420Hace un día

    youre the embodiment of chaotic good and i love it

  26. Dillon Connolly

    Dillon ConnollyHace un día

    Who let this guy have a farm? lol

  27. Bridgy McFly

    Bridgy McFlyHace un día

    I had such a shitty day and bad anxiety attack, I really needed this little dose of sunshine. Thank you

  28. VooDoo

    VooDooHace un día

    You can tell Kevin is mad when he stares at you with his mouth open

  29. NUC13AR

    NUC13ARHace un día

    put the mouse in a Gatorade bottle and tape him to the side of your wheel

  30. MadHouse

    MadHouseHace un día

    And if you want any villains then go Google it.

  31. MadHouse

    MadHouseHace un día

    Did you know that someone breeding a mouse and a possum. Because trust me it is an actual thing believe it or not.

  32. PWNERLasse

    PWNERLasseHace un día

    goddamn poppy is so adorable

  33. Marcel Z

    Marcel ZHace 2 días

    pls just give food to this mouse

  34. Amir

    AmirHace 2 días

    keep em!

  35. SwaeLee

    SwaeLeeHace 2 días

    "either im gonna keep it or feed it to poppy" damn what a choice difference

  36. Jonathan White

    Jonathan WhiteHace 2 días


  37. Callum Gordon

    Callum GordonHace 2 días

    Didnt know Fred was a cameo at 8:15

  38. Love Pet

    Love PetHace 2 días

    Give him to POPPY!! She deserves it!

  39. Lul Sleaze

    Lul SleazeHace 2 días

    Keep the rat

  40. Kayne

    KayneHace 2 días

    Does Poppy know her name? I’m curious if possums are smart enough to learn people words P.S. tell her I love her and she is beautiful

  41. Jon Charles Spain

    Jon Charles SpainHace 2 días

    No feed it to poppy!

  42. Brayden Raubenolt

    Brayden RaubenoltHace 2 días

    4:04 I’ll ignore that.

  43. Jose Centeno

    Jose CentenoHace 2 días

    Poppy the possum doesn't kill chickens? I had problems with possums killing my chickens

  44. SoundSSSgood

    SoundSSSgoodHace 2 días

    Is that a Kleb`s young brother?

  45. R B

    R BHace 2 días

    Keep him dont feed him sad

  46. Chimmichurri

    ChimmichurriHace 2 días

    Give it to poppy, shes a damn cute opossum!

  47. Retro Wraith

    Retro WraithHace 2 días

    I was expecting poppy to attack him then it cuts to her on his shoulder

  48. Anthony Cottone

    Anthony CottoneHace 2 días

    Oh Kevin, what a lovable jerk

  49. Jose Buenrostro

    Jose BuenrostroHace 2 días

    Eat it

  50. Tschesch

    TscheschHace 2 días

    Hitrapper and artist dababy always looks like he is stoned af

  51. Cadan Billing

    Cadan BillingHace 3 días


  52. We love you Kevin

    We love you KevinHace 3 días

    Kevin - 2:10 - 6:57

  53. Tasha Arellano

    Tasha ArellanoHace 3 días

    Bro..I feel that ur whereblike the little brother from the movie "Ol Yeller" when u was a young boy.. bringing horny toads home in ur pockets..finding critters all over the place..momma yell'n at ya..boy quit bring'n the critters home ..we got enough mouths to feed!!..I'm from I know what I'm talking about when critters r hid in u know TN..the state that made TX..god bless the Alamo.!..just messing around..but for real ur welcome.

  54. Tasha Arellano

    Tasha ArellanoHace 3 días

    Give it to the birds..chickens love mice

  55. Jenn N

    Jenn NHace 3 días

    "Should I keep the mouse or name him"? *Kevin throws in Poppy anyway and I feel betrayed* But Poppy let's mouse live :3

  56. Joscha Süß

    Joscha SüßHace 3 días

    Kevin has the eyes of a real asshole. He radiates big punk energy.

  57. Lex Smith

    Lex SmithHace 3 días

    who would think Nandu would be so feisty...

  58. Lauren Herbert

    Lauren HerbertHace 3 días

    Wow. Kevin is special in all sorts of ways. And Olive is very cute. The only thing, and you've probably heard it already, but Olive looks like she has some pyramiding going on with her shell. It points to them not getting enough calcium or UVB. Good luck!

  59. Sam Turner

    Sam TurnerHace 3 días

    I bet this backyard smells like hell

  60. Enspire

    EnspireHace 3 días

    Mouse didn’t realise how close he was to death 😂😂

  61. hoohag

    hoohagHace 3 días

    Keep him

  62. Psycho Diary

    Psycho DiaryHace 3 días

    Gahaha just found this channel and I'm subbing the hell out of it

  63. Akeno Chu

    Akeno ChuHace 3 días

    Lol the kangaroo took me out. Wtf is going on 😭

  64. allmyself666

    allmyself666Hace 3 días

    Sacrifice the mouse to Kevin. His fury can only be quenched with blood!

  65. Jullaihi Masri

    Jullaihi MasriHace 3 días

    give karen eat the mice

  66. Travis Taafua

    Travis TaafuaHace 3 días

    4:00 bunch of cannibals 😁🤣🤣

  67. Jenny Brown

    Jenny BrownHace 2 días

    lol I read that as cannabis

  68. [S_Rock] Beats

    [S_Rock] BeatsHace 3 días

    7:43 you're welcome.

  69. No Limits

    No LimitsHace 3 días

    Some day all those animals will organized and attack you with a plan. U won't get it alive from there lol

  70. Brady Hill

    Brady HillHace 3 días

    Name him (Giant rat who makes all of da rules)

  71. JoshMike

    JoshMikeHace 3 días

    This guy is an HOA’s worst nightmare

  72. Ares the Parakeet

    Ares the ParakeetHace 3 días

    I hope those are all beef hotdogs otherwise it is cannibalism.

  73. mrshmuga9

    mrshmuga9Hace 3 días

    “Goodbye Kevin, I love you!” Kevin: And I took that personally.

  74. My Name is Not Rick

    My Name is Not RickHace 3 días

    Hey is there a way I can get the fallen feathers of the birds? Can you sell them? Most feather places are not cruelty free.

  75. Atticus Reuter

    Atticus ReuterHace 3 días


  76. aintyourfavoritechampion

    aintyourfavoritechampionHace 3 días


  77. ID:N/A

    ID:N/AHace 3 días

    Dude turned into Fred Figglehorn for a second

  78. Michu

    MichuHace 4 días

    6:56 why do I hear boss music?

  79. Bablington

    BablingtonHace 4 días

    is it just me it does anyone else love the outro


    PRIVATE SECTOR 042Hace 4 días

    Can you make a 10 minute video with just Kevin attacking you? 😂🤣

  81. MyHeartFor

    MyHeartForHace 4 días

    DON‘T feed it to poppy! It already sufferd enough by beeing trapped in the bucket

  82. Super Rask

    Super RaskHace 4 días

    keep him as a pet

  83. M

    MHace 4 días

    Are those chickens canabals??

  84. Olu Seye

    Olu SeyeHace 4 días

    Honestly, I think Kevin and Karen just wanna chill. Da Baby hella cute tho.

  85. CMA 2

    CMA 2Hace 4 días

    Kevin’s bird 🧠 must reset every night like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates lol!

  86. kolp898

    kolp898Hace 2 días

    kevin; has only 3 braincells

  87. navecamnedia

    navecamnediaHace 4 días

    "Goodbye Kevin!" Kevin: And I took that personally.

  88. my. namejeff

    my. namejeffHace 4 días

    5:05 the laughs gives me trololol vibes

  89. jb mustang

    jb mustangHace 4 días

    Hey u need to YEET the mouse back where it belongs.

  90. The Ol’ Babaganoush

    The Ol’ BabaganoushHace 4 días

    Have you ever swallowed a glizzy whole? I’m looking for a husband, must be able to fight alligators and bison

  91. maggotbreath

    maggotbreathHace 4 días

    i would die for the little mouse

  92. wotan

    wotanHace 4 días

    I got curious and read into Rhea and.... is Kevin coming on to you all the time? LOL

  93. wotan

    wotanHace un día

    @Mizako 96 I read it on the Wikipedia page for "Rheas" under Behavior, take that with a grain of salt, however. I heard Kevin make that booming call they mention they use as a mating call, but I am not sure if Rhea do that aggressively too. Very cool animal!

  94. Mizako 96

    Mizako 96Hace un día

    Are you thinking of ostriches? From what I know rhea are inherently aggressive and don’t really form attachments even to their trainers like ostriches do.

  95. Darkrai Is Daddy

    Darkrai Is DaddyHace 4 días

    Watching a grown ass man getting his ass kicked by a micro ostrich is the internet in a nutshell xD

  96. Free Speech

    Free SpeechHace 4 días

    It's a zoo out there

  97. Stoo Foo

    Stoo FooHace 4 días

    I love that he spends thousands of dollars on glizzies. What a hero.

  98. Jyenx Nonexistent

    Jyenx NonexistentHace 4 días

    "If you need someone to do it get a man" wtf?

  99. Justice123

    Justice123Hace 4 días


  100. Fellman

    FellmanHace 4 días

    Don’t release poppy she’s my favorite animal in the fram well second

  101. marcelo villagra

    marcelo villagraHace 4 días


  102. TheLittleKnight

    TheLittleKnightHace 4 días

    Imagine being totally chill with eating the very eggs you produce from your own body.

  103. Rick McClelland

    Rick McClellandHace 4 días

    Play golf with Lenny

  104. NobleSix

    NobleSixHace 4 días

    Take the mouse. Put it in a potato launcher and release it back into the wild.