Lamborghini Aventador Restoration Abandoned model

I tried to recover the neglected and rusty Lamborghini Aventador.


  1. Dhanesh Selvi

    Dhanesh SelviHace 11 horas

    I think that you've bought a new car?🤔🤔

  2. robert paulus

    robert paulusHace 22 horas

    Dude must be a giant, taking apart a Lamborghini like that

  3. Dino Bakara

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  4. Madeline Lee

    Madeline LeeHace un día

    Plot twist: He is a giant and this is a normal-sized Lamborghini.

  5. Aisjeje Jsjsjs

    Aisjeje JsjsjsHace 10 horas

    Why are u on top comments


    MOHAMED MOHAMEDHace un día


  7. Graeme Glen

    Graeme GlenHace un día

    16,400,000 views !!! Fixing intentionally destroyed toys is big bucks. It is still very therapeutic though.

  8. Claudio Paiva

    Claudio PaivaHace 2 días

    it was fantastic. But in the assembly, it didn’t put the engine

  9. Mini_BanditesYT

    Mini_BanditesYTHace 2 días

    Js for this vid I’m subbing

  10. Linda Carlos

    Linda CarlosHace 2 días

    I wish u could reconstruct people’s relationship like u did here Sir.

  11. Sarojini Biradar

    Sarojini BiradarHace 2 días

    Great work

  12. Bigg Jesse Music

    Bigg Jesse MusicHace 2 días

    Why tf did I think it was a real car 😩❗️

  13. 4tounces

    4touncesHace 2 días

    What an absolutely awful paint job.

  14. Leona Mcconnell

    Leona McconnellHace 2 días

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    Gomes BostonHace 2 días

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  16. Gullible Jolly

    Gullible JollyHace 2 días

    I've never heard or seen any of he's clients complain of lost..... I think he's just too perfect

  17. Gene Roth

    Gene RothHace 2 días

    Seeing alot of success stories, he's must be an honest and trustworthy person for people to say this good about him

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    Yes baby look for lanbogin

  21. ThEJaM

    ThEJaMHace 3 días

    Dude, that was incredible...👌.great job

  22. Will Snith

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  23. Flixoto _

    Flixoto _Hace 3 días

    The most impressive thing to me is how he remembered where every single piece went. 🤯

  24. shu blader

    shu bladerHace 3 días

    here's a thought the female went to Lego

  25. MotorBoat Tech

    MotorBoat TechHace 4 días

    Nice video

  26. 황금팔

    황금팔Hace 4 días

    이런영상은 배경음악이 없는것이 더 좋습니다


    RAHUL ROHILLAHace 4 días

    It looks same as of james Aventador.


    VISHAL ACHARYAHace 4 días

    I liked everything But most I liked ur finishing

  29. Nitin Rawat

    Nitin RawatHace 4 días

    Op 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  30. Ahmed Mahdi

    Ahmed MahdiHace 5 días

    واو مره حلو 💝💟💔

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  32. Евгений Воронин

    Евгений ВоронинHace 5 días

    Сначала валяет в говне, ломает, подвергает ржавлению. А потом героически восстанавливает. Видно же что игрушки современные

  33. Prem Shekhawat

    Prem ShekhawatHace 5 días

    Dude 16m views

  34. Santiago Salcedo

    Santiago SalcedoHace 5 días

    Y aquí estamos de nuevo hermanos, reunidos por las recomendaciones sin sentido de You Tube 👁️

  35. Kalindu Prabhath

    Kalindu PrabhathHace 6 días

    WTF it's just a toy😂 however nice nice 😁❤

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    I had a seizure while trying to read this comment 🤒

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  43. aliyan aftab

    aliyan aftabHace 6 días

    How can you do this

  44. Enthusiastic Aspirant

    Enthusiastic AspirantHace 6 días

    Fun fact: it was a reversed video 😂

  45. Atul Sarkar

    Atul SarkarHace 6 días

    I'm wondering here about the ship of Theseus

  46. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit KumarHace 6 días

    Wow super


    SUPER SLUGHace 6 días

    How does he get so wrecked toys still intact?? Something fishy

  48. Divyansh Pandey

    Divyansh PandeyHace 7 días

    Last comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Aisjeje Jsjsjs

    Aisjeje JsjsjsHace 10 horas

    last comment bitch

  50. Cesar Eche

    Cesar EcheHace 7 días

    Locazo....hay q star super concentrado y d buen humor para hacerlo genial .

  51. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan GonzalezHace 8 días

    So who the heck puts thumb down on these?!

  52. Mad max XXX

    Mad max XXXHace 8 días

    First you acidified later modify How rubbish 😎 !

  53. chris wood

    chris woodHace 8 días

    Would be a great channel to have to techniques used to make them look battered out in the first place. It takes a great modeller to restore a kit but a better one to make it look weathered and beaten up. For those who thought it was found this way, it wasn't. White metal (the body they are made of) it doesn't rust just like the plastic parts don't rust. Well done to the modeller who made the before restoration model.

  54. MrUltimatemaniac100

    MrUltimatemaniac100Hace 8 días

    Better x1.75 speed

  55. JAW 24

    JAW 24Hace 8 días

    Looks like KSI Lamborghini 💀😂😂

  56. İbrahim Ertaş

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  57. Максим Дугай

    Максим ДугайHace 9 días

    Ламба топ

  58. Максим Дугай

    Максим ДугайHace 9 días


  59. Krzysztof Petrusiewicz

    Krzysztof PetrusiewiczHace 9 días


  60. Poro Hunter

    Poro HunterHace 9 días

    Fingerprint at 8:10

  61. FELIXO

    FELIXOHace 9 días

    so you just got like a garden of 50 model cars in your backyard waiting to get rusty

  62. Mark Isham

    Mark IshamHace 11 días

    The guy is a Master.

  63. Ankit Kumar

    Ankit KumarHace 11 días

    16 MN views on a video and not even a 1 MN subscribers. Do subscribe guys. This is amazing 🤩

  64. Inae

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  65. feel the life

    feel the lifeHace 12 días

    I hope another video show you how you got cars like this 🤣

  66. Александр Измайлов

    Александр ИзмайловHace 12 días

    Друзья, подскажите пожалуйста, что за трек в видео играет?! Friends, please tell me what track is playing in the video?!

  67. Rohan Winchester

    Rohan WinchesterHace 13 días

    Restoration is not that good...

  68. davud mahmud

    davud mahmudHace 13 días

    Are you Russian?

  69. Devansh Jaiswal

    Devansh JaiswalHace 13 días

    One Man Restoration 😲😲

  70. Joseph81alfa

    Joseph81alfaHace 13 días

    Wow que restauración tan buena todo estuvo excelente saludos desde México 🇲🇽👍

  71. JustCallMeLuuf

    JustCallMeLuufHace 13 días

    Not me thinking that was an actual Lamborghini 😂😂😂

  72. Abandon World

    Abandon WorldHace 14 días

    My Parents: haram khor mechanic banne ka irade hain kya?

  73. Mr. C

    Mr. CHace 14 días

    Imagine if this guy got his hands on his late grandma's ashes...

  74. Temp

    TempHace 15 días

    Are you dipping all of your fixes in an acidic solution to appear rusted or "abandoned"? None of this is making much sense as it doesn't make sense how a fairly new car can have so much rust in a short span of time...


    GURINDER SINGHHace 16 días


  76. Justin R

    Justin RHace 17 días

    I’d rather you build a model than restore a car you destroyed

  77. Татьяна Т

    Татьяна ТHace 18 días

    Как же чувствуется когда снимают видео ради видео...

  78. Lone Rider

    Lone RiderHace 18 días

    But the original car had two-Tobe seats

  79. ariano10

    ariano10Hace 18 días

    Love it, no overly specialized tools. Makes me feel like i can do this myself too!

  80. Lanang Donavan

    Lanang DonavanHace 18 días

    Hey, can everyone tell me about tittle of the this music?

  81. Erwin Brey Son

    Erwin Brey SonHace 18 días

    I suck! 😭

  82. Joi Lee

    Joi LeeHace 19 días


  83. H Castellano

    H CastellanoHace 19 días

    Los quemas en la chimenea?

  84. shin godzilla

    shin godzillaHace 20 días

    9:55 HMMMMMM

  85. villishpilen

    villishpilenHace 20 días

    Авентадор относительно новая модель,где и как это моделька лежала,что так устарела,такое ощущение что она в земле лет 50 пролежала,чем то попахивает видос.

  86. Boris Erofeevskii

    Boris ErofeevskiiHace 20 días

    Wo nimmt er denn solches Schrott

  87. Талгат Шегебаев

    Талгат ШегебаевHace 20 días

    Нормальная машинка изначально была, помыл просто

  88. Calvin Abraham

    Calvin AbrahamHace 21 un día

    Where do you get these cars?

  89. Gurvinder Parmar

    Gurvinder ParmarHace 21 un día

    Where are you finding rotted out toy cars from? Must be an abandoned toy factory nearby, lol

  90. Simon

    SimonHace 21 un día

    Does he find these models or are they donated? They all look in similar condition.

  91. Mario Rossi

    Mario RossiHace 21 un día

    Io mi chiedo dove le trovi ste macchine così distrutte tutte piene di fango.... te le fai da solo oppure le invecchi volutamente!?

  92. xmoshablex

    xmoshablexHace 21 un día

    Очень круто, но где он находит такие убитые машинки? 🤔🤔🤔

  93. MarinShtain

    MarinShtainHace 21 un día

    Покажите Стрекаловскому - как надо Ламбу собирать.

  94. Monkey Famous

    Monkey FamousHace 21 un día

    Amazing talent and passion for toys. Love it

  95. Niki Hoffi

    Niki HoffiHace 22 días

    save only for this Video dirty but it's satisfying

  96. Tomas Gonzalez

    Tomas GonzalezHace 22 días

    How you find always cars or something in this situation?? I think you burn first

  97. squarewheels

    squarewheelsHace 22 días

    Did you created all these destroyed toys or is there a plot of land on earth that just happened to have all these toys buried?

  98. K

    KHace 22 días

    The seat belts are on the wrong side 😭🤌

  99. Carlos Alcantara

    Carlos AlcantaraHace 22 días

    Algún español aquiii🙄😁

  100. Александр Демичев

    Александр ДемичевHace 22 días

    Намазал Грязью и смонтировал как нпдо

  101. Виталий Ко

    Виталий КоHace 23 días

    Прикольно, конечно, но вы их из воды достаёте?

  102. Augusto potter

    Augusto potterHace 23 días

    Esse cara deve ter um estoque de carrinhos antigos ksksks parabens pelo trabalho

  103. Augusto potter

    Augusto potterHace 16 horas

    @dulce ribeiro alves kkkkkk

  104. dulce ribeiro alves

    dulce ribeiro alvesHace 17 horas

    AE te quem fim achei um br

  105. theCoolguy113

    theCoolguy113Hace 23 días

    Where does he get these cars?

  106. PAPPU Popat

    PAPPU PopatHace 23 días

    Thats not a lambo . THATS CRAP

  107. Adil Adil

    Adil AdilHace 23 días

    Do you think we are stupid ... the image of the same vehicle, when you finish making it, destroys it and visualizes it on the basis that it is old and that you renewed it while you did it before

  108. Linsey Maradiaga

    Linsey MaradiagaHace 23 días

    How he found all this cars??🤔

  109. Cavalry Scout.

    Cavalry Scout.Hace 23 días

    Amazing restoration work but where do all of these abandoned rusted out model cars come from? I'm thinking a hole in your backyard lol.

  110. Konata Izumi

    Konata IzumiHace 24 días

    Should've just pay 50 bucks and get a brand new one...

  111. Sudalai Olika

    Sudalai OlikaHace 24 días

    Inspiration video