Lion V Crocodile: Out of your element



  1. shahan baig

    shahan baigHace 2 horas

    Let a Crocodile beat a Lion on ground. Surely Croco will have to think what should i suppose to do.

  2. Soli Deogloria

    Soli DeogloriaHace 4 horas

    Mortally wounded.

  3. Game Lover

    Game LoverHace 10 horas

    Omg lion GT hurt ?

  4. Joanne Murdock

    Joanne MurdockHace 11 horas

    That poor lion needs a medical vet! PLEASE

  5. Billy Rice

    Billy RiceHace 12 horas

    That lion will die slowly

  6. Stefan Mihailov

    Stefan MihailovHace 15 horas

    Sorry bro"the Croc" I m not zebra 😅

  7. Khairul Aiman

    Khairul AimanHace un día


  8. Yeboah Shadrach

    Yeboah ShadrachHace un día


  9. Asfaq Ahamed

    Asfaq AhamedHace un día

    Lion is the king of the jungle . But not in the water .....

  10. King Lion

    King LionHace un día

    Lion: 🥺Uuuuhhh someone tickles my balls underwater.. Crocodile: 🤤Balls ??? Oh fuck! Nothing to be seen in dirty water🤮

  11. what in tha fuck

    what in tha fuckHace un día

    This content is fn ridiculous

  12. Doğan Yetgil

    Doğan YetgilHace un día

    taçsız kralım

  13. MR RaHat

    MR RaHatHace un día

    That's why he is king.

  14. don james

    don jamesHace un día

    Saw that meat coming out the lions stomach Crocs ain’t fare , one bite and your dead

  15. Isaque Texeira

    Isaque TexeiraHace un día

    Esse leão tá passando fome!

  16. JAYDEN

    JAYDENHace 2 días

    Any lion in this world becomes an easy prey for a crocodile in the water. If its caught in the jaws and does just one death roll, it's game over. Crocodiles are extremely deadly in the water.

  17. Kravatan

    KravatanHace 2 días

    I'm not the only one who noticed the casually dead hippo right?

  18. D L Malley

    D L MalleyHace 2 días

    Crocodile and Hyenas are Way too many. ALL Big cat populations are being slaughtered at alarming rates by SOCIOPATHIC TROPHY HUNTERS ‼️ Big cats are going to be extinct IN OUR LIFETIME ‼️😭😭😭🤧🤬

  19. Araceli Fernández

    Araceli FernándezHace 2 días


  20. edwin oswaldo vargas

    edwin oswaldo vargasHace 2 días

    Por que no muestran los putos vídeos completos que paso con el leon y con el cocodrilo

  21. Max Held

    Max HeldHace 2 días

    Nice go crocs

  22. Parth Sharma

    Parth SharmaHace 2 días

    And they say lion is the king of beasts?

  23. Deniz Yildirim

    Deniz YildirimHace 2 días

    The Lion is strong for God ❤️❤️❤️

  24. lon baxter

    lon baxterHace 2 días

    He got a ouchy on his belly stomach

  25. Beast12

    Beast12Hace 3 días

    Wtf is that pink thing at the end??

  26. gupteswara rao

    gupteswara raoHace 3 días

    Oh my god,caught at last

  27. Musa Khan

    Musa KhanHace 3 días

    Not so brave now... meanwhile tigers hunt crocs.

  28. Lyana

    LyanaHace un día

    Tiger would run too, in this Situation

  29. Jake Alarcon

    Jake AlarconHace 3 días

    That small croc so brave haha

  30. Tony Jackson

    Tony JacksonHace 3 días

    Lion-ok not funny who keeps farting in the pond bro, Croc-not me🤞👀🤤☠- Steve Erwin-what a beauty😃

  31. slayerfam2

    slayerfam2Hace 4 días

    Thats why lions are called the kings ... Even wounded and caught off gaurd still willing to put up a fight ...

  32. Arun Nesh

    Arun NeshHace 4 días

    Crocodile : come to me baby i will do nothing




  34. S. LoTa. 4.30.21

    S. LoTa. 4.30.21Hace 4 días

    Lion senses it. Looking for it. Funny the croc didn't want the already dead easy prey the lion was munching on -- it wanted the lion.

  35. Mafiks

    MafiksHace 4 días

    I guess you could say this lion has.....guts

  36. Chilakapati Tejaswini

    Chilakapati TejaswiniHace 4 días

    How they eat without chilli powder and salt masala😂😂

  37. Ernesto López

    Ernesto LópezHace 4 días

    Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja ... LA saco" barata el Rey León

  38. Shawn Harris

    Shawn HarrisHace 4 días

    I like how the lion was like "Fuck this shit I'm out!"

  39. Michael Esparza

    Michael EsparzaHace 4 días

    The lion is going to die slowly from that stomach injury.

  40. Milly Winters

    Milly WintersHace un hora

    @Chris S I can respect that you did the research and came to reassure people that the lion is indeed ok, but I do not respect you when you do it in a holier than though attitude and get disrespectful about it. Good day.

  41. Jhonson Lethoy

    Jhonson LethoyHace 2 horas

    @MRgreenyist yea read my previous comment

  42. Jhonson Lethoy

    Jhonson LethoyHace 2 horas

    @Chris S yea thank you very much for correcting them. It was so important Idk how humanity would survive if you didn't grace us with your knowledge about the lion's wound. I don't have problem with that. But saying "gotta love when people speak before they actually know" was unnecessary. Because people do that, even in science. We all open to predictions and corrections. Have a wonderful day sir 😊

  43. MRgreenyist

    MRgreenyistHace 10 horas

    @Jhonson Lethoy yeah he corrected them, if every comment was like the 3 before him and no one corrected them everyone would believe bullshit

  44. Chris S

    Chris SHace un día

    @Jhonson Lethoy well if I didnt say anything everyone like the 3 people before me were soooo positive about it is all. I'm not a know it all but that situation I actually know of and watched the lion heal so just saying. And maybe could of said maybe, or I'm predicting. But not " for sure" not trying to argue, have a good day

  45. Badi Abbasov

    Badi AbbasovHace 5 días

    jaguar and tiger kill krok

  46. Sachin Sharma

    Sachin SharmaHace 5 días


  47. Ima Z

    Ima ZHace 5 días

    Hey lion you are not the king of the river ok

  48. BryanP

    BryanPHace 6 días

    " CROCS RULE!! " Our Steve always said that...

  49. Alexis de Planta

    Alexis de PlantaHace 6 días

    Loved the little croc animation 😄

  50. Иван Сусанин

    Иван СусанинHace 7 días


  51. Charlie Sierraperez

    Charlie SierraperezHace 7 días

    Mi t

  52. KoffeeRun

    KoffeeRunHace 7 días

    I thought Jaws was gonna jump out

  53. Theresa Braddock

    Theresa BraddockHace 8 días

    Bloated elephant Carcass on the bank?

  54. Junior Massiah

    Junior MassiahHace 8 días

    Is that a hippo the size of teeth

  55. Phil Thalhammer

    Phil ThalhammerHace 8 días

    4x the strength of a mammal, reptiles are nuts But if any mammal stood a chance in the water it'd be a lion Some of those crocs get 18ft plus though, I don't think a lion would survive one of those

  56. king slayer

    king slayerHace 8 días

    That lions like piss off

  57. Big Gunna886

    Big Gunna886Hace 8 días

    Ladies and gentlemen those are not branches sticking out the water. They are teethes.

  58. John Henry

    John HenryHace 8 días

    Video sucks

  59. LUCI Morningstar

    LUCI MorningstarHace 8 días

    Who won????

  60. A Obi

    A ObiHace 9 días

    Looks like king of the jungle got hurt real bad in the water. Some bowel sticking out at the end 👀


    Buckle SUBBIAH ELAVAZHAGANHace 17 horas

    @Nick Alonso I am following the happenings of sabi sands more than two years now. There are stories of so many lions, so many battles, so many uncertainties, so many happiness, so many sorrows and so many miracles. There are multiple guides and multiple workers of the reserve upload videos of those lions in daily basis. If you want clarity just watch them it will be a better story than game of thrones and the lion King. The above shown lion is the part of the Nwaswishaka lion coalition a new entrant to sabi sands reserve. In this video only one lion is shown. But first his elder brother will enter the water, a croc will attack his brother will jump on the hippo, then he the 2nd eldest of the 4 brothers will enter and rest you have seen. Lions life is so unpredictable so beautiful healthy lions will die in a very small infection some will survive even the very worst odds. He is the second case. Only thing I am worry about him is he is most aggressive member of his coalition. He will lead the hunt or attacks on other lions. This may prove dangerous in the long run. This stomach wound nobody recorded even from the day he first spotted in Sabi sands it was there. The most probable causes would be a buffalo or a warthog hunt gone wrong. Regarding battles with other lions, mostly lions prefer to attack face to face, then try to bite of groin(male part) in the back and try to break the back bone with severe bites. There are so many lion prides and lions to know about in the sabi sands, lone tsalala lioness and her daughter, Othawa pride, Othawa lion, the Birmingham's, the Avocas, nkuhuma pride, nkuhuma young male and Styx young male coalition, Mangheni Pride. Othawa pride subadults(jr Othawa and Ginger Jr's), the Tumbela lion coalition ( new entrants like the Nwaswishakas), the two new plain camps young males, The price or king Othawa lion( son of majingilanes and grandson of Mapogos). The above are the prest lions there. Then the historic lions there includes the famous Mapogos coalition, majingilanes, the matimbas(the last matimba hairy belly passed away very recently last month). Tumbelas outsed home from Othawa pride with Othawa subadults, the selatis coalition, the historic tailless tsalala lioness, the lone tailless tsalala lioness(daughter of the original tailless lioness). She was also the maternal aunt of current lone tsalala lioness. She looked after her and her three brothers after their mother her sister passed away. There are long sad stories of death of Mangheni subadults in masse, the battle of lone big boy Mangheni subadult(died last year), killing of five sand river males by humans (sons of Mapogos). So many so many stories. If you dig them out you will get addicted to them.

  62. Munusawamy Muni

    Munusawamy MuniHace 18 horas


  63. Nick Alonso

    Nick AlonsoHace un día

    @Buckle SUBBIAH ELAVAZHAGAN Cmon no way, his bowel has been hanging out for over a year and he is alive ?? No infection or anything ? Wouldn’t it fall out and dry up

  64. uglybepis

    uglybepisHace un día

    But lions don't live in jungles.

  65. bestman77

    bestman77Hace 2 días

    @Buckle SUBBIAH ELAVAZHAGAN thanks for the info!

  66. Antonio Luis Teco

    Antonio Luis TecoHace 9 días

    Susto do caralho

  67. Whistle Anthem

    Whistle AnthemHace 9 días

    Godzilla Vs Kong Moment😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Ahmad Khan

    Ahmad KhanHace 9 días

    My fav animle king lion and king white lion and whiet tiger

  69. 洋くん

    洋くんHace 9 días

    Leopard wins first with lion and crocodile ⁉️

  70. the promise man

    the promise manHace 9 días

    That emoji alone had me waiting for it

  71. Brat

    BratHace 9 días

    Считай труп. Он ему кишки выпустил...

  72. Gloria Lopez

    Gloria LopezHace 9 días

    Que susto la puta madre 🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍‼

  73. X Y

    X YHace 9 días


  74. Jonathan Sherer

    Jonathan ShererHace 9 días

    King of the jungle ? Nah just on land lol

  75. O-mega Supreme

    O-mega SupremeHace 10 días

    DAMN Simba KAUGHT 1 2 DA GUT !!!

  76. No. 1

    No. 1Hace 10 días

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  77. Manan Gangwar

    Manan GangwarHace 10 días

    Situation unexpected ho toh Rann Chor do

  78. Andrew Basuma

    Andrew BasumaHace 10 días

    На хера ты мультики вставил?

  79. mike Lazembie

    mike LazembieHace 10 días

    Hey...Tuna is the king now anyway. They've got the taste for Lion and have devised breathing apparatus' from kelp and sneak in, track and eat lions.

  80. Rytkösen Jussi

    Rytkösen JussiHace 10 días

    But has "jaws" music in it.

  81. Travel & Explore

    Travel & ExploreHace 10 días

    Because this has a jaws vibe to it

  82. Bob Job

    Bob JobHace 10 días

    Terrain bonus and sneak attack bonus ! Critical hit!


    MUSIC JAZZHace 10 días

    Crocodile just have a kiss no offense

  84. Jama Yassin

    Jama YassinHace 10 días

    That crocodile put a whole in the lion stomach.

  85. Styxszs

    StyxszsHace 10 días

    I’m so glad we have Jaguars 🥰

  86. Styxszs

    StyxszsHace un día

    @Cruz Bazan I guess it would seem I offended your crocodile kind

  87. Styxszs

    StyxszsHace un día

    @Cruz Bazan There literally just bigger bed bugs 😂

  88. Styxszs

    StyxszsHace un día

    @Cruz Bazan I’m not really tripping Crocodiles are legal to kill anyway🥱

  89. Cruz Bazan

    Cruz BazanHace un día

    Maybe vs a small alligator 😍 crocodiles are big beasts. Good try though

  90. Dennis Eudela

    Dennis EudelaHace 11 días

    Lion had to retreat. He can feel it, but couldn't see it. Like the Predator. However, it would take a real giant croc or at least (2) huge crocs to have a chance against a lion this size. These big cats are very strong & agile and the crocs can scare 'em.out of the water, BUT never as a meal! Now, a cheetah is a different story.

  91. Dennis Eudela

    Dennis EudelaHace 9 días

    @Daddypool 447 Nope. U don't understand the strength & agility of an adult lion. Lions actually prey on crocs when the latter is basking out if the water. Did you ever see a video of a full sized lion being eaten by croc? Ain't happenin' bruh. However, smaller cats like cheetahs & cougars has always been food by the bib crocs. Small ones of course are the food of the former. But unless there are 2 big crocs working together and needs to have the right position of their bitegrab, they'll never conquer a healthy full adult lion. The lion will jump out of the water, but can attack at will on land if hungry and furious. Do ur research, bro...

  92. Daddypool 447

    Daddypool 447Hace 9 días

    @Dennis Eudela Man, look at your comment. Like wtf, a 14~ would be sufficient to kill a lion. But I live the fanboyism for you

  93. Dennis Eudela

    Dennis EudelaHace 9 días

    @Daddypool 447 What's wrong bruh?

  94. Daddypool 447

    Daddypool 447Hace 9 días

    Bro, stop saying such dumb things and think before you will even try to post a comment

  95. Hector FC

    Hector FCHace 11 días

    El león: soy el rey de la selva y si quiero me como algo en la mesa del cocodrilo !!! El cocodrilo: el rey de la selva me la pela !!!!

  96. Gloria Lopez

    Gloria LopezHace 9 días


  97. Blissful Beautyfull-mess

    Blissful Beautyfull-messHace 11 días

    Anyone who knows Lion anatomy that's part of it's intestine,that's not his dick as they are in the back near its rear end, no doubt it'll die

  98. Keith Faulk

    Keith FaulkHace 11 días

    Lions are my favorite !!!!

  99. Zohan Kurniawan

    Zohan KurniawanHace 11 días

    Itu perut nya udah bocor

  100. Juan Lopez

    Juan LopezHace 11 días

    He probably got gouged by one of the horns

  101. Get Everybody Moving

    Get Everybody MovingHace 11 días

    Croc: "I am the King of Water! No one beats me in the Water."

  102. Duane Carroll

    Duane CarrollHace 5 días

    A 🦛 would slaughter an 🐊

  103. Daddypool 447

    Daddypool 447Hace 6 días

    @Kevin Tatou Would recommend you watch some komodo dragon hunting. A little drastic, but that shit is the real fire

  104. Daddypool 447

    Daddypool 447Hace 6 días

    @Kevin Tatou Still, almost in all those vids the caiman is smaller so...

  105. Kevin Tatou

    Kevin TatouHace 6 días

    Ok damn sorry people I just saw a video of a jaguar bodying a croc an actual croc so I thought all jaguars are the same my bad and ty for informing me

  106. Rudens Mara

    Rudens MaraHace 6 días

    @Kevin Tatou jaguars body caymans. There are no jaguars in Africa. And for big crocs they’re just a snack.

  107. I’AM LOVE

    I’AM LOVEHace 11 días

    The Lion knew something was coming.. He could feel the vibration through the water, he just didn’t know what. I don’t think the croc was big enough..

  108. Frosty_Friends

    Frosty_FriendsHace 11 días

    Your decals ruin the video. Disliked.

  109. قصص ومواعظ

    قصص ومواعظHace 11 días

    النمر فقط يستطيع قتل التمساح بالمياه

  110. آلآرستقرآطي يعقوب

    آلآرستقرآطي يعقوبHace 10 días

    ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه ههههههههه

  111. Adan Ortega

    Adan OrtegaHace 11 días

    Le saco la mierda al leon

  112. Jam SF

    Jam SFHace 11 días

    Croc like "you're in my world now Simba hahaha"

  113. nikhil

    nikhilHace 8 días

    That's Scar

  114. Son of Lion

    Son of LionHace 11 días

    JAI Shri ram

  115. Jam Isaq

    Jam IsaqHace 11 días

    Lion had a hernia b4

  116. arnoldo lopez

    arnoldo lopezHace 11 días

    lion is already injured he might be on his last days

  117. Strat man Strat man

    Strat man Strat manHace 12 días

    He saw it coming wonder why he didn't move guess turning your back on a crocodile not good idea either

  118. Jimmy John's OFFICIAL

    Jimmy John's OFFICIALHace 12 días

    Why did you put that stupid face on this

  119. harpreet deep

    harpreet deepHace 12 días

    Pani se bahar nikal kar panga lo apne baap se fir dekhna 😅

  120. tigerono

    tigeronoHace 12 días

    Stupid lion

  121. Aleks Pasechnik

    Aleks PasechnikHace 12 días


  122. Philippe Hannebau

    Philippe HannebauHace 12 días

    Lucky day Mrs lion

  123. Adna El hel

    Adna El helHace 12 días

    Dead cat walking

  124. Zatarra Dantez

    Zatarra DantezHace 12 días

    If you watch and pause it when the lion is leaving out of the water. The croc got him on the stomach and meat and fat is coming out.

  125. mayo batlle

    mayo batlleHace 12 días

    Como pueden filmar episodios tan crueles? Les tiene q "fallar" esa cabecita, evidentemente😱😱😱👎👎👎

  126. michael spagnolo

    michael spagnoloHace 12 días

    What's with the mohawk???

  127. Александр Тарасов

    Александр ТарасовHace 12 días

    Что за лошадиный смех???


    NUMB SKULLHace 12 días

    Cats HATE getting wet. That just screwed up his game plan