Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. MLG Highlights

    MLG HighlightsHace 12 días

    Nikola Jokic mic'd at Nuggets practice 🤪 training hard on his shooting Watch: esdos.info/gone/v-deo/w7ibmodllpudgZk.html

  2. bronzefighta

    bronzefightaHace 6 días

    Over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

  3. Juan luis Martinez rodriguez

    Juan luis Martinez rodriguezHace 8 días

    The referees just keep doing it you can replay and count how many no fouls calls against denver I mean you have to beat the Lakers and the referees

  4. Laker gg

    Laker ggHace 10 días

    Wow nice game!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tewodros tamiru

    Tewodros tamiruHace 10 días

    GG bro

  6. Andre Knight

    Andre KnightHace 10 días

    Lakers have to play like this in order to beat the nuggets this year will go 7 games no blow outs this year Lakers we on y'all's helmet get ready

  7. Bred 2343

    Bred 2343Hace 10 días


  8. iFan Reacts

    iFan ReactsHace 10 días

    Kentucky Derby >>>> NBA

  9. MrNigeriaboy

    MrNigeriaboyHace 10 días

    Finally Gasol showed why he has a job

  10. Glenn Pineda

    Glenn PinedaHace 10 días


  11. Jason Saw

    Jason SawHace 10 días

    THT needs to play with a brain... especially in the paint

  12. TheModer8ter

    TheModer8terHace 10 días

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  13. Henry Wu

    Henry WuHace 10 días

    tucker out thanks

  14. M1 Huncho

    M1 HunchoHace 10 días

    Why is no1 talking about ADs insane block

  15. leecheewai leecheewai

    leecheewai leecheewaiHace 11 días


  16. leecheewai leecheewai

    leecheewai leecheewaiHace 11 días


  17. leecheewai leecheewai

    leecheewai leecheewaiHace 11 días

    7:57 joker play

  18. rocco cicoria

    rocco cicoriaHace 11 días

    Gordon Tucker is strong;always makes important points

  19. arzusy evangelista

    arzusy evangelistaHace 11 días

    W if lebron is not playing...ant davis😍😍😍

  20. Monkey D. Amir

    Monkey D. AmirHace 11 días

    Seirin>Lakers Rakuzan>Lakers Touou>Lakers

  21. Jay Abad

    Jay AbadHace 11 días

    Mcgee's trade is one of the mistakes of lakers. Gasol? Nah

  22. Ibrahim rock’s gaming 3000

    Ibrahim rock’s gaming 3000Hace 11 días

    I just wish kobe was here because the LA Lakers will lose without him RIP Kobe Bryant 🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢

  23. I hate Dummies

    I hate DummiesHace 10 días

    Kobe the adulterer

  24. Adi Picograf

    Adi PicografHace 11 días

    Anthony Davis, Ladies and Gentleman!

  25. Osibamowo Moyo

    Osibamowo MoyoHace 11 días

    I think we need to save Gasols legs for the playoffs..what a difference he makes

  26. Gard Texas

    Gard TexasHace 11 días

    Lakers fan, but fine to see Michael Porter finally hit his stride.

  27. anthony diaz

    anthony diazHace 11 días

    10:27 KCPXAD!! Love that bond.

  28. Skip Ads

    Skip AdsHace 11 días

    Lakers lineup is built for the playoffs. They can switch everything. They play big and small big lineups.

  29. Noel Guardado

    Noel GuardadoHace 11 días

    They chold fierd the couch he is no good at all

  30. Noel Guardado

    Noel GuardadoHace 11 días

    Megustaria qe corran al couch frank es malicimo ese mage. Bueno para nada no sabe ni shit

  31. Louie Fernandez

    Louie FernandezHace 11 días

    Congrats::; LAL!!!!

  32. Kelvin Datu

    Kelvin DatuHace 11 días

    If you watch the live game not the highlight. Lakers offence is better when gasol is around. Unlike drummond who has zero basketball IQ and can only be on paint

  33. Aasar Ptah

    Aasar PtahHace 11 días

    Lakers needed win against the Nuggets and a returning Magee. Lakers need to clean upon their silly turn overs.

  34. 宇宙大肉粽

    宇宙大肉粽Hace 11 días

    so many whistle disappeared. nice.

  35. Marink Floyd

    Marink FloydHace 11 días

    0 rebounds Drummond? really? Bench Him and more minutes to Gasol pls

  36. Marink Floyd

    Marink FloydHace 11 días

    If Lakers play against Denver. Drummond out Marc in Voguel. Drummond can´t defend Jokic

  37. Elias Betz

    Elias BetzHace 11 días

    8:52 - 8:57 look at jokic lmao

  38. Martin

    MartinHace 12 días

    Go Lakers go 😷💪🏆🍷

  39. Mfundo Maphanga

    Mfundo MaphangaHace 12 días

    Laker FAN. But if any other team was resting their stars like we were, the league would be up in arms

  40. Ramonito Velarde

    Ramonito VelardeHace 12 días

    Gasol play good

  41. Ramiro Cortavarria

    Ramiro CortavarriaHace 12 días

    What a game!

  42. Jiangcheng Li

    Jiangcheng LiHace 12 días

    nice to see our AD beast back on his rhythm

  43. Daniel O.

    Daniel O.Hace 12 días

    Gasol had a magical night

  44. djfunkychicken

    djfunkychickenHace 12 días

    if Denver shot 5% better.. the refs would have lost

  45. Kling Kong

    Kling KongHace 12 días

    Huge win

  46. humm

    hummHace 12 días

    What do they need gasol for?

  47. BigDickCheney

    BigDickCheneyHace 12 días

    where are the knicks highlights??????

  48. King Mhellius

    King MhelliusHace 12 días

    We needed this, good win lakers nation!

  49. Tzoa ForReal

    Tzoa ForRealHace 12 días

    So ya'll just gonna ignore what happened at 4:13? And all the other bs the judges sold? I mean, no cap, good ball game by Lakers but Nuggets should have taken the W.

  50. leebo508

    leebo508Hace 12 días

    You know it's going well for the Lakers when Matthews is making his 3s.

  51. larry diaz

    larry diazHace 12 días

    YESSSSSSS LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Antal Marcel

    Antal MarcelHace 12 días

    Man, I miss McGee and Howard.

  53. Ricardo Arreguin

    Ricardo ArreguinHace 12 días

    😂😂 me hace gracia que este canal en particular tarda mucho en subir los videos de laker cuando pierden, pero ayer que gano, en menos de 30 minutos ya habian subido el resumen 😂😂

  54. DwadeFL4SHMV3

    DwadeFL4SHMV3Hace 12 días

    Someone needs to get Lebron a senzu bean asap.

  55. سيد Didi

    سيد DidiHace 12 días

    fake growd noise = sh*t ... apropo fake: ¿where is mister accountability?'

  56. Gabriel Marisco

    Gabriel MariscoHace 12 días

    Dame una GASOLina

  57. Mariana J.

    Mariana J.Hace 12 días

    AD is a monster

  58. Bruno Guedes

    Bruno GuedesHace 12 días

    AD is back! Let's see if Lebron recovers properly. He is not 100%

  59. Szuia Lynx

    Szuia LynxHace 12 días

    fakers as usual have zero chemistry. its always stack it up. never good b-ball. fake org. never forget they stole 2001 from sac. that was a true team of the future. who legitimately beat Kobe and Shaq...now u got king lame...ad and barely in top 5....

  60. Manuel F

    Manuel FHace 12 días

    Dumbmond contribution to this gane is 5 fouls.

  61. Chris Waffles

    Chris WafflesHace 12 días

    8:46 Joker is insane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world is that ??

  62. Manuel F

    Manuel FHace 12 días

    Anybody noticed that Lakers 1st 5 were players whose jersey numbers are 0 to 4. Maybe 1st time in history.

  63. Genus Tinca

    Genus TincaHace 12 días

    Lakers got bailed out by the refs. Smart flop by AD.

  64. John Dean

    John DeanHace 12 días

    Gasol prevents jokic from getting a late game rebound +2pts

  65. John Dean

    John DeanHace 12 días

    Did you see Gasol Chase Campanzo All the way to the 3pt line!

  66. MyVideoAnime

    MyVideoAnimeHace 12 días

    Nuggets vs Refs...

  67. John Dean

    John DeanHace 12 días

    When Drummond got hit in the mouth he stood there and complained instead of rolling with Kuzma to the rim for the And1.Kuzma swallowed up by the defense forced to make a bad pass turnover.

  68. telenovelasLatin

    telenovelasLatinHace 12 días

    Where is that AD flop on a foot shorter player in this highlight? Toxic culture for sure! SMFH


    SERGELEN GANBATHace 12 días

    Jokic u r the king

  70. agustin larrea celery

    agustin larrea celeryHace 12 días


  71. Blaine Yang

    Blaine YangHace 12 días

    Gasol > Drummond, Gasol, Matthews replace Drummond and THT in playoffs

  72. peterhaslund

    peterhaslundHace 12 días

    Auch, that closeout's gotta hurt deep in them denver balls!

  73. alireza ezzati

    alireza ezzatiHace 12 días

    I love u Davis

  74. Gerard Martí

    Gerard MartíHace 12 días

    9:54 WTH is Rivers doing? First defend and then complain, man.

  75. abu ubayda

    abu ubaydaHace 12 días

    I still can't believe they traded for Gordon

  76. Artman Bima

    Artman BimaHace 12 días

    Like gasol 3p shooter

  77. Le Garmino

    Le GarminoHace 12 días


  78. Mario Morales

    Mario MoralesHace 12 días

    Beautiful game

  79. JB CashingInOnAmerica

    JB CashingInOnAmericaHace 12 días

    F China Lebron......scumbag

  80. Marley Paiva

    Marley PaivaHace 12 días


  81. David Barajas

    David BarajasHace 12 días

    Backs against the wall, No Bron, No Schroeder. Huge Win! Way to step up and Lead AD! 💪🏽

  82. 無用師

    無用師Hace 12 días

    一個老是 扯些荒謬的傻=論調 還 是教獸

  83. Teddy Knight

    Teddy KnightHace 12 días

    Dem mamba jersey are magic ✨

  84. Argyas

    ArgyasHace 12 días

    Marc Gasol's threes are Foken deadly .

  85. Khamadi

    KhamadiHace 12 días

    Lakers needed this win.

  86. LoudTake9

    LoudTake9Hace 12 días

    You could clearly see AD tell KCP at the end of the game "IM BACK!!

  87. Renaissance YoungTV

    Renaissance YoungTVHace 12 días

    Gasoline needs to play more

  88. R Music

    R MusicHace 12 días

    That foul against the Nuggets that cost them 3 points in the end changed the entire game. They should have reviewed it.

  89. Basil Carpenter jr

    Basil Carpenter jrHace 12 días

    That was a awful call AD flopped

  90. Ant

    AntHace 12 días

    Let’s gooooooooooooo

  91. Alan Cedric

    Alan CedricHace 12 días

    LA has a realy long team

  92. Alen Zmaj

    Alen ZmajHace 12 días

    Lakers are now 5! Still favorites for wining championship.

  93. Nahuel Toloza

    Nahuel TolozaHace 12 días

    3rd quarter and only FORTY SIX POINTS, WTF

  94. thisisgoingtopain

    thisisgoingtopainHace 12 días

    Davis is a cheat code

  95. Samsung Phone

    Samsung PhoneHace 12 días

    Austin Rivers Best Defender ever 😔.

  96. Boanca Filip

    Boanca FilipHace 12 días

    What a game this was

  97. sam diez

    sam diezHace 12 días


  98. Alfredo Ferrer

    Alfredo FerrerHace 12 días

    Victoria importanticima

  99. Stromile Gerald

    Stromile GeraldHace 12 días

    Gasol makes them so good


    HAYZE FARMSHace 12 días

    Porter Jr or Tate ? 🤔

  101. Jayk

    JaykHace 12 días

    Thanks Marc Gasol

  102. Jaiewell Salonga

    Jaiewell SalongaHace 12 días

    Nice D🔥👌