Luka Doncic 31 pts 12 rebs 20 asts vs Wizards 20/21 season

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  1. gypys king

    gypys kingHace 9 días

    Luka magic future Goat

  2. oscar moya

    oscar moyaHace 12 días

    Luca urgently needs a nutritionist if he gets that it will be faster and more agile

  3. M2K NBA

    M2K NBAHace 12 días

    Magic / Bird Hybrid

  4. M2K NBA

    M2K NBAHace 12 días

    omfg i love this guy so much luka magic thats my fucking guy

  5. Peter

    PeterHace 12 días

    How many rings to put him on Mt Rushmore with MJ and Lebron?

  6. Nick Kim

    Nick KimHace 12 días

    craziest part is that hes still working to improve his game... he's not even at his prime yet

  7. jvstix

    jvstixHace 12 días

    what foul? - fouling in love with u. jaja

  8. Vinícius Broetto

    Vinícius BroettoHace 13 días


  9. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    after Joker ;)

  10. Never HeardTay

    Never HeardTayHace 13 días

    If Giannis and Luka were to pair up youll see the true next Magic and Kareem. They’ll dominate the whole league

  11. Jake Spong

    Jake SpongHace 13 días


  12. Balboa Balboa

    Balboa BalboaHace 13 días

    NBA never been more internetional then it is now.In last three or four decade we had a 3 the greatest of all time,Michael,Kobe and Lebron.Lebron is on the end of his Brilliant career.All respect for grat players Durant,Curry,Harden but they are not on the same level as Lebron !I think in the future more then ever the main stars in NBA will be from Europe primarily.Jokić,Dončić,Janis!

  13. Imdb Truth

    Imdb TruthHace 13 días

    Jason Kidd is still the Mavericks as well as the NBA's all time leader for Assists in a single game with 25 Assists back in 1996 in a game against John Stockton and Karl Malone's Utah Jazz. Kidd showed out with 20 points and 25 Assists in his third season against the great veteran John Stockton. The lowly Mavs defeated a great Jazz team in a 136-133 thriller. The Mavs were led in scoring by Jim Jackson with 38 points and the CBA call-up George McCloud had 32 points. Somehow, less than 10 months later, the dumbass Mavericks would trade Jason Kidd for a role player named Michael Finley. Imagine the Mavericks doing that today, trading away Luka Doncic in exchange for De'Andre Hunter or some shit... Kidd's name is still littering the record books for Mavs highest assist games, as he is also tied with Luka for 2nd place on the Mavs list with a 20 assist game in his second run with the Mavericks in 2009. This time Kidd was showing out against his former team the Phoenix Suns, and also his former backup PG in Phoenix, Steve Nash. In this game the Mavs trounced Nash and the Suns 140-116, as Kidd had 19 Points and 20 Assists, compared to 12 and 8 for Nash. Dirk led all scorers with 28, and Josh Howard had 24.. The Suns oddly enough were led by the player who shared co-RookieOfYear honors with Jason Kidd way back in 1994, as Grant Hill had 23 points. In his stints with the Mavericks, Kidd also had 18 Assists in ×3 games, and 17 Assists in ×7 games, and Kidd never even played with the Mavericks during the prime of his career. Steve Nash in comparison, in his 6 seasons spent with the Mavericks, he only went over 15 Assists in a game twice, as he had ×1 game with 19 Assists in 2004, and ×1 game with 17 Assists in 2000. As for Luka, he can score way better than Kidd, but unfortunately his defense is a lot closer to being Steve Nash. As for Luka's ability to dish out dimes, he's already got ×1 game with 20 Assists, ×2 game with 19 Assists, and ×1 game with 17 Assists.

  14. lil need dat

    lil need datHace 13 días 🙏

  15. Matt

    MattHace 14 días

    Luka makes the very difficult look very easy

  16. King Shango Sound

    King Shango SoundHace 14 días

    Skip: he was awful at fts & 3p% x)))

  17. Spazz Jenkins

    Spazz JenkinsHace 14 días

    This the best game of lukas young career smh 🤯🤯 😤

  18. King Shango Sound

    King Shango SoundHace 14 días

    theres one like 35/15/15 vs bucks last year too

  19. Elijah Lay

    Elijah LayHace 14 días

    Starts at 0:39

  20. Timothy Chen

    Timothy ChenHace 14 días

    ebay Luka Doncic Select 193, invest now thank me later.

  21. Jan Iljaž

    Jan IljažHace 14 días

    Which one of the select 193, there is a bunch of different types.. I will get one, I believe you know what you’re talking about. Thanks for the help 😉

  22. Luka Jordan

    Luka JordanHace 14 días

    Is there anyone left that would still take Westbrook over Luka?

  23. Svjetlan Gavranic

    Svjetlan GavranicHace 14 días

    Mavs are cooking!Luka and Dodo will pull others into the hot zone.Luka sharing the ball (like always),but now his teammates get the job done.They will be a dark horse for everyone in the playoffs...

  24. Andrew Ashby

    Andrew AshbyHace 14 días

    Unreal, I wanted to see that last play but your recommended videos cover the screen for the end of the video. Gotta fix that!

  25. Basil Carpenter jr

    Basil Carpenter jrHace 14 días

    Love luka my favorite player in today's NBA

  26. All Lives Matter!

    All Lives Matter!Hace 14 días

    Best player in the world 3 years straight

  27. Maki Roll

    Maki RollHace 14 días

    so sad that he cant fix at least his FTs, or be reliable from 3, would then be even better

  28. Maki Roll

    Maki RollHace 14 días

    @Kai yep, at least the FTs, its crucial in close games

  29. jo man

    jo manHace 14 días

    Can't see nothing sad, he will get his ring either way

  30. Kai

    KaiHace 14 días

    well not everyone is a good 3 shooter🤷🏾‍♀️ i can’t really say anything abt his FTs tho, he should be knocking those down easily tbh

  31. TheDevil's Rockstxr

    TheDevil's RockstxrHace 14 días

    This kid is a FUCKIN PROBLEM

  32. Svjetlan Gavranic

    Svjetlan GavranicHace 14 días

    For me...everyone who put Embiid in front of Dončić for an MVP award is nuts.Just remember.Luka put on these kind of numbers in the not so good team.Embiid is suround with stars!And they-the press try to do a narrative that Embiid should be the MVP.AHAHAHAHHAHAAA.Joker is the man,Jokić is the real MVP!

  33. NCP Realty

    NCP RealtyHace 14 días

    I am so sick of the ball Hogg commercials.

  34. Adrian Gevero

    Adrian GeveroHace 14 días

    I was shook seeing that 20 assists, that's +40 points already if 2s only plus his 31 points.

  35. King Shango Sound

    King Shango SoundHace 14 días

    and it wasnt 2s only...70+/125...he is both baby goat and baby hog lol

  36. majimboy demanding

    majimboy demandingHace 14 días

    what if luka join to the GSW?

  37. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    Or even better... Denver Nuggets!

  38. beastmry

    beastmryHace 14 días

    At this point, I'm losing hope in his FTs. There's no reason he shouldn't be shooting 80% at the rim. I don't understand it.

  39. Bojan Palink

    Bojan PalinkHace 14 días

    Bye Bye Porzingis, hype care for fame.....some other team

  40. HH Channel

    HH ChannelHace 14 días

    Next year, in his fourth season, he will already be in top 10 trip doubles of all time. Let that sink in.

  41. Rok

    RokHace 14 días

    Luka will be first player ever to hit 30 points, 10 rebounds and 30 assist. Mark my word

  42. marix75

    marix75Hace 14 días

    Impossible with this squad. He needs better shooters around him. No doubt he's capable of making it.

  43. Truth makes you free.

    Truth makes you free.Hace 14 días

    Stop taking so many 3s man. 😏

  44. Nasreddine Chajaadine

    Nasreddine ChajaadineHace 14 días

    Luka playing like Luka again...more playmaking!

  45. EinPlay StoreAcc

    EinPlay StoreAccHace 14 días

    Russ really didnt look great on defense against doncic

  46. Србољуб Србић

    Србољуб СрбићHace 14 días

    Христос воскресе Лука Србине! 🇷🇸

  47. Matheus A. Ferreira

    Matheus A. FerreiraHace 14 días

    You see how special a player's performance is when the video of highlights for a single game is more than 6 minutes long.

  48. F Humble

    F HumbleHace 14 días

    People think I’m dumb but if he had decent teammates he would be averaging 17 apg EASY

  49. d d

    d dHace 14 días

    MVP RACE 1.Jokic 2.Doncic I have feeling it's going to be like this next few years

  50. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    @F Humble I would love to see them in the same team... they would win the ring!

  51. F Humble

    F HumbleHace 14 días

    Wait till they’re on the same team...

  52. Jullius.

    Jullius.Hace 14 días

    I swear the Dallas bench reactions when Luka makes plays got me fucked up 😂😂💀

  53. Only Facts

    Only FactsHace 14 días

    DALLAS 5th place 1st team SEALED....MEDIA has no excuses now... or have they? I bet that LILLARD 6th place or CURRY 10th place are going to be ahead of him... When the entire season their excuse was that DALLAS was at 8th and PORTLAND was at 6th...

  54. d d

    d dHace 14 días

    He should be 2 place after Jokic who is clearly MVP

  55. Slab Lab

    Slab LabHace 14 días

    He would have 10 assists guaranteed every night if they kept Seth Curry. Cheap, elite shooter. The front office fucked up.

  56. John Lin

    John LinHace 14 días

    Future MVP

  57. Hypatia TV

    Hypatia TVHace 14 días

    Next MVP and probably the best NBA player at the moment, with Curry, Gianiss, Embid and Jokic. Jokic is the best of the best at the moment, MVP. GREETINGS from SERBIA.

  58. Watafumeiro

    WatafumeiroHace 13 días

    only 1 North American player, curious

  59. Juanjo Hernández iñigo

    Juanjo Hernández iñigoHace 14 días

    Mea como quiere

  60. BlackMamba

    BlackMambaHace 14 días

    last year mvp is from overseas. This year's top 3 candidate are also from overseas. Great to see players dominating outside US

  61. Only Facts

    Only FactsHace 14 días

    yeah but in 2019 JOKIC lead the NUGGETS all year in the TOP of the WEST and P.GEORGE in OKC only made the play-offs in the last week and PG still got more votes... So it has nothing to do with OVERSEAS... Its all about whos playing in a BIG MARKETING CITY...and if it fits the NBA AGENDA or not...

  62. Labas Labas

    Labas LabasHace 14 días

    Very sad Lebron has destroyed this league as players like Luka, Joker, Booker are not getting much attention. Most people have turned off the Nazi NBA. Idiot Lebron.

  63. Only Facts

    Only FactsHace 14 días

    CURRYs team 10th place ---MEDIA "MVP MVP MVP" LILLARDs team 6th place----MEDIA "MVP MVP definitely the 1st team" LUKAs team 8th place ---- MEDIA "he has no chance in the 8th place". BUT NOW THIS HAPPEN; CURRY 10th place and bricking shoots---MEDIA "MVP" LILLARD 7th place-----MEDIA " 1st team sealed" LUKA 5th place -----MEDIA " -----------".

  64. Curt Jr. The 2nd

    Curt Jr. The 2ndHace 10 días

    @Felix J Prob but in my eyes Luka in his third season is having a bigger impact to his team than Joxic if Mavs didn't have Luka they'd be the worst seed if Nuggets didn't have Jokic they'd still be fighting for a play in spot

  65. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    Jokic is gonna get that MVP

  66. Ld Nom

    Ld NomHace 14 días

    @Curt Jr. The 2nd luka is to Good for NBA !! That simple 🤙

  67. Curt Jr. The 2nd

    Curt Jr. The 2ndHace 14 días

    @Francesc Campos They Say He's the Next face of the nba But there forgetting players like Luka smh.

  68. Francesc Campos

    Francesc CamposHace 14 días

    Underrated comment. I'll add another one: Lamelo 16/6/6 and not even the second best player in his team ---> MEDIA "GOAT in the making"

  69. Only Facts

    Only FactsHace 14 días

    WAS NBA on TNT cancelled??? THE JUMP??? LESPN ? oh wait SABONIS / JOKIC / LUKA are playing now they cant fit their agenda...

  70. Alfonso Almazan

    Alfonso AlmazanHace 14 días

    Everybody talking about his does not matter...his heart is Spanish!

  71. Gregor Z

    Gregor ZHace 14 días

    Slovensko srce

  72. Lorenzo Rossi

    Lorenzo RossiHace 14 días

    Si, stocazzo

  73. Evropa †

    Evropa †Hace 14 días

    This man runs like my dad 😂

  74. Lena 51

    Lena 51Hace 14 días

    And your dad is...?

  75. vpa321apv

    vpa321apvHace 14 días

    European 🐐

  76. vpa321apv

    vpa321apvHace 14 días

    @HH Channel thanks homie

  77. HH Channel

    HH ChannelHace 14 días

    Nice hat

  78. 愛卡d

    愛卡dHace 14 días

    LUKA magic ❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  79. Dendy Try Putra

    Dendy Try PutraHace 14 días

    and only 39 minutes??

  80. Dan X

    Dan XHace 14 días

    westbrook reaction in last play XD

  81. Ayhan Celiktas

    Ayhan CeliktasHace 14 días

    i mean, who wouldnt. He went off and Beal sold

  82. TheRover TV

    TheRover TVHace 14 días

    Luka's magic is never ending

  83. x x x

    x x xHace 14 días

    mark my words luka will be the best player in the world for years to come 💯

  84. Bojan Palink

    Bojan PalinkHace 8 días

    @Jack Seulean Luka Doncic Becomes The Fastest Active Player To Reach 5,000 Points.....and . he’s 1 assist away from reaching 1500 assists as of manny records that are comming.

  85. Jack Seulean

    Jack SeuleanHace 8 días

    @Bojan Palink I'm not saying jokic is going to be an Alexander the great im just saying there's no way Luka will be

  86. Bojan Palink

    Bojan PalinkHace 11 días

    @Jack Seulean Alexander the Great in the basketball sense ...... when he finishes his career .... the records that will remain behind him will be unattainable for many ..... MVP and other silly awards ... were made for the media ... ..we see how hard it is to give them to Jokić ..... we all know why.

  87. Jack Seulean

    Jack SeuleanHace 11 días

    @Bojan Palink for him to be Alexander the great he would have to dominate the league from the moment he first becomes mvp to the moment he retires and never not be mvp. I mean Alexander never lost a single battle

  88. x x x

    x x xHace 11 días

    @Jeremy Bunnell you’re the only person who brought up larry bird tho and 50/40/90. you’re being weird bro. that has nothing to do with any of my statements

  89. Josiah Tejeros

    Josiah TejerosHace 14 días

    Who can stop him in 1 meter social distancing?

  90. Luuikaas videos

    Luuikaas videosHace 14 días

    Russel westbrook ahah

  91. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    Westbroke xD

  92. ElyTeo26 GR

    ElyTeo26 GRHace 14 días

    I will never forget when I told my American (overseas pros)teammates that this guy will dominate in the nba , they were laughing and stuff lol😂..If Europe develops the same athletic players as nba it’s over ...the only difference is athleticism

  93. Truth Hurts

    Truth HurtsHace 6 días

    The highest jumpers ever are white. The best dunkers in the world are the white professional dunkers from Northern Europe. The heavyweight champion of the world is white. The fattest highschooler in the world, as of last year, is white. The best running back in the NFL is white. And the best basketball players in the world. You have been sold a myth by espn. The USA has won it’s last international basketball tournament or Olympics for the next 20 years. Peace.

  94. Stephen Rodriguez

    Stephen RodriguezHace 6 días

    @Truth Hurts totally with you, luka is proof

  95. lanmi lanmi

    lanmi lanmiHace 13 días

    Black guys are just more athletic, that's a fact. They develop fast muscle fibers quickly, and American investment in sport science is making them even better. Cant compete in that area

  96. nicj

    nicjHace 13 días

    @Truth Hurts The issue is that the rules don't favor uber athletic players, especially in the current nba... The athletic players are generally badly arbitrated (Zion, Lebron, Giannis, Howard, Shaq before etc). The post move has become obsolete in the current nba which normally favors athletic players as they can easily bully the opponent With the 3 seconds rule defense zone, tall players like Marjanovic, Fall etc cannot defensively have an impact...which would therefore prevent "frail" players from being able to easily go to the rim. And the elimination of hand checking prevents uber athletic players from using their physique precisely (their hand)

  97. nicj

    nicjHace 13 días

    If USA creates a pro league other than NBA, it's over, USA will dominate forever...Doncic is pro since 16...if USA players which stay in USA could be pro since 16, it would be over...

  98. Airtrail Slovenia

    Airtrail SloveniaHace 14 días

    1:31 every game Luka presents a new magic trick

  99. julesjordan

    julesjordanHace 14 días

    He’s only the second player ever to have a 30 point, 20 rebound triple-double, and a 30 point, 20 assist triple-double. Oscar is the other one.

  100. julesjordan

    julesjordanHace 9 días

    @Catgenocide69 look it up basketball reference

  101. Catgenocide69

    Catgenocide69Hace 9 días

    Uhhh Russell Westbrook?? The triple double king??

  102. Marjan Mitkovski

    Marjan MitkovskiHace 14 días

    @JOHN 14:6 I get now what u say.

  103. Marjan Mitkovski

    Marjan MitkovskiHace 14 días

    @antiantiantiantifan ah ok . Ye I remember i watch both games.

  104. JOHN 14:6

    JOHN 14:6Hace 14 días

    @Marjan Mitkovski he got 30 pts 20 rebound triple-double last year

  105. pufifa

    pufifaHace 14 días

    And a WIN!!!!! FUC* YEAH!!!!!!

  106. Marche M

    Marche MHace 14 días

    Daaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!! LUKAAAAA MAGIC ✨✨

  107. Gideon Cheung

    Gideon CheungHace 14 días

    20 assists/1 to is insane

  108. pookyman12

    pookyman12Hace 14 días

    Legendary night from Luka!

  109. Alex Shulepov

    Alex ShulepovHace 14 días

    Let Russ see how a real superstar looks like

  110. Lena 51

    Lena 51Hace 14 días

    Hahaha, love for Russ looks just like yours!!!

  111. Yung Tai Chiang

    Yung Tai ChiangHace 14 días

    He is the future goat.

  112. Afro Mamba

    Afro MambaHace 14 días

    Why did Washington go for a 3 at the end??

  113. F Humble

    F HumbleHace 14 días

    Beal lost the dribble and fucked up the play.

  114. submissivelover

    submissiveloverHace 14 días

    The even more remarkable aspect of this 31/12/20 game is that he's the 4th guy in NBA history to do 30/10/20 in a game.... but his 20 assists came with 1 single Turnover. Westbrook had 4 in his 35/14/21, Magic had 7 TO in his 30/10/20 game, and they didn't record Turnovers for Oscar Robertson 32/15/20

  115. FR D

    FR DHace 11 días

    @submissivelover dont bother with People on youtube they are retarded. Doncic is à beast indeed.

  116. Rok Krmelj

    Rok KrmeljHace 12 días

    im jsut gonna say this..who is westbrook..sry but overrated..he done shit this year

  117. Qaranthir

    QaranthirHace 13 días

    @submissivelover χαχαχαχα

  118. submissivelover

    submissiveloverHace 14 días

    @Qaranthir you're on the short bus but I'm brain damaged? You were born with damage, dummy. Why'd you tag me if you don't associating with the likes of me? You found me you loser, you bothered me.

  119. Qaranthir

    QaranthirHace 14 días

    @submissivelover Not my problem you ended up "brain damaged". Moving on, i don't like associating with the likes of you. Depression personified.

  120. HeavyLifted

    HeavyLiftedHace 14 días

    Westbrook said keep that same energy with me because I had 35pts 21ast and 14 rbs a month ago and yall said nothing lol.

  121. Josh Easy

    Josh EasyHace 14 días

    Being real & truthful is never liked.

  122. James Rod

    James RodHace 14 días

    I think it’s because Westbrook is not likable .

  123. Aiden Vi

    Aiden ViHace 14 días

    Bcuz wizards trash as f

  124. Ryan Montague

    Ryan MontagueHace 14 días

    This is what happens when Luka's teammates actually make shots.... imagine how many assists he could have

  125. Maria Sealy

    Maria SealyHace 14 días


  126. gxn

    gxnHace 14 días

    Frfr! I always see Luka putting out great passes, but many of those are never capitalised as assists cause his teammates can’t score on them 🤦‍♂️

  127. Nik Krelj

    Nik KreljHace 14 días

    He could average 15

  128. Stoyan Marinov

    Stoyan MarinovHace 14 días


  129. pufifa

    pufifaHace 14 días


  130. TeaR I 3piCz

    TeaR I 3piCzHace 14 días

    He would probably get 20 assist every game but his team misses a lot of open threes.

  131. maciej guzek

    maciej guzekHace 13 días

    you got 171 likes, which does not change the fact that his team does not misses especially more open threes than other team. Mavs are somewhere in the middle among NBA teams in % of threes made (36.2 % for Mavs. Clippers lead with 41.7 , Rockets are last with 33.4). Which proves that your statement is wrong, as in other teams nothing is particularly different.

  132. Sebiscuit G

    Sebiscuit GHace 13 días

    @Shariff ??

  133. Shariff

    ShariffHace 14 días

    @Michael Kenny that’s a straight up lie, he was leading the league last year in potential assists

  134. Basil Carpenter jr

    Basil Carpenter jrHace 14 días

    @Michael Kenny wow I didn't know they had that kind of stats that's stat is a joke potential don't count that like saying if I won lottery but I don't win it lol

  135. Michael Kenny

    Michael KennyHace 14 días

    Sorry to burst your bubble but potential assists is a tracked stat and no one is even close to 20. Last I checked curry or Simmons was on top with like 13

  136. Junior Hernandez

    Junior HernandezHace 14 días

    Was I right for ditching Harden as the next great floor general for Luka this year?

  137. Junior Hernandez

    Junior HernandezHace 14 días


  138. Jon Jones

    Jon JonesHace 14 días

    One more Serb that knows to play game on MVP level

  139. franc zorko

    franc zorkoHace 12 días

    @Jon Jones You are what YOU things ....and no what says other peopke obout YOU ....And Luka is Slovenian boy ...

  140. Marko Obradović

    Marko ObradovićHace 13 días

    @Rok Hey Slovenian stablekeeper, Luka Doncic is more Spanish and Serbian than Slovenian.

  141. Jon Jones

    Jon JonesHace 13 días

    @felix hug Man i know very well that luka sees himself as a Slovenian,but i made a bet with friend to show him that ex Yugoslavia people are still poisoned by nationalism so he said to me that Slovenians are different.Well i showed him otherwise,i showed him that on a theme on basketball players they react like crazye.I made my point

  142. Jon Jones

    Jon JonesHace 13 días

    @franc zorko Well yes man,their roots are from Afrika.Listen if my parents are Spanish and my parents are borned in USA,what am i then?

  143. B D Best

    B D BestHace 14 días

    @Marko Obradović Your comments prove you are an idiot 🤣🤣🤣. Mirjam Potrbin is Spanish 🤣🤣. That makes you german for sure😂. What drugs are you on? Serbia is a strong country? 🤣🤣 Maybe in basketball and some other sports but even there Slovenia with Luka on our team beat you in the final of Eurobasket. Remember? Luka played for Slovenia for a simple reason: He is Slovene. GET OVER IT! Also get over the fact you lost Kosovo due to your incompetent politicians. I love Serbia and I dislike Albanians but a fact is a fact. GET OVER IT!

  144. zumba

    zumbaHace 14 días

    20 assists!!!! once he gets those 3s going its a wrap.

  145. Nightrain92

    Nightrain92Hace 14 días

    20 assists.... So probably 13 assists in every other league

  146. Calvin

    CalvinHace 13 días


  147. Manji

    ManjiHace 14 días

    20 assist in this league because he has teammates that can shoot.

  148. Lucius Sulla

    Lucius SullaHace 14 días

    Mid range game on another level now

  149. Captain A.Brandon

    Captain A.BrandonHace 14 días


  150. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    Maybe next season ;) This year is for Jokic

  151. RebornedMavs

    RebornedMavsHace 14 días

    This guy is your future leading passer in the league for years to come when he gets a consistent shooter.

  152. Van Fanel

    Van FanelHace 10 días

    @Jack Seulean it's because defense doesn't know what luka will do.

  153. Jack Seulean

    Jack SeuleanHace 11 días

    Well bro he's an great passer but this was mainlyndo to poor defense. Jokic delivers quality passes on hard defenses. 1jokicfan

  154. Ezekiel Katindig

    Ezekiel KatindigHace 14 días

    Bro sign over Tatum

  155. TheHD Code

    TheHD CodeHace 14 días

    If this guy team up with Curry and Kaly🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  156. Il Rosso

    Il RossoHace 14 días

    @Brody Brown because they needed defense on the wings.

  157. Mo Z

    Mo ZHace 14 días

    Marc trade KP for Jokic

  158. Jay Versoza

    Jay VersozaHace 14 días

    😂 funny.

  159. Lena 51

    Lena 51Hace 14 días

    In your dreams, Jokic for about 10 KPs...

  160. baltazar skippa

    baltazar skippaHace 14 días

    Or mpj 😏

  161. Metody X

    Metody XHace 14 días

    @4LEK54ND4R hehehe 😂

  162. 4LEK54ND4R

    4LEK54ND4RHace 14 días

    KP for Jokić?! 😂😂😂 you need like 3-4 of those KP's

  163. Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar LawHace 14 días

    20 AST with 1 TO. Thats crazy! Luka Magic

  164. MethnoState Mel

    MethnoState MelHace 14 días

    @The History Revision Guy-de missing out on hot garbage ill pass.

  165. Guy Bartlett

    Guy BartlettHace 14 días

    @Matej Rojc fuck the haters

  166. Guy Bartlett

    Guy BartlettHace 14 días


  167. The History Revision Guy-de

    The History Revision Guy-deHace 14 días

    @MethnoState Mel lol, you are missing out

  168. MethnoState Mel

    MethnoState MelHace 14 días

    @The History Revision Guy-de lmao imagine having such bad taste. you casuals sicken me.

  169. j12k12p

    j12k12pHace 14 días

    LUKA for MVP.. Adding to this: Luka Dončić became the first player in @NBA history to record a game with at least 20 assists but no more than one turnover, all while scoring 30+ points..

  170. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    Luka is great, but Jokic is MVP ;)

  171. Jose Limjoco

    Jose LimjocoHace 14 días

    H's honing his skill to perfection.

  172. Milky Mace

    Milky MaceHace 14 días

    @Only Facts but jokic is the blackest man alive right? Some dumb logic there

  173. Only Facts

    Only FactsHace 14 días

    he cant win he is white...

  174. Scar Face

    Scar FaceHace 14 días

    Real MVP

  175. Lazojka

    LazojkaHace 14 días

    after jokic :D

  176. dxfifa

    dxfifaHace 14 días

    Doug Mcdermott 31 points please

  177. dxfifa

    dxfifaHace 14 días

    @Evan Ash yes but his average this season is 13 points and this tied his career high

  178. Evan Ash

    Evan AshHace 14 días

    no he got 31 pts but only 1 rebound and 1 assists

  179. Evan Ash

    Evan AshHace 14 días

    did he get a triple double?

  180. mais ait

    mais aitHace 14 días

    Imagine the level of Marvin Bagley or Deandre draft over him

  181. mais ait

    mais aitHace 13 días

    @Maria Sealy I can blame the Suns all night and days. You Can pick Ayton over Luka if Ayton is Kévin Garnett or Shaq. He is Not Shaq or David Robinson. Not a generational talent. Maybe an All Star one day. Contrary to Doncic you can t build aroud.

  182. Milan Stojanovic

    Milan StojanovicHace 14 días

    @mais ait I was actually really surprised that they passed on him! I get they got Paul but he is 36, with Thyrise they would be epic. I'm talking as a Nuggets fan, we need better PG because Murray would be fire on 2 I think.

  183. Maria Sealy

    Maria SealyHace 14 días

    You can blame the Sun's, they wanted a big man. So they went for Ayton. But the King's... I don't know what they were thinking 🤔.

  184. mais ait

    mais aitHace 14 días

    @HH Channel Ayton can be an all star. For Bagley I am not sûre éven if he stay Healthy

  185. HH Channel

    HH ChannelHace 14 días

    Ayton at least isn’t a bust like Bagley

  186. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat ImanliHace 14 días

    God mode!!!

  187. Pamplona Christian

    Pamplona ChristianHace 14 días


  188. gxn

    gxnHace 14 días

    @Killerstar that’s probably what it will look like. 4 of those guys are MVP contenders including Luka Edit: 4 out of Kia’s 5 players in the MVP race

  189. Killerstar

    KillerstarHace 14 días

    @Shiljamannn it should be: Curry Luka Giannis-Lebron Embid Jokic

  190. Designer

    DesignerHace 14 días

    @Charlie18 dont worry their stupid

  191. Charlie18

    Charlie18Hace 14 días

    @Shiljamannn curry?

  192. Shiljamannn

    ShiljamannnHace 14 días

    @Charlie18 1st team ALL- NBA Mitchell and Luka on the guard spots. What is not clear here?

  193. CG Alchemist

    CG AlchemistHace 14 días

    bro i want luka and jokic on the same team so bad

  194. Marko Marković

    Marko MarkovićHace 13 días

    @Elvis Božič Zapravo, Srbi i Makedonci su genetski najsličniji, imaju 96% (ili 97%) istih gena. Sa Makedoncima je vrlo kompleksna priča, Makedonija je bila jako heterogena pred Balkanske ratove, a Bugari su sprovodili agresivnu propagandu preko Egzarhije još od 1870, prema kojoj su u Makedoniji jedini Sloveni Bugari. A Srbi i Bugari su govorili praktično istim jezikom od IX do XIX veka, razlika je bila na nivou dijalekta. Uzgred, Deretić je metalostrugar.

  195. Marko Marković

    Marko MarkovićHace 13 días

    @Posavac Na Privremenom Radu Da nije bilo Dražena, Divca, Tonija i ostalih momaka, ne bi danas bilo ni Luke, ni Jokića, ni ostalih. Oni su im otvorili vrata NBA, do tada su Ameri nadmeno živeli u uverenju da su evropski igrači mekani i da ne igraju odbranu. Genijalci jednom Draženu Petroviću nisu davali minute u Portlandu i čim je dobio šansu u Netsima je pokazao ko je i šta je.

  196. Marko Marković

    Marko MarkovićHace 13 días

    @Elvis Božič Odakle ti ideja da su Srbi poslednji dobili prezimena? Ja koliko znam svakom srpskom vladaru kroz istoriju se zna prezime.

  197. Calvin

    CalvinHace 13 días

    wouldn't work, Luka is egocentric

  198. Elvis Božič

    Elvis BožičHace 14 días

    @Marko Obradović Dobro. Neka bude po tvome. Laku noč.

  199. Sarp Montana

    Sarp MontanaHace 14 días

    He showed Westbrick how to have a triple double while WINNING.

  200. King Shango Sound

    King Shango SoundHace 14 días

    and teach him one should win after that show off marching mid game

  201. dont talk to me

    dont talk to meHace 14 días

    Ok white boi

  202. VArsovski10

    VArsovski10Hace 14 días

    Russ been balling on another.. At first didn't like his game too but he's doing really good this year :)

  203. Dana kaleb

    Dana kalebHace 14 días

    @HeavyLifted did he win that game?

  204. Álvaro Ybáñez

    Álvaro YbáñezHace 14 días

    @Boogey Luka has sit on many occasions with 25/10/8 or 24/9/9 with plenty of fourth quarter to play. He does not care for any other thing than winning.

  205. Your Feelings Mean Nothing to Me

    Your Feelings Mean Nothing to MeHace 14 días


  206. Felix J

    Felix JHace 11 días

    This year is for Joker ;)

  207. Only Facts

    Only FactsHace 14 días

    DALLAS 5th place...whats the MEDIA excuse now?

  208. AnLo15

    AnLo15Hace 14 días

    20 assist 😲💯🔥🏀 Luka Magic

  209. adrijana cah

    adrijana cahHace 14 días

    Luka was great!

  210. Janko Jani

    Janko JaniHace 14 días

    Luka Magic 100% future HOF

  211. M2K NBA

    M2K NBAHace 12 días