Machine Gun Kelly - In These Walls

Lockdown Session Day 19. Vocal sample PVRIS - 'My House'

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  1. Gamechange1112

    Gamechange1112Hace 2 horas

    This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together...❤️

  2. Jade Lynn

    Jade LynnHace 3 horas

    Sending my Love 💕 JESSIKA💯💖

  3. a very specific channel name

    a very specific channel nameHace 3 horas

    this song helped me so much, last summer i just got out of a toxic relationship. I made a promise to myself close to the end of our relationship, "if this lasts, i will go down with the ship, I will stay broken but if we split i will start to work on myself, get my problems sorted and never let anyone treat me like this again." its been a year and honestly i've never felt happier, I love myself more and i will never take a person like that in my life again.

  4. Hiphopboy3

    Hiphopboy3Hace 7 horas

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music :/

  5. donya mh

    donya mhHace 10 horas

    i love this song thanks MGK

  6. John Puttick

    John PuttickHace 16 horas

    This is the roots. The heart he puts into his songs. I wish he would go back to em. Not what being famous and the pain it causes you. (Haters).

  7. Stuffies

    StuffiesHace 17 horas

    Song still fire a year later

  8. TTV AXLR88

    TTV AXLR88Hace 18 horas

    dont see eminem making something as good as this, he sounds the same in every fucking song, mgk has different styles eminem is literally just eminem nothing more nothing less. he doesnt even make good music, rap devil was better then killshot, killshot sounded like a whiny 10 year old trying to rap at a battle of the bands high school tryout.....and im actually being serious

  9. Chandu Shady

    Chandu ShadyHace 20 horas


  10. Troy

    TroyHace 20 horas

    Mgk helps so much In times of depression and hopelessness

  11. Dylan Rudman

    Dylan RudmanHace 22 horas

    We need this song on spotify :/

  12. Ozymandias ➊

    Ozymandias ➊Hace 23 horas

    Fun fact: this wasn't in your searched for this!!

  13. Dagucciestbeast

    DagucciestbeastHace 23 horas

    Where the 2nd verse

  14. Letícia Rodrigues

    Letícia RodriguesHace 23 horas

    cant get over it

  15. The Hammer

    The HammerHace un día

    Please get this on Apple Music

  16. Merroudji Amine

    Merroudji AmineHace un día

    Still listening ❤️💥

  17. Rohit Dubey

    Rohit DubeyHace un día

    When is this releasing on Apple Music??

  18. Tevin Henning

    Tevin HenningHace un día

    Man not too much of an mgk fan, but dude these quarantine songs hit me in the feels bad. Especially this and pretty toxic revolver. Respect my man. I deal with alot of emotional issues, on a mood stabilizer cuz I have no control over the emotions. They definitely fucking come through listening to this. Thank you MGK. Much love and success through your career.

  19. Rahul Thakuri

    Rahul ThakuriHace un día

    Love it bro

  20. Brandon Lira

    Brandon LiraHace un día

    This song has been out for a year, and I’m just now finding out. Why isn’t this on Apple Music 💔

  21. macey falls

    macey fallsHace 12 horas

    can’t believe it’s not on apple music. was just trying to find it. bummer . amazing song.

  22. Twój Stary

    Twój StaryHace un día

    2021... Pandemic keep going... I feel that. Thank you for that. Blesses from Poland 👌

  23. sophie

    sophieHace un día

    This song is so killer! Wish it could be officially released

  24. Airis Soraya

    Airis SorayaHace un día

    Why is this not in Apple Music???

  25. CowloversFTW

    CowloversFTWHace un día

    Exactly 1 year later damn!

  26. Ran .

    Ran .Hace un día

    1 yr anniversary

  27. Glenn Trevis Poyogao

    Glenn Trevis PoyogaoHace un día

    we miss lockdown sessions!!

  28. Joomes 666

    Joomes 666Hace un día

    Happy birthday you beautiful bastard.

  29. Haley Anderson

    Haley AndersonHace un día

    A year later and still listenin

  30. ink

    inkHace 2 días

    Thanks for this.

  31. Rico Slat4x

    Rico Slat4xHace 2 días

    Me casually listening to this while I drink my preworky 😭😭

  32. Nilay Guren

    Nilay GurenHace 2 días


  33. James Dockstader

    James DockstaderHace 2 días

    happy one year to my favourite lockdown session song. thanks for being here to ease emotions

  34. Matt Whitney

    Matt WhitneyHace 2 días

    1 year ago today this came out. Still one of the best songs I've heard over the last year.

  35. Father Fall

    Father FallHace 2 días

    The birds flying in the background so dope

  36. King Charlamange Fatback Telphy III

    King Charlamange Fatback Telphy IIIHace 2 días

    1 fkn year and it still bumps!

  37. kankles

    kanklesHace 2 días

    To anyone struggling mentally. U are not alone. Believe me on that. Thank u MGK ur songs get me and many others through this wild thing called life

  38. Eden K

    Eden KHace 2 días

    Happy 1 Year :)

  39. FergyRFC

    FergyRFCHace 2 días

    One year since this masterpiece dropped 🙏❤️


    AYUSH YADAVHace 2 días

    If I get a chance to collaborate with MGK, I'll be caught it

  41. Genjigabemaster Gabethebeast

    Genjigabemaster GabethebeastHace 2 días

    Him and prvis is perfect

  42. Arette-May Karu

    Arette-May KaruHace 2 días

    1 year🎉

  43. Dianne Hernandez

    Dianne HernandezHace 2 días


  44. Sparsh

    SparshHace 2 días


  45. Ja Momma

    Ja MommaHace 2 días

    The broken are the most evolved

  46. makedaevilmage

    makedaevilmageHace 2 días

    Exactly one year ago now ...

  47. Tamás Csarni

    Tamás CsarniHace 2 días

    1 Year 😮

  48. Paul Lemme

    Paul LemmeHace 2 días

    exactly one year now

  49. Ciara Arps

    Ciara ArpsHace 2 días

    Cant believe its been a year since this dropped

  50. Rylee Davis

    Rylee DavisHace 2 días

    Tomorrow will officially 1 year since this was released

  51. Hollagrl0999

    Hollagrl0999Hace 2 días

    This song and “Clover Cage - Thorn In The Side Of The King” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you 💝

  52. Dominus XCII

    Dominus XCIIHace 2 días

    Happy one year MGK 🔥

  53. Dhyan Hariprasad

    Dhyan HariprasadHace 3 días other word ro explain thia

  54. Gabriel Arroyo

    Gabriel ArroyoHace 3 días

    Love you MGK, fuck these pedos, need you to put them on my the spot

  55. Bye Jinx

    Bye JinxHace 3 días

    Still Gas

  56. Haley McCormick

    Haley McCormickHace 3 días

    He needs to do a song with Pvris. Love them and him

  57. Sassy Girl

    Sassy GirlHace 4 días


  58. xSEROx

    xSEROxHace 4 días


  59. Hemant jasani

    Hemant jasaniHace 4 días

    can see the pain in his 👀

  60. Dave

    DaveHace 4 días

    This comment section is why I'm est for life.

  61. SSnakey Games

    SSnakey GamesHace 4 días

    killed all the other girls for queen that had fangs shit that’s hard

  62. Irie Sunset Music

    Irie Sunset MusicHace 4 días

    This inspired me to a beat. Thank you for that song! Can't belive that this song is almost a year old.

  63. Nathan Borg

    Nathan BorgHace 4 días

    10% Smoke 90% Talent

  64. Savage King

    Savage KingHace 4 días

    @Call Me Krozz my cousin overdosed recently he was more like a brother I hate those drugs and what they are doing to so many good young lives

  65. Kalan Hitchens87

    Kalan Hitchens87Hace 4 días

    Help me out people, check out this channel and the music I made today and tell me if it blows or not LOL any feedback is much appreciated

  66. Upstate Shenanigans

    Upstate ShenanigansHace 4 días

    This song and strange fruit are the only two songs that send shivers through me from beginning to end.

  67. Josh Blank

    Josh BlankHace 5 días

    Hear your hommie nice

  68. Nitin Chaurasia

    Nitin ChaurasiaHace 5 días

    This is my favorite😍 song

  69. Mel Raso

    Mel RasoHace 5 días

  70. Siya Tembe

    Siya TembeHace 5 días


  71. SmokeboxRecords

    SmokeboxRecordsHace 5 días

    kurwa kozak

  72. xlsxoxo

    xlsxoxoHace 5 días

    Mgk your songs are so relatable i love u and your music gets me through some hard times

  73. P-Wee Ble Ak Wouj La

    P-Wee Ble Ak Wouj LaHace 5 días

    RIP DMX 😭😭😭

  74. Nawpana a

    Nawpana aHace 5 días

    Bos 😁♥️👣

  75. Gabriel Arroyo

    Gabriel ArroyoHace 5 días

    love ye my man

  76. DaddyGreyHulk

    DaddyGreyHulkHace 5 días

    It’s sad I miss these quarantine songs, some of his greatest shit came out of covid

  77. Bunny Chan

    Bunny ChanHace 6 días

    So talented. So raw. So... romantic. Not to mention his voice is 🔥, and body like an Angel

  78. ZooM_ L0g4n

    ZooM_ L0g4nHace 6 días

    Why isnt this on spotify it's so good

  79. Morticus Khan

    Morticus KhanHace 6 días

    whats those trees???? brrrruuuhhhh

  80. OpErAtiOn Seiged

    OpErAtiOn SeigedHace 6 días

    I sit here alone in my room at 2:50 in the morning staring at my glass of jack Daniels listening to this song not wanting to try anymore and wanting to give up but yet this song gives me hope and lets me know people out there feel the same thank you mgk thank you 🙏🏽 for showing us were not alone

  81. NoLimit 8

    NoLimit 8Hace 6 días

    Felt that shit

  82. Jace Larson

    Jace LarsonHace 6 días

    talented ass dude fr!! never forget you are a fucking badass bros fr! 💯

  83. Justin Louiss De Guzman

    Justin Louiss De GuzmanHace 6 días

    Jesus.... that flow was ice cold

  84. Phil Campbell

    Phil CampbellHace 6 días

    I can't give enough thanks to MGK for this new groove. I'm fighting for my life right now, this is what I need and run to.

  85. purplehazee YT

    purplehazee YTHace 6 días

    Rip skyler @Call Me Krozz

  86. Andrea West

    Andrea WestHace 7 días

    ❤️ Damn.. Alotta talent there.💗 Lucky You Megan Fox!! Hot Couple!! God Bless

  87. adam přibil

    adam přibilHace 7 días

    I have Birthday on this day as the song was released so Hello old me XD

  88. Charlotte Le

    Charlotte LeHace 7 días

    Anyone notice the pink finger nails 🥺🥺

  89. Suleman Mahmood

    Suleman MahmoodHace 7 días

    Still come back to this song almost every week and it’s the third lockdown now damn time moves fast 😔

  90. Matthew Higginbotham

    Matthew HigginbothamHace 7 días

    Thanks for this man

  91. philyupchuck

    philyupchuckHace 7 días

    This is music for those of us who aren't allowed to stop.

  92. Mark M

    Mark MHace 7 días

    Fuck man I’m just finding this love the PVRIS sample 💚

  93. Ulas Ekin

    Ulas EkinHace 7 días

    The wiry pelican demographically plant because regret architecturally precede including a adventurous macaroni. blue, ugly lettuce

  94. Robert Mccrudden

    Robert MccruddenHace 7 días

    Mgk you might not see this .am from Belfast my name is Bobby. But if ya can next time you get on the mic or a song . Can ya give a wee shout out .its not about my name but just shout at my friends and say .fuck yous haters. Mgk does it his way .make some noise for the belfast boys .love bro

  95. Robert Mccrudden

    Robert MccruddenHace 7 días

    Heard this 2 years ago. But for some reason am drunk by myself am this song is only hiting me .music does do that .mgk your class i love you music .my friends cracked up over the eminem diss .but I said give this guy his fair dews. Your class to me your music hits my heart .and that all any singer can ask for .lv ya bro keep it it

  96. Dana Yankanich

    Dana YankanichHace 7 días

    Damn that's deep Amen XX

  97. Damian Pogue

    Damian PogueHace 8 días

    i am addicted to watchin MGK record

  98. t u

    t uHace 8 días job! drop this on apple and spotifiy :3 greets from Germany :)

  99. ronnie ambildhage

    ronnie ambildhageHace 8 días

    ❤️ love this song 😍

  100. Ben Montplaisir

    Ben MontplaisirHace 8 días

    Dude I need to meet you. You have impacted my life so much, I literally feel as if we are family. I know we would hit it off. I love you

  101. Rector-Stingray

    Rector-StingrayHace 8 días