Major Lazer - Titans (feat. Sia & Labrinth) (Official Music Video)

Major Lazer - Titans (feat. Sia & Labrinth) (Official Music Video)
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Director: Ernest Desumbila
DP: Pau Castejón
Editor: Joao Teixeira
Producer: Francesco Colombo & Natan Schottenfels
Executive Producer: Eva Laffitte
Post-Production Company:
Commissioner: Lark Creative
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  1. Major Lazer Official

    Major Lazer OfficialHace 16 días


  2. Isabella Cullen

    Isabella CullenHace 8 horas

    @surya kanth 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  3. AGP

    AGPHace 10 horas


  4. Trevor Thompson

    Trevor ThompsonHace 11 horas

    We are the Titans 📢📢📢📢📢🔊🔊🔊🔊

  5. surya kanth

    surya kanthHace 13 horas


  6. Darla B

    Darla BHace un día

    I love it!!!!

  7. luiz felipe

    luiz felipeHace un hora



    LOST PARADISEHace 3 horas

    Cool song and video clip. Thanks for collaborating with Sia, I will miss her voice whrn she'll retire🚀

  9. childworld smart

    childworld smartHace 4 horas

    Sia + labrinth = 💣💥🎆🎇✨

  10. Aiden Saurio

    Aiden SaurioHace 6 horas


  11. Aiden Saurio

    Aiden SaurioHace 6 horas


  12. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHace 8 horas


  13. Mania Inc

    Mania IncHace 8 horas


  14. Rustled Jimmies

    Rustled JimmiesHace 8 horas

    How do I Get the Sia BackBling and Major Lazer Skin in Fortnite

  15. Ramy Dz

    Ramy DzHace 9 horas

    I love this song you will get to the world 💖💖💖

  16. Void

    VoidHace 9 horas

    Why this reminds me Dark Crystal 😅

  17. echo ramirez

    echo ramirezHace 11 horas

    I LIKE IT ... I LOVE IT ... SO AMAZING VIDEO , Do the characters have names?

  18. •The Moøn•

    •The Moøn•Hace 12 horas

    kulaklarım kanıyor..

  19. Black Queen

    Black QueenHace 9 horas


  20. Sweet P

    Sweet PHace 13 horas

    Usually it's LSD. Now, we've got LSM.

  21. Tiberiu-Valentin Burlacu

    Tiberiu-Valentin BurlacuHace 13 horas

    Wow super yes

  22. Pooja Hiremath

    Pooja HiremathHace 13 horas

    Looks titan cartoon ❤️

  23. Maria Mirele

    Maria MireleHace 14 horas


  24. Danielle Yu

    Danielle YuHace 14 horas

    The tiny creatures look like gelfings or podlings

  25. Bayu R

    Bayu RHace 15 horas

    Ooh Ooh Hey-hey-hey, I drop it's like its hot on to this floor woah Hey-hey-hey, I'm poppin' up, I'm cuttin' up baby, woah I'm only one fight down, oh So give me one more round, woah Hey-hey-hey We are the titans, yeah-yeah-yeah We can't stop fighting, we're only one night down (oh-oh-oh) Hey-hey-hey We are the titans, yeah-yeah-yeah We are uniting, we're only one fight down Gonna turn this night around Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti Tan-tan-tan, tan-tan-tan-tan-da-da Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti Tan-da-da (gonna turn, gonna turn around) Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti Tan-tan-tan, tan-tan-tan-tan-da-da Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti Tan-tan-tan, tan-tan Hey-ey-ey Got them record spinning 'til we dizzay-ay-ay, woah Hey-ey-ey, pop another bottle of the fizzay--ay-ay, woah 'Bout to turn this place upside down, woah Just give me one more round, woah Hey-hey-hey We are the titans, yeah-yeah-yeah We can't stop fighting, we're only one night down (oh-oh-oh) Hey-hey-hey (whoa, oh) We are the titans, yeah-yeah-yeah We are uniting, we're only one fight down (whoa, oh) Gonna turn this night around night around We're only one fight down (ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti) Oh-oh-oh-oh, gonna turn, gonna turn around (tan-tan-tan) (Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti) (Tan-tan-tan, tan-tan-tan-tan-da-da) (Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti) Oh-oh-oh-oh (Tan-tan-tan, tan-tan) Oh, oh Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-oh Hey-hey-hey We are the titans, yeah-yeah-yeah We can't stop fighting, we're only one night down (Tan-tan-tan, tan-tans we are) Hey-hey-hey We are the titans, yeah-yeah-yeah (woah) We are uniting, we're only one fight down (woah) Gonna turn this night around night around (Ti-ti-ti ti-ti-ti-ti-ti) oh-oh-oh-oh, gonna turn, gonna turn around (Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti-ti) (Tan-tan-tan, tan-tan-tan-tan-da-da) (Ti-ti-ti, ti-ti-ti-ti) oh-oh-oh-oh, gonna turn this night around


    JHEANNSHace 15 horas


  27. Anthony Rodney Alvior

    Anthony Rodney AlviorHace 16 horas

    That Power Rangers vibe in that video...


    δUЯΔJ KUMΔЯHace 16 horas


  29. Manas.A

    Manas.AHace 18 horas

    And I thought it was abt AOT. Lit song though !

  30. Ángel González

    Ángel GonzálezHace un día

    No sé porqué pensé que sería una colaboración con attack on Titan

  31. Eris Rivera Galán

    Eris Rivera GalánHace un día

    I hate to said this but I only loved the music video not the song...sorry

  32. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHace un día


  33. VLADE

    VLADEHace un día


  34. Ozzy Nagle

    Ozzy NagleHace un día

    Baby yoda

  35. Dixon24 **

    Dixon24 **Hace un día

    Aw what happened to Terry Crews as Major Lazer?

  36. Lachimolala

    LachimolalaHace un día

    legends say this is what ymir plays in the paths for her titans...

  37. Lachimolala

    LachimolalaHace un día

    Attack on titan-??

  38. Athina Soukera

    Athina SoukeraHace un día

    Cute☺️🥰! Beautiful music!Bravo!!

  39. Khalid Jackson

    Khalid JacksonHace un día

  40. Alpachino Choukri

    Alpachino ChoukriHace un día



    BELLA DONNAHace un día

    Oh my... It's so addicted

  42. Grace Mutani

    Grace MutaniHace un día

    I gotta say I'm addicted to this song

  43. Adriano Josue CHOQUE COLQUE

    Adriano Josue CHOQUE COLQUEHace un día

    Cool.........................King Kong vs Godzila.

  44. Sebastian y sus dibersiones

    Sebastian y sus dibersionesHace un día

    I love this song

  45. Frederic Reid

    Frederic ReidHace un día


  46. By FlowNight23

    By FlowNight23Hace un día

    El video me recuerda al episodeo 5 de Star Wars cuando Luke llega al planeta de Yoda


    DARK REDESIGNHace un día

    Godzilla vs kong 🦖❤️🐵

  48. Steve Porter

    Steve PorterHace un día

    What a fantastic combination.. after the LSD stuff I was hoping we'd get more!

  49. Pratham Kamboj

    Pratham KambojHace un día


  50. AYAZ ALI

    AYAZ ALIHace un día

    Superb and smooth ❤️

  51. Júnior status

    Júnior statusHace un día

    Sings a Lot 🌝💚🇧🇷👌🏼

  52. lisa ferre

    lisa ferreHace un día

    Muitoo foda

  53. 『ßrêñÐå ñêkð』

    『ßrêñÐå ñêkð』Hace un día

    Mi nueva musica favorita owo💕💕👌🎵🎵

  54. Lihin dangdut Chanel

    Lihin dangdut ChanelHace un día

  55. Sergio Sergio

    Sergio SergioHace un día

    🚀🦋 I need the Sia elf doll.

  56. Dr.H

    Dr.HHace un día

    🚀🚀🚀🚀Sia kate issoble furler The best femail singer in the world

  57. Cocaine Hippos

    Cocaine HipposHace un día


  58. Serenity

    SerenityHace un día

    Cool song ✨


    TUĞÇE ARSLANHace un día

    Titans 🚀🚀 Saturn

  60. Frisk dreemur

    Frisk dreemurHace un día

    Too bad you chose an abilist to work with

  61. Narinthorn Doungjan

    Narinthorn DoungjanHace un día

    I like video 😍🤣😘

  62. Tarnveer Bassi

    Tarnveer BassiHace un día

    LSD (m)

  63. Marve Deiparine

    Marve DeiparineHace un día

    Liked it even before it played 🚀

  64. Cristofer Organista Santos

    Cristofer Organista SantosHace un día


  65. daniel bryan

    daniel bryanHace un día

    PSG bring me 🔵🔴 #icicestparis

  66. Theo

    TheoHace un día

    Im so glad Sia is on this world. Amazing instrumentals from ML as well

  67. soy Rodrigo

    soy RodrigoHace un día

  68. Nick Vishal Sharma

    Nick Vishal SharmaHace un día

    Understanding this video made me puke.

  69. Utsav Srivastav

    Utsav SrivastavHace un día


  70. Chan Vimean Anoma

    Chan Vimean AnomaHace un día

    I enjoyed this amazing song 😍

  71. ᴀsʜʟᴇᴇʟ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ

    ᴀsʜʟᴇᴇʟ ɢᴀᴍᴇʀHace un día

    🚀 👀

  72. Omari Campbell

    Omari CampbellHace un día

    Psg instagram sent me here

  73. Yoruichi Shihouin

    Yoruichi ShihouinHace un día

    I’m loving this song❤️!!

  74. adriano oli

    adriano oliHace un día


  75. IN GAME

    IN GAMEHace un día

    attack on titan

  76. Then Foxz

    Then FoxzHace 2 días

    Entregou amiga ❤️ a gay ficou feliz aq

  77. César Pizarro

    César PizarroHace 2 días

    Loved the song & video S2

  78. EunJin Choi

    EunJin ChoiHace 2 días


  79. Siddharam Takali

    Siddharam TakaliHace 2 días


  80. AlienPlay

    AlienPlayHace 2 días

    Best female voice for a reason. Sia i love you

  81. awalklite

    awalkliteHace 2 días

  82. Bruna Isabelle

    Bruna IsabelleHace 2 días

    why this isnt a hit yet?!!

  83. Bruna Isabelle

    Bruna IsabelleHace 2 días

    🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 so dope

  84. Fahad hossain

    Fahad hossainHace 2 días


  85. Vazve

    VazveHace 2 días

    where is diplo ??? :C


    AHRBY' ESTAREZHace 2 días

    Please do release head up high with sia huhu

  87. LAP - TNM

    LAP - TNMHace 2 días


  88. Steven Alamo

    Steven AlamoHace 2 días


  89. Lionesbarnes

    LionesbarnesHace 2 días

    AOT looking different here

  90. indie soul

    indie soulHace 2 días

    Aot fans are so cringe af

  91. Jefferson Cortéz

    Jefferson CortézHace 2 días

    I keep watching this over and over again, I really love it

  92. Rachel Kwamboka

    Rachel KwambokaHace 2 días


  93. Julieth Montoya Ramirez

    Julieth Montoya RamirezHace 2 días

    I can´t stop to listen this song

  94. Лидия Вадимовна

    Лидия ВадимовнаHace 2 días


  95. samy

    samyHace 2 días


  96. みく

    みくHace 2 días

    I like this💕

  97. Finn Wolf

    Finn WolfHace 2 días

    🚀🚀 Titans in AOT vibing to this 😆

  98. Tyler Mohle

    Tyler MohleHace 2 días


  99. Luis Miguel De Jesus

    Luis Miguel De JesusHace 2 días

    ok, but maybe the dancing monsters are causing more damage than regular monsters. Your job was to stop them!


    ANIS HALIASHace 2 días

    i cannnntttt!!! too cute!! love love

  101. EglaKasaj EglaKasaj

    EglaKasaj EglaKasajHace 2 días


  102. dylan byrne

    dylan byrneHace 2 días

    Go Tennessee 🏈

  103. Gurbachan Singh

    Gurbachan SinghHace 2 días


  104. Estúdio 503

    Estúdio 503Hace 2 días

    Armadura de ouro de leão 😍

  105. Disha Biswas

    Disha BiswasHace 2 días


  106. Adelina Pînzaru

    Adelina PînzaruHace 2 días

    powerful combination 👌 Major Lazer + Sia + Labrinth