Making chainsaw robot, carving logs

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The robot arm I used:
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When I was offered the opportunity to beta test an upcoming robotic arm from Tormach, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. CNC chainsaws baybeeeeee. Aside from being fundamentally awesome, it is a very interesting software problem. Since I didn't have to build the arm I was able to focus the project and the video on the software challenges of making something like this work. Thank goodness I didn't have to build the arm because the software almost killed me. I can imagine all kinds of next steps for this creation like machining textures with the chainsaw or cutting topiaries. I hope you like it!
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    Hope you enjoy this robot as much as I do 🙂. A big thanks to everyone who helps to make these projects possible through their patreon support. If you'd like to help me make more projects like this (and get more behind the scenes content, an AWESOME discord, livestreams, etc) check out

  2. Řįň Øķū

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    You're amazing man, really inspired by the way you fail and just keep doing it till you get it to work and the results are just amazing, good job

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    Please send the unpickable lock to Lockpicking Lawyer

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    @Jc. Media Totally, definitely got to use a guide when filing down the rakers

  5. Jc. Media

    Jc. MediaHace un día

    @Paul Delmont you’re right but filing them down will cause more aggressive kickback as a side effect.

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    @stuff made here - Some motivation: - but still seriously cool video from you!

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    i hate kiwi co

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    There is a relatively easy way how to calculate the gradient ascent, even if you have multiple maximum points. Start scanning a linear line, let's say along the length of the object starting near the edge, and record the heights. repeat that with a rough distance, let's say 6-7 mm scanning another line parallel to the first one and recording the heights again. Do it until the object is roughly scanned, which should be a couple of lines, and should happen quickly. Repeat the same on the perpendicular direction along the width of the object, again a couple of parallel lines. Once finished, you have obtained a rough heights matrix. Let's assume that you've discovered that this height matrix includes 3 maxima (maximum points) All you have to do now is get the height sensor to do the standard algorithm of gradient ascent you used before and start with the nearest point next to each maxima and repeat that 3 times (once for each maxima). Once done, you compare the 3 heights you've got and take the highest one, which is your point. In order to avoid mistakes, when deciding on how many maximum points the algorithm should check after the initial scan, just make a condition that the difference between maximum heights should be higher or equal to the distance between the linear lines you measured initially. That way, you reduce the to-be-measured points into minimum number possible. Good Luck Lemogan

  9. elorz007

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    1:08 so, the basic idea is attaching a custom chainsaw to the end of a robotic arm. Please, no.

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    Nick WidmerHace un hora

    Permutations not combinations

  11. Duncan Aitken

    Duncan AitkenHace 2 horas

    A chainsaw file and oil go a long way! Depending on how hard the wood is (it appears to be pine, so probably not too hard), you'll need to sharpen the teeth fairly frequently. Speaking of oil, was the feed blocked?

  12. Duncan Aitken

    Duncan AitkenHace 2 horas

    Also, beef up the motor on the saw, that should help heaps!

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    this is better than Micheal reeves

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    "And I knew in my heart I could make a much worse one for free" the words I live by

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    22:10 you can't tell me she's not drunk 🤣

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    What if you cc’d a giant custom made Dremel instead of using a chainsaw?

  19. Dallas Jensen

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    You don't have a oiling system witch keeps the chain sharp and the bar lubed and cooled bar oil bro

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    Anyone know the music credits?

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    the flashing light is a good step, but really you should look at lockout procedures

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    to find the convex nodes of a set of vertices you can use an algorithm called Graham scan:

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    Can anyone tell me what fcking degree this guy studied


    BERSERKERHace 6 horas

    Now attach the arm to Atlas

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    You should make shoes that make you jump extremely high. I know it is crazy but if I know anything from your videos, you love crazy.

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    Good video, that definitely looked easier than giving a chainsaw to someone with talent and have them do what they do.

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    Is this guy the smartest on planet earth or what? Should be building Spacecraft.

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    If your chainsaw get hot, it's maybe because there's no oil on the chain...

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  39. Ronak Pipaliya

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    There are other optimization methods other than gradient ascent you could use. Nelder-Mead or Particle Swarm Optimization.

  40. sain 24

    sain 24Hace 9 horas

    I think a carving sword may solve some of your problems here :)

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    Great project and awesome video!

  42. Alfredo Sequeida

    Alfredo SequeidaHace 10 horas

    For everyone wondering what the name of the app he is using on his Ipad is - It's called Concept‪s‬.

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    I love the memes on the top screen at the computer 😂

  44. Slider68

    Slider68Hace 10 horas

    The reason your chainsaw was burning the wood is a combination of the saw being dull and also that the standard chain is optimized for cross cuts with a tiny cut depth. It is not optimized for ripping. You could purchase a ripping chain or you can buy a cheap chainsaw sharpening tool and do it yourself. I highly recommend buying the tools and doing it yourself. You should also touch up the chain every few hours of sawing. The more often you do it, the less time it takes to get the chain perfect so sharpening the chain more often actually saves time. Also you were partially correct about the chain's depth gauge slowing the cut down. Part of sharpening is getting the depth gauge teeth the right height. Too high (as they typically come when new) and you'll need to push the chain into the wood while cutting and the teeth will take small cuts (even if sharp). Height gauges you adjust too low make the saw pull itself into the wood aggressively and you'll constantly be dealing with the saw being underpowered for the cut the blade wants to naturally make (even if super sharp). Basically (with a sharp chain) you want to shorten the height gauges so the saw naturally cuts at a moderately aggressive rate without you having to push the saw into the wood nor pull it away. You definitely need to shorten them quite a bit from the original height. Once you understand the height gauges you'll want to keep the saw sharp using a file and chainsaw sharpening guide tool regularly. Roughly once every 10 or so sharpenings you'll need it to slightly shorten the height gauges again. If you want to make the chain cut more efficiently (in addition to the shorter height gauges and sharpening) you'll want to reduce the tooth angle on every second pair of teeth. A typical cross cut chain has 35° (or 30°) teeth. This helps to clear the wood out of the way so it doesn't get cut again. When ripping, this angle reduces the efficiency and clearing isn't as important. A 10° angle will cut noticeably faster (with a slightly shorter gauge tooth as well) but you still want some (often ~50% of the teeth, depending on the wood type) of the teeth at 30 or 35° to help clear the chips. Do some googling and video watching about sharpening chainsaws, sharpen your chain and in no time you'll have the saw zipping through the wood like butter. The biggest improvement is sharp cutting teeth and shorter gauge teeth. The 10° angle is like an extra 10% to 20% bonus in ripping rate and is optional.

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    Hi, great video! Thanks!

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    This is so sick. Please collab with Michael Reeves.

  47. Rick Sauermilch

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  48. The Illegitimate President

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    CNC machines, laser cutters and 3D printers are so yesterday. This is the automation machine of tomorrow.

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    What do you think chain oil is for, without lubrication is not going to cut it.

  53. Rolly Marthaller

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    Filing down the raker teeth on the chain slightly will allow you to use the tip of the saw to cut. Because it's not a human operator, with numerous limbs in the danger area, slight kickback shouldn't be a problem. Just be careful to limit plunge speed of the blade to not be overly aggressive.

  54. Carter Jensen

    Carter JensenHace 11 horas

    You should make a robotic kitchen! You could just tell it what you want and it would make it if you have all the ingredients.

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    This same problem is with AI programing, but i remember that there is a solution for this. Unfortunately I dint remember it now. Maybe solution is to try with 3 different points at this same time.


    ANMOLPREET SINGHHace 11 horas

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    But does it apply oil to the bar and chain? That would also explain the smoking.

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    I like how you have every size touchscreen to use Concepts on.

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    Randomize many points and figure out which one leads to the highest peak should have worked, right?

  70. BadWithComputer

    BadWithComputerHace 14 horas

    To avoid local maxima when doing gradient ascent, add a wildly random coordinate mutation every once in a while (every ~5th iteration)

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    ROFL the whole idea about not having an oiller on a chainsaw is not a good move but yeah, for sum reason the chainsaw was getting hot.. i wonder why or what could possibly casue that

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    When I saw this video listing, my first thought was "what could possibly go wrong" at least you showed some respect for the business end of that chainsaw.👍

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    Why don't you do something worthwhile with your time, equipment and clearly huge disposable income? There are millions of starving people around the world you could help with your talents and engineering ability. Making ESdos videos contributes pretty much zero to humanity and just burns up energy in servers around the world. Sorry but all this effort to create a (bad) facsimile of a dog out of foam sheets is an insult to the world. I know there are worse offenders but do you really need to join them for the sake of 2.55 million subscribers? Edit; yes, I'm disappointed with myself for using my computer (and the electrical power) to watch this whilst locked down. Pathetic.

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