Making the main landing gear/ AIRBUS A350 XWB

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Things I use
Soldering Station:
Soldering Iron:
Gauge Measuring tool:
KST servo:
budget high torque servos:
Push rods:
My trusty charger:
Servo extensions:
Music: Up Here by lkson.
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    Stay healthy and don't miss the next video!

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    Zin Khant kknn jnhjnbgms/fhfdgdxfvgtxddd .::/;(*’nhh Nmi,# Hbgugyjukkskjjdjxmmmmdmmjjjujjjj

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    Check out Mike Patey, he's a bit of an expert on building planes from carbon fiber

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    @Ramy RC Can you make the Ram air turbine in A350 XWB Underside?

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    Yes bro😆😆😆

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    12:46 😐This is your expression when you are happy 😐This is your expression when you sad 😐This is your expression when you mad 😐This is your expression when you cry 🙂And This is your expression when your project is finished

  8. Israel Nunez

    Israel NunezHace 21 un día

    Hey I’ve been watching u for a while n bcuz of u I started designing my own jet but I ran into a problem how do I connect so many servo functions into one remote like the all the wing flaps engine and all the landing gear how can I do that

  9. smitty2868

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    Quatar A350's have triple bogeys like the Boeing 777...why?

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    where do you g et your wheels

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    I’m an aircraft tech an the sound is similar to the hydraulics on the real thing. Awesome

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    My friend you need a mini milling machine, that you can add cad too for a CNC. Make life much easier , can be done for around a 1000$.

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    Hey Ramy i really like your videos and you inspired me to make an rc plane and i really like your suspension is you would like can you pls tell me where you got them thank you!


    SUNLOi CHANNELHace 5 meses

    Where you found the struts


    YAKUP İRŞATHace 5 meses

    which program do you use? How did you make it smaller proportionally?


    YAKUP İRŞATHace 6 meses

    Which program did you use

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    Wow awesome

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    where can you buy suspensions?

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    Sir, It would be nice to have a link to where you got these wheels from


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    Please make your all videos in Hindi

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    I liked your videos I am from Brazil I would like to see a b747

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    Those wheel assemblies are awesome!

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    Are the struts something that you can purchase with scissor and everything or are they also engineered by Ramy?

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    From where do u get those aluminum bracket or pipe?

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    Where can I buy these landing gear struts that you are using?

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    great work! why didn't you add the side braces and the strut door?

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    bravo Ramy👏👏👏👏👏

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    Hi l'm from Brazil l would like to know hou much this remote control plane costs

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    I need airbus gear machine and flying machine... If you want to sale this then please reply me

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    I think you forgot to mention one thing - are the wheels amazing? ;)

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    you are working on each thing in detail ans I like this thing of you

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    Have you ever thought of making detailed wheel wells ?

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    Nice undercarriage work!

  39. Edward Case

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    back up those pc files on usb thumb drive

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    Hey I have a question! Whats the purpose of the two rods connected to the body of the piston and to the end of the Rod??

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    Hi, I really love the great work you've been doing. You should make a Boeing 707-121 aircraft. In the Pan American Airways marking from 1960.

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    Ammm, MAKING means from scratch like you even said in the beginning, this would intale using a lathe or cnc machine, what your doing here is just buying a differnt one and swapping parts.

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    On which app do you get the picture

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    Dear Ramy RC! Your airplane is awesome! I am preparing airplane movie. I'd like to invite you and your airplane for miniature shooting. Can I talk you more about it, please?

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    Hi Ramy, Amazing work!!! Quick question, where did you buy the Drill/Millingmaschine at minute 7:15?

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    You are a True craftsman, its a pleasure watching you create :)

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    Hi Ramy ! I'm electrician at Airbus A320neo FAL and I'm impressed by your amazing work ! I've looked all the videos of your XWB construction like a blockbuster movie 😍 If you want a clean result for the slack of the cables with a simple and lighter way, here's a pro-tip : set plastic supports, then you can tie your cables on it with tyraps. "Like the real thing" 😁 Stay healthy and keep us dreaming !

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