Making the Sharklets and horizontal stabilizer/ AIRBUS A350 XWB

I made a different type of video this time to show you more details, hopefully you learned something new.
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Things I use
Soldering Station:
Soldering Iron:
Gauge Measuring tool:
KST servo:
budget high torque servos:
Push rods:
My trusty charger:
Servo extensions:
Music: Murmuration by Blue Wednesday


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    Hi . I am from Sri Lanka. I am really interested about your projects. I also try to design a aircraft. So can you share some details about the carbon fiber. Which material are you using ...? Thank you very much 🙏

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    Where do you show the kevlar hinge? I'm not understanding how you're doing it.

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    Hi l'm from Brazil l would like to know hou much this remote control plane costs

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    Well done mate , you are really good !! I admire your persistence on the fine detail !!! I am a very patient person but nowhere near what you are !!! Keep it up !!! 👍👍👍

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    Great video, could you use a disposable syringe for applying the apoxy?

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    nice idea on the kevlar hinges!!!

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    the vertical portion of the landing gear leg is referred to as a strut...landing gear strut

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    on the fiberglass layers....alternate weave 90 degrees

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    Sir please Make a detailed video about all electronics you are using & connecting them. I will make Dreamliner so because I'm collecting stuff please help me I am a beginner.

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    If you are stating home, then there is little need to wash your hands that much. Just the normal before handling food and after toilet is plenty.

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    Ramy Rc: is it boring yet. Me. Yep.

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    How did you cut the extra carbon from horizontal stabilizer upper and lower surface with out pulling them out from the mold?

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    4:16 The huge part is particularly the MAIN FITTING and the bottom is the "Shock strut". and then you have the "Torque Link" connecting the Main fitting and the Shock strut together.

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    You truly are a master at your craft. Beautiful work. They could've used you at the space center.

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    hi, would you maybe explain how you cast the carbon fibre and what you need to do it?

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    Hi Ramy When you said you should use a silicone gun i had an idea. When I mix glues (epoxy and micro) I put it in a small plastic bag, then cut the corner off and apply the glue like you would put icing on a cake. then once your done you can just dispose of the bag, no mess and its easy.

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    you need to calculate the size restriction behind the turbine. because the same aerodynamic occurs even if this is not a gas turbine. I mean you need to design a convergent and test the trust on a bench

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    please for your health use gloves and mask when you cut carbon and fiber glass

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    wash your hand with soap if you are at home, the sars cov2 has a lipid skin this is kind of oil and it is disolved by soap easyly

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    Ramy just a tip for spreading the glue to join the parts together. Use wax paper rolled into a cone, fill it with the epoxy & micro balloon mix, fold over the wide end and cut the tip. Use it like a pastry bag to squeeze out uniform lines of glue where you want.

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    never thought I'd tell this to a guy, but, ramy if you're single, let me know 😂

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    I would not have done the stabilizers like this cause carbon fiber is too stiff for this piece who needs to flex a bit in flight. Well it's just my pov you make an amazing work !

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    these videos are very relaxing to watch.. it's cool to see someone build something I myself do not have the skills for to do myself.. also, you have GREAT taste in music btw.. thanks for that!

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    Hello, what kind of epoxy and hardner are you using ? is see something blueish :)

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    Ramy, with your talent, you would be an excellent candidate for production line real UAV aircraft, which is a high-technology field!!

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    Tip.when applying the thickend epoxy put it in a plastic bag and cut off the corner,then you can "pipe" it exactly where you want it

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    Remy thank you from Australia for your isolation therapy! I was born 1947 and watched my dad assemble Tiger Moths from crates. Been close to aviation all my life, am so grateful to see every little detail you do. I was there in the tissue balsa days then foamys but I walk with turkeys watching you fly as an eagle.

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