Men OVERBOARD #shorts

Men OVERBOARD #shorts


  1. S R Castic

    S R CasticHace un día

    I love how the dude on board is so disgusted with them he isn’t even giving them a glance. He’s like, “Help? What help? You’re on you’re own!!”

  2. Joel Hendrickson

    Joel HendricksonHace un día

    Nope..just taken a leak 😆

  3. xZed

    xZedHace 2 días

    Why is this a video

  4. M Stringer

    M StringerHace 2 días

    You can tell who owns the boat.

  5. John Demler

    John DemlerHace 2 días

    Dropping a Deuce

  6. CA Bethune

    CA BethuneHace 3 días

    Using the bathroom...


    Eve MCBARNETTEHace 3 días

    Aww hope he is alright 👍

  8. Ricardo Lockhart

    Ricardo LockhartHace 3 días

    Why ??

  9. Paul Mugridge

    Paul MugridgeHace 3 días

    Are they navy seals ? 🤣😎👍❤

  10. Floyd Elliott

    Floyd ElliottHace 3 días

    They jumped in so they could have a sword fight

  11. John Demler

    John DemlerHace 2 días

    🤣 lmfao you’re probably right

  12. Hamilton Seger

    Hamilton SegerHace 3 días

    The least manly thing ive seen this week

  13. Andrea Fleischmann

    Andrea FleischmannHace 3 días



    GREYJACKAL 72Hace 3 días

    I was waiting for a Fin.... Yes. I'm a terrible person...😕

  15. Tilc Rekcil

    Tilc RekcilHace 3 días

    When you can't whip it out to make room for more beer this is what you do.

  16. John Demler

    John DemlerHace 2 días

    Kinda close for that lol

  17. Harold Holland

    Harold HollandHace 3 días

    Lord, forgive, for we know not the way.

  18. voter fraud

    voter fraudHace 3 días

    Cant do a single pull up bunch of weak bodies

  19. Trent Dawg

    Trent DawgHace 3 días

    Just a couple of homosexuals hanging out in the water taking a piss

  20. itsalltoofunny

    itsalltoofunnyHace 3 días

    "thought this was the swim up bar . ."

  21. Bear G

    Bear GHace 3 días


  22. John Montgomery

    John MontgomeryHace 3 días

    Their just pissing

  23. MyEcoLife

    MyEcoLifeHace 3 días

    Now that was gay... Oops... Am I allowed to say that? Hahaha

  24. Robo Cop

    Robo CopHace 3 días

    Is the next video gonna be "PEOPLE WALKING OMG!!!!!"

  25. Insightful Entertainment

    Insightful EntertainmentHace 3 días

    I will forever dislike everyone of your videos and report it for terrorism

  26. Dave Conerly

    Dave ConerlyHace 4 días

    They are boat pirates and they wasn't all the pounds of all that crystal meth you got on board .

  27. Christopher Quattlebaum

    Christopher QuattlebaumHace 4 días

    Look to gay guys in the water.

  28. cesar García

    cesar GarcíaHace 4 días

    Secreto en el.mar

  29. Jason Harkison

    Jason HarkisonHace 4 días

    Taking a peeeeeeesee!

  30. Josh Hall

    Josh HallHace 4 días

    You mean two guys swimming

  31. jon gatlin

    jon gatlinHace 4 días

    Looks like a new couple just sneaking in a quicky to me...

  32. delta1

    delta1Hace 4 días

    Ita very very gay

  33. lemard mays

    lemard maysHace 4 días

    Hahaha😁. They were playing with that guy who owns that yacht.

  34. M ap P Wolfking

    M ap P WolfkingHace 4 días

    Look at that sir Elton and his boyfriend splash splash o dear o dear lots of waves there ...they seems to have fun...

  35. moto toad

    moto toadHace 18 horas

    Lmfao what the fuck

  36. braveheart the commentor

    braveheart the commentorHace 4 días

    That was horrible bought back memories of the movie open water

  37. Richa Wazlett

    Richa WazlettHace 4 días

    Actually secret lovers

  38. Michael Greene

    Michael GreeneHace 4 días

    Stupidity and alcohol are not a good combination by any means.....

  39. manow

    manowHace 4 días

    Hide and seek

  40. Diony G

    Diony GHace 4 días

    Nobody wanted to help lmao

  41. Jimmy Hoffa

    Jimmy HoffaHace 4 días

    It took me a while to realize that this is not two men having gay sex

  42. Ross Outdoors

    Ross OutdoorsHace 4 días

    well we aren't sure since we only got a few seconds..

  43. salva rapi

    salva rapiHace 4 días

    They might be sitting next

  44. polk Dnepr1 ua

    polk Dnepr1 uaHace 4 días


  45. Christopher Elly

    Christopher EllyHace 4 días


  46. Jr Hembree

    Jr HembreeHace 4 días

    There trying to get guys attention in boat, there GETTING a little dry , 2 more whiskeys on the rocks please , can we have those to go!!

  47. Richard Tipton

    Richard TiptonHace 4 días

    Those were liquor pirates trying to steal the booze

  48. Darren Kapusi

    Darren KapusiHace 4 días

    Please go out in the middle of the water and let a big boat run you the fuck over!

  49. Sean Dingle

    Sean DingleHace 4 días

    People in boat just walking around like nothing happened

  50. Crave the Harvest Outdoors

    Crave the Harvest OutdoorsHace 3 días

    That’s because nothing did happen. They went swimming on purpose and don’t know how to get back in the boat

  51. Michael S

    Michael SHace 4 días

    Dudes are like hey bro help me up 😂

  52. Wafa Agnia

    Wafa AgniaHace 4 días


  53. Bruno Aponte

    Bruno AponteHace 4 días


  54. Sam Iam

    Sam IamHace 4 días

    Are they weenie fishing??

  55. Arzaniel Kerpatray

    Arzaniel KerpatrayHace 4 días

    Their taking a piss!

  56. Michael Hull

    Michael HullHace 4 días

    Booze and boats a bad combination

  57. Travis Maxwell

    Travis MaxwellHace 4 días

    Man overboard.... let me get another beer.

  58. Michael Rains

    Michael RainsHace 5 días

    Boating and alchohol don't go well together. Actually nothing much at all goes well with alcohol.

  59. Michael Greene

    Michael GreeneHace 4 días

    It's more like stupidity and alcohol don't mix.....

  60. ɒ ɹ ı ʞ ɒ

    ɒ ɹ ı ʞ ɒHace 5 días

    Yeah well put.

  61. Voodoo one

    Voodoo oneHace 5 días

    What a dam disgrace. “Alcohol why don’t you leave me alone “

  62. Gary Eaton

    Gary EatonHace 5 días

    Most boats with dive doors also have pull out boarding ladders . When one has over indulged, rational thoughts are rare.

  63. Jay Swan

    Jay SwanHace 2 días

    Looks more like a tuna door.

  64. Tehaere Temahuki

    Tehaere TemahukiHace 5 días

    Une journée ensoleillée a l'eau tout le monde

  65. Haaken Anderson

    Haaken AndersonHace 5 días

    I was confused when it said men over board not man over board😂

  66. Steve Griffiths

    Steve GriffithsHace 5 días

    Oops !!

  67. Linda Butler

    Linda ButlerHace 5 días

    What happened 😕

  68. Linda Butler

    Linda ButlerHace 5 días



    HAULOVER BOATSHace 5 días

    They could not get back on the boat... too much liquid fun.