Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Live Session)

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Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart (Live Session)
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Did you ever want it?
Did you want it bad?
Ohhh, my
It tears me apart
Did you ever fight it?
All of the pain
So much pride
Running through my veins
Bleeding, I'm bleeding
My cold little heart
Oh I, I can't stand myself
And I know
In my heart, in this cold heart
I can live or I can die
I believe if I just try
You believe in you and I
In you and I
In you and I
In you and I
Did you ever notice
I've been ashamed
All my life
I've been playing games
We can try and hide it
It's all the same
I've been losing you
One day at a time
Bleeding, I'm bleeding
My cold little heart
Oh I, I can't stand myself
And I know
In my heart, in this cold heart
I can live or I can die
I believe if I just try
You believe in you and I
In my heart, in this cold heart
I can live or I can die
I believe if I just try
You believe in you and I
In you and I
In you and I
In you and I
In you and I
In you and I
In you and I
In you and I
Maybe this time I can be strong
But since I know who I am
I'm probably wrong
Maybe this time I can go far
But thinking about where I've been
Ain't helping me start


  1. Cherry3000

    Cherry3000Hace 31 un minuto

    When you refuse to sign a contract, masterpiece's can be hidden from the masses. Pure talent right here.

  2. Belly Button

    Belly ButtonHace 4 horas

    I really love this version

  3. Filipe Castro

    Filipe CastroHace 9 horas

    Essa introdução podia durar uns 15min

  4. Donovan Torres

    Donovan TorresHace 18 horas

    Esta canción la conocí por quien, creo, fue el amor de mi vida. Curiosamente, me hace sentir comprendido y cabalmente humano. Me hace recordar mis errores, que me avergüenzan, pero también mis alegrías más grandes. Esta vez seré fuerte

  5. d0rkmagnet

    d0rkmagnetHace 21 un hora

    Someone listened to Pink Floyd.

  6. Joyce Santana

    Joyce SantanaHace un día

    Como assim esse cara só tem meio milhão de inscritos???? Genteee, vamos dar o reconhecimento que esse homem merece

  7. BJ Atkinson

    BJ AtkinsonHace un día

    Whoa. This takes you straight off this planet to some other ethereal place of feelzzz. Just wow.

  8. Nelson Ferreira

    Nelson FerreiraHace 2 días

    nice music

  9. thomas do

    thomas doHace 3 días

    fantastic session you are a myth

  10. josh metat

    josh metatHace 3 días

    6:20 :)

  11. El Cruiser

    El CruiserHace 3 días

    Ion Even Know What Ahm Feelin' Riight Now--Awesomely Breath-Taking How This Song Is Speaking To Me!

  12. joerazz01

    joerazz01Hace 4 días

    Mint track. Can't beat it. Soul to the enth degree. Perfection.

  13. hegberto costa

    hegberto costaHace 4 días

    Se fosse aqui em casa já ia ficar puto, usar a colher e deixar ela suja em cima da mesa é tapa na cara.

  14. Bruno Pelinzon

    Bruno PelinzonHace un día

    Hahhahahahha. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Poetry and Lyrics in Lockdown

    Poetry and Lyrics in LockdownHace 4 días

    A beautiful piece of work ! Thank you for sharing this wonderful talent with the world ! Stay safe, take care

  16. Jacqueline White

    Jacqueline WhiteHace 4 días

    Love this song bring joy energy to me so relax to make love to deep into this music great rub down laying to each other feel ur body touching each other is great hope I can still feel this again soon hope

  17. Liam Murray

    Liam MurrayHace 4 días

    This is what music is all about!

  18. VladKir

    VladKirHace 4 días

    It's just fantastic !!! Thank you!!!

  19. Arturo Ordoñez

    Arturo OrdoñezHace 5 días

    It's one of the nicest video I've seen. So simple, so creative, so engaging...

  20. Luis Vigário

    Luis VigárioHace 5 días

    Brilliant! Magnificent! This music is something...and super well directed! Congrats!

  21. ado a

    ado aHace 5 días

    beautiful ❤

  22. padawan kertik

    padawan kertikHace 6 días

    just wwaaaooow

  23. Bharadwaj Iyer

    Bharadwaj IyerHace 6 días

    Just stumbled across this masterpiece. ESdos recommendation for the win, once again.


    JEREMY BLICKHace 7 días

    Michael that is the best piece of music ever put together ever

  25. Jenny Westerstråhle

    Jenny WesterstråhleHace 5 días

    I AGREE...... ✨✨✨Sooo beautiful!!! 🙏

  26. Laurence J.

    Laurence J.Hace 7 días

    Love this song so much ! i 'v met some cold little heart ... too

  27. Aliona Y

    Aliona YHace 7 días

    Это просто великолепно! Давно не слышала такой музыки...

  28. Elisabeth Bradon

    Elisabeth BradonHace 7 días

    This is just wonderful. Wonderful wonderful. I've known this song for years now but never seen this live performance. Gives me real faith. Wonderful ❤️

  29. Aaron Joyner

    Aaron JoynerHace 8 días


  30. Smriti Shakya

    Smriti ShakyaHace 8 días

    Pink Floyd vibes..

  31. Waqas Khalil

    Waqas KhalilHace 8 días

    Just got to my apartment from work, parked my car, played this song and closed my eyes. I feel like a new man now

  32. Andres Grez

    Andres GrezHace 8 días

    Tremendos todos! Muchas gracias! Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱🔊🎧 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  33. Ntokozo Dlamini

    Ntokozo DlaminiHace 9 días

    Still ❤

  34. Billy 538 Thornton

    Billy 538 ThorntonHace 9 días

    This song reminds me of a road trip I had with my parents to Scotland, I miss it

  35. sheppyg1903

    sheppyg1903Hace 9 días

    Quite simply. A rapturous intro before the song . A brilliant video too.

  36. Valtadir

    ValtadirHace 9 días

    Black Floyd

  37. Juan Schapiro

    Juan SchapiroHace 9 días

    La intro very punk floyd Pompeii

  38. Juan Schapiro

    Juan SchapiroHace 9 días

    Lo descubrí en un comercial de un partido de nba

  39. Patrizia Gazzotti

    Patrizia GazzottiHace 9 días


  40. Fontana Prado

    Fontana PradoHace 10 días

    I cry listening to the song and I cry once again Reading the comments. The session is pure magic happening in front of our eyes. Bliss! I want this song to follow me for the rest of my life.

  41. LW 21

    LW 21Hace 10 días

    I remember first watching this video in 2016 and it didn’t have many views, I thought “What a song and what a live performance!” To see it now has 19 million views and that this performance is getting the credit it deserves is great. Music like this needs to be heard and live performances like this needs to be recognised. This is a performance that gets better and better as time goes on.



  43. Marcelo Gonçalves

    Marcelo GonçalvesHace 11 días

    How this people can live normally after have played this intro? It's a thing awesomely deep and beautiful. Gives me chills and tears every time I listen.

  44. Becca S

    Becca SHace 11 días

    My jaw has dropped to the floor....I LOVE YOUR MASTERPIECE!!!!

  45. Cristian Ionascu

    Cristian IonascuHace 11 días

    Dude ... got goose bumps, and a Pink Floyd vibe, in the bestest way

  46. Jaqueline Silvestre

    Jaqueline SilvestreHace 11 días

    I'm looooooove! 🇧🇷😘✊🏾

  47. Joelma Talarico

    Joelma TalaricoHace 11 días

    Simplesmente apaixonada por essa música!! Pena que no Brasil não foi muito divulgada, aqui estamos carentes dessa qualidade de som!! I"m falling in love. Tks Mr Kiwanuka

  48. Dr. Triceps

    Dr. TricepsHace 11 días


  49. ThE iLl aDvIsEd MiNoR!

    ThE iLl aDvIsEd MiNoR!Hace 11 días

    I hope I get to see him perform live one day

  50. Mike Schleicher

    Mike SchleicherHace 11 días

    Das klingt sehr nach einem Plagiat, Pink Floyd vielleicht ist den Musikern, nichts neues Eingefallen. 🙄🏺🦊😵

  51. Serenity Kelly

    Serenity KellyHace 11 días

    REAL MUSIC!!! It’s like drinking cold water after such dehydration 😌


    HERNAN PITHace 12 días

    Listen this and smoke weed, I CAN TOUCH THE SKY...

  53. Patrick Carmody

    Patrick CarmodyHace 12 días

    I hear so much pink floyd and thats an awesome thing. Not easy to get that sound right

  54. D B

    D BHace 12 días

    This is quite tasteful.. I’m intrigued.. subbed .. tnx

  55. D B

    D BHace 12 días

    Fine music ... is always just .. perfect.. this was Fine ..

  56. Ricardo César

    Ricardo CésarHace 13 días

    De verdad no me explico 3.3mil "no me gusta"! 🤷🏾

  57. Jean-Yves L'HENAFF

    Jean-Yves L'HENAFFHace 13 días

    Très beau, merci.

  58. Vincent Comelli

    Vincent ComelliHace 13 días

    j'ai 52 ans je suis un métissé belgo italien et mon oncle marié à une congolaise et j'ai des cousins métisses et mon village est très multiculturelles j'ai grandit dans cela et donc je fais aucune distinction et j'aime je kiffe bravooooo vive la music universel avec un groupe mixe culturel c'est si enrichissant et ça nous fait vibrer en soi

  59. jy _

    jy _Hace 13 días


  60. piazman1976

    piazman1976Hace 13 días

    I've been a musician since 1990. I honestly think this is the best live studio performance I've ever seen and heard.

  61. John Miller

    John MillerHace 11 días


  62. Nils Günther

    Nils GüntherHace 12 días

    bro you have to check out city and colour!

  63. Nathan M

    Nathan MHace 12 días

    As a videographer and sound engineer I must say this is one hell of a production! Well done and looking forward to the next one :)

  64. L. Maccie777

    L. Maccie777Hace 12 días

    It touches your mind, body and soul very deep

  65. John Garcia

    John GarciaHace 13 días

    You may think you look cool but you’re not Michael Kiwunka cut your collar off your jean jacket cool !!

  66. toney bucket

    toney bucketHace 14 días

    Also on this good friday a great reflection on good will to all great great song

  67. Seungju park

    Seungju parkHace 14 días

    The terrific gazelle etiologically brake because jar geographically fire during a tested scarecrow. eminent, mushy credit

  68. Carpet

    CarpetHace 14 días

    wow the ESdos algorithm was good for once

  69. dez

    dezHace 14 días

    What a masterpiece

  70. Todd Walker

    Todd WalkerHace 14 días

    I dont even know what to say that hasn't already been said. I've listen to this song so many times I've lost count

  71. Lynda Evans

    Lynda EvansHace 15 días

    Has to be some kind of record for longest intro ........ and then ..... ooooh woooo ah woo woo .... and then ay ay ah ay ay and then bam! You ruined it by actually singing lyrics in a voice too harsh for this song.

  72. Barbara Di Sandro

    Barbara Di SandroHace 15 días


  73. David bissonnette

    David bissonnetteHace 15 días

    am I the only one who ear major Pink floyd inspiration ?

  74. Koro mar

    Koro marHace 15 días

    The music is perfect but vocal ughhh too harsch, hurts my ears ;/

  75. Valle Camacho

    Valle CamachoHace 15 días

    Intro something´s remains me Wish you were here

  76. Milos Bozilovic

    Milos BozilovicHace 15 días


  77. Beturcio Baez

    Beturcio BaezHace 15 días

    Que puta locura es este solo, apreciamos los entendidos, el coro, vocalista, temazooo..

  78. Mark Duncan

    Mark DuncanHace 15 días

    Pink Floyd vibes..

  79. katemccrew

    katemccrewHace 16 días


  80. Adarsh c s

    Adarsh c sHace 16 días

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  81. Joakim Fridlund

    Joakim FridlundHace 16 días


  82. Freddie Handley

    Freddie HandleyHace 16 días

    got this on vinyl! awsome song and album :)

  83. Renny Pusher

    Renny PusherHace 16 días

    big little lies Brough me here

  84. Maro Komnin

    Maro KomninHace 16 días

    Miss you 💔

  85. virgill mijnals

    virgill mijnalsHace 16 días

    The best bro!!❤

  86. C Howard

    C HowardHace 17 días

    Everyone who's listening, ya'll know what's happening here.

  87. Manuel Branco

    Manuel BrancoHace 17 días

    Fuck the Grammys - this guy's pure genius

  88. Stella chara-torre

    Stella chara-torreHace 17 días

    Thank god im drunk.....because is the drunkest sexiest songever

  89. Wesley Pellon

    Wesley PellonHace 17 días

    Is there a full version for this 'live session'?

  90. MrMauistang66

    MrMauistang66Hace 17 días

    This song is amazing. I had never heard of you till now. Now you are on rotation for the rest of my life. I hear some incredible influences in there. Respect.

  91. john hopfensperger

    john hopfenspergerHace 17 días

    Came here from Black Pumas. This old geezer felt a longing to listen to the intro to “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”. I found dozens of versions almost instantaneously on You Tube using this marvelous device. Couldn’t do that in the seventies. Wonderful talent even more amazing times that we live in.

  92. Serenity Kelly

    Serenity KellyHace 11 días

    I love Black Pumas too 😄

  93. Deborah Hills

    Deborah HillsHace 16 días

    Yes, this old geezer had the same experience. I really am blown away by this guy.

  94. Deborah Hills

    Deborah HillsHace 18 días

    His voice, cadance, everything ,such a gift to find this.

  95. hannah vossen

    hannah vossenHace 14 días

    I feel the exact same. So honored to be able to enjoy music sung by someone who genuinely emits through his craft

  96. Anja Storck

    Anja StorckHace 16 días


  97. South House

    South HouseHace 18 días

    I love this song, thank you

  98. Dan D

    Dan DHace 18 días

    Great song 8 minutes in, after the worlds most boring intro.

  99. Vinil Pillai

    Vinil PillaiHace 18 días

    Brilliant stuff!

  100. khalil latrach

    khalil latrachHace 18 días

    Pink Floyd... is that you?

  101. Adrian Trout

    Adrian TroutHace 18 días

    This beautiful song needs more likes❤ The world needs more music like this

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    Chandler MitaniHace 18 días

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  103. Laprorad Studio

    Laprorad StudioHace 19 días

    Exceptional, this music and this clip is magnificent. I love the style. It’s one of my favorite songs and it goes on repeat. Thank you for this moment of escape.

  104. Trackrods

    TrackrodsHace 19 días

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  105. Rabich Maa

    Rabich MaaHace 19 días


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    winston hugginsHace 19 días

    Im with you Bro..but im an old man now lived life ups and downs im still here pressing on.....

  107. Giso's Playroom

    Giso's PlayroomHace 19 días

    It reminds me of Pink Floyd.... And it's the best thing possible

  108. Alexandre Vargas Volkweis

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  109. Scorpio Scorpio

    Scorpio ScorpioHace 20 días

    descubri esta increible cancion gracias a mi mujer cuando empezo a ver big little lies... buenisima serie

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    joachim willumsenHace 20 días


  111. Campos Robert

    Campos RobertHace 20 días

    What a beautiful song ! Thanks