Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers Perform “Gimme More” | Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions

Miley Cyrus and The Social Distancers perform a cover of “Gimme More” by Britney Spears, unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions. More at
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  1. Erik Miza

    Erik MizaHace 34 minutos

    IT's a bird No IT's a plane No IT's Miley No!!! IT's Britney B*tch!! Iconic.

  2. Just an user

    Just an userHace un hora

    This sums up the real meaning of the original song... 2007 💔

  3. Talia Oliver

    Talia OliverHace 3 horas

    She sounds so beautiful wow. Them low notes!!!

  4. Leo Rodrigues

    Leo RodriguesHace 3 horas

    I live for how Miley's been a true Britney stan all these years.

  5. Lyn. C

    Lyn. CHace 6 horas

    I live for the gimme more part

  6. Ch Salwan

    Ch SalwanHace 6 horas


  7. truman brown

    truman brownHace 8 horas


  8. Fiddle Dedee

    Fiddle DedeeHace 10 horas


  9. Lamounier Soares

    Lamounier SoaresHace 13 horas

    Every time we turn the lights down Just wanna go that extra mile for you Your public display of affection Seems like no one else in the room We can get down like there's no one around They keep on watchin' We keep on rockin' Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing They keep watchin' Feels like they're probably saying Gimme, gimme more Gimme more Gimme, gimme more Gimme, gimme more Gimme more Gimme, gimme more Gimme, gimme more Gimme more Gimme, gimme more Gimme, gimme more Gimme more Gimme, gimme more The center of attention Even when we're up against the wall You got me in a crazy position If you're on a mission You got my permission We can get down like there's no one around We keep on rockin' We keep on rockin' Cameras are flashing while we're dirty dancing We keep rockin' They're saying... we hear them Even when we're up against the wall Gimme more

  10. Sonia

    SoniaHace 15 horas

    And why is this giving me goosebumps?!

  11. Sonia

    SoniaHace 15 horas

    Miley's performance makes me realize that this is actually a difficult to sing song which Britney made it sound so effortless 💕

  12. Jean Mouloud

    Jean MouloudHace 16 horas

    #FreeBritney b*tch !

  13. brenda m

    brenda mHace 17 horas


  14. cheyma la

    cheyma laHace 18 horas


  15. Andres Hernandez

    Andres HernandezHace 21 un hora

    You should have this in the new record with the other two covers, it’s amazing

  16. Iris Iris

    Iris IrisHace 22 horas

    the first time i hear the real lyrics...

  17. Quézia Martins dos Santos

    Quézia Martins dos SantosHace un día

    Amei !!!! Ahhhhh que lindo !!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. Arrasou !!!! Miley Britney Spears, te amo !!!!!!

  18. Eduarda Geovana

    Eduarda GeovanaHace un día

    É a patroaaa

  19. Eric Casia

    Eric CasiaHace un día

    Amazing! I love you Miley!

  20. Madison Eats

    Madison EatsHace un día

    I love you smmmmm😫😭💜

  21. Lídia Passos

    Lídia PassosHace un día

    Amo quando os artistas POP fazem assim, param um pouquinho com as coreografias, e mostram suas vozes somente, geralmente são maravilhosas como a da Mile.

  22. San San

    San SanHace un día

    Who else wants this on Spotify 🥰

  23. liv-irene berglund

    liv-irene berglundHace un día

    Wish this song were longer!!! Love it so much

  24. Ozan 92

    Ozan 92Hace un día

    ı can understand the lyrics right now thx miley :D

  25. Sandy Tibou

    Sandy TibouHace un día

    😮😮😮😮💯💯💯💯 thanks for this Miley, u rock 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. José Manuel Cepeda Landin

    José Manuel Cepeda LandinHace un día

    Miley rules

  27. Malabika Ghosh

    Malabika GhoshHace un día

    I always considered this to be a sexy song, but now that I hear this, I feel it was about what Britney had to go through in 2007. That really makes me sad She spoke a lot through her songs, but we couldn't understand. I m sorry Britney and thankyou Miley for doing her justice

  28. Blu Patches

    Blu PatchesHace un día


  29. Lena ackerman

    Lena ackermanHace un día

    and to think all the public shame this woman went through back in 2013... mannnnn. so crazy.

  30. Tamires Porto

    Tamires PortoHace un día

    Miley cantando Brit é tudo pra mim ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Vesna Stihovic

    Vesna StihovicHace un día

    She's like new Madonna

  32. Jacob Markman

    Jacob MarkmanHace un día

    0:16 - I know men who can't hit those low notes

  33. Aditi Gaur

    Aditi GaurHace un día


  34. colleen godwin

    colleen godwinHace un día

    I don't know about you but I miss Disney Miley

  35. Gustavo Borges

    Gustavo BorgesHace un día

    Guys you're doing it all wrong! This is the one that should be a hit and go straight to Spotify! It's incredible the energy here!

  36. Rafael S

    Rafael SHace un día

    Essa música e dá Britney né ?👄👁️

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    PC Socket 7 Intel 430vx txHace un día

    3¼mips...eggnchips®€cu™ zxcvbn

  38. Li li

    Li liHace un día

    Girl you are just amazing

  39. Bruno Scherzinger

    Bruno ScherzingerHace un día

    Minha bb tá amadurecendo ❤️

  40. Bruna Fidalgo Flores

    Bruna Fidalgo FloresHace un día

    OMG! Perfect

  41. Maria Cecília

    Maria CecíliaHace un día

    better than the original version

  42. Sue Drake

    Sue DrakeHace 2 días

    The world NEEDED this rock goddess. Gimme gimme more.

  43. Hannah Nzedinma

    Hannah NzedinmaHace 2 días

    Miley's like, "hold my wig while I slay every genre of music" New Fans: 0_0 Day One: Yaassss

  44. Motorola Xts

    Motorola XtsHace 2 días

    Brasil 🇧🇷

  45. lucas carvalho

    lucas carvalhoHace 2 días

    lenda de maissssss nega !!!!

  46. Charlie R

    Charlie RHace 2 días

    why she look like moira rose

  47. Jessica Arreola

    Jessica ArreolaHace 2 días

    these covers she's been doing lately!

  48. ask the axis

    ask the axisHace 2 días

    Wow, thought this was a song about sex, turns out it’s about being exploited

  49. Hello Good Vibes

    Hello Good VibesHace 2 días

    she's so loyal to Britney

  50. Gary Sultanian

    Gary SultanianHace 2 días

    I love this version of the song.

  51. Valerie Barajas

    Valerie BarajasHace 2 días

    I mean I said it before but I fucken love you 🥺👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  52. Arída Norden

    Arída NordenHace 2 días

    Бритни и не снилось такое исполнение

  53. Alessandra

    AlessandraHace 2 días


  54. Jakob Whale

    Jakob WhaleHace 2 días

    Every era people be talking about *"Miley is becoming her true self"* like y'all.. she is *ALL that!* Miley has no limit.

  55. xg1027

    xg1027Hace 2 días

    She turned every songs into Miley Cyrus

  56. Weronika Jarzyna

    Weronika JarzynaHace 2 días

    Im so glad that Miley finally focuses on making good music, not making scandals. She's becoming a very mature singer with incredible voice. I've never been a fan of her but now it's changing. Wish her the best!

  57. Lautaro Raposo

    Lautaro RaposoHace 2 días

    necesito este cover en Spotify

  58. Funeral Giggle

    Funeral GiggleHace 3 días

    Yes!! GIVE ME MORE!

  59. Thiago Melo

    Thiago MeloHace 3 días

    Im living for This performace

  60. Homeless Highway

    Homeless HighwayHace 3 días


  61. Edz Regis

    Edz RegisHace 3 días

    Britney spears the ultimate pop super star of her generation

  62. Agathi Xyda

    Agathi XydaHace 3 días


  63. Edoardo Dardi

    Edoardo DardiHace 3 días

    Just Fantastic!❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏Thank you for sharing this piece of great musical Art!

  64. MadMerrYard

    MadMerrYardHace 3 días

    I need tabs for this

  65. alexis lachance

    alexis lachanceHace 3 días

    I wish she would have also done a version with the real beat

  66. Eduardo Fornazzari

    Eduardo FornazzariHace 3 días


  67. A Marie

    A MarieHace 3 días

    This made me cry

  68. florcita n

    florcita nHace 3 días

    woow.... 😲❤

  69. Styś

    StyśHace 3 días

    Many stars should learn from Miley how to pronounce words in songs and have impeccable diction.

  70. shakera golding

    shakera goldingHace un día

    Fact Her pronunciation is unmatched

  71. Mike Black

    Mike BlackHace 3 días

    I give my love to Miley Cyrus with 12oo. Comments and views

  72. Absinthe

    AbsintheHace 3 días


  73. Miguel Arévalo

    Miguel ArévaloHace 3 días

    Hola 🌹🌹🤗🤗💐💐🌻🌺💖💖🤠🤠😌😌😌😌👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  74. Andrea Pisaniello

    Andrea PisanielloHace 3 días

    you are the best

  75. Andrea Breider

    Andrea BreiderHace 3 días

    She should be set on fire for this

  76. daniela anne cruz

    daniela anne cruzHace 3 días

    What can’t she sing?? so talented !!

  77. Bia Veleza

    Bia VelezaHace 3 días

    I'm addicted to this, I keep coming back here 🤦‍♀️

  78. Gustavo Lucas

    Gustavo LucasHace 4 días


  79. Leonardo Bessauer

    Leonardo BessauerHace 4 días

    So much talent, I cant handle this 😱

  80. Sila

    SilaHace 4 días


  81. gulcan goren

    gulcan gorenHace 4 días

    Please add this masterpiece on spotify 🙏🏼

  82. Tessa VerMilyea

    Tessa VerMilyeaHace 4 días

    Good Lord did she even take a breath? This is just great, I love everything she's doing

  83. Jam Gomez

    Jam GomezHace 4 días

    I'm in shock. This sounds so good.

  84. Kate Gabbana

    Kate GabbanaHace 4 días

    This made me emotional.

  85. Will Lima

    Will LimaHace 4 días

    Amo tanto. Maravilhosa 😍

  86. Rachel Graham

    Rachel GrahamHace 4 días

    I’m dying this is absolutely incredible I love Miley even more

  87. Sabrina Davis

    Sabrina DavisHace 4 días

    This better then the other one

  88. Krista Grym

    Krista GrymHace 4 días


  89. mas

    masHace 4 días

    who’s listening to this for like the millionth time

  90. The Scott Sisters

    The Scott SistersHace 4 días

    I love the Lady Gaga Joanne era Miley

  91. Kareem 18

    Kareem 18Hace 4 días

    This is amazing wowwww

  92. Yesha Zion

    Yesha ZionHace 4 días

    I only subbed BECAUSE OF MILEY

  93. Maxwell Mooney

    Maxwell MooneyHace 4 días

    Miley’s killing it, but also this dobro player adds everything to this cover.

  94. Hermance A.

    Hermance A.Hace 4 días

    Miley is and has always been a powerhouse. She made it her own while also staying true to the original feel of the song. A true legend.

  95. WhatIDoWhoIam

    WhatIDoWhoIamHace 4 días

    Omg the low notes in the beginning and "the center of attention" melted me

  96. whomever

    whomeverHace 4 días

    Put this on Spotfty!!!!!!

  97. zizi on the beat

    zizi on the beatHace 4 días


  98. Irit Hurtado

    Irit HurtadoHace 4 días


  99. Lika Kostava

    Lika KostavaHace 4 días

    Impossibly perfect

  100. E Santi

    E SantiHace 5 días

    Her covers always leave me speechless! 🥰

  101. Britney D

    Britney DHace 5 días

    I definitely prefer the classic Gimme more but i appreciate that Miley sang one of the most iconic songs in pop history