Mini Crewmate Kills 6 Kirby Characters | Among Us

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  1. Liem Hoang

    Liem HoangHace un hora

    Ok kirby in kill mini crewmate it mini crewmate kill

  2. lighting blue

    lighting blueHace 4 horas

    I love the finish B)

  3. Jostar Dusk Light

    Jostar Dusk LightHace 12 horas

    How long does it take to animate this this god like animating

  4. Erick Fdz de Hoyos

    Erick Fdz de HoyosHace 14 horas


  5. pumpkin chilton

    pumpkin chiltonHace 14 horas

    Kirby just sucked that crewmate out of the life time!

  6. JanLuis Ortiz Madera

    JanLuis Ortiz MaderaHace 16 horas


  7. Lucas style Games

    Lucas style GamesHace 19 horas

    Mini crewmate died by kirby

  8. Ирина Федорова

    Ирина ФедороваHace 23 horas


  9. Think Bricks

    Think BricksHace un día

    0:51 *AMOBY* (Amogus+Kirby)

  10. Kanasaur51 Kanakazee

    Kanasaur51 KanakazeeHace un día

    Yeah I don't think the creator thought of a way of killing Kirby since he is a God slayer and almost invincible

  11. Subyellow GD

    Subyellow GDHace un día


  12. Rozi Ziegler

    Rozi ZieglerHace un día

    My face reaction When I'm see my hated cousin in my house then I'm want to kill him but I'm can't kill him because he to fast like a bitch 0:19 - then I'm died 0:30




  14. Jose Augusto dos Santos Meireles

    Jose Augusto dos Santos MeirelesHace un día


  15. Apollo McDonnell

    Apollo McDonnellHace un día

    _ 1 1 1 1 # man m m o O and

  16. Eth R

    Eth RHace un día

    0:49 every character in other videos: no one can stop that mini crewmate!!! Kirby: hey mini crewmate you don't understand my true power haha

  17. foxy games MasretCaraft

    foxy games MasretCaraftHace un día

    0:51 Among us

  18. foxy games MasretCaraft

    foxy games MasretCaraftHace un día


  19. Rodrygo Tavares

    Rodrygo TavaresHace un día


  20. Yani kaliva

    Yani kalivaHace un día


  21. Consuelo Ortiz Madrid

    Consuelo Ortiz MadridHace un día


  22. Saiko :P

    Saiko :PHace un día

    Watching this made me Wanna watch the whole series again

  23. Lee Huamán

    Lee HuamánHace un día

    Jsjsjjs xd

  24. Nancy Mercansini

    Nancy MercansiniHace un día


  25. Nancy Mercansini

    Nancy MercansiniHace un día


  26. Nancy Mercansini

    Nancy MercansiniHace un día


  27. Irina Bibikova

    Irina BibikovaHace un día


  28. Enzomui4

    Enzomui4Hace un día

    0:51 GAME!!!!!!!

  29. Adam Miedziński

    Adam MiedzińskiHace un día

    I hate you for doing this

  30. duarte dante clasico 163

    duarte dante clasico 163Hace un día

    Maybe kirby can't die but that means that he team up in funcion to defeat more people

  31. boyisland 1437

    boyisland 1437Hace un día


  32. Joy Cueto

    Joy CuetoHace un día

    Request: Among us but Pet Kills Pokemon #2

  33. Charlıe

    CharlıeHace 2 días


  34. Cool-boy- 199

    Cool-boy- 199Hace 2 días

    No one can beat kirby.

  35. Montserrat Rojas

    Montserrat RojasHace 2 días


  36. adrian norzali

    adrian norzaliHace 2 días

    0:48 what kind of mini impostor lost to kirby?

  37. Kenzie Aboagye-Kuffour

    Kenzie Aboagye-KuffourHace 2 días

    the first one made me laugh so hard i actually cried XD

  38. _M4RC0B_

    _M4RC0B_Hace 8 horas

    Its woody the woodpecker

  39. Maaya The Person

    Maaya The PersonHace 2 días


  40. Chef Giorgio

    Chef GiorgioHace 2 días

    0:50 kirbi sus

  41. Nayan Waghmare

    Nayan WaghmareHace 2 días

    is that woode the woodpaker

  42. Sayed Hussain

    Sayed HussainHace 2 días

    👌❤ WOW

  43. Michael Giyono

    Michael GiyonoHace 2 días

    Mini crewmate kills touhou charater

  44. Fabri gamer 901

    Fabri gamer 901Hace 2 días

    What? Mini impostor You died

  45. John Phillip Rivera

    John Phillip RiveraHace 2 días

    Kirby sus

  46. Daniel Riquelme

    Daniel RiquelmeHace 2 días

    Dance among us 0:44



    kirby S U S

  48. Kirill Vsevolodov

    Kirill VsevolodovHace 2 días


  49. zenvio

    zenvioHace 2 días

    amogus always win. vote amogus

  50. dorin Lazurca

    dorin LazurcaHace 2 días

    0:04 what was THE LAUGHING FOR was it for literally murdering a tree!

  51. Juan Pablo Aguey

    Juan Pablo AgueyHace 2 días

    El mini impostor murió siiiii

  52. Nikola Franqugenka

    Nikola FranqugenkaHace 2 días

    Hi the IP camera detected and purple heart is about to all those things the question is r of Unresl and purple heart of 0:25

  53. Gheorghe Negruta

    Gheorghe NegrutaHace 2 días


  54. 이사실나희엄마에이름 ᄏ

    이사실나희엄마에이름 ᄏHace 2 días


  55. Jan Spiteri

    Jan SpiteriHace 2 días

    King Deedado

  56. Karter’s Channel

    Karter’s ChannelHace 2 días

    0:43 Brantly being dumb at puzzles

  57. You have been gnomed

    You have been gnomedHace 2 días

    When Kirby is sus

  58. めl’っさ

    めl’っさHace 2 días

    0:45 lalalalalal

  59. creeper girl 15

    creeper girl 15Hace 2 días

    R.I.P *MINI CREWMATE* click F to pay Respects

  60. supercoolerboy12

    supercoolerboy12Hace 2 días

    0:50 when the kirby is sus! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 💖🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍💖 💖🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍💖 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 💖 💖 The biggest sus

  61. Dinar Fairuz

    Dinar FairuzHace 2 días

    Mini crewmates kill dream smp pleaseee

  62. kirby

    kirbyHace 2 días


  63. Turkish Mert Mapper

    Turkish Mert MapperHace 2 días

    0:51 Kirby is *S U S* 1!!1!!

  64. khayr khairul nizam

    khayr khairul nizamHace 2 días

    You know why Kirby hate you because you don’t get eaten

  65. Novita Dewi

    Novita DewiHace 3 días

    This is the first time mini crewmate died

  66. glitchyblue

    glitchyblueHace 3 días

    Final reds baby died

  67. 미캐르

    미캐르Hace 3 días

    0:39 what here music

  68. adamboy A7

    adamboy A7Hace 3 días


  69. adamboy A7

    adamboy A7Hace 3 días

    I CALL THE 991 POLICE😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  70. Professional Trashcan

    Professional TrashcanHace 3 días

    No one beats Kirby

  71. Slushy Bro

    Slushy BroHace 3 días

    Mini crewmate is not even a crewmate

  72. ewin

    ewinHace 3 días

    💩 Everyone beats amon us

  73. Jay 재희's Ideas

    Jay 재희's IdeasHace 3 días

    Woody woodpecker

  74. Ana Paula Pereira Dos Santos

    Ana Paula Pereira Dos SantosHace 3 días


  75. Ngoc Nguyen

    Ngoc NguyenHace 3 días

    0:50 Kirby ₫!_!@?₫₫(₫+2( (Censored words) Not sus

  76. rasley gacha indonesia

    rasley gacha indonesiaHace 3 días

    Waddle dee: im luck

  77. Kala Burns

    Kala BurnsHace 3 días

    why did you do this red...

  78. yayir Lorenzo

    yayir LorenzoHace 3 días

    Kirby e'ts best

  79. Just A Microwave

    Just A MicrowaveHace 3 días

    Yo kingdedede kinda hot tho 😳

  80. Sandra Garin martinez

    Sandra Garin martinezHace 3 días


  81. Fernando Takashi Narimatsu

    Fernando Takashi NarimatsuHace 3 días


  82. Julián

    JuliánHace 3 días

    Yes finally mini creumate is dead

  83. gotcre2

    gotcre2Hace 3 días

    This animation is amazing

  84. Eevee

    EeveeHace 3 días

    WHEN KIRBY SUS!!!! 0:50

  85. Nigel Warrick

    Nigel WarrickHace 3 días


  86. Marie Bates

    Marie BatesHace 3 días

    Whenever it got to the penguin guy and it went to the a bunch of vents I said extreme whack mole

  87. el magnífico sans blue berry

    el magnífico sans blue berryHace 3 días

    Yes Kirby win the impostor

  88. Estevam Torres

    Estevam TorresHace 3 días


  89. Todd Fox

    Todd FoxHace 3 días

    Littirally no one is talking about this part 0:01

  90. mohamed enpire

    mohamed enpireHace 3 días

    Among us go impostor the sus

  91. Sebathu Chiyapo

    Sebathu ChiyapoHace 3 días

    Mini cremate. Thinks he the cutest little boy

  92. Krima kirbo

    Krima kirboHace 3 días

    Kirby is sus 0:49

  93. Nik

    NikHace 3 días

    Good-sus video

  94. Chateauxdesweets Morocco food

    Chateauxdesweets Morocco foodHace 3 días

    mini crewmate kills 7 deltarune characters

  95. Dominykasc

    DominykascHace 3 días

    At the kirby part he should've pointed a sword at the mouth

  96. aisha alamri

    aisha alamriHace 3 días


  97. Santana Gonzalez

    Santana GonzalezHace 3 días

    0:50 NOOOOOOOO mini imposter:(

  98. Spartsmen

    SpartsmenHace 3 días


  99. Lina Pulgarin

    Lina PulgarinHace 3 días


  100. Hanis Qaisara

    Hanis QaisaraHace 3 días

    Can you make mine crewmate kill dream smp(mcyt)

  101. Kevin Hassan

    Kevin HassanHace 3 días

    Lets do crash bendicoot

  102. That one shadow demon

    That one shadow demonHace 3 días

    Only kirby can defeat baby imposter

  103. roblox vo duy

    roblox vo duyHace 3 días

    When the kirby is sus