Monkey Bread Party II

Monkey Zone bring you all about monkey videos.


  1. Daya Shankar Prasad

    Daya Shankar PrasadHace 8 minutos

    Jay Shree ram JAY Shree Hanuman ji

  2. Rosa Ruiz Gomez

    Rosa Ruiz GomezHace 23 minutos

    Q listos y prudentes 🤭🤭😁😁😁

  3. Md Najmol

    Md NajmolHace 28 minutos


  4. Cicih Cicih

    Cicih CicihHace 33 minutos


  5. Mr. Devil

    Mr. DevilHace 41 un minuto

    They should've removed the packet. Otherwise it would be dangerous if plastic goes into their mouth. Really careless people.

  6. Fernando Rivera

    Fernando RiveraHace 43 minutos

    Q fieston se van a dar esos monitos 🙈🙉🙊

  7. Lucia Cruz

    Lucia CruzHace 58 minutos


  8. MGA Pagkaon SA POBRE Sustansyado

    MGA Pagkaon SA POBRE SustansyadoHace 2 horas

    Cute animals❤️


    ELLIE CON3RASHace 2 horas

    Claro muy inteligente el que lo hizo y los animales tiran plástico por todos lados..

  10. sorayda acapulco

    sorayda acapulcoHace 2 horas

    Hope they know how to dispose the plastic🙁they also have social distancing

  11. Dropati Solanki

    Dropati SolankiHace 2 horas

    😘😁uutmf to md sumon Khan

  12. Werm Rodriguez

    Werm RodriguezHace 2 horas

    Eso es dañar los hábitos de los animales

  13. jaime neidiffer

    jaime neidifferHace 3 horas

    I love how they all dip in and are like il see you later buy I'm out lmfao

  14. Yosh Clements

    Yosh ClementsHace 3 horas

    One for me, one for later and one for the road😆😆😆😆

  15. Yosh Clements

    Yosh ClementsHace 3 horas

    They act just like people at picnics or at buffets😆😆😆

  16. jaelani okay

    jaelani okayHace 3 horas

    Serakah amat, ga sekalian di pegang di kaki 2 lagi

  17. Pojok Hukum

    Pojok HukumHace 4 horas


  18. Angie LeBlanc

    Angie LeBlancHace 4 horas

    Everybody grab a handful haha

  19. Amanda Siracusa

    Amanda SiracusaHace 5 horas


  20. Haripriya Sawe

    Haripriya SaweHace 5 horas

    Were there better options available for their system?????

  21. Александра Попова

    Александра ПоповаHace 5 horas

    Я всë ждала что кто то всю коробку подмышку возьмëт и понесëт. Что мелочиться, но нет, в очередь встали, как люди. Каждый взял в обе руки и в зубы и отошëл. Следующий так же поступил. Мужики правда грубо рылись. Ну прямо как и у людей. Я даже думала материться начнут и коробку перевернут.

  22. Ines Sanchez

    Ines SanchezHace 5 horas

    It would have been a human and takes the box with everything 😳😆

  23. Ines Sanchez

    Ines SanchezHace 5 horas

    Cela aurait été un humain et prendrait la boîte avec tout 😆

  24. Eric Landar

    Eric LandarHace 5 horas

    Plastics again?

  25. M Wre

    M WreHace 6 horas

    The one that swipes the bread aside and found the bananas though! LOL!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Smalls& Ko.

    Smalls& Ko.Hace 7 horas

    Aawwwww so cute the guy who did that should be proud

  27. Raymond logie

    Raymond logieHace 8 horas

    Is ther any rule the elders can take more than three but the younger can take one or more..😂

  28. José manuel Torres

    José manuel TorresHace 8 horas

    Son tan inteligentes los monos q saben q eso se comen

  29. Bandaru Nagaraja

    Bandaru NagarajaHace 9 horas

    One big monkey searched and took only 3 bananas!

  30. Oregon Patriot

    Oregon PatriotHace 9 horas

    Wait.... *WHAT?* There's BANANAS in there? I was going to criticize the young monkeys for not knowing enough to grab three packages.... _until I saw that._ Staying on scene to learn more about the situation paid off!

  31. Kathy Kalfayan

    Kathy KalfayanHace 9 horas

    Good job human God bless you God gives you more than you deserve that’s a beautiful things for dogs monkey to eat good job I’m so proud of you you make my day man you make me happy❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍💪💪💪👍👍💋💋💋💋💋💋💪💪

  32. Pavala Bala

    Pavala BalaHace 10 horas

    Very nice 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  33. AJ Usog

    AJ UsogHace 10 horas

    GREAT... now we have plastic wrappers all over the damn place, training them to be damn dirty humans

  34. Rabha Bipul

    Rabha BipulHace 11 horas

    Monkeys maintaining social distance

  35. warning

    warningHace 11 horas

    Наблюдается очередь.

  36. vision futuro

    vision futuroHace 12 horas

    No deberían darle alimento de humanos ellos mismos saben alimentarse de la naturaleza que les otorga

  37. Kumari Reang

    Kumari ReangHace 12 horas


  38. Emilia Stefanescu

    Emilia StefanescuHace 12 horas

    Ce bine semanam noi oamanii cu ele! Sau invers!

  39. Rsg Gd

    Rsg GdHace 12 horas

    Oooo Wow so beautiful

  40. chaturong A

    chaturong AHace 12 horas

    Thanks for Plastic trash all over the forest

  41. Goga Khan

    Goga KhanHace 12 horas

    Very good

  42. Rifky Rifky

    Rifky RifkyHace 12 horas


  43. Manuel leria

    Manuel leriaHace 13 horas

    Banana jockpot🤪

  44. mustafa khan

    mustafa khanHace 14 horas

    Bigger the monkey more the greedy bigger once took three 🍞 medium one took 2 bread 🍞 and smaller one took one bread 🍞

  45. Sunrise

    SunriseHace 14 horas

    Insensitive to Pollution

  46. Santosh Chikpet

    Santosh ChikpetHace 14 horas

    Super mankky

  47. M T

    M THace 14 horas

    You should’ve taken the wrappers off at least so they didn’t end up in the poor monkeys belly’s and or they didn’t end up as trash all over the place! I’ll bet they loved those though!

  48. Sabs Talks

    Sabs TalksHace 14 horas

    its not good for them.

  49. Suman Suman

    Suman SumanHace 15 horas



    WASANTHA BANDARAHace 15 horas


  51. Galang Dirman

    Galang DirmanHace 16 horas


  52. Robert Price

    Robert PriceHace 16 horas

    One dude stopped n thinks i cant even get in this bag...then sifted through the box and somehow came out with a banana

  53. Liza Dutta Bora

    Liza Dutta BoraHace 16 horas


  54. Shweshwe Sweswe

    Shweshwe SwesweHace 16 horas

    So So Cute😘😘😘

  55. Jane Monroe

    Jane MonroeHace 16 horas

    Oh man hahaha I love it each and every one is so precious.... hahah love their ways. & how the little guy found the grand prize hahaha ^_

  56. Fevzi Şahin

    Fevzi ŞahinHace 16 horas

    Ufaklık müthiş akıllı. Bravo

  57. Charles Stevens

    Charles StevensHace 17 horas

    I like how they put their wrappers in the rubbish bin, pity we didn't get to see that bit


    bfmcc419@gmail.comHace 17 horas

    Looks like food line in hood

  59. Thelma Layfield

    Thelma LayfieldHace 17 horas

    I really felt the thankfulness of these Primates.You could see how thankful they were or so it seemed to me Our Fathers Creation.Thelma l.

  60. ক‍্যারেক্টার

    ক‍্যারেক্টারHace 18 horas


  61. slpsisym

    slpsisymHace 18 horas

    where the trash?

  62. a a

    a aHace 18 horas


  63. Edgardo Concepcion

    Edgardo ConcepcionHace 18 horas

    Very smart...And very interesting to watch

  64. Nimala weerakkody

    Nimala weerakkodyHace 18 horas

    Plastic packets ..😨😨

  65. Schnibbel Woodruff

    Schnibbel WoodruffHace 19 horas

    Stupid, bread in plastic and the animals then carry it, the plastic, deep into nature. Congratulations

  66. Larry Patterson

    Larry PattersonHace 19 horas

    Always one monkey has to be choosy, imagine the lady I saw at the store that picked to the bread and left the display in shambles, nothing new nothing different.

  67. Brian B

    Brian BHace 19 horas

    It's like watching the "mostly peaceful protesters" looting a store during the "mostly peaceful protests" last summer.

  68. Людмила Кравцова

    Людмила КравцоваHace 19 horas

    Вот что значит опыт.


    MAGOGRiDA7 MAGOGRiDA7Hace 20 horas

    اويحي وسعيد بوتفليقة وجمعتو

  70. Banita kumari dash Dash

    Banita kumari dash DashHace 20 horas

    Kana kala se

  71. icealah

    icealahHace 20 horas

    It's gonna be messy as hell out there.

  72. Matthew Van Moerkerken

    Matthew Van MoerkerkenHace 20 horas

    Now go clean up the monkeys litter! Dom naai

  73. Sang Kim

    Sang KimHace 20 horas


  74. Theodore 2die4

    Theodore 2die4Hace 20 horas

    I love them

  75. Malegor Miracle Mystery

    Malegor Miracle MysteryHace 20 horas

    Ha ha ha sooo cute


    RUBI BHARTIHace 21 un hora

    Akhir modi ki rahat samagri janta tak pahunch hi gayi😁


    ELIA LUZ ZENIL DE LA TORREHace 21 un hora

    Que lindos y ordenados Dios bendiga a estos hermosos animalitos


    SAURABH SRIVASTAVAHace 21 un hora

    Owesom 👍

  79. Willy Tulio

    Willy TulioHace 22 horas


  80. Hezekiah ben ISRAEL

    Hezekiah ben ISRAELHace 22 horas

    This is why they attack the tourist 🤦🏿‍♂️

  81. Roberta Kiszer

    Roberta KiszerHace 23 horas

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that commented on this however my Main concern was the plastic Packaging which would definitely obstruct the digestive system and could cause great sickness and injury to the intestines and bowels!

  82. Erika Cadavid

    Erika CadavidHace 23 horas

    I'll go find out what else there is jajajjajaha

  83. L.H

    L.HHace un día

    Cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  84. James McIvor

    James McIvorHace un día

    Wheres that plastic waste going tho...

  85. Beezlie727

    Beezlie727Hace un día

    Don't forget to leave a trash can for the wrappers! Actually, they wouldn't have cared if someone had unwrapped them in advance!

  86. Jobless Dude

    Jobless DudeHace un día

    Why you give the bread which still wrapped in plastic.... Isnt it better if the forest clean from plastic trash... What if many of the monkey decided to carry that bread deep in the forest.. Or are you planning pick the plastic after even its deep in the forest???

  87. Study tips 4. U

    Study tips 4. UHace un día


  88. David Turk

    David TurkHace un día

    Relatives coming to diner?

  89. Carvalho da Montanha

    Carvalho da MontanhaHace un día

    Os mais velhos nao tem educação. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Carvalho da Montanha

    Carvalho da MontanhaHace un día


  91. K B

    K BHace un día

    It's not greed. It's purely instinct. But humans know better.

  92. Juampi Tin

    Juampi TinHace un día

    Yo me llevo 3 para llevar ...

  93. White Snow

    White SnowHace un día


  94. Shanda Gentile

    Shanda GentileHace un día


  95. Alma

    AlmaHace un día

    Wow 😲

  96. Abebu digkA Abebu digkA

    Abebu digkA Abebu digkAHace un día


  97. Jasmin Mena

    Jasmin MenaHace un día


  98. Eliza Barra

    Eliza BarraHace un día

    Porque darselos con la bolsa?

  99. إغفرلنا يا رب

    إغفرلنا يا ربHace un día

    نحن العرب نقولو لي فايتك بليلة فايتك بحيلة الكبير فيهم صاب 🍌🍌🍌

  100. Warren L.

    Warren L.Hace un día

    So unnatural