[MV]THE BOYZ(더보이즈)_Breaking Dawn

2021.3.17(Wed) Release!
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  1. Zeynep Sena

    Zeynep SenaHace un hora

    Nana aşkım karım nerede ders mi çalışıyor bebeğim

  2. Nana

    NanaHace un hora

    @Zeynep Sena geldi aşkım yazdım an itibariyle yutubu terk edebiliriz

  3. Zeynep Sena

    Zeynep SenaHace un hora

    @Nana mailim geldi mi bebeğim

  4. Zeynep Sena

    Zeynep SenaHace un hora

    @Nana ben de cok heyecanlandim yazdim askim numaramı mesajini bekliyorum

  5. Nana

    NanaHace un hora

    @Zeynep Sena ohh tamam bekliyorum çok heyecanlandım ben şimdi r4nd0m

  6. Zeynep Sena

    Zeynep SenaHace un hora

    @Nana geldi aşkım yaziyorum simdi


    XIUMIN EXOHace un hora

    I love the boyz. 🤗😊

  8. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace 2 horas

    Deobisss por favor sigan apoyando a los chicos ¤ Creénse varias cuentas en Woshfan ¤ Hagan str34m a No Air Y los que ya hicieron str34m descansen :') cuando recuperen fuerzas vuelven en modo turbo

  9. Alyssia A2b

    Alyssia A2bHace 3 horas

    Chanhee looks like a freaking vampire and that's so hot 👌🏽

  10. Zeinab k

    Zeinab kHace 4 horas

    Proud of you The Boyz

  11. frappi

    frappiHace 5 horas

    Go vote for them on whosfan

  12. naru stan tbz love sunwoo

    naru stan tbz love sunwooHace 5 horas

    the boyz never disappoints in his songs, he always has the best concepts

  13. naru stan tbz love sunwoo

    naru stan tbz love sunwooHace 5 horas

    let's go for 10M and 400k likes

  14. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace 7 horas

    Esos 10M RAINAU

  15. jnmg127

    jnmg127Hace 7 horas

    This was the sexiest chorus i ever heard from all kpop songs

  16. parul v

    parul vHace 7 horas

    Support them on Kingdom

  17. Iza Ama

    Iza AmaHace 8 horas

    What is wrong with Juyeon's voice?

  18. Jei Lamberang

    Jei LamberangHace 8 horas


  19. Changmin's Chucky doll

    Changmin's Chucky dollHace 8 horas

    Breaking Dawn.....more like......bReAk your bAcK -Eric, The Boyz

  20. I am Digidigi

    I am DigidigiHace 9 horas


  21. Yeliz Yeşilçimen

    Yeliz YeşilçimenHace 10 horas

    0:52 Camera roll and Juyeon's face..I didnt think I gonna die like this

  22. so what?

    so what?Hace 11 horas

    THE B I need your help with something... There is group, its name is TRCNG. They are so underrated... Can you help with str34ming their song "MISSING" while str34ming BREAKING DAWN? PLEASE WE NEED YOUR HELP ♡

  23. Gayatri Madiger

    Gayatri MadigerHace 11 horas

    No but how can one look sooo freaking good with yellow hair

  24. Barbara_01

    Barbara_01Hace 13 horas

    ⚠️Deobi attention! The voting for Kingdom has started! We have until the *18th* to vote for them and help them rise from *third* place to *first* ! To achieve that please : - Download Whosfan app from Play store if you haven't yet. -Create as many accounts as possible (10-20 accounts would be ideal since *1* *account* *=* *1* *vote* ). -Go collect your ticket from the shop (you can also find tutorials here on YT or Twitter for how to do that) and vote! Btw the vote is only valid if you vote for *3* *groups* with your ticket so remember to choose the other two teams *wisely* (after checking the current ranks). Our boyz needs us please spare some of your time for them! Every vote counts! ❤️🙏🏻

  25. zzoo park

    zzoo parkHace 13 horas

    제발 주연이 성인 버전 영상 올려주시면 안될까요....? 네? 감독님ㅜㅜㅜ 크래커 관계자분들ㅠㅠㅠ 제발요ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  26. katarzyna rozowska

    katarzyna rozowskaHace 14 horas

    lets make whosfan accounts and vote for the boyz please

  27. Stays Zoeshs

    Stays ZoeshsHace 16 horas

    That scene with the pink background matched so well with Eric’s hair lol hahahha

  28. chitabayo

    chitabayoHace 17 horas

    bro, i already watch this multiple time but today i just realise it's a japanese song

  29. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace 18 horas


  30. Em24

    Em24Hace 19 horas

    3:12 0:53 bro

  31. Nothing On Me

    Nothing On MeHace 19 horas

    Daha fazla izl3nmeyi hak ediyorlar (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  32. jake monster

    jake monsterHace 20 horas

    Tiene que llegar a los 10M lo antes posible 💪🏼

  33. Pame S

    Pame SHace 10 horas

    Concuerdo con el desconocido ^^

  34. Rahma Fadilla

    Rahma FadillaHace 23 horas

    Fighting to streaming deobi👊💥

  35. Kevx Fanilla

    Kevx FanillaHace 23 horas


  36. katarzyna rozowska

    katarzyna rozowskaHace 23 horas

    why are they so underrated?? they deserve more

  37. katarzyna rozowska

    katarzyna rozowskaHace 23 horas

    please make whosfan accounts and vote for the boyz !!

  38. Katherine Samudio

    Katherine SamudioHace un día

    Did anyone see New? I tried to find him the whole video but couldnt :c

  39. Mel Pass

    Mel PassHace un día

    Anyone else here from Kingdom? They turned me into a fan 3 weeks ago and I can’t stop listening and watching The Boyz. How does this only have 6 million views? It’s so good.

  40. frappi

    frappiHace 5 horas

    Welcome to the familyy ty for the support

  41. Poddn Dheu

    Poddn DheuHace un día

    ذابي وينكم؟

  42. tr Good Bunny #lovelyprincessrapuchanday

    tr Good Bunny #lovelyprincessrapuchandayHace un día

    I'm obsessed

  43. liliana lee

    liliana leeHace un día

    1:58 New Woww👁️👄👁️💕

  44. sel miranda

    sel mirandaHace un día


  45. sel miranda

    sel mirandaHace un día


  46. sel miranda

    sel mirandaHace un día


  47. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace un día


  48. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace un día

    Vamos por esos 7M :)

  49. Guadalupe Mercado

    Guadalupe MercadoHace un día

    Q so cute

  50. Stan Victon Stream What I Said

    Stan Victon Stream What I SaidHace un día

    They are so underrated, my heart is crying for me...

  51. tkfkdgo wlckdals

    tkfkdgo wlckdalsHace un día

    deobii,, don't forget to str3am and vote our boys for kingdom!! we're currently at 3rd place right now.. let's do our best for our boyss!! hwaitingg!!

  52. 머선일이고

    머선일이고Hace un día

    브킹던 미쳤다 ~ 브킹던 ~

  53. 박성훈

    박성훈Hace un día

    *FOR NEW DEOBIS* :) 0:05 - Q 0:12 - Kevin 0:17 - Juyeon 0:22 - Q 0:28 - Younghoon 0:33 - Sangyeon 0:43 - Hyunjae 0:52 - Juyeon 1:00 - Younghoon 1:05 - Q 1:10 - Haknyeon 1:15 - Eric 1:26 - Sunwoo 1:37 - Jacob 1:46 - New 1:57 - Haknyeon 2:03 - Kevin 2:08 - Sangyeon 2:16 - Q 2:20 - Sunwoo 2:28 - Eric 2:31 - Hyunjae 2:41 - New 2:47 - Sangyeon 2:56 - Jacob + All together 3:05 - New 3:13 - Juyeon *_Lee Sangyeon_* Position-Leader,Main Vocalist Zodiac sigh:Scorpio ♏ Bday:Nov 4 1996 2:49 *_Jacob Bae_* Korean Name: *Bae JoonYoung* position:Lead Vocalist sub rapper Canadian Zodiac sigh:gemini ♊ Bday:may 30 1997 1:38 *_Kim Younghoon_* Position:Vocalist,Visual Bday: Aug 8 1997 Zodiac sigh:Leo ♌ 0:28 *_Lee Hyunjae/Jaehyun_* Position:Lead Dancer,Lead Vocalist,Visual Zodiac sigh:Virgo ♍ Bday: sep 13 1997 2:31 *_Lee Juyeon_* Position:Main Dancer,Visual,Vocalist Zodiac sigh:Capricorn ♑ Bday:January 15 1998 0:52 *_Kevin Moon_* Korean name: *Moon hyungseo* Zodiac sigh: Pisces ♓ Bday: Feb 23 1998 Position:Main Vocalist Canadian 0:12 Stage Name: *_New_* Real Name: *Choi Chanhee* Position:Main Vocalist Zodiac sigh:Taurus ♉ Bday:April 26 1998 1:46 Stage Name: *_Q_* Real Name: *Ji Changmin* Position: Main Dancer,Vocalist Zodiac Sigh: Scorpio ♏ Bday: Nov 05 1998 0:23 *_Ju Haknyeon_* Chinese Name: *Zhou He Nian* Position: Lead Dancer,Vocalist,Rapper Zodiac Sigh: Pisces ♓ Bday:March 9 1999 1:11 *_Kim Sunwoo_* Position: Lead Dancer,Main Rapper,Vocalist Bday:April 12 2000 Zodiac sigh: Aries ♈ 2:20 *_Eric Son_* Korean Name: *Son Youngjae* Position :Lead Dancer,Rapper,Vocalist Bday:Dec 22 2000 Zodiac sigh: Capricorn ♑ 1:16 KEVIN ERIC AND JACOB CAN SPEAK ENGLISH JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW :) *Some friendships* Jukyu Sunkyu Sunnew Kyunyu Sunric Juric Moonbae Hyunric Jujae and more :)) *Songs you should listen to* The Stealer Reveal No air Giddy up Boy Bloom bloom D.D.D Tatto Right here

  54. 박성훈

    박성훈Hace 14 horas

    @Nothing On Me ur welcome

  55. Nothing On Me

    Nothing On MeHace 19 horas

    Thank you (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  56. b

    bHace un día

    하. ...언제봐도ml친노미다

  57. K.Beyza Uğur

    K.Beyza UğurHace un día

    Yarım milyonunu sadece ben izlemişimdir amq

  58. alternative kaji universe

    alternative kaji universeHace un día

    how did you choose your bias? help haha

  59. alternative kaji universe

    alternative kaji universeHace un día

    @Angie Reyes yes, I def given up, my bias is the whole group

  60. Angie Reyes

    Angie ReyesHace un día

    bias?? we don't do that here /j

  61. 온도니

    온도니Hace un día

    제발 세상사람들 제발 다 봐주세요 섹시냥 이주연 봐주세요

  62. aiah

    aiahHace un día

    It's my 5th day stanning The Boyz!

  63. Angie Reyes

    Angie ReyesHace un día

    welcome to the fam baby deobi

  64. Brian Ju

    Brian JuHace un día

    omg welcome

  65. Guadalupe Lucio

    Guadalupe LucioHace un día

    This is still So.. Hot.. I love this video.. theses guys are really good

  66. zahra marsyahanda

    zahra marsyahandaHace un día

    Let's 7M viewerssssssssssssss!!!!

  67. febey aligway

    febey aligwayHace un día


  68. Mayel

    MayelHace un día

    2 weeks ago ko lang nakilala the boyz tapos sila na agad ultimate group bias ko wow

  69. lien

    lienHace un día

    same sis

  70. Kyna Angela Del Rio

    Kyna Angela Del RioHace un día

    I like bts more than them

  71. Strawberry

    StrawberryHace un día

    Why was this tagged as ATEEZ?

  72. Angie Reyes

    Angie ReyesHace un día


  73. bOoBs

    bOoBsHace un día

    @Strawberry wait where??

  74. Strawberry

    StrawberryHace un día

    @bOoBs I looked up ateez and this came up so I checked the tags of the video and they tagged ateez and other groups

  75. bOoBs

    bOoBsHace un día


  76. 빨머라니

    빨머라니Hace un día

    눈건강에 개좋은 뮤비

  77. 머선일이고

    머선일이고Hace un día

    인재들이다..진짜 브킹던 미쳤어...🤭

  78. Tanya Sonker

    Tanya SonkerHace 2 días

    bro i feel bad for not stanning before

  79. Brian Ju

    Brian JuHace un día

    better late than never

  80. Itzel Atilano Inocencio

    Itzel Atilano InocencioHace 2 días

    I loved

  81. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace 2 días

    P O T E N T E

  82. johanna

    johannaHace 2 días

    big shoutout to everyone who still streams, i love y‘all

  83. Baby Loey

    Baby LoeyHace 2 días

    Damnn gonna stan them now asddfghjjkl

  84. Florence Sony

    Florence SonyHace 2 días

    Il sont trop beau surtout kim younghoon 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  85. Daniela 0978

    Daniela 0978Hace un día

    please don't use em0j1s when writing comments

  86. 08 De Anindia Ari Swasti

    08 De Anindia Ari SwastiHace 2 días

    I'm a new deobi and replaying this at least 10 times a day

  87. Najwa Kafka Riby

    Najwa Kafka RibyHace 2 días


  88. Najwa Kafka Riby

    Najwa Kafka RibyHace 2 días


  89. neko cait

    neko caitHace 2 días

    can we like bless new's scalp

  90. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace 2 días


  91. pockyjr

    pockyjrHace 2 días


  92. Dolunay #SunrinFriloveship #SeongRinRealship

    Dolunay #SunrinFriloveship #SeongRinRealshipHace 2 días

    Aktif st kasan bile yok...

  93. Dolunay #SunrinFriloveship #SeongRinRealship

    Dolunay #SunrinFriloveship #SeongRinRealshipHace 2 días

    10 milyon olmaz mı be

  94. pearl

    pearlHace 2 días


  95. yoonie café ♡

    yoonie café ♡Hace 2 días

    6m !!!! deserves a lot more but we’ll get there hhh >_

  96. 블링크스테이 아가새

    블링크스테이 아가새Hace 2 días

    i have dead been sleeping on the boyz😭 like i knew of them for like a while now but i’m just now listening to their music and i gotta say i’m addicted fr😭


    BREAKING DAWN is a BOPHace 2 días

    Don't be shy, let's become a deobi (´ε` )♡

  98. 그건 사랑 - 세다

    그건 사랑 - 세다Hace 2 días

    Become a fan of them.

  99. 그건 사랑 - 세다

    그건 사랑 - 세다Hace 2 días

    You're not late.

  100. Hilal Tüysüz

    Hilal TüysüzHace 2 días

    Ayyy şarkıya aşık oldum

  101. SB S

    SB SHace 2 días

    Надеюсь все у вас будет отлично. Успехов

  102. sanplvshie

    sanplvshieHace 2 días

    Breaking dawn?More like breaking your back.

  103. sanplvshie

    sanplvshieHace 2 días

    I love Eric for this-

  104. Brown Sugar

    Brown SugarHace 2 días

    Collect ticket on Whosfan rn deobi.. It’s available now

  105. rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRy

    rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRyHace 2 días

    Aslanlarım neredesiniz

  106. rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRy

    rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRyHace 2 días

    @Nana :') ben teşekkür ederim canım

  107. Nana

    NanaHace 2 días

    @rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRy yani istediğim kadar çalışamadım ama çalıştım biraz, bugün daha çok çalışmam gerekiyor :'( sağ ol bebeğim söylediklerin için daha çok kendime güvenerek çözmeye calisicam bundan sonra

  108. rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRy

    rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRyHace 2 días

    @Nana çalışabildin mi geçen gün ben çalışamadım çünkü r4ndom. Kendini nasıl rahat hissedersen öyle çalış aslnm. Denemeler senden önemli değil. İstediğinde de yapacağını biliyorum

  109. Nana

    NanaHace 2 días

    @rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRy bittiler ya zor sormadılar aslında ama ben pek çalışmamıştım inkilap istediğim gibi olmadı onun dışında fena değildi. Sınavlar değil de denemeler beni asıl zorlayan şey zaten süre çok kısıtlı çünkü. Seninkiler iyi geçmişti yanlış hatırlamıyorsam kendi başarım yok çocuğumuzun başarısıyla gururlanalım bari :')

  110. rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRy

    rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRyHace 2 días

    @Nana sınavların naısl geçti bittiler mi

  111. rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRy

    rEaL gRaNoLa aPpLe rAsPbErRyHace 2 días


  112. Welcome to our KINGDOM

    Welcome to our KINGDOMHace 2 días

    Aku selalu kemari setiap hari disetiap jeda striming di KINGDOM

  113. Welcome to our KINGDOM

    Welcome to our KINGDOMHace 15 horas

    @Lee Hyunjae Hai syg, iya kita selalu bertemu disana

  114. Lee Hyunjae

    Lee HyunjaeHace 2 días

    Mari kita bertemu di no air api dan es>

  115. Lee Hyunjae

    Lee HyunjaeHace 2 días


  116. Lee Hyunjae

    Lee HyunjaeHace 2 días


  117. Lee Hyunjae

    Lee HyunjaeHace 2 días


  118. Lee Hyunjae

    Lee HyunjaeHace 2 días


  119. Lee Hyunjae

    Lee HyunjaeHace 2 días


  120. Jus Gaitan

    Jus GaitanHace 2 días


  121. SaitouIzumi

    SaitouIzumiHace 2 días

    I'm someone who doesn't know anything about The Boyz but happened upon their album, which is currently my second top played album on spotify. I only have one question: why isn't Prism the title track? That's it.

  122. moon bae

    moon baeHace un día

    Prism is SUCH a good song

  123. Lara Estorque

    Lara EstorqueHace 2 días

    I will stan this group RIGHT NOW❤️, They are on fireee🔥🔥🔥

  124. Lara Estorque

    Lara EstorqueHace 2 días

    @BREAKING DAWN is a BOP OMG I will 💕 Thankss😘


    BREAKING DAWN is a BOPHace 2 días

    I suggest you tooo! You won't regret it because they're so talented. Please watch Kingdom and let's support them together, bestie!

  126. Serap K.

    Serap K.Hace 2 días

    Oh gosh Juyeon stop please!!!!

  127. Allisxn Engene Deobi

    Allisxn Engene DeobiHace 2 días


  128. Cristina S.

    Cristina S.Hace 2 días

    Vamos por esos 7M

  129. alicia chuah

    alicia chuahHace 2 días

    I don’t understand how this only has 6m views, this song was a bop, the set colours popped, the visuals were on another level. I’m so confused why people are sleeping on The Boyz

  130. alicia chuah

    alicia chuahHace 2 días

    @BREAKING DAWN is a BOP I only discovered kpop last year and was sadly one of those people but no longer! I really love The Boyz & am supporting them on Kingdom!


    BREAKING DAWN is a BOPHace 2 días

    Because they're come from very small agency and being the only one idol of that agency, many people didn't recognize them. Many people chose not to stan them because they have "too many members" too. Those people don't realize they're missing something amazing.

  132. mochisung

    mochisungHace 3 días

    OH MY GOD!! 6M!!

  133. Lauris Dayana Salgado

    Lauris Dayana SalgadoHace 3 días

    The boyz: existe* Yo: staneables

  134. `·•Lovely Flower•·`

    `·•Lovely Flower•·`Hace 3 días

    Waaaa enserio me encantan , la canción está muy buena y el vídeo también , enserio , The boyz debería tener más reconocimiento , se lo merecen por todo su esfuerzo... En fin , Vamos por los 7 mill. 😌

  135. felix’sbrowniecult

    felix’sbrowniecultHace 3 días

    we got a center haknyeon. that's the sentence.

  136. my someone

    my someoneHace 3 días

    Right? Like, ju haknyeon. Ju haknyeon.

  137. Mili Muñoz

    Mili MuñozHace 3 días


  138. Diane Davidson

    Diane DavidsonHace 3 días

    Wow just seen this group for the first time today and they are very he