My EASIEST PC Build In Years!

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Is a Corsair ONE-esque PC case worth your money? Let's find out by building a DIY equivalent.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link:
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Darren Antonio

    Darren AntonioHace 2 horas

    what about the evolve shift

  2. Vesper Akiri

    Vesper AkiriHace 6 horas

    I just noticed this, the fan at 16:51 isn't spinning, went back and checked a few times and you can see when he turns the case the other fans spin fine.

  3. MrDj200

    MrDj200Hace 14 horas

    "Oh hey thats pretty neat" > Looks at price "Oh hey, I totally don't like or want this case at all"

  4. SporkDaDoorhinge

    SporkDaDoorhingeHace 21 un hora

    Linus is wrong about vr

  5. Kri

    KriHace 23 horas

    I checked how old Linus was and he's only 34 I can't believe it

  6. M F S

    M F SHace 23 horas

    Please stop squeaking - sober, scripted delivery could be a revelation to you.

  7. Augustine Peter Oliver Whiting

    Augustine Peter Oliver WhitingHace un día

    I can't believe they missed the, 'Corsair oneabe'

  8. John Clawson

    John ClawsonHace un día

    Built like a series X


    JAFO-PTYHace 2 días

    isn't copper a better conductor than silver or even gold?

  10. JAFO-PTY

    JAFO-PTYHace 2 días

    ah, remember VR? lol

  11. Daniel Otoole

    Daniel OtooleHace 2 días

    Your kidding right?$400.Ill keep my H1 which is cheaper and just as easy to build in and comes with the power supply

  12. fellpower

    fellpowerHace 2 días

    86°C on the GPU? WOW...mine has 45°C on full load. ;) Thats why i hate aircooling

  13. BriskyJPEG

    BriskyJPEGHace 2 días

    6:03 he said it

  14. gatoors

    gatoorsHace 3 días

    Hi guys do you know how to remove the metal thing in the MSI MS-6681 that covers half the unit? I cant seem to find a way on how to remove it and I cant access the other parts of the motherboard, I searched online but I find nothing because this model is so old.

  15. Vito Assmuncha

    Vito AssmunchaHace 3 días

    backyard barbeque, sponsored by intel extreme series

  16. Shannon Rhoads

    Shannon RhoadsHace 3 días

    Your iFixIt segues need explosions. 💥😆

  17. Mario Del Rio

    Mario Del RioHace 3 días

    That corsair pre-built is pretty cool looking I'd say

  18. Ron Rutan

    Ron RutanHace 3 días

    Nothing to do with this vid, but... I have a Heiwa matebook pro X, had a slight jar- dropping maybe a foot from bed to thick carpet, wouldn't think it would've done much damage but it's now completely "dead". I only get a single flash of the power light when I hit the hard power on... No screen, options etc. I've found little to no information about how/where to go about repairing.. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  19. Nijuk

    NijukHace 3 días

    And I thinked that over 75C your Pc is melting😑 so now I can overcklok a bit higher

  20. ann7vip

    ann7vipHace 4 días

    did they lose one of the headers in the ifixit kit? XD

  21. Reija N

    Reija NHace 4 días

    Phillips head is ancient technology. Basicly nothing newly designed has it anymore.

  22. Motoboy 2

    Motoboy 2Hace 4 días

    Wouldnt it be good, being one of those Rog winners

  23. Enyalios Ares

    Enyalios AresHace 4 días

    One day Linus will give one of these builds away and the winner will be so so lucky

  24. Howdy Folks! Gaming

    Howdy Folks! GamingHace 4 días

    12:10 - I am glad that I am not the only person who thinks of things like this 😂

  25. Wrathlon

    WrathlonHace 4 días

    "THIS is the Corsair One" Im surprised it didnt get a Doug Score.

  26. Vorname Nachname

    Vorname NachnameHace 5 días

    Linus is wrong. Torx > Phillips


    ZOBBIOREDHace 5 días


  28. mizuki kazama

    mizuki kazamaHace 5 días

    There is actually a shortage of GPU here in the Philippines, I’m thinking of getting from another country and ship it here, but then the cost would be too much and there would be no assurance that the shipment of it would be good. Might as well wait for Linus ROG build, pls get me lol

  29. Moe

    MoeHace 5 días

    And you wonder why there is a shortage on GPUs this fucker has them all XD

  30. James Mason

    James MasonHace 5 días

    7:40 the look of 'do you want to get fired'


    PIZZA MAD DOG GAMERHace 5 días

    Linus. Can you build me real pro gaming pc? Have an old gaming tower need to upgrade it. Would be cool if you upgraded it.

  32. JEFFIN24

    JEFFIN24Hace 5 días

    I would use the pc he build on this video as a heater for my home😂😂

  33. Kanton May

    Kanton MayHace 6 días


  34. Alexander von Heereman

    Alexander von HeeremanHace 6 días

    Adam Savage quotes are always appreciated!

  35. nilleftw

    nilleftwHace 6 días

    My new PC is built in a Loque Ghost S1 (gen 1, 2?). It's really easy to build in a 8,2L case.

  36. Razer Von

    Razer VonHace 6 días

    Imagine calling a kensington lock a "USB C port".

  37. Elparaiso14

    Elparaiso14Hace 6 días

    So this was uploaded a week ago but I only got the notification today. Man ESdos is messing me up.

  38. Puzzle Prince

    Puzzle PrinceHace 6 días

    Now I just want the full length build so I can enjoy the funny conversations

  39. SuckItMozart

    SuckItMozartHace 6 días

    Ca-who-nays? Ca-who-nays????? Ca-ho-nes, please for the love of god

  40. Shem Shem

    Shem ShemHace 6 días

    I disagree on one thing, torque keys are better than Philips heads in every single way, I think that they would become the industry standard

  41. Halvard Lund

    Halvard LundHace 6 días

    I feel claustrafobic..c")

  42. AmateurPanda92

    AmateurPanda92Hace 7 días

    That Adam Savage quote 👌😂 Would LOVE to see them collab on something!

  43. GFX Kaine

    GFX KaineHace 7 días

    Don’t you guys love it when Linus post so much videos in a week and he does a ton of pc videos, and nearly every single time he says “ this is the new best cpu on the market “ and it’s a different processor every time.

  44. NZ StumpyTech

    NZ StumpyTechHace 7 días

    took till almost the end to realise Linus was saying Louqe and not LowKey!

  45. Voll Horst

    Voll HorstHace 7 días

    Torx Heads are the best, secure, tons of torque and no stripping the head. Phillips heads sucks so much, they can die in the fire.

  46. Sebastien Charles

    Sebastien CharlesHace 7 días

    Hey Linus, new Corsair are out! Could you do a new review? I am wondering which one is the best between a200 & i200...

  47. Haris Javed

    Haris JavedHace 7 días

    It’s pronounced “low-key”

  48. Charles Koushik

    Charles KoushikHace 8 días


  49. Klyff Hanger

    Klyff HangerHace 8 días

    Only legends remember the title was, "Build your own Corsair ONE for CHEAP"

  50. acresir

    acresirHace 8 días

    Linus: - "Nothing else quite like it!" Depends... What do you think Silverstone's Fortress and Fortress mini look like...? It even got a modern overhaul. Doesn't look as good in my opinion...

  51. Landon Pratt

    Landon PrattHace 8 días

    What does he do with all these PCs he builds?

  52. Sam H

    Sam HHace 8 días

    It's not Linus video if Linus didn't drop something😂

  53. Trym Erland Dotsetsveen

    Trym Erland DotsetsveenHace 8 días

    TORX WORKS....Phillips head fails...

  54. huy voong

    huy voongHace 8 días

    Team red go brrrrrrrrrr

  55. Paul Robinson

    Paul RobinsonHace 8 días

    Needs to be about an inch taller with a vent in the top to add a 140mm case fan to pull air out the top of it through the vent.

  56. Maximilian

    MaximilianHace 8 días

    Anything without dust filters is just a no-go for me. Cool case though.

  57. David Bremer

    David BremerHace 9 días

    Torx is just better than Phillips

  58. muhammad abdullah

    muhammad abdullahHace 9 días

    can i get that pc?

  59. MrSoskok

    MrSoskokHace 9 días

    Air instead of water? And how is it even remotely close to Corsair one?

  60. Miles Nathan Harmony

    Miles Nathan HarmonyHace 9 días

    Philips head screws are evil. EVERYTHING SHOULD BE TORX

  61. Hydrocarbon82

    Hydrocarbon82Hace 9 días

    Why is the LTT Tool Kit $69.99 and not $69.69? That discount would be really...NICE.

  62. Marcin Berman

    Marcin BermanHace 9 días

    Why pay extra money to make it more difficult to build your computer? Carpenters do not pay extra to buy a pink table saw with RGB.

  63. AnotherClown

    AnotherClownHace 9 días

    I can not hear "iFixit" without Jay yelling in my head, everytime.

  64. bluevette1978

    bluevette1978Hace 9 días

    With the way the outside comes off, it would be SUPER easy to case mod and paint/airbrush anything you wanted for that theme build!

  65. Michael Ines

    Michael InesHace 9 días

    Rear fan pre installed didnt see linus put 1

  66. Neildoe

    NeildoeHace 9 días

    Torx bits, especially in those small sizes are so much more betterer than a philips head..

  67. winfred kusorgbor

    winfred kusorgborHace 9 días

    hmm so small!...


    TOM THE BOMBHace 9 días

    hey Linus its my birthday is a gtx 2060 any good i got it from my uncle

  69. RedXanthos

    RedXanthosHace 9 días

    Honestly I love the unrelated chit chat that happens

  70. Dustin Lesmeister

    Dustin LesmeisterHace 9 días

    The loque cases all look nicer than the corsair

  71. Streaming Jelle

    Streaming JelleHace 9 días

    Did Linus just pull off the perfect Dough Demuro's "THISSSSSS" ?

  72. svmagus

    svmagusHace 9 días

    00:54 Lol

  73. Joe Hogan

    Joe HoganHace 9 días

    Linus hated his garage door opener so much he bought a new house.

  74. x INTENSOR x

    x INTENSOR xHace 9 días

    You know what really grinds my gears. How these ESdosrs come out with videos saying how it sucks nobody can buy a fucking 30 series card. But yet somehow always can have a 30 series card in all their videos? Why don’t they just tell us how they get their cards?

  75. Guillaume Lemaigre

    Guillaume LemaigreHace 9 días

    Shut up Linus, Philips screw heads sucks. Torx are so much better.

  76. greyrat

    greyratHace 9 días

    with ATX12VO will PSUs get smaller? will make SFF build space

  77. hallercory

    hallercoryHace 9 días

    (02:35) Honestly, a front HDMI would be amazing on a small build like that. It makes it easier to hook into a TV.... and easier to hook my VR into.

  78. Andrew Lofthouse

    Andrew LofthouseHace 9 días

    Please go back to budget. Who has the money to use low key


    SAURABH SHARMAHace 9 días

    seems like he is gonna hit me through my screen.

  80. Stephan Mare

    Stephan MareHace 9 días

    Louqe sucks , I have a ghost s1. Not user friendly ,overpriced horrible customer care... list goes on

  81. MrTitaniumDioxide

    MrTitaniumDioxideHace 9 días

    Idle curiosity drove me to check prices on GeForce 3080 cards, one of which they casually tossed into an ITX build...ballpark $900-1300 USD & still, in May 2021, largely manufactured out of unobtainium. Will this madness ever end? Shades of RAM or LCD display gouging of the past -- on steroids. I've read more energy is now expended upon cyrpto mining than is produced by all renewable generation sources.

  82. Horacio Girod

    Horacio GirodHace 10 días

    All the video I'm like: "Why is he saying lowkey over and over again? It doesn't make any sense"... That's embarrassing

  83. mSa

    mSaHace 10 días

    I'm in love with how simple and modern this thing looks.

  84. Alberto Silva

    Alberto SilvaHace 10 días

    Ncase m1 still better imo... Aight imma head out

  85. Billy Stroud

    Billy StroudHace 10 días

    Linus, I agree with your observation as to the top of the case being open being a better design. Heat rises. Take the case back off and find a machine shop near you to plasma cut vents in the top. Then powder coat it your favorite color. Awesome video, and is agree it seemed to be one of easier power builds.

  86. Pepijn dM

    Pepijn dMHace 10 días

    The Corsair 1-nabe ("wannabe").

  87. Zane.Ackermann 2027

    Zane.Ackermann 2027Hace 10 días

    linus is 42???

  88. Horizun

    HorizunHace 10 días

    0:56 | You aight linus?

  89. fmlazar

    fmlazarHace 10 días

    Did anyone else have any Mac G4 Cube flashbacks when Linus was hefting the completed guts?

  90. William Shinall

    William ShinallHace 10 días

    wtf with the random admission of fact that he crapped his pants...

  91. Reefs

    ReefsHace 10 días

    This used to be my dream pc

  92. Mug

    MugHace 10 días

    3:50 I expected a terminator arm to pop out

  93. Rudy

    RudyHace 10 días

    Who remembers the GeForce DIY kit

  94. BM_Phoenix

    BM_PhoenixHace 10 días

    PC gamers when they find out their house is prebuilt: [incomprehensible crying]

  95. bondosho

    bondoshoHace 10 días

    I love Dave's Earthworm Jim "Daaaamn!"

  96. Elliott Harris

    Elliott HarrisHace 10 días

    When you remember your mom is in the room 8:11

  97. Phil Taylor

    Phil TaylorHace 10 días

    I think my Razer eGPU Chroma is bigger than that and only has a Vega64 in it!

  98. W BEA

    W BEAHace 10 días

    It has the “cojones” 😂😂🤣🤣

  99. Patrick Wong

    Patrick WongHace 10 días

    Linus please run the system without the cover and check the temp. If me, i would more likely keep the cover off.