NOIR, The Story of a Man | ‘Thank U’ Making Film

U-KNOW’s 2nd Mini Album "NOIR" is out!
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'Thank U' MV 🚨
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  1. Miyuki Nishimura

    Miyuki NishimuraHace 13 días

    素晴らしいM Vに仕上がってますね🥺悲しい場面もありますがユノや出演者の皆様の努力があったからこそユノも頑張れたんだと思います☺️雨に打たれて刺されるとこは マジにユノ〜死なないで〜😭って叫んじゃった。今はまだ行動を起こさず、ゆっくりゆっくりでいいので一日もはやくユノの笑顔が見られる日を待ってます☺️

  2. kelly Kim

    kelly KimHace 22 días

    정윤호의 인생 뮤비 땡큐 유노윤호의 무대가 너무 그립네요ㅜㅜ

  3. Lildojin L

    Lildojin LHace 28 días

    #윤호로_소설_작작좀_써라 #U_KNOW #유노윤호 #ユンホ #윤호_사랑해 #We_still_stay_here

  4. Winter 冬

    Winter 冬Hace un mes

    This MV is such a masterpiece, I'm very happy to be able to see the making film!

  5. Brunilfa Roman

    Brunilfa RomanHace un mes

    Linda cancion

  6. Brunilfa Roman

    Brunilfa RomanHace un mes

    Muy buena actuación. Felicidades

  7. Hà Lại

    Hà LạiHace un mes

    Does anyone know when they filmed the MV?

  8. Hà Lại

    Hà LạiHace un mes

    Yunho looked so moved when his maknae arrived. That touches me T_T

  9. musant Notre

    musant NotreHace un mes

    Hwang Jung Min is a top Korean actor.

  10. ゆのたんゆのたん

    ゆのたんゆのたんHace un mes

    私はづっと、東方派‼️ 間違いなし。

  11. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace 18 días

    😅😅🔹 東方派 Fighting🔹🎈 東方神起 Fighting 💪🏻

  12. ru yo

    ru yoHace un mes

    BEST Performance🔥👍👍👍👍

  13. Brunilfa Roman

    Brunilfa RomanHace un mes

    Es tremendo actor, me encanta, como el actua, además es muy guapo

  14. 東條正子

    東條正子Hace un mes

    皆いい人だ〜 ユノはいい縁を繋いでいってるね ユノ大好き❤

  15. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace 18 días

    Yes YUNHO always Polite. Effort and Passion. Very much loved by elders.

  16. my!— 霜

    my!— 霜Hace un mes

    yunho trabajó muy duro para esto, así que sigamos dando lo mejor con su mini álbum y su mv. ♡♡

  17. strida ind

    strida indHace un mes

    He is awesome. People said men in 30th up is on the brightest time ❤❤

  18. Kedama T

    Kedama THace un mes

    撮影現場にチャンミン来てくれてるんですね☺️ 9:39でチャンミンと握手してるユノ、涙目に見えるのですが🥺

  19. haru haru

    haru haruHace un mes

    This is art. the production is amazing!

  20. Mơ Gừng Kẹo Dẻo

    Mơ Gừng Kẹo DẻoHace un mes

    9:33 is that Changmin?

  21. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace 18 días

    Yes. Changmin went to the to support

  22. Zahra bd

    Zahra bdHace un mes

    오빠 사랑해 진짜 너무너무

  23. Jenny Pontillas

    Jenny PontillasHace un mes

    Still can't get over of Noir whole album specially Thank U 😭

  24. o sana

    o sanaHace un mes

    from song to mv making,everything of noir is an art!

  25. Maridete Correia

    Maridete CorreiaHace un mes


  26. eaachh

    eaachhHace un mes

    Oh Changmin at 9.34 TT

  27. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace 18 días

    Yes 🔹🔹🤴🏼

  28. happy tummy

    happy tummyHace un mes

    Wow so cool~~

  29. C L

    C LHace 2 meses

    5:01 8:32 멋진💗 유노윤호 x Lee JH 👍

  30. Sane Khet

    Sane KhetHace 2 meses

    That MV is truely work of art. Just so whole different level. My king never failed me. I mean our king never failed us. Respect to Director and all the production crew as well.

  31. sunflowerkyon

    sunflowerkyonHace 2 meses

    프로페셔널! 최고네요!

  32. whateverbth

    whateverbthHace 2 meses

    Yunho works very hard T.T he desevres the world

  33. 08 Kumindri Tillekeratne

    08 Kumindri TillekeratneHace 2 meses

    Yunho oppa you are an amazing human being

  34. 08 Kumindri Tillekeratne

    08 Kumindri TillekeratneHace 2 meses

    ThankU MV is an masterpiece !!!!!!1 thank you everyone for helping out Yunho

  35. 東条亜希子

    東条亜希子Hace 2 meses


  36. U Key

    U KeyHace 2 meses

    I was impressed with the NOIR making film Yunho

  37. 와나Chempaka

    와나ChempakaHace 2 meses

    Good job to all in Noir MV team!

  38. ayoepan99

    ayoepan99Hace 2 meses

    Yunho, you are soooo good!!

  39. tomoji2010

    tomoji2010Hace 2 meses


  40. 정웅영

    정웅영Hace 2 meses

    황정민배우랑 유노윤호 멋지고 카리스마가있다🎵🎶👍🎧💯🎤

  41. moon star

    moon starHace 2 meses

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUNHO 🎉🎉🎂🎂💕💕Have a good day😍😍

  42. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace 2 meses

    Today is YUNHO birthday. In order to work hard of YUNHO I will try my best on each channel blessing Happy Birthday ✨🍾 YUNHO. Happy Everyday🔹🎂

  43. 김미선

    김미선Hace 2 meses

    조직들 사이에 둘러쌓인 쌈씬(?) + 병상 침대에서 일어나 주사바늘 뽑고 칼 맞고 수술한 복부 부여잡고 병싷 빠져 나올때 + 엘리베이터 안에서 1:1 혈투(?) = 베스트

  44. Melody Ye

    Melody YeHace 2 meses


  45. moon star

    moon starHace 2 meses

    너무 고생한 만큼 걸작을 탄생 시켰네요 👍👍

  46. 박영아

    박영아Hace 2 meses

    영화같은 삶을 사는 정윤호 앞으로도 너의 영화 기대할게

  47. Wawa Ambarsari

    Wawa AmbarsariHace 2 meses

    언더아머다 ㅎㅎ

  48. Marcela Montes de Oca

    Marcela Montes de OcaHace 2 meses


  49. 과잉몰입

    과잉몰입Hace 2 meses

    3:45 조각상 아니냐고.. 무언가 생각하듯 가만히 있다 말하는것도 너무 귀엽고 진짜 존잘 미쳤어 완벽해 멋져 어떻게 저런 장발 병지머리가 어울리냐고 제발 머리박제해줘ㅠㅠㅠ 머리스타일 때문에 그리스로마신화에 나오는 신또는 남자님프같음 ㅠㅠㅠ

  50. zoevarin -

    zoevarin -Hace 2 meses


  51. murti rahayu

    murti rahayuHace 2 meses

    Hwang Jung Min is big big big actor but he knows very well he not the star this time, he seriously thinking how to not overshadow Yunho as the main star but still give the best quality. Really professional!

  52. 펄진주

    펄진주Hace 2 meses

    4:29 귀여워 ..ㅎㅎ..

  53. 펄진주

    펄진주Hace 2 meses

    그저 빛,,

  54. Soa Paku

    Soa PakuHace 2 meses

    비하인드가 일케 잼나는건가요 진짜 혜자 활동이에요 넘 좋아

  55. lovelyYN

    lovelyYNHace 2 meses

    This reminds me of HK triad movies. 😎Yunho looks so hot in all the action scenes. 🔥 He really gave his all for this MV. Hope he will get a role in a gang/action movie because his acting was great in this MV!

  56. MAMIKO K.

    MAMIKO K.Hace 2 meses

    귀한 메이킹 영상 감사합니다💕최고입니다👍❤️

  57. K. MAMIKO

    K. MAMIKOHace 2 meses

    기다리고 있었습니다. 귀한 촬영 풍경을 볼 수 있어서 기쁩니다!💐

  58. 이이이

    이이이Hace 2 meses

    두 배우랑 케미가 정말 좋네요

  59. clubkylie

    clubkylieHace 2 meses

    I love that Changmin went to support his hyung 🥺🥺

  60. 19-078 Novita Eka Tyas Pratiwi

    19-078 Novita Eka Tyas PratiwiHace 2 meses

    와..진짜 다 대박이에요🥰 고생했어요❤ 1위 축하해요🥳

  61. megu rin

    megu rinHace 2 meses

    Thank U Making ありがとうございます🤍 유노 撮影にかかわったすべてのみなさま ありがとうございました🙏😭😭 本当におつかれさまでした😭💕

  62. 할수이쩌

    할수이쩌Hace 2 meses

    뭐야;;뮤비가 아니라 진짜영화메이킹필름 같잖아,,,,...

  63. 鬼義理

    鬼義理Hace 2 meses


  64. mai mai

    mai maiHace 2 meses

    ユノはじめ、俳優さんやスタッフさんがすごくユノが好きで、一生懸命撮影してたのがよくわかる‼️ ユノも楽しそうに生き生きしてるのが本当に嬉しい💖

  65. bee

    beeHace 2 meses

    yunho hugging the other actors after fighting them is so cute :(

  66. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace 2 meses

    @ 04:37 So Handsome and Cute 🎈

  67. 힝구

    힝구Hace 2 meses

    메이킹 퀄리티까지 머선129 영화같다

  68. Rabi Atul

    Rabi AtulHace 2 meses

    The stab part where Yunho and Junghyun really scared me but their expression really intense and I like it that type of action.All of them really make this MV to another level.Anyway congrat guys

  69. Chandanin Kim

    Chandanin KimHace 2 meses

    Thank you for your hard work🙏❤️❤️ Anyway, Yunho oppa is really good at action movie. It would be great if he act in such movie🤩😍❤️❤️

  70. 服部紀子

    服部紀子Hace 2 meses

    ユノ💕いつも最善を尽くす人💕💕💕 リスペクトです。メイキングありがとう😊

  71. s**

    s**Hace 2 meses

    Making ありがとうございます! ユノさんの心がこもってる 素晴らしい共演者の方々 みていて、感動で涙が出ます 今日もありがとうございます ユノさんだいすき Thank U♡

  72. JUNGKOOK BusanBoy

    JUNGKOOK BusanBoyHace 2 meses


  73. Tramy摩羯特拉米

    Tramy摩羯特拉米Hace 2 meses


  74. 쏭쏭쏭

    쏭쏭쏭Hace 2 meses

    창민이도 구경왔구만!!!! 다들 얼마나 수고했는지 알수있었어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 너무 멋져요

  75. Lady Natascha

    Lady NataschaHace 2 meses

    I love everything about that. Just awesome!!!

  76. kungkung

    kungkungHace 2 meses

    damn hard working people all in this music video. 😭💗

  77. Sarra Sakhri

    Sarra SakhriHace 2 meses

    Changmini so cute supporting his hyung 😍

  78. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace un mes

    @Dayu Young 그들은 이런 식으로 의사 소통을했습 니다 They've been communicating in this way

  79. Dayu Young

    Dayu YoungHace un mes

    몸으로 거부하는거 같은동작 나만 느끼나?

  80. J E L L Y KNOW

    J E L L Y KNOWHace 2 meses

    Yes @ 09:35, love their relationship

  81. Cookie Mochi

    Cookie MochiHace 2 meses

    The way Yunho works with so much passion and care while treating his co-workers with utter respect and sincerity are what make him a legend. It's so hard to find celebrities like him these days, not just in Kpop but in general. I've been a fan for 13 years and I'm always so proud and grateful for him!

  82. Pei Pei Tan

    Pei Pei TanHace 2 meses


  83. CaCo I

    CaCo IHace 2 meses

    이렇게 큰 프로젝트였다니!!! 출연하신 모든 분들, 스탭분들, 마음에 남는 제 인생 뮤비를 감사합니다😊 그리고 우리 찐친 군주님~💕 정말 고생 많으셨어요^^

  84. ryloveful

    rylovefulHace 2 meses


  85. ryloveful

    rylovefulHace 2 meses


  86. Death Note

    Death NoteHace 2 meses

    you did well yunho ^^

  87. T de Lioncourt

    T de LioncourtHace 2 meses

    Definitely one of the most impressive MVs SM has ever produced

  88. oli Bam

    oli BamHace 2 meses

    솔직히 정말 힘들어요. 엘리베이터 장면이 너무 생생 했어요 .. 나는 크게 말했어 멈춰. ** 정말 수고헀어요** 많은 축하합니다~~~ 감사합니다*

  89. Diana Katterine

    Diana KatterineHace 2 meses

    Yunho es una caja de Pandora si se lo propone lo logra definitivamente

  90. Ji Hi

    Ji HiHace 2 meses


  91. aite papillon

    aite papillonHace 2 meses


  92. 양양맘

    양양맘Hace 2 meses

    오랫동안 봐왔던 가수인데 진심 이번에 입덕하고 갑니다 인성부터 외모 실력 뭐 하나 부족한거 없이 최고네요👍👍 앨범도 바로 구매했습니다 진심 20년만에 앨범 사게 하시네요

  93. 이민경

    이민경Hace 2 meses

    와우 멋진 분이시네 요 고맙습니다~^^💚💛💓

  94. tara H

    tara HHace 2 meses

    لحظة هذا مو رئيس اس ام؟

  95. mt

    mtHace 2 meses

    오빠...........외모도 표현도 동작도 노래도 내용도 배우님들도 영상강성도 할말 없겠다 정말 너무너무 멋져요 어떡해.....ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 수고했다 정말 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  96. Аня Карпова

    Аня КарповаHace 2 meses

    고맙습니다 ❤️ 역시 U-Know 👍🏼 Thank U 대박 🔥🔥🔥

  97. 岡出道代

    岡出道代Hace 2 meses


  98. seruni rahma

    seruni rahmaHace 2 meses

    SO adorable !!! changmin come for supporting his MV Filming !!!!!!

  99. タムタム

    タムタムHace 2 meses


  100. Sue Wagi

    Sue WagiHace 2 meses

    This is EPIC! Fabulous! Hwang Jung Min showed his vast experience as a top actor that he is. Thank you and also to Lee Jung Hyun. Bravo Yunho, you're Fantastic!🔥🔥👍👍

  101. seruni rahma

    seruni rahmaHace 2 meses


  102. 로즈로즈

    로즈로즈Hace 2 meses

    와 액션신 넘 멋져요 😍

  103. 윤대닐 루퍼스

    윤대닐 루퍼스Hace 2 meses

    이정현 배우님 연기할 때 날카로움과 평상시의 순박함 해맑은 미소의 갭이 매력적이네요

  104. 20687581118 NGU

    20687581118 NGUHace 2 meses

    진짜 조리있게 말도 잘하시구..^^

  105. Anne Z

    Anne ZHace 2 meses

    This MV is really a masterpiece. Great job for everyone involved. Yunho should star in an action movie.

  106. ユノは神

    ユノは神Hace 2 meses

    すごいとしか 言えないです 👏👏👏

  107. Anna Abd Kadir

    Anna Abd KadirHace 2 meses

    even the making of the MV looks like THE MAKING OF A MOVIE. with the interviews of all actors and Yunho!!! I love this concept so much!

  108. moon star

    moon starHace 2 meses

    오~ 추운날 고생 많았다 진짜 그렇게 걸작을 만들어냈군여👍👍👍👍👍

  109. Mai Nakamura

    Mai NakamuraHace 2 meses

    behind story 대~박!! 창민도 왔네요☺️ 정말 수고하셨습니다~👏🏻👏🏻 윤호 ThankU❤️😆

  110. assehc09

    assehc09Hace 2 meses

    Yunho's MV is like a short film. Everything was so good, and it was so cute that Changmin was able to visit hehe.