Oddly Satisfying Video #shorts

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  1. Erlikossauro

    ErlikossauroHace 4 horas


  2. Recipe Queen

    Recipe QueenHace 11 horas


  3. Pasha Glinenko

    Pasha GlinenkoHace un día

    Я один думал что будет амонгус?

  4. mady la

    mady laHace un día

    Some of this generation might not even know what that is

  5. Tha Cow

    Tha CowHace 2 días

    The screen of the red telephone looks kinda sus😳

  6. Fgv Yg

    Fgv YgHace 2 días

    واو 😍😍😘😘

  7. Lilly Williams

    Lilly WilliamsHace 2 días

    By the time it finishes I'll be in a grave watching it

  8. im_just_begin_børed

    im_just_begin_børedHace 2 días

    :0 that was satisfy for me

  9. we need to die

    we need to dieHace 2 días

    Funfact: They accidentally cut the real one

  10. reisss •15 yıl önce

    reisss •15 yıl önceHace 2 días


  11. Rebeca Huwyler

    Rebeca HuwylerHace 3 días

    Fgjsj gekfwjjfuxu

  12. Rizal Tridarmawan

    Rizal TridarmawanHace 3 días


  13. drs Rayan Dagan

    drs Rayan DaganHace 3 días


  14. juunhee ace

    juunhee aceHace 5 días

    name of song?

  15. max lee

    max leeHace 5 días


  16. Vicki more

    Vicki moreHace 5 días

    Some people just have too much time on their hand.

  17. Adriane James

    Adriane JamesHace 6 días

    Why you put food coloring on your pancakes I am craving Thug

  18. 애말이오

    애말이오Hace 6 días


  19. naMyelraMiroaM

    naMyelraMiroaMHace 6 días

    As odd as this was it was not satisfying

  20. Syamthanda Aphiwe

    Syamthanda AphiweHace 7 días

    Imagine he/she make your phone 📱 you l

  21. so.mean.-_á

    so.mean.-_áHace 7 días

    Is this edible....cz all I care about is my stomach....

  22. deyam shamall

    deyam shamallHace 7 días


  23. Osman Osman

    Osman OsmanHace 7 días

    حتى اللحظة لان

  24. Tsha Neal

    Tsha NealHace 7 días

    العربي المر من هناااااا فل يصلي على النبي الحبيب محمد♥️اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ وَسَلِّمْ وَبَارِكْ على نَبِيِّنَا مُحمَّد.

  25. Teguh Ilhami

    Teguh IlhamiHace 7 días

    I will tell my kids if this is eatable

  26. Dani San Joaquin Garcia

    Dani San Joaquin GarciaHace 7 días

    Como mola

  27. Dani San Joaquin Garcia

    Dani San Joaquin GarciaHace 7 días


  28. Dani San Joaquin Garcia

    Dani San Joaquin GarciaHace 7 días

    Esa parisino

  29. Dani San Joaquin Garcia

    Dani San Joaquin GarciaHace 7 días


  30. Dani San Joaquin Garcia

    Dani San Joaquin GarciaHace 7 días

    Que trabajo

  31. Dani San Joaquin Garcia

    Dani San Joaquin GarciaHace 7 días


  32. Jvs channel Jvs channel

    Jvs channel Jvs channelHace 7 días

    Exuse me please reply for my question is that maitha flour please reply

  33. سجينة الغربة

    سجينة الغربةHace 7 días


  34. If Da

    If DaHace 7 días

    Music esdos.info/gone/v-deo/pLvPq32iurlmnq4.html

  35. Poonam Sapkade

    Poonam SapkadeHace 7 días

    ..bhot shandar 👍👍👍🥰🥰

  36. Suri Omeyra

    Suri OmeyraHace 7 días

    Pls this song is really scared me and this song traumatized me...😫😫😩😫😩😫

  37. Simona Godo

    Simona GodoHace 7 días

    When is it that ur so bad at cooking that u cant even keep the red water in the flower

  38. Brendon

    BrendonHace 7 días

    Stole “That Chapter” theme song!!! Let’s have a goooo

  39. MLEEDV8

    MLEEDV8Hace 7 días

    Odd...yes! Satisfying...no!

  40. больше меньше

    больше меньшеHace 8 días


  41. Tyler Stone

    Tyler StoneHace 8 días

    You're about to end up on That Chapter

  42. rs J

    rs JHace 8 días


  43. icealah

    icealahHace 8 días

    Um. Do you eat it? What.

  44. Muhammad Efendi

    Muhammad EfendiHace 8 días

    Jahuajiabfauau jasbbbaoqkyy Agong inngggabayid 😎😎🆒 coba kau

  45. Alex's Joint

    Alex's JointHace 8 días

    Bro... what?

  46. nathan nyhus

    nathan nyhusHace 8 días

    At least it wasn't among us

  47. Fadilfelis Felis

    Fadilfelis FelisHace 8 días

    Gae opo😂

  48. MrKachannie

    MrKachannieHace 8 días

    What the hell is supposed to be satisfying?

  49. Manny Villalpando

    Manny VillalpandoHace 8 días

    Hello and welcome, my name is mike and in this ol video we are going to.....

  50. ابو محمد

    ابو محمدHace 8 días

    ا لو🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🍯🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


    LUIZ FELIPEHace 8 días

    Alguem sabe o nome da musica que ta tocando de fundo

  52. Nyla Perez

    Nyla PerezHace 8 días

    That’s 😎

  53. Abdul Majeed

    Abdul MajeedHace 8 días


  54. tanvir alam

    tanvir alamHace 8 días


  55. Вероника Звездная

    Вероника ЗвезднаяHace 8 días

    Привет 😁👍🤭💌🤩Владивосток 2021.


    HEIST STOMZHace 8 días


  57. Nyckk

    NyckkHace 8 días

    Blood and cocaine, cool!

  58. The real Jesus Christ

    The real Jesus ChristHace 8 días

    That chapter

  59. Donald Miller

    Donald MillerHace 8 días

    Ok. But tell me why

  60. PavleTheDoge

    PavleTheDogeHace 8 días

    This song gives me unexplainable vibes

  61. Connor an android sent by Cyberlife

    Connor an android sent by CyberlifeHace 8 días

    You are not the only one bro 🥰😁

  62. The Dstryr

    The DstryrHace 8 días

    ... Amogus

  63. Delores Norris

    Delores NorrisHace 8 días

    Brilliant and smart creator k!❣️👌

  64. Jet

    JetHace 8 días

    What song is this?

  65. 700SLAMER007

    700SLAMER007Hace 8 días

    Ммм куча мастики, как вкусно (нет)

  66. just normal pigeon

    just normal pigeonHace 8 días


  67. Dawn Hall

    Dawn HallHace 8 días

    wat is this.....????

  68. David Cushshon

    David CushshonHace 8 días

    "Hi my name is mike and in this episode we have a who done it" lol That Chapter theme song

  69. Flexin 4VGT

    Flexin 4VGTHace 7 días

    lol exactly

  70. bullwinkle

    bullwinkleHace 8 días

    And in this video are story takes place in a very dangerous part of the world. Tik tok

  71. Sathya Thiyagarajan

    Sathya ThiyagarajanHace 8 días

    What flour was that?

  72. Jade Rabbit

    Jade RabbitHace 8 días


  73. Kurt Arts!

    Kurt Arts!Hace 8 días

    That telephone looking kinda SUS

  74. Ayixlia Merrets

    Ayixlia MerretsHace 8 días

    So...does it actually work?

  75. Miguel Angel Herrera Mayorga

    Miguel Angel Herrera MayorgaHace 8 días

    Why u don't make AMONG us

  76. Go -Bro

    Go -BroHace 8 días

    Yo fuckin lemon demon

  77. Isaac Hoffman

    Isaac HoffmanHace 8 días

    Sorry Tina, I can't hear you. I just ate the speaker on the phone.

  78. arturo vargas

    arturo vargasHace 8 días


  79. 박준호

    박준호Hace 8 días

    와 쩐다

  80. Mr. Matt

    Mr. MattHace 8 días

    That chapter intro.... Give it a goo

  81. Travis Shannon

    Travis ShannonHace 8 días

    You’re right- I listened to it two or tree times to be sure

  82. • Teh ded cosplayer •

    • Teh ded cosplayer •Hace 8 días

    Please everything i see reminds me of "flowers from 1970" that fanfic ruined me-

  83. Racha Racha

    Racha RachaHace 8 días

    الوصفة بالعربية.

  84. CoDPotatoaim

    CoDPotatoaimHace 8 días

    Kid: mom can we get a new iPhone? Mom: no we have iPhone at home iPhone at home:

  85. Anthony Hutchins

    Anthony HutchinsHace 9 días

    Let's give it a gooo

  86. StayingVoid

    StayingVoidHace 9 días

    The music sounds like something I’d hear in the backrooms

  87. Ahmed Bnb

    Ahmed BnbHace 8 días

    Please What is Name The is Music Sounds

  88. Rolymar Villareal

    Rolymar VillarealHace 8 días


  89. Steve Matthews

    Steve MatthewsHace 9 días

    Who knows the name of the song


    DØØM MÊTËRHace 8 días

    Deep Throat

  91. Gabriel Martins

    Gabriel MartinsHace 9 días

    Is this food?

  92. Atawhai Tangaroa

    Atawhai TangaroaHace 9 días

    You are so creative and talented

  93. Menixxx123

    Menixxx123Hace 9 días

    It's gonna be sticky after you steam it...

  94. farook husna

    farook husnaHace 9 días

    Actually I can't understand what is he going to do too eat or to throw in dustbin 👅👅👅

  95. حبيبت امي

    حبيبت اميHace 9 días

    جذذذذذذب 😒😒😒

  96. Doggy

    DoggyHace 9 días

    its that phone guy

  97. Thomas Anguita

    Thomas AnguitaHace 9 días

    That chapter music

  98. Azeez azeez

    Azeez azeezHace 9 días



    DØØM MÊTËRHace 8 días


  100. Big PJ

    Big PJHace 9 días

    And that's how you cook your phone 🤣

  101. يوسف

    يوسفHace 9 días


  102. -chxrryboo-

    -chxrryboo-Hace 9 días

    Oke then-

  103. LesTenSens

    LesTenSensHace 9 días

    When you play growtopia you understand it right ma dude?

  104. SeanWaldo

    SeanWaldoHace 9 días

    Damn.. Chinese always making anything worst.

  105. ارمانج عمر

    ارمانج عمرHace 9 días


  106. Divian Vats

    Divian VatsHace 9 días

    Later that day phone rings He picks it up and heard FBI, you are surrounded

  107. TIAN

    TIANHace 9 días


  108. &ぅー

    &ぅーHace 9 días


  109. Боль БОЛЬ!!!

    Боль БОЛЬ!!!Hace 9 días